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  2. Pulled out the bookmark again. Love it!
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  4. No, it's 'wok the dog'... In China, they're less interested in the pups on this LP than they are the pups in their frying pan.
  5. A friend of mine has a PRS SE EG, and I think it's a helluva nice guitar. The one in the pic isn't his but looks exactly like his. It is a set neck guitar.
  6. I've got it bad. :(

    I'm ready to place my third order. Loved the f-hole guitars Mike made. I want one a little thicker. A little bigger. Solid through the middle third. Who knows. He might...
  7. If you bond with this body style you're a fool not to buy this. I had one and the Standard shape is not for me. Sucked returning one since I loved everything else about it. All my lust lost on a Standard body. Of you that have been lusting for this body, I can sing the praise's but suck as in the end just didn't fit my healthy girth body wise. Just Do It!
  8. Pretty damn good, but it needs nickel round wounds and a good overdrive through a Marshall. And yeah, C.D. Need not do AC/DC, or any other R&R.
  9. I think it came from the Gibson Les Paul Custom and SG Custom days. I always Liked the 1st fret inlay. Thats a great looking Standard.
  10. That is really cool! I love watching other cultures interpretations of others’ music! Inspiring in a way! Thanks for posting!
  11. Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    If you need a courier through Michigan, I can help you out worn another bar gig stop one the way through.
  12. Pretty cool. She's got the swing down. Weird sounding but readily identifiable. Too much energy to play in the background when I do my wazas.
  13. I am working to move this to the East Coast soon. PM if interested.
  14. I’ve seen some of her videos. Very talented, but somehow hard to swallow. Much better than say, Celine Dion, covering ‘Shook Me All Night Long’. Talk about butchering. 🤮
  15. I had to google zero fret. You all have a good eyes. I missed the first fret marker too. I'm still not seeing the zero fret, or can you tell it's a zero fret by how deep the strings are laying in the nut? Regardless it's still a nice guitar.
  16. Since I cannot load detailed pics here direct anymore, y’all will have to click on the Dbox link below. Ok, got my Newport in Jan 2017 and loved it immediately. Still love it. Plays wonderfully. Incredible guitar. My love/hate relationship with P90s was back in he love phase. The Phat Cats were hot and rocking, and I loved the middle position. They stayed there for over a year. But.... I had this Rumpel Archer pickup that works in any guitar just lying around....actually it was in my Strat and I wanted my Strat single back in...the Archer needed to be in a guitar so I tried it in the Newport. We have a winner and I am in the dislike phase of too-Hot P90s again. I had Aaron wind me a matching neck Archer and I love the aesthetics. They look cool, but they sound even better. Think pole[icee P90 as wide as a P90 but taller like a Fender type. The result is like a Fender on serious steroids with a touch of P90 snot. Perfect. Almost like a Jazzmaster, but way less polite in the bridge. The neck is smooth and the chimey middle is loverly. Like Josh, Aaron is a master winder and nails the tones in my head. These pickups sound vintagey...they produce old tones perfect for rockin’. Just wanted to share. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ri2dcjc0zjpztw0/IMG_1567.JPG?dl=0
  17. Doesn’t the zero fret also make the open strings sound like the fretted strings since the open strings with a zero fret are now, well, fretted? No more binding in the nut or having the nut change the tone....I wonder why more makers don’t use them, other than the looks....
  18. Honestly, any time I walk into a bar and Gibby Haynes isn't on stage swinging a microphone around, I am really let down. One day...
  19. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    Ok there Johnny...
  20. Yesterday
  21. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    I made it 24 hours. I tried to find bad reviews, dodgy YouTube vids... and really heard nothing but good things.
  22. Bat Guitar!

    Back In Black I saw them do that too...
  23. Bat Guitar!

    Holy Gifiddle!
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