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    Hard to put this down, but here's the skinny: Chambered Korina body - light and loud Korina neck (Insanely) Quilted maple top Jazzburst finish - the finish of champions... 25 1/2" scale Ebony fretboard with "bullseye" inlays Gravelin pups - Bridge is PAF-ish, but tapable with the slug coil overwound. Yes, that is a black cover, not chrome. Neck pup is a beauty, possibly the best neck P90 i've had, and that says a lot MojoAxe wraptail - compensated with the traditional look Nickel hardware Gotoh 510 tuners with ebony buttons Multi-ply binding Electronics is a straight VT with a twist. Push-pull on the tone control taps the bridge *and* activates a preamp just on that coil - this keeps the volume consistent whether tapped or not, and the preamp is out of circuit when not tapped (and is never in circuit on the neck) Tele cup style output jack Dunlop straplocks Bone nut Yes - it has the Muse Tip. Just the tip... I'm probably forgetting a few other things. This beauty sounds amazing. Pretty much exactly what i expected between Mike's work and Josh's pups. Most guitars i play have a dead spot somewhere. If this one has one, i can't find it. Sustain is amazing, and the tone swings into a certain sweetness even at low volumes. I suck at describing tone, so i'll post a video at some point. Very comfortable - the neck joint is very nice, and the guitar is well balanced. Anyways - some picks, then it's back to the cave...
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    Oh, yeah. One more small detail:
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    Some better pics. The top on this thing really moves. The specs (highlighted the differences): Solid Mahogany body Maple neck (Insanely) Quilted maple top Greenburst finish 25 1/2" scale Ebony fretboard with "bullseye" inlays Lighter headstock angle (due to the trem) Gravelin pups - Bridge is a hotter version of the one in 0052, still tappable with the slug coil overwound. Black cover. Neck pup is same Gravelin P90 Gotoh EV510T trem in Cosmo Black - cool color Gotoh 510 locking tuners in Cosmo Black with ebony buttons Multi-ply binding Same electronics as 0052 Tele cup style output jack Dunlop straplocks Graphtech nut Yes - it has the Muse Tip. That makes two tips...
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    Yup. I named it Monster. 26.1 scale baritwelve. Tom Peterson would approve. The sound is soo huge, big, full. I just got lost for hours plugged in to the metroplex with a lil ada, delay.... anyway... the D-tar preamp with acoustic bridge pup does very well on its own. Mix in a lil emg 85 or SA, and it chorus's on it own. And it shreds, rocks, plummets notes abandon. Lots of fun, inspiring. Pics do not due justice to the finish on the curly maple top, does a nice grain, color flip flop thingy.
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    While on the trip to the Nashville area for the guitar show this weekend, I visited the home of a noted musician who owns the '61 Gibson ES-335TDC that played lead on Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" and I played the intro (E-E-Ab-B-D) on the exact frets that did the original (done the same w/ some other iconic guitars, but in this case it helps that I was a fan of Orbison). Also got to play "the Sebastian 'Burst"; 1959 LP Std. formerly owned by John Sebastian when he was in the Lovin' Spoonful. It how has a "lemon-burst" color. Wrote about the 'Burst some years ago. Gonna profile the 335 in the future. Not gonna wash my hands for the foreseeable future, for that matter....
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    Had this out today on my day off and got to thinking it just turned 20 years old. What a fun ride for just a good old guitar. I got it about 3 years ago or so. 1997 Special FM and what an FM on that huh? Call this one Arlington because it was produced not long before OPs moved East for Hamer. I thought I remembered where I saw a page listing Serial numbers and according to that this was made Mid Feb. to Early March IIRC but I couldn't find the link to that posting. I remember it was in a thread about the last of the Korina V ##/72 run because this guitar was not long after that one.
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    Just a few recent pics from the shop....
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    Some build pics:
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    In keeping with my new one in, four out policy, I am digging deeper than I thought I would be. In hand is a 2005 Custom Order. I am pretty confident you will not find another anything like it.....Comes in "natural burst" to highlight the birds eye maple top. Sustain block (need I say more?). Bound f-hole, BRW board. Custom pickups. About as close to perfect condition as you could hope for. As you may know, this was one of my "unlikely to ever cut loose" Hamers. It is (IMO) a great one. And giving up that sustainblock thing is not a casual decision. Why sell? Well, I have some other things that get the vast bulk of my attention. Some, esp with certain wrap tailpieces, seem to get me into the same territory (more or less). And despite having cut my number of Hamers in half, I still have more than a sane person should. Holding on to so many things, just because they re extraordinary and something I will never get the chance to own again, gets harder to justify over time. So, without further ado, a few pictures I have available. I will try to get some added pictures later on. I am asking for $1950, shipped (CONUS only). Please add PP fees, if you feel necessary. PS....I HAVE been known to be flexible on package deals, so if any of the others that I have posted previously are appealing, "We could talk".
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    Can't wait to be a Hamer owner again. https://reverb.com/item/4693014-hamer-newport-90-tobacco-sunburst
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    Some other build pics of 0053:
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    This guitar came up on CL over a month ago. I called the seller but he already had a person of interest. Turned out he was an underfunded POI. So I got the call on Saturday. Went and picked it up yesterday. Nice guitar! Nothing special. Dots on rosewood. Pretty good shape, a couple of small dingers but nothing through the paint. Light swirls on the back but no rash or damage. Only thing I can fault it on is that it comes with Seth lover pickups. Just like my other Newport Pro! Wish it came with Phat Cats. It would be nice to have both. Oh well. Wish in one hand, don't eat out of the other till ya wash it. So without further adoo, let me introduce to you, my one and only orange sparkly Newport. Sorry for the lousy picture. It's colder than heck today so indoor only. Click the pic for the slideshow of more bad pics.
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    I'm just gonna leave these here... Go ahead. Pick your jaw up off the floor...
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    Greetings to one and all from the Great White North. I know it's been a little while but thanks to Serial Steve and Chris Matthes, as of today, I'm officially on the forum. (Insert cheers and panty throwing groupies here: ___________________). From the "credit where credit is due department, my most sincere thanks go to Jake8773 for reaching out to the group on my behalf. Thank you so much, man!! Secondly, to The Shark - dude, that guitar is about the most spectacular thing I've ever had the pleasure of playing. THANK YOU for making this whole thing come together with the precision and grace of a Swiss watch. Lastly, thanks to each of you on the forum for fuelling my education (addiction??) of all things Hamer. My wife hates you all. Haha. Looking forward to contributing what I can to the ongoing conversation. Best wishes, Winter (Glenn)
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    A few years back, 2013 to be exact, ESP/LTD put out a limited edition (300 pcs) guitar with the cover of Famous Monsters magazine, featuring Vincent Price on the face. Vincent was a proud St. Louis native. I thought it was cool, but not the $900 plus worth of cool that the street price was. A few months ago, before my divestiture decision was made, I stumbled on a Massdrop featuring the same guitar. I recall now thinking that, if it got down to the bottom price, it'd be worth taking a chance on, so I got in on it. Fast forward a few months and I'd pretty well forgotten about it when I get notification that it is shipping. I was thinking that even if it was a crap-built toy it'd be pretty cool. It showed up yesterday and I was very pleasantly surprised at what came out of the box. Stuff like the front graphic (obviously), ebony board with a flat radius, excellent fretwork and a cool MOP and abalone pendulum inlay with the last few dots being blood drop shaped abalone, with excellent inlay details, smoked chrome hardware and an EMG 81 pickup. the last is a matter of taste, of course, but it's indicative of the fact that this wasn't some slapped together toy guitar. The neck is wide-ish and thin-ish. I have little frame of reference for what constitutes a "shredder neck" but this is probably getting into that territory without getting extreme about it. Not as thin as an '83 or '93 Hamer, though. And a signed COA to boot. It was perfectly set up and damn near in tune when it got to me and was obviously factory packed. So for sitting in a warehouse for 3-4 years, I consider that to be pretty effing amazing. If there is a downside, it's that the fingerboard looks pretty thirsty around the fret slots. That's it. so, $1,299 original list, $900+ street and the cheapest NOS one I've found was about $460 with a goodie pack, I think I done good at $300. I think I'll hang on to it for a while. I may take a few lessons in the style that this seems to want to play, but it sounds good clean, crunch and teh brootalz. Stock pictures, cause they're better than what I can do and the light sux today.
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    Guys ... take it easy. It's BRANDING. Jol is targeting a certain buyer, just like any other luxury goods maker. If you're cringing at the price, no worries - you're not a potential buyer anyway. Those of us who wear Timex are not customers of Breitling or Rolex, and that's fine. If you're a Ford or Honda driver, Lamborghini doesn't care that you exist either. If he can get somebody to buy at his prices, good for him. If not, he's already creating a perception of where his stuff fits in the market, so if he DOeS want to sell to the common man, the "Team-built" lines are suddenly perceived as being reasonably-priced. Its basic Marketing 101 - you don't have to like it or appreciate it, but it works. He's getting the attention of a lot of people and media. It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. If the only bad thing somebody can say is that the pricing is unreasonable, delusional or crack-inspired, so be it. I don't think anybody will fault the quality of his (or his "team's") work. He's promoting more of a lifestyle or 1% niche v. a "working man's guitar". There's a place for that in the world whether people like it, think it's stupid or love it. They're not for me, but I totally get what he's doing. Hell, I remember people losing their fucking minds in the '70s because a Hamer Standard cost $1,250 when a new Les Paul was under $600...
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    Again, Mike's pics are much betterer...
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    Nice artsy shot from FB... Yeah, it ain't easy being green.
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    For the FB impaired... And a Maverick...with a 2point Trem!
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    Hey all, I'm new here, but have been into Hamer guitars since I was a teenager in the 80's. I think the first time I saw Hamers in action was on a Def Leppard video from 1981. Both guitarists have them (Steve Clark with a Special, and Pete Willis with a Standard). Bassist also has a Standard Bass. Seeing those being used by pros told me Hamer's were serious guitars. Video, below: Many years later, I was able to buy a 2007 Studio Custom (below), and am loving it!
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    You ask this as if you have never observed any hand wringing, hair splittery on a guitar forum before?
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    I really need to sell some guitars! Not a fire sale or financial crisis, just downsizing to the dozen or so that are absolutely essential. This is a rare one. '82 Special with original Zebra graphic finish. Very good condition with some nicks, dings and scratches and minor fret wear. Nice natural creamy aging in the white paint. Nothing serious. Sets up easily with low action. No dead spots or buzzing with reasonably aggressive playing. 8 lbs. 6.6 oz. Nice medium chunky neck (the thickest I've found on a first generation Special). 0.804 at the 1st fret, 0.890 at the 12th. New bone nut, new knobs. The pickups are either original or period correct Dimarzios. Possibly original period correct Hamer case. Everything in the control cavity looks original, but the pickups have been out. I'm pretty sure I tried a Virtual PAF in the bridge position then changed it back, but its obvious that someone tried different pickups at some point. I think I bought this one from HFC member Johnny Thunders about 10 years ago. I played it at a downtown Chicago Hamer Jam and Paul Hamer's brother confirmed that he did the Zebra paint job using ripped up newspaper as masking. I'll leave it here for a week, then off to reverb at a more optimistic price. Now listed on Reverb at $1,899.00 asking price.
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    Best I can do for now. One more hop...
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    The battery is the key component of the cork sniffication. The biasing of the JFET is tuned to the exact pH of the alkaline which is directly influenced by the oxidization of the expansion seals and the ionization of the connecting separator. Of this, Rite Aid is far superior, mostly because of the green HOME logo, which makes it automatically environmentally friendly. I have no idea what any of that means, but there are some big words in all that, so it must be true.
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    A Dick Move akin to accepting a ride from someone and then throwing her Supertramp cassette out the car window onto the highway.
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    Rehearsed with the 95 Korina Standard today. Been a while. I think it is the best damn guitar I have ever played. Period. Notes played are distinct, tight and clear. It rings like a bell. It is so well balanced all over the fretboard. Still not harsh or ice picky. Just cuts like a laser through the rest of the band. Yet sounds perfect in the mix. I hear everything I play, and it just sounds so good. If the great flood comes then I will bring this guitar, and my favourite 79 Sunburst, and run for it. They are really the only two guitars I need, if it ever comes down to that. I still feel the high of playing it, so I just had to share.
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    ... is patiently waiting my arrival....
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    Not another "oh my goodness, look at this prodigy" video. She apparently did her own 2016 challenge (although I sincerely doubt she's ever heard of ours) and recorded progress. I thought 1) pretty decent progress in a year, 2) hey, it's a young person taking interest in the guitar (and getting new gear!), and 3) and she's (mostly) playing rock! Pretty brave to show the actual level of proficiency, I think. I shy away from playing anything that I think someone else will hear if I'm not pretty confident that I'll do it at least to my minimum standard.
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    I'm anywhere from 5 to 12 years older than everyone in my band, so there is a bit of a gap when it comes to musical influences. We all dig old thrash and a good bit of death metal, but whereas they get into a little grunge here and there and some later 90s hard rock, I was basically jamming Poison and Bon Jovi constantly by the time I was 7 (which would have been 1987). I was so into this stuff when I was in grade school and middle school that I HATED the whole grunge thing for wiping bands like Skid Row off MTV until at least 1993 or so - almost until In Utero came out. I guess not knowing this, the drummer asked me last night if I was OK with doing "Still of the Night" by Whitesnake. I barely let him finish before I said, "Ok? OK!?!?!?! FUCK YEAH! I'LL DO SOME DAMNED WHITESNAKE!" He said it might be a little hard to get together because of all the parts, and I told him I already knew most of it... and then started playing it. He laughed so hard at my response that he about spit his beer through his nose. I was so excited I offered to buy a bow just to bring the authentic cheese to the bridge and then told them a story about how the love of my life in first grade was stolen away by a third grader who owned the self-titled 87 Whitesnake album. The other guitarist figured I'd be in, but they were a little surprised I was so excited. I felt old as hell but still totally laughed at it myself. Too bad I sold that Cali, haha.
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    Well, here's a comparison of the headstock angles. Not sexy, but it's all in the details...
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    veatch just threw down the gauntlet and dropped the mic all while riding a unicorn. Boom went the dynamite.
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    Not a week, just two more hops through the friendly skies. Note I had this picture two days ago. This has been a lot harder for me, I assure you... I just figured I'd share the love.
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    We often say, when so-called musical giants such as he pass on that they'll be "playing with Jimi and Janice and Bonzo, etc, in Heaven, blahblahblah," but the reality is he'll just grab the cheapest corpses available to play behind him and never even learn their names.
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    The smiles of accomplishment around October / November, Priceless.
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    Chuck didn't have touring back-up bands, he had pick-up bands he had never met wherever he was playing. You don't have to look far for the horror/humor stories. No, I was roped in to doing a little recording work during a period of time when, aware of the damage pickup band shows were doing to his reputation, he was trying to put together a steady band. The real musical brains behind Chuck, Johnnie Johnson, was on the outs with Chuck at the time so it was up to Chuck to do the leg work. Local legend Billy Peek eventually got the nod. For a while. While Chuck was casting about, he tapped a band I was doing FOH sound for and "road managing". The recording work was really a series of auditions, but we didn't know that. Chuck and the leader/keyboardist of that band had an immediate ego clash and, since I also played keys, I was thrown into the gap. Needless to say after a lot of false starts and pissing around, nothing ever came of it. There's a saying around St. Louis that probably persists to this day. It says that you aren't really a musician unless you've played with Chuck enough to call him an asshole. To the man's credit, he continued to perform at least once a month at a local showcase club up until quite recently. And friends and relations back there tell me he mellowed quite a bit in his old age. And he was a very good player, not just in his genre. He could pull out a 40's or 50's jazz or pop standard and do it justice. Still, the influence is undeniable and I've lost count of how many big-deal concerts in the 70's closed with Johnny B Goode. Smooth sailin'.
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    Well, I've bought the Hamer from Guitar Point. When it arrives I'll photograph it and post some pics. Thanks for the replies and advice.
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    After some serious thoughts about this, I'm putting FS my Phantom A5. I paid exactly 1000 bucks for it, plus PayPal fees, shipping and Canadian customs fees, so I should have a bit less than 1200 in it, shipped, imported and all. I got it from serial (Steve Mathes), who was kind enough to allow me to pay it in two shots. So, I would be more than happy if I get 1000 for it, plus actual shipping and you eat the PayPal fees. Paying it in two shots would also be OK. FYI, I'm kinda reluctant to letting it go, as I fantasized about this guitar for a loooong time. On the other hand, I haven't played it a lot, so I guess it's fair to give it a better home. It must stay in the family though. IMPORTANT: One fellow HFC'er called dibs on it several months ago. He hasn't been active since then, but I will contact him right away. If in two days he hasn't answered, it's all yours to buy, guys. Some pics now: Old pic from when I received it: New pics, all taken at my office:
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    Thanks for the kind words Jef. I really appreciate all of the great feedback that you guys give, it brings a lot of meaning to what I do, and I like the process of working one on one with each of you. These 2 guitars have been in the works for a long time, much like David's Super C. Very early on, Jef approached me with some ideas and then gave me the flexibility to come up with something for him. I liked the general concepts so much that I designed the DC Custom with Jef's CO's in mind, knowing that I'd be able to incorporate his specific ideas into his builds. I'm looking forward to a few video clips of these in action in the near future!
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    I haven't named many of the guitars that have come through here, but i really like Jekyll and Hyde... 0054 - i agree with you on the variations of the theme. Mike was a pure pleasure to work with - he was very open to using new parts and doing things to make this special. These guitars are both pure Mike and at the same time, very much me. He really has the magic touch. 0052 i can't say any more than simply sweet. The tone must go to 11 on this one. (sorry, couldn't resist...) 0053 is a frickin' monster. Different than 0052, and frankly, both are right where i expected them. The idea was that between these two guitars, i wanted to be able to cover about 80% of what i do. I think Mike succeeded in that. I honestly thought at my age, these were going to be my last two guitars. Now i'm not so sure. I'm already looking at what else i can sell off to fund the next project...
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    First time playing with my 13 year old today. No pics, sorry. But we did rock out some stuff. He used the in ear ping for timing he had received for Christmas. I had selected some patterns from the DR-880 to which he had listened and then played. Cool! We might continue that.
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    Not posting a picture when you say you're posting a pic to share the love...you just Supertramped us.
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    "Your gig clothes make you look like George Burns out for a round of golf." If you get the George Burns reference, maybe you're too old!