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    So I didn't sell as many guitars as I had hoped at The Guitar Show, but I did come home with this... a 2001 Murphy aged R9... that has the added mojo of once being the Marshall rep's sample guitar. So lots of respected players put some music through it. At least this way I don't feel like a dentist.
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    Found this on the local Craigslist yesterday and was delivered the most unexpected beauty. I had no idea these had such amazing necks! My custom shop fender strat would have been embarrassed! Just beautiful all the way around and CHEAP! Then there is the goofy little pre-amp equalizer built in, just cool! I figured I could afford a little medicine as a few high ends go out the door ;( Cheers!
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    The wait is finally over. First of all: yes, it's an Ultimate. "But he's not making any more Ultimates!" No, he's not. BUT -- this one has been in the making for over two years. I was lucky enough to get in the narrow window between the initial run and "absolutely no more Ultimates." It's absolutely perfect in every way. The finish is unbelievable, and as many have said before it looks different depending on the light and viewing angle. Pictures don't do it justice. And Mike and his family were wonderful, welcoming my daughter and me into their home. Here's hoping Photobucket still works. (ETA: So much for Photobucket. Trying it again from flickr.)
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    Just because... it's time.
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    Lookie here at this little sweetie! Found one I like again
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    Got around to updating the 9's group photo today adding the Vector 9. Cheers!!
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    So, after a month of misfires with the seller, I sold a bass VI and bought this 1995 Cruisebass 4 for $550 shipped. FedEx lost it, then found it and I have it. No case or gig bag yet. it was a bit dirty, especially the frets. I took two squares of Gorgamyte to get the crud off the frets and a lot of Lem-Oil to get the board clean. I polished her with Zymol, strung her with a new set of EB Cobalt flats and she looks great. Obviously a well-loved and well-played bass. Pleanty of dings, scratches, checks, finish lifting,bets., but I love the finish. I have a blue Ford Ranger in this exact Smurf blue color. I like blue and I like bright. I also dig painted headstocks. This bass needed an end pin too. This will be used for recording. I ran her through my Blonde Bassman today and oh my, what thump! I love the neck and the frets are in great shape. My first proper long-scale bass. I dig it!
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    Soooo, Sometimes things pop up when you least expect (or can afford) them but they simply can not be passed up. I had 5 of the Hamer Limited Editions with the #9 designation. Along with that some Limited edition #10's. One of the most amazing of these are the Korina Standards and the Korina Vector, which I only had the #10 pair and the lonely #9 Standard (top photo) and looking for Vector #9 (bottom photos). The Chief Ranger in the Korina Forest spent many walkabouts looking for the #9 Vector but it was never found. I spent many hours scouring the internet and never found it! I asked everyone I know, NADA! Until now..... Limited Edition Vector #9 has been found! Cheers! I will get better photos when I am more up and around...
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    I'm posting this here to give HFCers the first shot before I list it on Reverb at a higher price. Excellent+ (9.9/10) condition, original case and COA. Beautiful flame top and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. All original - no changed parts. I've owned 3 TTs and played several others at Dave's when he got his allotment. I'm convinced that this one has a very slightly thinner neck than the others, though it is still a big handful, especially near the body. Functions perfectly, plays and sounds great. Selling for exactly what I paid - $3,300.00 shipped and insured, US only (CITES, sorry). PayPal is fine, add 3%. Not looking for trades or offers.
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    Thanks everybody. I've got gigs on 7/22 and 7/29, so it's going to see plenty of playing time right away. Here's a picture with my daughter, Mike, 0063 and me: Another cool thing: I got to play the SC and DC prototypes, as well as Ultimate #0000. I was REALLY impressed with how comfortable the contoured neck joint on the SC was. And yeah, I picked out the top for my next one (a DC -- no mystery this time).
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    This PRS hand wired 6V6 Sweet 16 112 combo just rolled through the door in trade. It ain't going anywhere!!! Holy shit! WHAT AN AMP. I just can't put into words about just how completely really incredible this thing sounds! This model is one that flew under the radar I believe. Out of curiosity, I looked, and there are a very small handful of the combos available for sale used out there, and a few heads. They stopped making them in 2014 I believe. There is another they did called the Sweet 16 +, which is the same, but a 40 watt 6L6 version (a bit darker sounding) vs the Sweet 16's 16.5 watts. They are a hearty and quite loud 16.5 watts as well. Really nice at low volume too. I posted a pic of it below, along with a couple of vids demoing it from the web so you can hear the sound. I also tripped over a few vids of Brian Farmer and Warren Haynes talking about this model. They used this model almost exclusively on Warren's Man in Motion albums a couple of years ago, as well as on work with the Allman Bros. The man has great taste in tone for sure! I posted a demo vid from PRS; take a listen, it's amazing. This thing cooks up some tasty tone!
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    Here's some pics from last week's reverb Monaco, pretty nice shape, what the seller had described as belt rash was only minor surface scratches, although I kind of got that from the shots... Looks pretty cool, like the meaty connection between the neck and body... seems to have a good amount of "thooomp" on the low end, which I'm digging alot... Took it to practice, they know I'm kind of obsessed and it's a big joke... but this time they were like woah... what's that? sounded great, although this has a redeemer active circuit wired in the tone pot, nothing against it I just prefer conventional wiring, so I may restore that to a standard tone pot... but otherwise it's in very nice shape, frets are pretty clean, no real dings to speak of... just light surface stuff... pretty happy, and the seller was a cool guy... pics enjoy...
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    Just a teaser, but more to come...MUCH more!
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    Damn, it's been a while since I updated this thread...
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    This one is on its way to needing an f-hole....
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    New Cali Paint Job Day Some are likely aware of the Fed Ex debacle that culminated the 5 month long wait for my last modded LE. Yeah. It took the guy who painted my Cali five f-ing months to paint it. But it's done now and save for some otherwise inexcusable albeit minor screw ups, it turned out as visually powerful as I envisioned. I used the better part of Weds. to put her back together and install the new Gravelin Mongoose Josh sent me along with the Hot Rail neck p'up. I also added the requisite new Orig. Floyd Rose and managed not to f--- up the soldering and wiring for a push/pull tone pot config. Hey! It's kind of a big deal given my lack of experience doing those. Anyway, it looks, plays and sounds great! The Mongoose has nice upper mids bark and bite and maintains adequate tightness in the low end, all while keeping great responsiveness for the plethora of developmentally stunted, cliched 80's shred techniques I still fervently admire and mangle.
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    I disagree. This would be more like a startup trying to bring back SAAB, but being produced by Hyundai, with repurposed tooling, and basing the "classic" designs on a bunch of old ads. Hamer went out of business, and EVERY SINGLE THING (people, drawings, construction methods, archives, blueprints, forms, equipment)...all of it...was lost. The new company has NONE of that - despite the ludicrous claim that they told Shannon that they "used the original drawings" (they didn't, because I know where those ended up). If you think that anybody could just build a Hamer, you don't know the half of how they were built, and all of the details that simply wouldn't occur to most builders (even great ones). One of the biggest losses was the collective EXPERIENCE that the team(s) at Hamer had earned over time. I'm not romanticizing it - this is real stuff. What wasn't lost? The new owners of the name may(MAY) have just dug out the old import stuff from whatever Chinese or Indonesian plant was making the imports. That has nothing to do with Hamer USA, really, and as pointed out above won't get you any farther than Epiphone quality, but without the Gibson market attraction. Could they buy a couple of old USA guitars and try to reverse-engineer something approximating those? Sure. Would it be the same? No. Could it be a decent guitar? Sure, but nothing on par with what came out of Illinois or Connecticut - sorry.
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    Hall & Oates Date Night Concert and she paid so bonus! In high school there was a juke box in the school cafeteria, which songs like "Rich Girl" "Sarah Smile" and other permissible pop songs from the mid to late 70's permeated beyond the smell of processed foods and poor hygiene. Thanks to cable television and HBO, the Statue of Liberty being refurbished there was a "live" concert by Hall & Oates. If memory serves correct Dodge/Chrysler were big contributors. The first part of the show as shots of the crowd walking, David Lee Roth arriving on a private helicopter to see Hall & Oates (or be seen) and etc. The Hall and Oates HBO Special is probably one of the best live performances, I had ever seen on television. Your girlfriend at the time knew the songs, which meant you knew the songs. I wasn't reliving my youth or walking down nostalgia lane. I had friends who had seen Hall & Oates in concert live, thought they were great performers and made the suggestion as a date night concert. Doesn't hurt that "Live @ Daryl's House" is something I happen to like, his band on the show is T I G H T, Daryl being a fan of the guys in Cheap Trick and last but very important to note Daryl owns a Vintage Mandocello. Gotta like a guy who owns a four digit Hamer. The Review Opening Act - Allen Stone White guy from Washington who is channeling Stevie Wonder, along with the dreadlocks of Eddie Grant, guitar with lots of loops and effects. Three song set and I understood why Hall & Oates would have him on - blue eyed soul. Not something I would listen to nor would I be able to fini.. Tears For Fears There is no one on the planet who would not know at least one song from the Album "Songs From the Big Chair". Lots of sing-a-longs. The guys have lost most of their high notes and falsetto tones, therefore the crowd participation was highly appreciated. Unlike the ex-stripper girls that do the pole dances at everyone of their damn concerts in front of you blocking your view, the women at this show stick both arms up in the air, wave and shimmy. Cute but their deodorant is starting to wear thin even in an air conditioned venue. Lead guitarist (don't know his name) did a a good job. Lots of synth and...OK you get the idea. Not a band I would have paid to see as a headliner but their set was enjoyable. Hall & Oates I had told my wife to buy the 3rd row lower balcony tickets that said "Headliner View Only" as there probably was stage lights or other equipment that was set up for Tears for Fears which more than likely would be removed. I was correct and we were closer to the stage than the first two rows on the floor which paid big bucks to be there. First impression, DAMN John Oates is not a very tall fellow. He would be shorter than Steve Stevens or Tommy Shaw. Second impression, the band is tight. There were some microphone issues at times. Daryl didn't like his monitor and ear settings a couple of times but a solid, solid show. Not surprisingly, I knew most of the songs. Daryl Hall Solid Performer When did Daryl Hall become Rick Nielsen? Changed guitars for almost every single song. I saw lots of capos. Great voice and stage presence. John Oates Vintage Fender most of the night. Good backing vocals, Johns playing was restrained and enjoyable. Shane Theriot and band Very good job overall. Hamer Studio Custom sighting - used for one song otherwise sat on the guitar stand the rest of the night. Leads were clean and tonality was very good Bass and Drums were steady. No pressure here to over perform. Backing vocals were spot on. Lots of saxophone in their set. Summary A perfect date night concert that you can enjoy the lead guitarists playing. Basically a greatest hits show minus no "Adult Education" which is a personal fave. The one song I wanted to see live and oh well you know how that goes. While watching them perform I couldn't help but think about G.E. Smith and Tom "T-bone" Wolk. Damn...OK, so I did get a little nostalgic. Hamerica
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    Thank you Donner... I was sitting at a baseball game when you posted this... I really couldn't see the pics, so I waited til I got home to hit the buy it now... top looks great, frets look good, pickups look interesting. pics in a few days.
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    Sometimes you get a dream to come true, sometimes you get a room with a view.... My bass 6 sold so I texted this guy and he still has the Cruise. We struck a GREAT deal for me and it will arrive sometime next week! He sent detailed pics of some nicks, scrapes and a finish crack in the neck pocket....The SN starts with a 5 so I assume it is a 1995. I am so excited. I will only use this for recording but it will be cool to have a quality long-scale bass. I need some flats for this blue beast! My 2tek Cruise is incoming!
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    I am a ts 9 junkie. I have my first one I bought back in 82 while stationed at Ft. Hood, Killeen, Tx. Some years ago It had to be retired due to a long life of use and abuse. Still Have it, on the shelf. Have tried to find many times to replace. New, used, modded. Nada. They just did not have "it". Well, until now. On a whim, as I was building out and populating Pedal board # 4,592.... In front of my old trusty A/DA Flanger I have an exotic EP booster. Prior, my old TS9 was there to "push" the A/DA into harmonic mayhem on pedal board # 297. Ponyed up on a mini from chicago music Ex. thru amazon. Hooked it up today, replacing the EP. The mini, It is all there what my old one had in it. creamy rich clean OD and then some. It pushes the old A/DA just like in days of past. Old TS9 fan? and miss it? Get a mini. Amazing.
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    Testing my new Imgur account:
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    0063 is safe at home.
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    I don't know if it was the worst, but the most amusing was when a bar owner decided he wasn't going to pay us. Our lead singer asked him what they paid for a bottle of Grey Goose or similar sitting on the bar shelf, and the owner, kinda startled, said, "about $15." Our singer, who was all of 5'8" and maybe 150 points soaking wet, but also with an almost limitless supply or Rankin County redneck balls (his nickname was Honey Badger, and he earned it honestly), hopped over the counter and threw the bottle on the floor, shattering it everywhere. He smiled and said, "Well, there's $15. Guess we're down to $235, and it looks like you have plenty of bottles." The owner stared at him a moment and then basically threw the money at us and told us to get the fuck out before he called the cops. But we got paid, and that place didn't make it another two months if I remember correctly.
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    I can offer you guys a picture hosting service. And, of course, it would be free. If you are interested I'll install the software on my servers. No ads. etc. Just a thought.
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    Time to do a little undercarving...
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    https://www.hiscoxlive.com I actually do have one of their cases, so that's cool...
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    Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 Just picked up one of these new heads. 40 watts, 4xEL84 all tube, 4-channels, All-analog signal path, but with built-in digital effects, Programmable w/128 presets, power scaling, XLR cab-emulated out, EFX loop, Noise-gate and a Boost! Whew, I know that sounds way too good to be true right? Well, let the games begin. As soon as I plug into any amp, I go to the Crunch tone. That's where I live. It has to have a killer Crunch tone that I want to play all night. It has to be big, bold, articulate, comfortable and guitar-volume knob friendly. There are a few chords that make or break an amp for me. An open E that has a tight bottom and a top string bite. Well, this amp does that perfectly. Check that box. So, onward to check out the other tones. The clean channel is fat, big and bold, plenty loud for a band. Check off 2 boxes. Channel 2 is the Crunch. You can go from slightly Overdriven to Heavy with ease. It sounds way too big for it's size. How can an amp that weighs about 17 lbs, sound so big? Amps usually require huge power and output transformers to get that big tone (My Goldfinger head weighs about 60lbs). This things sounds just as big though the Goldfinger 2x12 oversize cab. It shouldn't, but it does. I knew this amp is a keeper. (At least for a week or two - haha) Channel 3 is the Lead channel, which goes from a Crunch to Metal. Works for either Heavy Rhythm or Lead duties. Channel 4 is called Ultra. Metal heads will die for that chugga-chugga, de-tuned tone you can get. Nice Lead tone to a super-saturated Satriani or Santana singing lead tone. AND, you get a Boost as a bonus. Works on every channel and perfect for just pushing it out front for solos as needed. Overall, I would say it definitely has a British Marshall 18-watt type sound with the EL84s in the power section, so that makes me happy. With the optional footswitch, you can preset 128 settings with all front panel controls. Killer for my cover-band. You can also program into your patches the EFX loop on/off. Can't wait to start programming the presets (The footswitch is on it's way). Plus, having the XLR Cab output will make my setup easier. (I do sound for my band) The Redbox output has 4 settings for Vintage/Mod and Small/Large. The front-panel EFX programming is simple, Even for an idiot like me. I didn't have to open the manual to figure it out in 2 min. It can also be programmed by an iPad, which is cool. OK, I swapped out the factory no-name EL84's for some better JJ's and threw in NOS pre-amp tubes I had. Yes, it made a difference. But, not a game-changing difference. Worth it, yeah. Two gripes. The LED lit blue front panel is a bit much. You can't miss it, that's for sure. I wish there was a way to dim it or turn it off. (I may have to open the damn manual to see if there is a setting for that.) And two, getting to the tubes is a pain-in-the-ass. You have to pretty much take the front off and unscrews all the side panels, then, be careful not to break the wire to the LED plexiglass light. Sure, you don't have to do that very often, but it would be easier if the back or front just un-screwed to get access. The Plexi front panel fits into the sides which is why you have to loosen them too. Is it the holy grain... of course not, but all I can say is, try one, check it out, you'll be surprised like I was and it just might make your life easier for gigging like it will for me. Thx, Ernie
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    Well, I was joking around on the "0063" thread about how I was only twelve guitars away. Some pointed out that they don't necessarily come in order. Then, I got a second e-mail. The first was in October to select the board. It's #1 in the pic... Last night's e-mail was just a little more fun... Things are moving right along...
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    So have in the past done a lot of Meet and Greets with different musicians and sports figures none ever as good as Tesla. Years ago I met Tesla and and never had a band be so friendly. I never forgot that night, it was freaking awesome! Lots of photos and right in front. A few months ago I got meet and greet passes to see them again and was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately i was in the hospital when showtime came around and couldn't go . My Wife took a friend with her and I asked her to take my packet of photos from out last meet with Tesla and get my all time favorite photo signed. It is a photo of Frank Hannon with his SG stuffed into the lens of my camera. Anyway, he took it upon himself to take the whole packet of 20+ photos and get everyone to sign each and every one! He sent a personal message to get well and included some picks. It made my year! I love Teslas music and Frank Hannon is one hell of a guy! Cheers!
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    Yeah, Veatch...0005 looks great...but I am kinda partial to her sister---0006:
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    Went to Nashville for the first time in forever and somehow ended up jamming some Stones tunes with Kenny Olson, Kid Rock's old guitarist. The dude actually has pretty great tone and feel, which I think would surprise a lot of people who only know him from Kid Rock. Anyway, and I feel kind sheepish about this now, but at the time I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for a solo. Just like normal, every time I have ever played "Miss You," it has gone on and on with no end in sight. I finally just stole a few bars and kind went a little hard in the paint. Now that I listen back, I may have stepped on the keyboard player a bit, which makes me feel like shit, honestly. I hate being that guy at a jam. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2e9husj7wfwewb/File Jul 16%2C 10 23 24 AM.mov?dl=0
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    That's impressive and obsessive. I wholeheartedly approve.
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    There's a "right guy" born every minute!
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    Finally found time to install the MojoAxe wraptail I got a month ago. Bliss!
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    These new Hamers are nothing more than the new MusicYo version. Were those guitars really Kramers or Steinbergers, or Tobias, etc? I'm an Apple fanboi, but they were circling the drain before they brought Jobs back. And if MS hadn't invested in Apple and agreed to keep porting Office they probably would've gone down anyway. They seem to have no direction now. A touch strip is the best they can come up with for the new, stupidly expensive, MacBooks? Why no Siri home automation like Amazon Echo or Google? IMO, they're currently resting on Job's laurels and if they don't find a new muse soon they're going to fade in obscurity.
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    After playing and (according to my wife) hoarding Taylor acoustics almost exclusively for the past 20 years or so I've been slowly selling off the herd, keeping only the guitars that get played regularly. Lately my ear has been hankerin' for a different sound, so this weekend I got rid of a couple more and decided to go shopping. Ended up with a new Gibson J45 Standard. It seems to check all the boxes -- Simple appointments, comfortable neck, easy playing, and a voice that has some muscle to it -- Nice mids push, solid low end and highs that are clear but not too sparkly. Takes a pick and fingers equally well. Definitely has that classic Gibson acoustic bark. Baggs Element pickup sounds good for a piezo UST. While construction appears to be solid, the expected lack of attention to detail from Gibson was visible. Had to scrape a little glue away (could be polishing compound) from a couple frets and the top of the soundhole at the fretboard extension. Also has a touch of Hameritis on the side of the neck at the 4th fret. It otherwise seems like a solidly built guitar and I love the sound, so I used these issues as negotiating points to knock a couple hundred off the asking price. Quick phone pic attached...
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    I'll be sitting in with my friend's band for a 2-hr Floyd tribute show tomorrow night. There will be rain earlier in the day, but the weather should be beautiful by early evening, so bring something dry to sit on. We'll be playing all of Dark Side of the Moon and big chunks of The Wall and Wish You Were Here, with the circular screen and light show and everything.
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    I think I spotted it, the Stadium logo appears to be missing. :-)
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    My favorite delay is 'I'll get to it when I get to it."
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    The definition of "guitar hero" has certainly changed since we were coming up. Taylor may very well fit the bill, as well as the hipster types who plink around on offsets strapped up to their collarbones. Will they be able to sustain the guitar industry? Don't ask me, I do a damn KISS podcast. Also evident in articles like these that come from the coastal media outlets is an outright dismissal of rural America. Specifically, completely ignoring country music. Lots of electric guitars in that genre, more than ever, in fact. It's immensely popular (not that the WaPo would know) so you have to assume there are plenty of kids wanting to be in country music bands.
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    My local mom and pop shop just got in a Jr, vector, and a Standard. They excitedly texted me about the "new Hamers" as I am the resident Hamer player here. i went by for some strings and my buddy the owner thrust the JR in my hands.... the difference was apparent instantly. The finish. the finish was a thick polyester (I believe) coat. It felt like any other Indonesian import...or was it Malaysia? The colors were off....the nut was plastic. I didn't plug it in. They all looked like what they were....cheap imports. The woods didn't look right either. Hard to explain.... I will say this...the neck carve on the JR did remind me of the neck on the Jr korina I sold back to srvwannabe. Perhaps they got that right.....or it was just a coincidence. A beefy neck that felt fine. i bashed out a few chords and some leads. Did it feel like my USA Hamers. You already know that answer. It felt like exactly what it was. An import mass-produced copy. I didn't spend much time looking at fit and finish, but I saw no glaring defects. I came home and quickly played some USA Hamers to feel the difference and also picked up my Peavey USA Firenza....better in every respect.... it really bothered me to see Hamers hanging there that aren't real Hamers. Hell, real Hamer imports bothered me. Not much of a review, I know....but I really just don't care about these guitars. I am disappointed that peeps are gonna say they are as good or better than our USA models. Go figure, a salesman embellishing the truth to move product. I bet that has never happened before That statement is no way a reflection on all salespeople...just those who do it.
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    I recently became a TV Jones dealer and I needed to quickly throw together a host/dummy for a set of TV Classics for shop demos. Since I love my workhorse Allparts tele-mutt of 12 years, I went in the same vein - a homebrew Cabronita. AP didn't have a classic Gretsch transparent orange, so I went with their candy apple orange. The neck is a vintage tint beefy contour 22-fretter with a 12" radius and railroad ties for frets. The bridge is from TVJ too, pre-cut for a Filtertron footprint. Let's just say this ain't no dummy, my friends. I just finished it yesterday and I cannot put it down. Man, what a resonant player and what versatility and just KILLER tones and colors no matter what I ask it to do. The challenge now is going to be not selling the dummy hosting the TV Classics. Onset: End result:
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    Many thanks to CURRYPOWDER for one of the best buyer/seller experiences ever. Don't hesitate to buy from this guy. A+++ number 1 rating As you might of guessed I snagged the Fujigen NCLC-20E/BK that was for sale a week or so ago on the HFC sales board. NCLC stands for "Neo Classic" and boy is it ever! An exact copy of the 57 Les Paul Custom except for the shape at the top of the headstock. Solid mahogany, heavy, sustain for miles. I had been wanting a Les Paul for years but was turned off by current Gibson quality and apprehensive that I might spend 2 or 3 thousand $$$ and get something I wasn't happy with. I explained to CP I wanted something with a rich, deep tone that could be used for hard rock and blues and also drop tuning shenanigans. Wow, this thing sounds massive straight into the amp with no pedals. And all with the stock 59/JB setup that was used on so many Hamers. Usually the first thing I wanted to do is rip those mothers out, but certainly not in this case. I worship you Seymore Duncan! :). Anyway, perfect guitar, perfect neck, perfect finish, perfect tone, perfect transaction. Best $1000 I ever spent on a guitar. If another one of these comes up and you're not afraid of a little weight ... jump on it! Actual pics will be posted when I get a spare minute or two ...