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  2. '69 Vibrolux Reverb, '70s Electric Mistress
  3. Ok thanks everyone. I should be more concerned. Jay, I couldn’t upload more photos, getting error msg ‘problem processing uploaded photo’. I’ll look inside, and try that test. I know what your referring. I think I saw Joe Walsh(?) explain his using the same test when choosing guitars. Don’t want a wet noodle for a neck.
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  5. The Newport Pro Custm is a great guitar. Love mine. Good luck in your quest.
  6. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    I charge around 200 of your US dollars for the labour than it rises depending on what type of guitar is being refretted. If the guitar has binding, ebony board, lacquered board etc I charge extra as more time is needed. I also charge 2 hours extra for vintage Fender guitars as the frets are installed sideways and you get chipping when removing them (a lot). Then the price of fretwire, nut, strings etc is on top. Those prices are about right for England. $250 would be about the best price I think. Check the luthier/tech reviews/history....
  7. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    Oh, it makes perfect sense but it's sad that it's not the norm everywhere.
  8. I saw Tap at the Tower Theatre in Philly on that tour. Funnier than the movie, and that's been one of my top 3 movies since 1984!
  9. New Tolex

    It’s a printed Tolex. Amp builder sends out and returns. Had to do solid faceplate//grill and new logo. $300.
  10. Cool! What's Phil's Lester like?
  11. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    Plus the time to find good local luthier, and more finding time and shipping charges failing that. This guitar will then press the upper bound of Newport Pro sales prices. Unfortunately the more I noodle on it, the more it becomes the cute, playful pound puppy....
  12. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    Thanks for the tip, DaveL.
  13. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    tip, if you're going to make an item not as described claim refund, partial refund, make sure you do it within 5 days... reverb will help on "not as described" cases even if it's a "no returns" item but you have to bring up the issue promptly. and I would do using their messaging system, so they can view the correspondence.
  14. I still have and use an Alesis Quadraverb..
  15. New Tolex

    So, how is it made?
  16. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    around 3fiddy all in.
  17. Newport Pro Refret Cost?

    Sometimes nothin's easy. I bought a very nice 2000 Newport Pro on Reverb for a good price. The described "slight fret ware" turned out to be significant - frets 2 through 12 are significantly flattened, and frets 5 through 9 are shockingly dished under the G string (someone must be selling wound Gs coated in diamond dust). It's beyond leveling and recrowning, unless I want really flat frets, and especially if I want to preserve the fret pips in the neck binding. So my question is: about how much will a refret by a good luthier cost?
  18. I like those marshall mini (or is it micro) stacks. look cool and sound decent enough. I used to have both the plexi and jubilee style which were great, but I thought they were valued more on ebay than their utilitarian value as a practice amp so off they went. I have the standard mini stack (the ones that are like $150-$175 used)
  19. I want an EP3 too and regret missing it during the last sale. And I agree, fancy billets don’t equate to 50 bone specials....but we’ll see....
  20. I have a Chrome slide I bought at the Drum Pad in Felton, DE in 1979.....I have lots of fancy ceramics & glass slides now, but sometimes that chrome slide just has the tone....
  21. So I ordered a Callaham front roller and it doesn't fit. Yep, I have a US made B5. The Callaham shaft is larger than the stock shaft by a small amount but enough that it won't fit without drilling the B5 frame. The roller is larger in diameter than the stock roller and it hits on the frame when I try to insert it in place. It's close enough that I can probably force it in but then the roller won't roll. The B5's casting and machining isn't impressive so I'm guessing their machining tolerances are causing my issues. I emailed Callaham so we'll see if they confirm my suspicions. Sigh... I was looking forward to playing this guit tonight....
  22. 2 of my guitars came w/ EMGs and I haven't changed 'em out
  23. Hmm, "billet" and "fancy" don't sound like they're going to equate to "good price" for me. I'm keeping an eye out for a Vibe and and EP3.
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