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  2. Some artists aren't associated with 12-string guitars, but among the ones who are would be the Byrds, Tom Petty, and beaucoup folk groups, of course. A stereotypical example is Jimmy Page's use of a 12-er on "Stairway to Heaven", but there were others, mostly heard in the late '60s and early '70s. A lotta times the 12-string made its presence known right at the intro: "Dance the Night Away" (Cream): Always wondered what brand and model Clapton used. You can tell it's a 12-string as the song kicks off, but there's also an innovative, balalaika-like guitar break that almost sounds like a mandola (YMMV). "Something In The Air" (Thunderclap Newman): "unexpected" on accounta it's such an odd-for-the-times but listenable song from a one-hit-wonder, and Speedy Keen's guitar sound was lush and dense, instead of "chime-y" like most electric 12-ers. "Yellow River" (Christie): Whimsical sing-along pop, but had some harmony guitar licks that sounded cool. And didn't I see a photo of Pete Townshend playing a Fender Electric XII back then? Can't recall what the song may have been; I'm thinking "Magic Bus" but maybe that was just for a video... Others?
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  4. The man has more talent than most of us. That is all
  5. I've gone a little off the deep end this year with purchases, so it's time to make a supreme effort to whittle the collection down to a reasonable number (to me, at least). I'm listing a couple of Hamers here and on Reverb as well as many others on Reverb. $2,500 Shipped/Paypal'd - First up is a Talladega Pro which was discussed in a PSA a week or so ago. It's a 2 humbucker 4 control version of the Talladega. I do not believe that many were made. The Pro is equipped with 2 Custom Shop Seymour Duncan pickups that I would describe as similar to Seth Lovers, a wrap around bridge and 4 controls (2 volume, 2 tone). I would describe the neck as a typical Hamer Vintage Modern cut, a nice medium C. It does not have a V shape like the regular Talladegas do. It also has Hamer's victory inlays along the entire fretboard. I believe that the finish color is Jazz Burst. The color is a nice dark burst over a flame maple top and mahogany back. The weight is a nice, light 7 pounds 8 ounces. Condition wise, it is very good. It does have some light scratches around the pickups and on the back that you would expect on a guitar that has been played but cared for. The biggest "issue" is a small scratch on the back of the neck behind the 10th fret. It's not deep and barely noticable. Also, the pickup covers have some tarnishing. The original hard shell case with the Hamer guitar tools (truss rod wrench, bridge post wrench and bridge allen wrench) are included. Bottom line, this is a typical Hamer build, top quality materials and workmanship. You can see many more pics on the Reverb listing here: https://reverb.com/item/7373538-hamer-talladega-pro-jazz-burst $850 Shipped/Payapal'd - Next up is a 1996 Hamer Daytona with Rosewood board guitar that is in very good shape. However, it is a 20 year old guitar that has been played and has a few minor bumps and bruises. It is solid and plays like a dream. The USA Daytonas tend to be on the heavy side, but not this one, it weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces. The pickups have been upgraded by the previous owner to a Dimarzio Area set which includes an Area 58 in the neck, an Area 67 middle and an Area 61 at the bridge. I think these pickups are a wonderful match with the guitar giving a variety of tones in all 5 positions. The original pickups are not included. Also included are the original tremelo arm and original Hamer hard shell case. Overall, this is a great example of a 20 year old Hamer Daytona. More pictures on the reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/7888760-1996-hamer-usa-daytona-sunburst-with-rosewood-fingerboard I've also listed a few other guitar on Reverb, mostly Japanese made. If anything strikes your interest, contact me here and I can do quite a bit better than the Reverb listings: https://reverb.com/shop/gregs-shop-13
  6. 1946 Gibson L7 beater in black. Nothing screams outdated like an acoustic archtop without a pickup (except maybe a pedal steel. oh, wait... got one of those too) 1952 Fender 5B3 Deluxe with the octal preamp tubes. It's not even the good one that everybody wants, but it sounds really nice to me.
  7. I suppose that would be worth something if the warranty was still satisfied by someone.
  8. But, if you gotta have a NEW Hamer...
  9. I've been sifting through some PDFs of vintage Ludwig catalogs. Depending on the year of the catalog, Ludwig variously called their cocktail drum the Las Vegas, the Resort, and the Miami Beach. I was going to try to expand on the info of cocktail drums, but this guy covers it well with video demos to boot. Later, drum companies came up with a different approach, which, with dedicated snare and bass drums, which should sound significantly better than the one-drum, brushes-only approach. This was Ludwig's version introduced in 1967, called the Gold Coast: Notice it's still a stand-up kit, and I have to agree with Currypowder: I can feel the cramp in my leg just imagining playing bass drum while standing up. BTW, I've played at some gigs where the stage was ridiculously small; I almost wished I had a cocktail drum in those circumstances.
  10. RIP Pat DiNizio (Smithereens)

    I caught one of the Mesaros shows in January here at the State. He was incredibly thrilled to be back playing with the band, and there was definitely a different energy than from Severo or Kenny Howes shows - not better or more by any shot, just like a blast from the past. Lots of smiles that night. The show was on January 17th, and we just got tickets for the January 19th, 2018 show there a few days before Pat died. They came in the mail yesterday afternoon.
  11. New Tolex

    I've got two, never had the nerve to go scratching on them. Each has a scuff or two, I may look more closely
  12. Hamer Family Photo

    Awesome collection! With the slotwall, hangers and books it looks like the best corner of a small music store!
  13. Loved seeing you again, Brooks. The band sounded killer!
  14. Philly Burbs Gig Alert

    Can't make it tonight, but keep posting when you're playing. I'll make it out there at some point. I've driven through a snow storm to check out grumpy old men in Harrisburg...so west Chester ain't no big deal.
  15. RIP Pat DiNizio (Smithereens)

    Sad news. I've liked the Smithereens since I first heard them in the 80s and have caught them live a whole bunch of times. They seemed to play pretty steadily over the years, even after original bassist Mike Mesaros left around 2006 (apparently to focus on family). Within the last couple of years, Mesaros rejoined the band for a handful of shows, and I was fortunate enough to catch three of them in 2017; one at Daryl's House in NY and two consecutive shows in July at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ. I'm pretty sure those Asbury Park shows were the last gigs the original lineup played together before Dinizio's passing (get out and see the bands you like when you have the chance...you just never know when the last time might be). I'm glad I made the effort to get out and see those shows...Mesaros was amazing and the entire band just killed it. Mesaros did say that the band was working on new material, implying maybe it may be out sooner rather than later, stating "Well, we're not getting any younger". As someone here mentioned, Dinizio had some persistent health challenges - over time, he'd gained some weight, and had taken a couple of serious falls in recent years resulting in him having a tough time getting around as well as the loss of mobility in his arms. At this years shows, someone had to hold a cup for him to drink out of with a straw. He hasn't played guitar on stage in a long time, but his voice has remained strong. The Daryl's House show from this year was recorded and can be seen here: Smithereens - Live at Daryl's House 5-27-17
  16. Hamer Family Photo

    Your collection is just right. I'm with you on the Tally, Newport, and a couple more Standards for the Zandard.
  17. Touche. The finish crackling is fantastic. Nice camera work.
  18. They are for these years or two already.
  19. That British Thing...

    ...or that Victorian attitude to it.
  20. New Tolex

    OP's pic not showing for me? :-( Just a blank square.... EDIT: Now it shows. Way cool!
  21. FS: 1966 Gibson ES335 TDC

    Well, you can't 'play' the case!
  22. A classic in every respect. Well, maybe not the case. GLWTS.
  23. That British Thing...

    It has a British ACCENT.
  24. New Tolex

    Ha! He may have switched other racked heads in and out of the mix over the years, but in talking with two of his techs, they told me that the Rivera-modded Deluxes are "always on", but I'm just saying that's what's been consistent. He had a bunch of Rivera HT55 combos at one time, the Marshalls, a giant-sized Marshall prop head...I'd have to go through the stacks of my pictures to see all the stuff he's used over the years!
  25. New Tolex

    Plaintiff refuses to concede, you honor, despite the face of evidence...
  26. I sold my 81 Special

    Nope. Eric Clapton donated his whole set of guitars for auction. I can relate. I can relate to a lot of things EC did, or does. He was/is an introvert. Too, too many memories and frustrations tied up with that guitar. It kept me for 3 decades from buying a Les Paul, due to principal. I wanted to feel morally superior to LP owners. I gave up that battle last year. I basically swapped for a LP Studio. It's OK. I wanted the classic feel and tone of a Les Paul. If/when I stumble upon another Hamer in the future I will see. I'm not big on guitars as much as I am into low Watt Amps.
  27. New Tolex

    I've had several backstage tours of the CT gear/backline over the last few decades, and that's remained consistent - 3 Deluxe heads. The miked amp may have been a full Deluxe, as even with the Marshall wall he had back in the 80s/90s (and Hiwatts before that), the Deluxe(s) were often the amp that was miked. Deep Purple and other bands were using walls of dummy stacks back in the early '70s at the same time, or maybe even before KISS did. The image of a wall of amps has alwas been an impressive sight.
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