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  2. Anyone heard of these guys?

    Well, I’m not sure I’d go see them when they will be in town. I’m saving my bonus points for Michael Schenker Fest.
  3. NAD - Friedman Smallbox

    I almost got a PT20, but I decided to just go all in on the SB.
  4. 84 special

    “Neck has been shaded and over sprayed, but no repairs apparent.” What a jerk-off.
  5. Today
  6. Nice looker -- but clearly a neck repair. So the price is waaaaaaaaay too high.
  7. #81 ?

    Not sure I understand your post, but I guess I'd be excited too with this top!
  8. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Oh God...
  9. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Like the neck pickup of a 30- fret Tele.
  10. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    100 years old, worn out his welcome and dead for 20 years, yes.
  11. In my small collection of three electrics, my Sunburst is the oddball. The other two are Teles. #1 is just a battered MIM, but it’s my favorite. I originally bought it for its color, Agave Blue, and its low price on eBay. When it arrived, it was obvious why the seller unloaded it cheap, it played like crap. It sounded dead, the action was sky-high (despite the saddles being bottomed out) and the high E string was nearly falling off the side of the fingerboard. With some help from Dan Erlewine’s books I pulled it apart to figure out what was wrong. There were thick runs of paint down the side and bottom of the neck pocket. I spent an evening with a sharp chisel and large, flat file cleaning out the pocket and flattening the bottom. Then I added a tapered shim to lower the action. With the gloppy paint gone, I was able to get the strings centered on the fingerboard, then tightened the neck down. The guitar came alive. The tone just lit up. I added a Wilkinson compensated bridge and a Duncan STL-1 and it sounds great. It has a humbucker route at the neck, so I change that pickup a lot. It doesn’t matter that it’s beat up and cheap, it’s a great guitar.
  12. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Like...dead for 20 years?
  13. recent Epi's mint T-Bird pro, no chips dings, stick on knob... plays nice no case $365 firm pp del in cont US 2016 Epi limited Korina Flying V, mint with Epi case and case candy... plays very nice with nice action... very light, 6 lbs 2 oz... mint no dings $535 firm pp delivered in US... both are in nicer condition than any of the stuff on ebay...
  14. What's Spinnin' ..

    Having both volumes of the Netherworld Saga. I must say I quite like them. Digged into the band a bit more. Vanden Plas seem not being a classic touring band over here, but rather produce and play metal operas in theaters in Germany. Although they frequently tend to play various festivals internationally. Also they seem to enjoy more popularity in France, the US and elsewhere in the world.
  15. My JTV-69S Variax, because I'm a slave to the digital. Changed the pickguard, swapped the pickups for DiMarzio Area 67/Area 67/Virtual Solo, installed a Roland GK3 kit, and addressed some fret issues. The ultimate Swiss Army knife guitar, and a pretty darned good Stratty guitar in its own right.
  16. #81 ?

    Do you have your glasses on? Josh’s pickups are nice.
  17. #81 ?

  18. #81 ?

    2 Years plus in the making
  19. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Trying to imagine what that Tele pickup sounds like in the middle position.
  20. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Yeah, George Burns-like.
  21. How'd you get into Hamer?

    I was & still am a big Night Ranger fan. Seeing Jeff Watson & Jack Blades playing Hamer is what got me interested in the brand. Later in the 80's Brad Gillis played them for a time as well. I ordered a catalog from Hamer back in 88/89 time frame & drooled over the guitars. I think is was about 1990 before I even got to play one. Got my first one in 93' Studio GT with P-90's.
  22. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    Good. I have a birthday present for you.
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