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  2. Sugartune

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    I'm a rookie. Mahogany Standard 80's Vector Artist Korina P-90 90's Special Newport Studio Custom (My first and only remaining. Will never leave) I miss all the gone ones, except the vector. Really didn't like the neck on that. Way too small and I'm not giant. Hope to try some others (as many as possible!). Unfortunately, access is really minimal in my area.
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  4. I recently sold my Mesa TA15 on Reverb...but it thankfully came back and I am glad. I was foolish to sell it. But here is what happened, the buyer said his TA15 that he sold sounded like ass at a certain setting and asked me how mine sounded. Mine sounds,great there, just very low volume. He was setting me up for the return. I shipped to him, he used it over the weekend, probably for a gig or a recording session, and then said it sounded like his at the setting in question. I had As-Is checked, but decided I wanted my amp back. On his shipping dime which he gladly provided and it came back packed just like I sent it. Reverb actually told me I was very kind to accept it back and didn’t have to, since “tone” is such a subjective thing. I really believe he “rented” my amp for a recording session or an important gig. It is disappointing, but I am glad I have that awesome amp back.
  5. Sugartune

    Camstone Duotone Facelift

    Still looks sweet as ever. I'm sure the sound is equally glorious. Enjoy!
  6. Just got this off Bubs a couple of months ago. Awesome amp, but I went on a bit of an amp spree at that time and can't/shouldn't keep 'em all. I swapped out the 12-65 for a Weber Blue Dog and it pairs very nicely with this amp. Other than that, it's in very good condition, as I received it. Boost Switch included. Some (most) of these pics are from Bubs' sale post. Just looking to get back what I put into it. $1300 USD shipped/insured to CONUS/Canada. Paypal gift, if you're awesome. Here's a link to the 3 Monkeys page for more info. https://3monkeysamps.com/products/orangutan-jr All the best! Matt
  7. Seems like a good starting price too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/232817657167?ul_noapp=true
  8. An iconic Hamer gets new wheels. Over the years (since 2005) this guitar has often been my #1, but lately it seems that a lot of the venues we have been playing have electrical issues that prevent me from using it. We are talking major 60 cycle hum from the Lollar P90's. So I ordered a set of Lollar mini hums and dropped them in last week. Had a gig night before last and again last night and really enjoy the new set-up. I still have the P90's and can drop them back in, but here's the before and after.
  9. Bridge pup, Is the only have 2 have. But OEM knobs are missing, Large 80s knobs. I'm on vacation this week and the guitar won't be here til Friday. Its needs TLC but bringing it back is part of the fun.
  10. i would be interested in it if you drop a zero off it.
  11. Hamer_SS_guy

    Just because it's the Sabbath.

    My favorite Sabbath album is MOB RULES. I got it because I really liked Dio's singing, I loved the albums he did with Rainbow. At that time I didn't know much about Black Sabbath, except for Paranoid. Once I liked an album of a band I followed what else those musicians made. So I checked out this album which just came out then. I also liked Heaven and Hell a lot, but the Mob Rules album had a bigger impact on me. Though different than the albums he did with with Rainbow, I think MOB RULES and HEAVEN AND HELL can still me considered more "hard rock" than "metal". The (studio) album after Mob Rules, BORN AGAIN (which also featured one singer who I followed already, Ian Gillan) was more "metal" then, also the first one by DIO, HOLY DIVER, was more "metal". While I like those albums too, I mostly listen to the older stuff (Deep Purple, Rainbow, those two Sabbath albums, or the first two original albums by Ozzy) . Maybe those times were cooler (even though I admit, I was too young then that I can say if the 70's were cooler, it is my imagination that it was cool times), the 90's music scene did nothing for me and so by the time Sabbath came out with Dehumanizer, it wasn't really that interesting for me. But MR and H&H are still cool to listen to.
  12. 10K is a very good price for just a pickup, you must be able to find one. 😂😉
  13. diablo175

    Just because it's the Sabbath.

    Hard to beat Dio-era Sabs- even in the later stages of Dio's career. Not surprisingly, his voice was deteriorating and it sounded worn on The Devil You Know but it was still awe inspiring. Love that Floyded SG Tony has!
  14. You probably thought of this already but I'd check to see if this jagoff didn't steal your guitar's pickups and swap in a cheaper set.
  15. bigolsparky

    Scarab Bass

    I would say closer to delusional than optimistic. 350 is much closer to it's actual value.
  16. This dude is optimistic. No affiliation. https://orlando.craigslist.org/msg/d/hamer-usa-scarab-bass-guitar/6600938141.html
  17. But only if you've got brass in pockets.
  18. cmatthes

    Sonny Landreth and Zachary Richard

    I’ve seen (and met) Sonny a few times - he’s been my favorite slide player since ‘89...just unreal. Couldn’t be a nicer, sweeter guy in person either. Here’s a shot from a few years ago when we opened for him - he played the Strat with the Tele bridge the whole set. My jaw was still on the floor after he finished and was pouring the wine.
  19. No return policy on Reverb, ALWAYS. I refuse to subsidize some jag renting my gear and returning it. Don’t like the policy? Tough-fuggin tacos.
  20. It has strings, so it can be played. What parts are in need of restoration? Knobs? Pickups? Bridge saddles?
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