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    I think the pics speak for themselves. HUGE, HUGE thanks to Shannon at HEL for vintage Kalamazoo thin skin spraygun magic. Before/arrival ... it was rattlecan madness and a ziplock bag of parts with more missing than there. After ... the plan was a "modern restoration," since we were missing so many original parts. While we visually went for a time capsule '55, Junior, she's totally modern under the hood. The dogear is a Lollar, the bridge is a Mojoaxe aluminum compensated wraptail, the keys are Gotoh with modern innards, etc. When it was all said and done, all left that's original are the body, the neck and fingerboard, eight of 10 inlay dots, and the single-ply black control cavity and truss rod covers. Arrival and then after three rounds of chemical stripping ... To this ... FYI, it sounds and feels as good as good as it looks
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    To refresh the minds~ It was a wreck. Jol did not provide any real detail of the instrument via memory or serial #. I can tell you that it went thru many incarnations. Many layers of paint with many label / decals, many routings between coats of paint, all factory done. Mystery (trem) bridge was never really revealed. All time period options of were dismissed. Guitar was gutted down to wood, refretted, shelf made for floyd nut, layers and layers of mahogany wood to fill the suspect trem routings. All mocked up, setup, prepped, then sent off to Stike for some spray. and..... wa la.... a newly refurbed mystery proto centura.
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    My good mate Don had a Standard shipped to Australia some years back. USPS lived up to their reputation and it came with a broken head. Recently he decided to do makeover and I thought you'd all enjoy the pics that he sent me. The new lemonburst was done in nitro, and currently it's sporting Dimarzios from an early 80's Sunburst or Special. Enjoy! The "tomato soup burst" Insurance pic: Said that removing the finish was an arduous task: The finish really brings out the quality of the maple: Sadly this is as finished a shot that I've got.
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    Pulled the trigger on this Phantom Custom off of Reverb. Made the seller an offer and he took it. Looks like a sweet top and super clean. Been wanting one of these for ten + years, ever since I played JohnnyB's at Pesocasters house. Prolly be here next week.
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    The quilt on this top is so 3D that it gives the illusion of a mountain range. It's going to look killer when it's done.
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    dust was flying in the shop this week and Trish was around at the right time to grab a few video clips. This one is shaping up to be seriously badassed! Dialing in the carve tonight was a great way to end the day
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    Is it legit to post an "Old Hamer Day"? I own this beauty for quite a while but I've never posted some decent pics. A simple yet tasteful design. Hope you like it, too.
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    After too many years of screwing around in the home studio, I decided to try a release. I mean, what could it hurt. CD Baby makes it waaaay too easy to distribute to all the popular outlets, and the cost is minimal compared to the old days when you had to produce 1,000 CDs just to start off. Album drops on October 14th on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc... Here's a teaser I put together to promote the release a bit...
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    Dear Gang, happy Labor Day and as you can see, the madness never stops, cheers
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    Couple of Muse Tips โ„ข in the works
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    As can harp players.
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    She is back. Finally. In 2014 I sold this US-made Peavey Generation S1 via ebay - something I started to regret pretty soon. I couldn't hunt down the buyer, so I started to monitor Reverb, Craigslist and ebay (IIRC I bothered some HFC members here, too, with my quest). To cut a long story about waiting and searching short: Last week the guitar popped up on ebay Germany - first time ever this model showed up since my sale. And it was not any guitar, it was exactly the one I sold three years ago. How I know? The case had a destinctive smell even the last owner could not get rid of it. First time ever a fact like this came handy. Pretty happy. The guitar still plays great, is extremly versatile, and my loss on this is about 20 or 30 Euro, which is totally ok. These are pretty rare birds here in Germany, some more in the US, and sometimes the are sold for very little money. Some different models were made, even one with a Kahler - but don't mistake them with the chesper EXP model... And if you wonder which other guitar is in my "I regret forever selling this"-list? It is a US-made Dean Soltero all mahogany... So if you ever run into one: Let me know (Toadroller helped me once, but it did not work out - beside the fact his beloved Audi needed a repair afterwards...)
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    Hamer Electraglide SMG, a very special guitar. I decided to keep it forever and just sell some others. Thank you.
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    ***Inspired by @KofSeattle, this guitar is off the market. What was I thinking? Yeah yeah, I'm doing mostly hollow-body, semi-hollow and single coils the past few years (hence all of the MONEL sales), but this guit is way to cool sounding and pretty to let go. That said, unless of course one of a couple of very special green Newports are offered up... he he. You know which ones ;-) Guys, here is my Redwood Limited. As many of you know, there were only THIRTY MADE! Mine is number ** of 30 and is absolutely a joy to play. It is completely stock, with the coveted SLU pickups. EXCELLENT CONDITION, with no damage to report except a small, skinny indentation in the clear coat on the back approximately 1/8" in length, that has not gone through the finish. It was pretty much impossible to photograph, and can only be seen when a reflection hits it just right. Very LITTLE play wear. Vintage Carve neck. Great looking top with very nice figuring and flame. The SLU's kill. There is indeed something very sweet going on with these pickups. The sound is very cool, different from any Studio or Studio Custom I've owned. It is a very smooth sounding instrument that has a mid bump that almost comes across as somewhat compressed, yet the highs are crisp with a fat bottom end. It has an incredibly unique and rich tone to it. OHSC Included. Off the Market. PayPal'd and Shipped.
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    One of a kind US Hamer Artist. Korina body/neck, ebony board, MOP boomerang inlays, white neck binding. Vintage carve neck. The pickups are harmonic design P90s I believe those were added by the original owner. Grover keys look stock. OHSC. COA. About as close to mint as a used guitar comes. I literally played it on 3 tracks, never gigged and the rest of the time it sat in the case. $2850.00 shipped/paypal. US only. No trades at this time.
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    First, I have no idea what Hamer actually calls this model- but it is -officially- the finest sub $1,000 guitar I have bought- since the wine '70's Les Paul that I paid $350 for in 1979. (I also bought a '63 Princeton Reverb for $150 around the same time neither of which I was smart enough to have kept... but, I digress). The guitar plays perfectly, and is as close to dead-mint as guitars I have bought off of hangers at music stores. What a spectacular guitar. That's all!
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    Since moving to another city for studies my son had left the band he had started of with friends At age 16. While writing their own tunes in the early years, the band turned to complete cover and meanwhile any of the originals quit playing, although it is still managed by two originators. You can say it became a business. Recently, they rang my son to step in on occasions. Last weekend had been in neigbour town which had been a great occasion to go and party. My son plays the bass.
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    Should be ready to oil the tops on a couple of them tomorrow. Some nice contrast here.
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    Dang they couldn't make 7 more and end on a Cool number huh?
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    I usually don`t brag about cheap finds but this guitar impresses me. The ad just stated "Guitar" and the photos was probably shot with a Nokia 6110. I Assumed it was a higher numbered PAC and took my chance. The cool thing about this is that is has 4 single coils where the two in bridge works in series. Sounds nice. Spent some time playing along Seventh son and Last in line and it holds up really well in that department It has Sperzels and Gotoh-made Wilkinson VS100. No problems dive bombing with this setup. The guitar is made in Taiwan in 1998 and is extremely clean. It shows hardly any signs of use. The best part: $190 incl postage and a nice gig bag.
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    It's finally clean and ready for pics! Thanks to all for your kind words. I haven't stopped grinning since I took it out of the case! A little elbow grease, new pickup ring for the neck (kept the original), replaced the aftermarket speed knobs and toggle switch tip, and gave it a poker chip-ectomy. The headstock looks like the longer version to me. If it is, would this be one of the later guitars to have the old headstock (SN: 8 0460)?
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    Been looking for this exact thing for about 10 years, and finally found one via TGP's @316guitars. I believe "corduroy" is the old Hamer term for this kind of flame maple. I used to have a blue Monaco with it.
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    Politics can take the fun out of almost everything.
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    This is what I look at every time I play this guitar..... beautifully distracting and the most accurate color of any image thus far arniez
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    I always thought Chaps looked cool but I was turned off by the whole Floyd Rose/Kahler thing. . I'm not exactly a shredder and I heard those things were tone suckers., plus they looked complicated and problematic... changing strings must be a bitch! And the (supposedly) thin necks ... not exactly what I'm looking for. On the other hand I've been a big fan of Hamer for at least 10 years now and have always been fascinated by Hamers 80's "heyday" period. Boomers! Stadium logos! Big hair! Sustain for days! So when this 86 Chap popped up on the HFC sales board I was intrigued. Boomers >>> Check. Stadium logo >>> Check. Black >>> Check. OBL pickups >>> Check. Set neck >>> Check. Original condition >>> Check. I figured even if it sounded/played like crap I could just look at it and have a piece of Hamer history all my own. So I took a chance and went for it. I'm happy to say that it is now one of my favorite guitars ... and that's saying a lot after just receiving that Fujigen that I'm totally in love with. Perfect neck ... best neck on a Hamer I have ever played. Medium fat, perfect profile not obnoxiously thin at all and those OBL pickups sound fantastic. Relatively light weight. And the best part is it's all original. Nothing has been "modded" or fucked with. Just call me "Happy Camper"
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    what do you guys think. does it need some sort of burst? or leave it as is and build up more coats. have a great Sunday
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    Here's a couple of pics from yesterday's gig at Benson Vineyards. The Phantom in action, and my quiver for the event: Junior, Phantom, Superpro, Duocat 12 and Mr Quilty. It was a three hour show, so I actually played them all.
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    Anyone who puts a pickguard on these should be punched in the dick.
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    Been looking for one of these in decent shape for a while. I had a 2008 in Black, which I sold, and the PCB electronics have been giving my friend, the new owner, some issues at times, so I figured I'd look for one earlier than that. I checked last week and there were not one but two listed, so I went for the cheaper one. It's in great shape for a 13 year old guitar, with a few repaired dings but nothing major at all. Case is in good shape too. I could have always gone for a Cherry or Black SG Standard, but everyone has those, and I wanted something different. Also it's got: -Longer late 60's style neck joint - Gibson keeps switching back and forth from the earlier short neck joint -Standard Deluxe tuners: helps reduce neck dive -490R 498T pickups, which I happen to like -Batwing pickguard. I just think it looks better. These pictures are the sellers. I'll take some of my own soon, once I finish cleaning her up.
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    Oh yeah! I have wanted one of these since 1995. Today I found one locally in practically NOS condition. It even smells new. Everything about this bass is top shelf. I can't wait for rehearsal tomorrow to rattle some walls.
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    To all of our friends and family living in Florida best wishes during these trying times! After making it through Harvey here in Texas just hang on and play LOUD to push back the winds.
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    1985 Scarab.. hockey stick headstock.... Still waiting for it to arrive. Its in a friends hands, as he lives in the same community as the seller. Happy boy!
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    We recently moved our engineering department to another part of the building. During the move we threw a lot out which was to include a big rubber backed workbench until I realised under the rubber was 2 inch thick mahogany ๐Ÿ˜€. Couldn't let that happen so I brought in my circular saw and now have 16 guitar blanks in my shed. Also enough edging to do the same amount of necks. The stuff must be 40+ years old kept at 20 deg C ๐Ÿ‘ Some of them have 15mm holes in them which I guess I could fill. So some time in the future I plan a build โœŠ๏ธ Regards Geoff
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    2006 Hamer Newport. Jazzburst. 7 lbs. 2 oz. on my โ€œnot-legal-for-tradeโ€ scale. Modern neck carve which is a medium size; about the same as my โ€™96 Studio or my old โ€™96 Eclipse. I ordered this through Wilcutt. I am the original owner. I donโ€™t know what a gig is. I am strictly a home player so this guitar has had a cushy life. It was my primary guitar for 3 years. This is the best sounding, most beautifully constructed guitar I have ever played. A series of finger, wrist and shoulder injuries has made this guitar a bit of an imposition to play for more than 20 minutes. I built myself a short-scale hollow-body Partscaster that I can now play comfortably so, regrettably, after a few years of denial, I have come to terms with selling this. Overall this is in great shape. There are two tiny 3mm dimples on the back side that I have pictured on the link. There is a smush with intact finish on the front side under the Bigsby that occurred the first time I tried to change strings (much swearing ensued and the cat bolted from the room) which is also pictured. There is some moderate fretwear, mostly in the cowboy chords area. Includes Certificate of Authenticity, trussrod adjustment tool and the original Hamer hard-shell-case which is in excellent condition. The only change in this guitar is I took out the rattley little springs from under the pickup rings and replaced them with pieces of surgical tubing. The original pickup springs are included. (paypal and shipping included in lower 48). Thanks for looking.
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    Welp, today is the day!!!!!!!!! Stike knocked this bad boy out of the park!! Thank you Chris Mathes for the tuners, Josh Gravelin for the sweet pickups, Larry for the case, Stike for the amazing refin, and of course Santellavision for posting the original link I am beyond excited for the FedEx guy to arrive today, and will post pix when he does! Here is what I was sent by Stike before putting strings on...
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    Thanks again, Bubs! You are the man!!
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    Pics. By GMP standards it's really subdued. It has a smiling fire demon face between the pickups (see the third photo) so I'm naming it "Calcifer."
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    Hey Guys, Here is a gorgeous '02 Monaco Elite in EXCELLENT condition. No damage to report at all. Light fret wear. It has a Vintage Carve neck, and has the upgraded Tone Pros locking bridge, the new aluminum version. Big OPEN & VIBRANT sound. Very nice. Loaded with Seth Lovers and has a Tusq XL nut. The quilt top is one of the most unique I've ever seen, you can see different shapes and patterns from just about every angle, and from some angles, it looks like puffs of 3D clouds floating beneath the clear coat. Very sweet guitar and is the finest sounding of the Monaco Elites I've owned. It is my last one. I'm sure many of you recall the five very unique ones I've sold here over the last couple of years to very happy HFC'ers! This guitar is a beast with big fat note bloom and a girth of harmonic overtones that will render you in need of a drool cup. Like all of my guits, it has an extremely slick setup and feels great in the hands. Check out the pics. No flash used at all! OHSC Included. $1950 PayPal'd & Shipped.
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    For $70 000 he won't come to your house.
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    Did a trade at Real Guitars, S.F., this week for a Gretsch Anniversary (Terada factory). This is my second go-around with a Gretsch hollowbody, having previously owned a Tennessee Rose. The TR was too big/bulky on my small frame, so I moved it on. What I like about the Anniversary is that it's thinner/smaller than most Gretsch hollowbodies. The maple neck has a nice, medium carve, straight as an arrow and the fretwork is impeccable. The plastic was still on the pickguard and truss rod covers! The switcting/electronic layout ("Tone Switch Circuit") takes a bit of getting used to, but I'm starting to grok it. The two switches are pickups and bass emphasis/neutral/slight treble roll-off. Knobs are a master volume (cutaway bout) and volumes for each of the pickups. The Hilo'-tron single coils have a beefy output and sound great with flatwounds. I've ordered a Compton compensated bridge (stainless steel), and am prolly gonna slap on a Bigsby Chet arm.
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    Reality, the reality of actually stepping on a stage and utilizing what you have. Then realizing that everything you left at home my not get used. I put that little Class 5 Marshall on top of 1x12 to get it near butt level and let it rip. The little amp and the Junior killed it, even though I took 3 guitars. Some how some way I forgot to put the back plate on the Nighthawk and when I pulled it out I pulled off the pickup lead. So I pulled out the Pirate Special, PLUCK PLUCK and popped a string. I was high and dry with that one guitar for the whole night and it did not let me down. Pictures to come.
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    I had been keeping an eye on Dan-O doublenecks for a long time. This one sat on Reverb for a while, then the seller dropped the price, I made him an even lower offer and he accepted. 2013, excellent condition, with OHSC.
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    Mine is almost ready to go in the oven.
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    Well, Scott......I gotta be careful there. The "little woman" is already anxious about all the "creations" that have piled up around here. Unless I want to hire a food taster, I had better "outsource" some before I build more. (Sidelight.....Had a conversation last week with Andy Fuchs who liked my comment on another venue about how good it sounds with one of his amps and wanting to know where to get one--Kinda got a kick outta that). In the interim, I picked up a few "accessories" to go with them...... IMG_1858 by DON OBLANDER, on Flickr IMG_1857 by DON OBLANDER, on Flickr
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    I wouldn't trust anybody who writes for a financial rag like "The Street" and doesn't know how to spell "EBITDA". It's ALL CAPS, not "Ebitda", because it's a freakin' ACRONYM. Sorry. I was an english major who hated everything to do with math, and somehow managed to find a loophole and got out of ever taking a college math course. With my job post grad-school, I got a self-taught business and finance major somehow, and look at this stuff all the time now.
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    Life's too short to gig with crummy gear.
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    Should consist mainly of security updates but let me know via pm if you notice any issues or changes. I'm not looking to create threads about these updates but rather plan to post these more for information purposes each time I do.
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    Hopefully fixed now let me know if things don't improve.
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    As some of you might remember I was asking about this Steve Stevens guitar the other day. So I just went ahead and got it. I was hoping to move on 2 of my guitars and I managed to trade a MIK Diablo that I had. It was a great guitar but since I have two other USA Diablos this one will never get played. So the SS. Not really sure what I think about it. It seems to be an '88 and with few scuffs but other than that in a great shape. It plays very nicely and having the ebony fingerboard reminds me of my Chap a bit. I guess I dont need to say anything more about it since you guys are both far more experienced with these guitars and knowledgeable. Here are the obligatory pics https://i.imgur.com/rEgoIk6.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xFlAac1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pwASQIV.jpg