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  2. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    ...with 27 fret slots. In-ter-est-ing.
  3. What did I buy?

    I hope you got a good price. Deffo an import...
  4. Today
  5. Yes burningyen, the greening you've mentioned is what I was referring to. I've yet to see a Hamer 'green up' like the vintage LP in your post. I've been told that Hamer didn't use the correct kind of paint for oxidation to occur. I was hoping some of the experts here may have experience with well worn gold Hamers or that maybe someone who actually worked at Hamer may chime in with some specifics. I have an '85 that needs some gold touch up and repair. I've yet to find any info on the type of formula or manufacturer of the paint used in the mid '80s.
  6. NHD

    That one was too nice for me to mess up. glad you like it.
  7. NHD

    Awesome. The sparkle finishes I've seen have all been cool. You need to play it. I'll go ahead and call dibs though.
  8. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Ebony board, lightweight Korina body, flame maple neck too...
  9. TDC Mel Tillis

    I remember him on TV in the ‘70s for interviews with Johnny Carson, Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas, (all the usual spots) and he could barely get two words out without stuttering, then he’d stand up after the interviews and perform flawlessly. THAT always amazed me!
  10. NHD

    Excellent get! Congrats and (continue to) enjoy!
  11. Appears to be a decent deal, most other places I found had them going for $800-1000. Available colors appear to be white and turquoise. http://www.samash.com/2020-westbury-electric-guitar-s2020awxx-p Maybe other places will price match, don't know. It's a 'black friday' deal I guess, probably runs through the weekend or 'while supplies last'. Unclear on shipping, possibly free, possibly not. Is it any good? I haven't a clue.
  12. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    That top needs the designation of "Matthes grade" when someone makes future orders.
  13. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    I believe so, yes.
  14. Roller Bridge Question

    The sound may change a bit. I think some have said they can be "warmer" sounding? If you have a bigsby or even a vibrola they can really help with tuning stability.
  15. Roller Bridge Question

    Ah, faulty memory I guess. I removed it a couple days ago when I did the cleaning. I'm a noob
  16. Roller Bridge Question

    It doesn't. All TOM bridges are mounted on an angle.
  17. NHD

    I like the looks of that
  18. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Did that come from Mike at Curly Maple dot com? I have a few boards from there...
  19. Shishkov Holiday SWAG!

    What do we need to do? What minimums are we talking about?
  20. Double WOW Neck

    I also remember that one from the 2004 HFC open house jam. If I dig through some old hard drives, I believe I would find a pic of Gene (BTMN) posing with it. -Bobby
  21. NHD

    Duesenberg Les Trem 2.
  22. NHD

    What kind of tremolo is that?
  23. NHD

    Necks on these are a nice chunky vintage carve. Enjoy Punky! This one rocks with Seths installed.
  24. TDC Mel Tillis

    Mel Tillis was a great talent. Singer, song writer, host, had the courage to get on stage with his speech impediment and then conquered it. That's the mark of a man!
  25. NHD

    Nice and congrats! How’s the neck profile?
  26. Shishkov Holiday SWAG!

    Right now, there hasn't been a significant enough response to support placing any orders, unfortunately!
  27. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    That top I’d call a bubble quilt because it looks like it’s bubbling over. That one shot with the penciled in body outline. its an insanely over the top slab-O-quilt. A 10A top.
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