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    # 0067, holy smoke.....,that's all I can think of right now....... Thank you team Shishkov!
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    For those who have been paying attention, THIS is what prompted me to put the Snakeskin Cali on the block. The MOAC has landed.
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    Finally: Hard cover, full color, 240 pages. Signed copies will be available direct from author.
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    At the Iron Maiden forum there is a thread starting off with the question, "What is your favorite Iron Maiden song?" I posted this: Do you think I might get in trouble for that?
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    So, I came upon pics of #78 on FaceBook and thought to myself, "Self, I'm guessing your guitar is in the same batch!" And, I was right. Trish sent me pics of my top and said that the semi-hollows are being finished up and my guitar is in process. Here's two pics of the top glued up and getting ready. Is it wrong for me to giggle aloud? That's me..........David R.
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    I like the one where the bass player props his foot up on the monitor and points the headstock to the crowd as he sports a wild devilish hellion look on his face.
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    Don’t think the “pretty pony pink” works so well for this one. I’ll save it for another build
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    I have been reluctant to post this one, but the time has come.....Gotta stop dragging my feet. There may have been 1 or 2 others made to the same specs. Which is to say, with these pickups, binding on the rear as well as the front, etc. Excellent condition, OHSC. I did NOT get a certificate when I bought it. Per specs on an old "Lightning Joes" post (see below), it has a Brazilian board and is partially chambered. Cannot verify either, but it weighs just under 7 3/4 pounds. Circa 2006. Someone told me there is one "just like it" in Australia, but that is about all I know.....It might be a total one-off and maybe there were more than one/ Very nice chevron type flame. The darker red, somewhat in the same ballpark as the Artist Ultimate, is beautiful (IMO) though the figure might pop a bit more if it was a lighter color or more of a burst. Asking $1900, including shipping (CONUS only). Add PP fees if you don;t know me. I will try to get some added pictures when I have better light. IMG_1036_zpsjvlyomxi And in comparison to a couple other Hamers...... IMG_1034_zpsgvjyuvk9 LIghtning Joe's description........ Hamer USA CUSTOM SHOP Studio Custom - Chevronned Ultimate Flame Maple Top over highest grade Mahogany acoustically chambered body, Mystic Finish, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, Tone Pros nickel hardware, TV Jones custom Filtertrons I cannot immediately find a link to their store pictures. It is possible it is the same guitar. Let me know if there are any questions.
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    I picked this up 2 months ago and forgot to do a NGD. MAN is this this really solid! They really don't make anything today like they used to. it just feels so incredibly broken in and easy to play.
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    I bought this April 2001. Find in the local music magazine sized paper for Tampa Bay. Had to drive down and buy it from a guy in Sarasota the day it hit the street. He was a former Chicago area musician and music store employee at one time late '70s to early '80s. He had bought this new when it came in the store making me owner #2. He also "broke the headstock off mid Priest song on a light. A Par 64." It was repaired in 1981 and still looks decent. Plays decent and Whackhead has been here ever since! Dig the lil Gremlin between the pickups. Just realized it is at least a 40 year old guitar. Love it!
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    Never have seen one of these! Double necks are something of a rarity but a double neck with maple board on a solid maple body? And a bound 12 string neck? WOW!
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    It’s more of a fuchsia, but looks different in different lights. It was hard to photograph.
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    The older I get, the more I think any time is a good time to be alive.
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    Numerically I’m next! Anticipation is starting to peak, Mike and Trish are the best! More to come...
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    Check out this video. Nice Hamer korina vector (#015 from the run of 72 guitars) in action. Highly recommend you check out Joe if he is coming your way. Amazing player, total guitar geek and you can see he doesn't phone it in, he truly loves being up there playing and making people happy!!
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    I bought this a few months back but I never gave it it a proper introduction to the club. Ladies and Gents ...Introducing Mr. Hamer VANGUARD USA !!! With newly installed WCR pickups (applause, crowd noise etc) Sounds fantastic, light and easy to play .... basically mint condition (that I was going to put away and save but I like playing it too much) Oh well, someone's gotta do it
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    My wife asked me what I wanted for a landmark birthday, and despite the tempting offers of trips and other cool stuff, I jumped at her suggestion to order another Shishkov. I knew it wouldn't get started until after the Ultimate run and a number of other custom orders had wrapped, but I got the deposit together, secured my place in line and have been really enjoying the progress thus far. Since Photobucket is going to be crapping out on me shortly (I won't be paying their $400 annual fee for the privilege of posting pics), I'll be uploading gradually and directly in the hopes these images stick around. Hopefully, by the time I'm finished, I'll be able to post shots of the finished guitar! First, after coming up with the specs and some back and forth with Mike, we looked at some tops that fit my description of what I was looking for. That was one of the toughest parts so far, since they were all simply amazing. I also picked out another bit of maple for Mike to work with...
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    Is that the one that educates us on ancient Egypt's resistance to encroaching colonialism while advancing an operatic tale of a resurrected mummy hellbent on vengeance over the galloping bassline and has the interwoven lead guitar outros and that dude prancing about like a flakka'd-out PeterPan in the video?
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    Internet trades are a leap of faith. Well have faith in Jake 8773. Deal went down as described, Pat is a gem in our HFC tradition! Thanks man
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    Our first celebrity has arrived, and the posing has begun. This guy needs a band. Who's coming over tomorrow?
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    Well , man I have a talking volume amp, works great but sometimes you want to play a real valve amp with some freaking volume, these modern modelers don’t do that. I’ve tried the axe and the Kemper and for a talking volume amp they are great but for the price and value the Yamaha thr is just as good. Like I did I don’t need the big iron, 89% of the time Yamaha works great but for that Saturday night or when ever you want to let it rip for me nothing is better than some big iron, matamp gt120, orange or 120, Marshal JMP or , Sunn Beta Lead or Ampeg V4 cranking through a 4x12. I’m really too old for it but it really is the shit. so thanks for the feedback but I’m buying it.
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    Ok so here she is ... A beautiful bouncing baby girl 10.9 lbs Gorgeous!
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    I have done lots of deals with lots of members here. I have never, ever, not once had any sort of issue. I actually got a tracking number on a guitar before the other party even received the M.O.! Sometimes I've received extras, like picks or an instruction video or something that wasn't part of the deal. I have no problem sending anyone on this board payment for an item, and with zero worries. There aren't many other places I would do this, maybe one that I can think of. If that isn't a testimonial for HFC, I don't know what is.
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    You're not being paranoid, but the last three digits won't tell him anything he needs to know in regards to the guitar being "real" or not. The potential buyer is the one who sounds paranoid, and who needs that headache? He's guaranteed to be a pain in the ass, regardless of the outcome of the sale.
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    Has Henry J filed suit yet? Given the single-cut design and absence of headstock, the finished hotel could easily be confused with a Gibson Les Paul.
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    Love, love, LOVE this guitar!!
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    Well, it finally happened -- My first album, "Long Time Coming", went public (Dropped, released, whatever) on October 14th. Recorded, mixed and mastered in the basement studio, I played all instruments with the exception of using "Drums On Demand" drum loops on all but one track (I was happy enough with my playing on one demo to keep them). Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. Ten tracks, covering a variety of styles, it leans toward a more mellow with the exception of the opening instrumental that is more of a Keith Urban-esque country rock feel. It's available for purchase/download from the normal places -- iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby. As for streaming, it's on all the sites -- Spotify, Pandora, Iheartradio, Rhapsody, Slacker, etc. Just search "Dave Gutshall" and it should show up. If you use Spotify, can you do me a favor and follow me there? The more followers I get, Spotify will start working my music into their other playlists and promo activities. Thanks! Here's a sample track for you...
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    Sammy Hagar & The Circle played at Harrah's Cherokee Casino last night. It has been about 20 years since the last time I saw Sammy Hagar, but it does not seem like it has been that long ago. I remember seeing Van Hagar like it was only a few years ago. Sammy turned 70 last month. He does not look like it. The show started at 9:00 PM, so it was assumed there would be no opening act. Sammy's son, Andrew Hagar, got a fifteen minute slot at the beginning of the show playing four songs on acoustic guitar. Andrew Hagar was last in Cherokee opening for Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. He has played music with Kristofferson's daughter. As a one man band playing guitar, harmonica, and a tambourine or something around his ankle he got a decent crowd reaction. The Circle was on stage by 9:20 PM and the party was on! If anyone did not feel welcome it was their problem because Sammy was the perfect party host. He made the show feel like the perfect cross between a stadium show and a club show. The whole night people were handing things to him on stage for autographs, and he would sign in between lyrics. Before the band started there was a retrospective video of Sammy Hagar's musical career with clips of past songs and bands. If you could name all the guitars in the video you would be saying "Hamer" a lot. Did Sammy ever have a red Hamer Californian? No Hamers were played last night, though. Sammy played a black Gibson Flying V, a Les Paul, and his signature Gibson Explorer. At least half the time he just sang and let Vic Johnson have all the guitar parts. Vic Johnson started off the show with a PRS, and during the show he had a red Flying V, a Les Paul, and a doubleneck SG. Vic held together most of the show because nearly everything was guitar oriented rock. The amps behind him were Blackstar 4x12 cabinets with Marshall, Blackstar, Bray, and Bogner heads. The Bray head had a logo that looked like a variation of Hi-Watt/Reeves. Does anyone know anything about them? The Bray head was on a Bogner cabinet. In the matching amps department, Michael Anthony's wall of Peavey amps with lit up panels and logos. Mike played three different Schecter basses with custom finishes. He plays a lot better than what he was allowed to do in Van Halen. Jason Bonham was playing a clear red set of Ludwigs with the Led Zeppelin symbol representing his father on the bass drum. He got to speak to the audience, too. Both Mike and Vic got to sing verses of songs. It really becomes obvious how much Mike added to Van Halen when you hear him singing parts, and he could have done more vocally. The setlist has not been written in stone for this tour, so it can vary. Here is the setlist for last night.
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    The Eagle has landed. WPS5 is nestled safely in the confines of the 4-3-2-1 Club. This party is shaping up nicely!
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    Paul was an Open Counselor when I was at GIT in ’87 - ’88. Open counselors didn’t necessarily teach in a classroom; rather, they would be in a small room at a specified time every week (say, 1:00 - 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, something like that). Students could come and go at will, ask questions or just listen. His room was always pretty crowded. He was always friendly and would answer any question or demonstrate any technique without being condescending. It was also interesting to see which of his many custom Ibanezes he would show up with on any given day. And even though I didn’t hang around his room enough to say I “got to know him,” I CAN say that he was (and, I assume, still is) a super-cool guy and a great teacher. Frank Gambale was an OC that year too. Seeing him do what he does at point-blank range -- and have him personally explain it to you -- was pretty mind blowing.
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    Why are there so many pages? The book is about basses.
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    Looks like a PRS Singlecut on a foggy day...
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    I have no pedal fetish. The amount of hair splittery over pedals (hell, most gear in general) is not warranted by my skill level. My mantra is largely...
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    My big problem over the years has been acquiring a particular pedal, selling it either chasing or having acquired a "better" version of it, eventually selling the "better" version, and then buying what I started with. I am not exaggerating when I tell you half the stuff in my pedal collection is a replacement of itself from some point so to speak. I couldn't count how many variations of the MXR Phase 90 I have bought over the years between true vintage scripts, true blocks, modern script reissues, block reissues. I currently use an EVH Phase 90 and it's the second I've owned in recent years. The Phase 90s typically were booted in favor of MIJ Boss PH-2s, and I know the back and forth included buying, selling and re-buying those too. I think I've had three over the years. And yep, you guessed it - I was just thinking a week ago I will probably buy yet another MIJ PH-2 in the near future so I have two phasers at one time I can bounce back and forth between depending on what month it is and stop this sick madness. And that's just phasers haha.
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    2011 PRS DGT Tobacco Burst, Actual guitar in video Some slight aging of the nickel . Light pick wear, swirls but Excellent condition. No noticeable fret wear Never gigged All stock except push/ pull replaced with push/push purchased from Murkat and professionally installed. All case candy included here are some of my own pics OHSC in excellent condition as well Asking $2400 PP gift + shipping if my asking price is off let me know or make an offer CONUS Lower 48 except for GABE ArnieZ
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    Yup. Paid membership. Iron Maiden is one of the few bands I will travel hundreds of miles to see.
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    What are your planned mods 😀 arniez
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    I think their ad campaign reads: "Answering questions nobody's asking, since 1991"!
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    At least we know Brent is still alive.
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    Here’s a couple for you Bubs!
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    There's nothing like the smell of fried bologna in the morning!
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    You know it's funny. Back in the shredder 80s, a couple of guys I knew who were all into the shredding, dismissed AC/DC as being too simple or too easy. When I would ask them to play a song, and almost always they'd get a part wrong since the two guitars were often doing different things but sounded like one massive guitar, or they wouldn't get the rhythm of it just right or they wouldn't leave the space where it needed to be left. And Malcolm was good enough to NOT take the spotlight. I like the shred guys too, but Malcolm's riffs will live long after all of us are gone.
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    The old Boogie manuals (free downloads at their website) usually have "instant gratification" settings that will get you in the ballpark of what you are trying to dial in.