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  2. For the record, in not saying it isn't a great and beautiful guitar. I'm just saying that it has had a ton of work done to it that takes away from the value as an original Standard. When you do a restoration. And alter so many things from the original (like a retop), it shouldn't be priced where an all original example would be.
  3. I would have loved to have heard that.....
  4. Everything is good about mods necessary. It simply replaces the stoptail. Takes maybe 5 minutes max to install. Quality piece of kit. Looks good and more importantly, sounds good. It may increased sustain a touch and added a smudge of brightness. You can adjust the handle angle to almost, almost get into dive bomb territory. It bends up about a half-step and mine stays in tune very very well. Every bit as well as the Bigsby on my Newport or my Strat and they both hold tuning great. String installation is super easy compared to the Bigsby or even a Strat. The bad: Nothing. I can reinstall the stoptail anytime and have no damage or modifications to cover. Maybe some don't dig the looks. I do. Like a Bigsby with the spring yet it still retains the stoptail look. I love the Les Trem ii.
  5. True. With that addition, David Alan Coe would say we had written the perfect CL crappy guitar ad..
  6. I thought Squiers already HAD a 'Wallapop' app built in:
  7. A knowledgeable music store owner a few miles down the road used to sell USA Hamers in the late 90's and early 2000's. He closed his store a few years back, and opened a new one in the last couple of years. Some of the lines he used to carry, he picked up again. "Hamer" contacted him. The store owner was asked if he would stock six of the new Hamers, but being skeptical he agreed to order three just to see what they would be like. He was happily surprised by what came in. When I drove down today to check out the new Hamers I was impressed, too. Two Archtops and a Monaco came in, but one of the Archtops with a trem was already laid away. There was no need to try out all three. The two on the wall were enough. These new Hamers look good and play good. Nothing was wrong with them. The Archtop that I tried out had a neck that was a nice medium thickness. No frets had buzzes.Since there were other people in the store who might want to spend money, I never plugged into an amp. The store owner told me that he and the employee who does set ups were both impressed by the pickups because they had expected lower quality electronics. The new Hamers are made in Indonesia, and they are better than some of the nicer Chinese made guitars. On this message board we prefer Hamer USA, but we are always complimentary when someone asks about the Hamer XT Series guitars they have bought. We have always been nice about any Hamer import except the Slammer by Hamer guitars. As people discover these recent Indonesian imports we will be asked about them. Based on what I saw today, the 2017 Hamer imports are as good or better than any other imports. Whatever crap JAM Industries had on display at the winter NAMM show has been replaced with something better. Like it or not, these guitars will impress people enough to look into what else Hamer has done. Now for the scary part of today's conversation at the music store... The sales rep who got the store to take on the Indonesian Hamers asked the owner if he would ever consider stocking $4000 USA made Hamers. That is where the store owner said whoa. Knowing his customers, he told the sales rep that without any direct connection to Jol Dantzig or any of the old Hamer crew people who would buy such an expensive guitar are going to know that the guitar is not really a Hamer. He let his opinion be known that he thought trying to sell a new Hamer USA line would be a bad idea. For the rep to ask that question, someone at JAM has to be planning a marketing strategy to sell something called a Hamer USA.
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  9. You forgot 'mojo'...
  10. We have the same taste in Hamer, Robins etc. I'll take ya up on that!
  11. Thanks, Ernie. I owe you a "good guy" discount, if I'm ever selling something you're interested in. Bank it.
  12. The refin'ed top grain and burst remind me of ultimate 0063, but 0063's burst is a couple steps better, and it WAS worked on by Mike Shishkov.
  13. Well fuck it, then. I'm officially out.
  14. Pliz Lucy, esplain to me the diff between an Artist and a 25th Anniversary other than the truss rod cover. Cheers! caddie
  15. That's hilarious!
  16. Dibs for when I'm a bit more flush.
  17. Ooh! I like the idea of the Duesenberg one. Whats good/bad about it?
  18. WTF - Gabe I will have to come visit!
  19. ^^^ At last, something achievable within the realm of performance that I can aspire to.
  20. Thanks. I've also imported guitars from Japan without issue. I'm using a proxy service on this one, so it'll take a little longer as it first needs to be shipped to the proxy for inspection and shipping to me.
  21. yeah it got pinched on the stretcher at work
  22. Tom. Any word?
  23. He didn't/doesn't do restorations. The team that restored the guitars up there (as I recall) were in the repair area on the Ovation side. Talented people, for sure, Kim Keller could weigh in on that, since it wasn't too far from his office.
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