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  2. I met Gregg at the Wreck Bar in Daytona Beach in 1979. I was seventeen and my bandmates knew the owner and all the serve staff. A guy named Dave Hlubek got up and played with Gregg's band. I'll never forget it. Daytona Beach was a fun place to grow up in the late seventies. The bars and the beach at least.
  3. And you're information will be logged into a watch list. But who doesn't like attention?
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  5. Hey guys, gals, etc. I need some Hamer replacement knobs. They look like black Tele knobs, but not a rough or as wide, Any suggestions? Thanks Paul
  6. Just hang a Nazi flag in the window during your turn in the apartment. Have a party with friends that have shaved heads and are all dressed in black with boots that have red laces. No one has to really be a Nazi, just give the impression. Then you wait a week, so the other renters will have time to make their complaints. Call the management company and tell them you have friends looking to get into timeshares after seeing your place. You will get an offer to buy out your timeshare.
  7. The message is understood, but it would have been hard to understand as a beginner.
  8. Gentlemen! Say hello to Brian's Guitars. Great guy. And WHAT A GUITAR!!! Outrageously good. Perfectly balanced sound-wise, and craftsmanship of the body - superb. Just SUPERB! I just got Soloist SLATQH CS and PRS Private stock not long ago, and this thing is absolutely on par with them. Slanted pickup you said? Phuck it - first moment you lay your hands on her, you forget about it. It's like that gorgeous woman with perfect body and soul ( mind you) and one lazy eye. Screw it, the other one is still looking right at you. Thanks cwgatti for the tip.
  9. So, I had to start learning a Soundgarden song. i tried to live.mp3?dl=0
  10. This death is not as much of a surprise as other recent deaths. Gregg had to cancel some solo gigs in the last year or two. He was booked for two nights in a row at the Georgia Theater in Athens, GA last year. I never got a ticket for that, and I should have. Gregg Allman's vocals made one song stand out from all the rest on Brad Gillis' Gilrock Ranch album. If anyone else sang Honest To God it probably would not be as memorable.
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  12. On a 1995 HAMER KORINA STANDARD what Faber tone lock master should I order? metric or inch??
  13. Yeah deal-breaker for me. That and the no cash thing.
  14. I made a correction to that post.,...............I had forgotten....................thanks for that. G-MAN.
  15. Gregg is gone. Thanks for every single note. His influence on the soundtrack of more than only one generation – and my personal one, too – can´t be rated high enough. One way out...
  16. I thought 24.625 was a short scale, 24,wow. Always loved his playing, the songs, not so much!
  17. I met Gregg before a solo show at The Attic in Greenville (NC). My bandmates and I were the club's local draw for a year or better, so the owner comp'd our admission. About 45 minutes prior to showtime, I peeked backstage (there was but a black curtain set off to the side of stage-left mains). Gregg spotted my goofy mug peeking in and said, "Well, hey, man. What can I do for you?" One bandmate and I introduced ourselves, sat and chatted for five minutes about the joys of playing live, and finished our beers before his road manager appeared. I saw more regular Joe than rock star in him. Time well spent and a moment to savor.
  18. He hasn't played with MM in many years. He did a stint with The Cribs - I caught him in that band almost a decade ago, and it was a phenomenal show. He's been touring as a solo act with a shit hot band for the last few years. Probably the best I've seen him, all 5 times. Definitely worth catching that if you're even a slight fan of his playing.
  19. My search has, for now, temporarily ended, two fold... Getting some Gravletrons built by da man Josh Gravelin, and a Randall Commander ii, which I will pickup tomorrow, perhaps, from GC... The amp was local cl then sold quick to gc... I paid less plus 45 days solid state 120 Watts of Fender style clean. Supposedly very clean.
  20. He has been in bad health for a while now, so not surprised, but I'm still bummed to know I will never see the Allmans again. As well as the recently passed Butch.
  21. Very sad to see him go; it was a long time coming though. He made the most of it for sure. RIP
  22. I think I'd noted here before that I heard the Allmans 31 years apart---1971 (a month before they recorded Fillmore East) and in 2002. Both times they opened with "Don't Want You No More" and "It's Not My Cross to Bear". Allman was in fine voice both times, and was enjoying himself onstage at the '02 concert. This was the same show in Pensacola where Col. Bruce Hampton and Susan Tedeschi played with Derek Rucks' opening band; cited a couple of weeks ago when Hampton died Allman had an unmistakable and perhaps irreplaceable vocal style that was world-weary and genuine. Gawd knows he certainly lived that lifestyle that authenticated how he sang de blooz. R.I.P. to the real deal. Often overlooked is the historical fact that Gregg was the first Allman to play guitar; Duane took it up later. I can still recall the first time I even heard about who I thought were called the "Almond Brothers", announced as a coming concert to the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. I was at a show there in Oct. '69, and the audience reaction was telling: the announcer advised of an upcoming concert in December, featuring B.B. King (polite applause from the audience) and "the Almond Brothers" (wild cheering, whooping and yee-haws from the audience). Little did I know at that time what that band would accomplish.... Here are some (so-so) souvenirs (scans are from 35 mm. prints) from the Pensacola show.
  23. Cool! Are those US made? does Johnny still play with Modest Mouse? That's the only time I've seen him and it was fantastic.
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