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  2. I actually used to show that to my classes back when I taught rock 'n' roll and society at Florida.
  3. 0075...

    Just wait until you play it...
  4. Today
  5. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    It's because you're so powerful and strong!
  6. Oh man.... that is one great looking guitar!!! Good luck with the sale! That's gonna make someone REALLY happy. I wish I wasn't so full of guitars, but I've gotta let other people have a chance to own blue studios.
  7. This is probably a stupid question, but...

    If it works, do it. Life is to short to worry about cork-sniffers being jerks. If you haven't yet, go find a copy of "It Might Get Loud" featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. It's basically a movie about their guitar sounds.
  8. ARGH. Stupid GC. Of course, they have a lot to worry about these days... https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/04/17/guitar-center-bankruptcy/
  9. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    It felt like a pencil to me. I was afraid I was going to break it.
  10. 99

    Our graduating class appears to be exemplary...
  11. You mad, bro?

    I honestly think that most of us don't have to try to keep things civil. It's just us and yeah, we're all fucking cool especially StyX.
  12. You mad, bro?

    I am the .1%. Plebs.
  13. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    I think your memory is playing tricks on you - that's nowhere near as small/thin/narrow as a lot of '80s Hamers! It's got a weird, soft V that makes it seem thinner, but A/B'd next to another guitar, like an 80s Special, an '80s Phantom and an early '90s Sunburst, it's definitely a fuller profile and has a standard nut width too.
  14. T-Top Pickups

    Even though Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters has a 1958 LP with actual PAFs, he really digs T-tops and is always on the lookout for them. I think he likes them for his live concert Guitars..,though he does bring the 1958 out from time to time.
  15. You mad, bro?

    I think we try really hard to keep things civil here and also don't endure a lot of bullshit. It helps that 99.9% of the people who post here are just fucking cool though.
  16. You mad, bro?

    I got on TGP last year just for the purpose of getting on one thread, the Lovepedal thread. Cool peeps on it, but the rest of that joint is as fucked up as I’ve always heard it was. The HFC on the other hand is quite simply the best guitar Forum...shit, I think it is the best Forum period on the net. You all rock.
  17. Luv ya, EO, but I don't really need to justify my personal experiences (yes, plural) with that now rotting carcass, formerly living troll bag of shit. For every story you read on the internet about how awful of a human he was, there are probably a dozen that you don't see. He was as crooked as they come, and had several brands pulled for either making outright forgeries or altering things so severely and then leaving poor customers trying to make warranty claims on something that would never be covered (and as mentioned, may not have even been a legit guitar...this happened with Hamer as well as others).
  18. You mad, bro?

    By touching your toes with your chin?
  19. You mad, bro?

    I can be very persuasive.
  20. 18 watt from VA. I did just buy an amp from Minnesota... do you live in Minnesota? Seems like something you would be selling.
  21. You mad, bro?

    Thanks, Steve. I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that.
  22. You mad, bro?

    You think so? How would you make a difference in their behavior?
  23. Which one was it? The 30watt head from Minnesota?
  24. You mad, bro?

    Not with me they wouldn't.
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