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    This ragtag bunch all ended up in the same place at the Northeast Guitar Expo today. Teleman Dave didn’t make the shot but he was there too. 😊 (L-R: Darc, Stonge, Thundernotes, and the incomparable Mr Shishkov)
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    I'm sure that for many of you a local Craigslist Hamer score is no big deal but here in northern New Mexico a Craigslist Hamer sighting is a very rare thing. In fact I think I got the last Hamer that was listed 12 years ago, a nice trans blue Daytona. This time around I snatched up his brown cousin, a T51 circa 1995. All original and clean except for the beginnings of a small drill hole in the lower bout where some misguided south-paw chickened out on drilling a strap button hole. I'll fill it with a little epoxy and sawdust and call it good. For $600 I'm thinking it was a good day.
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    Why am I writing this? It's not like any of us can (sadly) order one of these now, so why review? "Cos I'm sort of the keeper of an iconic HFC instrument, and ya'll might be curious. The back story Lots of shipping worries, and the worry that I would not bond with a Standard shape, as I didn't really grok the Shishkov Ultimate. Delivery and first impressions Always buy from a carpenter with fanatical devotion to detail. Check the shipping box. Came with strings, whammy bars, and a tiny little man made of twisted wire. He now keeps watch over the rehearsal room. Condition was much cleaner and nicer than Kev had led us all to believe. Little fretwear, but doesn't affect the playing. Enough road wear to take the edge off, but far from a beater. It must have taken some hard hits in transit, as one vibrato spring had come off, the other two were barely hanging on, and the neck pickup was disconnected. A few minutes of fiddling and soldering, new strings, wipe it down, and away we go! Howzit play? Substantial guitar. Medium-heavy. Balances perfectly on a strap, and I guess I wear it precisely the height as Kev did, as my jeans button rubs where the paint is gone, on the top angle of the "waist". Neck is pretty middle-of-the-road, far from a pencil, very comfy. The Floyd is PERFECT. Floating dead level after a careful sting change and stretch, it is rock-solid in tune and smoove as buttah. Those suckers, when set up, lubed, and with sharp pivot points, are great. Worn out, I hate 'em. Really easy guitar to play, no adjustment time needed, felt natural and comfy. 16-inch radius (custom order) fretboard is a bonus, as I like 'em flat. Sounds? Surprising. The SD Custom in the bridge is hot but not insane, and has a real high-mid punch. Very clear: I can hear some twang and bounce even riffing on the low E with mucho gain. The neck 59 is the surprise. Maybe it's a really dense (the CO certificate says "rock maple") top that does it, but it's the clearest, chimiest 59 I've heard, and I've had 'em in an Artist, a Studio, and a Guild Bluesbird. This guitar would be great for jangly power-pop, believe it or not. Very clear, lot of presence, and what's nice is that doing high-gain stuff you still hear every note and it doesn't turn to muck. Gigging Sunday was a weird gig. Nice-sized stage, lights, drum riser... and because we're a duo we get relegated to the "solo/duo" area off to the side, as they alternate between the big stage and our little coffeeshop corner. Talked to a couple veteran scenesters (beards, modular synths, math rock) who were saying how much they loved PRS guitars but couldn't get past the image. I told them to hold on, I was gonna image their asses with my new guitar. Set was great, never went out of tune, cut through the mix, didn't flub a note. Got compliments from the players in the audience on how we sounded. A good welcome weekend for the Standard!
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    Looks like I have no huge permanent damage to either hand. My left thumb hurt at the base when I played in certain positions but nothing excruciating and when it started to hurt I just changed up positions to relieve it. The injury to the wrist is healing. But all the injuries I sustained to the right hand and wrist and right index finger are on the mend and I could hold a pick without dropping it for the half-hour I tried it out. The pain no longer shoots from my right wrist through my index finger. Which is good news because I thought the injury may involve the nerve running through there.The laceration on the index finger is healing and doesn't seem to involve any nerves or tendons. The wrist is still very sore and stiff in both directions. So I have limited motion and tightness but should be okay in another month or two. So the good news is that I can at least hold the guitar and pretend to play it since I was never really able to play in the first place but at least that wasn't taken from me. The non-guitar related injuries are on the mend. The lacerations under my left arm are closing and the big hole in my left forearm is itching but healing. My heart, though, is still broken.
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    ...but what about your musty crusty old favorite guitar? My Les Paul had sat in the case since after a gig - in October! I've been playing the Junior and Special FM lately because they RAWK! But I finally drug the LP out last Friday and remembered why it's #1. It fits like an old worn-in pair of shoes, ones that have been around for 40 years. Damn I love that thing. It ain't everybody's cup 'o tea, but it doesn't need to be. Those two pictures are kinda funny because I never really noticed before what had changed over time. Firstly, I washed the blood off (rough night!). And for 30 years I NEVER touched the neck pickup, then Josh came along and made the perfect set. And somewhere along the line I screwed the tailpiece down solid to the anchors with socket head cap screws (and washers made-to-fit by one of the lathe guys here at work). I think Jay had it somewhere in there for a re-fret and made it better than it had ever been, which is nice. As much as I love the NGDs, let's see the old stuff, guys! ETA: I didn't notice 'til just now the top picture is missing the 'B' string. Musta been a good night!
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    Okay, so this was actually from a couple weeks ago, but it's just now been cleaned up. 1995 Hamer FM Special. It was mistakenly listed on Reverb as a studio; I sent the seller a message with an offer explaining this. Thought I got a good deal until Toadroller posted his a week later for $100 cheaper . The guitar came in great condition, although it was pretty dirty with rusty old strings and tarnished frets. It's all good now though! I really like the top on this one, it's a little wilder than most of the FM Specials I've come across. Plays and sounds really nice--the bridge pickup isn't as hot as the one in my black 1993 HB Special-- assuming both guitars are stock, would the pickups have been different?
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    Wife got me this cool MIM Strat and this cake.
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    green, you say? maybe...
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    1963 SG Junior. It is a refin and has some other issues that made it affordable. I love this thing. The perfect guitar for me. Plays and sounds fantastic. I can’t keep my hands off it. I love the Junior and the SG Classic so much that I was willing to let Rockola Steve talk me into selling him Greatest Hamer Ever. I expect him to post shortly...
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    I was doing so good for the first couple of months. It's all fallen apart now. This one came up for sale locally. Made a reasonable, but low-ish offer. After about a week of consideration, the seller accepted. 1963 (my birth year) Cherry Epiphone Coronet. Has an awesome fat neck. Except for a couple of minor cosmetic issues, it's in excellent shape for a 55 year old guitar. There are a couple of places where a coily cable reacted with the finish. And the pickguard is cracked at the bottom screws due to shrinkage. The previous owner installed some locking studs and a more intonation friendly wrap tail, but the originals were included. Everything else is straight and original. Even have the original chipboard case. No breaks or repairs. I had a 65 Coronet a few years back with the 6 on a side bat wing headstock. Looked and sounded fantastic. But the neck was so thin it was almost unplayable. Glad I found this one. I'll post additional pics in a day or two.
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    That was great to read Rick - thanks for posting, and I'm super-glad it's hitting the spot for you I'm sure you'll bond with it even more as it beds in with your hands, and you get more accustomed to it. Just wanted to drop by and explain the 'little twisted wire man'. As was often customary - the band were asked by the promoter of a huge festival in Finland (Tuska) to do a fan signing session after the show. These things were always great - we'd hook up with fans, do autographs, and sign the piles of stuff they had always brought along. They would queue up in a huge line, patiently waiting their turn. At this session, however, I was suddenly confronted with the strangest, weirdest girl I ever met. She just stood there and stared - no communication whatsoever. She handed me the little man, pointed to a photo of my guitar which she was carrying, and just disappeared. I was pretty freaked out and spent quite a long time trying to find out what the hell it was, and what the meaning of it was, too. I had all sorts of notions about it being some kind of voodoo doll or whatever. But finally, another fan in Finland told me a year later that it was an ancient Norse good luck charm, and that I should always keep it in the guitar case. So I did - and that guitar never went out of tune midway through a show, it never broke a string - nothing. Maybe it was just chance - but maybe the little guy was doing his stuff. So I thought I would keep him in the case where he's lived for the last five years - it just seemed like the right thing to do. Your comments about the Floyd and the pups are bang on the money. Both of them were slightly modified by my former tech, who would never tell me what he'd done exactly, but you describe the improvements to the letter. He would also replace the knife-edges on the Floyd every six months or so. I'm sorry about the slight transit hits (unsoldered pup and springs), but at least it was easily fixed.Thanks again for a great transaction - as you say, the HFC is 100% the place to be in this respect - exactly why I wanted to keep both guitars 'in the family'. Best wishes from across the pond
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    An artist-owned two-model hybrid/mishmash with insanely rare custom features seen on neither, and available in that form to the endorsing artist only. This should garner at least an "honorable mention."
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    Hello Hamer Friends Haven't been around here in many years but thought I would offer a few things up to you folks first. First up is a custom order from 2002 in absolutely mint condition. Finished in gorgeous Vintage Orange with a 4A flamed top, it features a fat ’58 profile neck and Rio Grande Bluesbar / Jazzbar pickups. For those of us who appreciate pure simplicity that Hamer put into these guitars, this is one of those rare guitars that has all the special qualities that made Hamer famous. It comes with the original Hamer case, custom order case candy and even the original shipping box. $2500, which is about what I paid for it.
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    FOUND my old Hamer Mahogany Standard 12 String Guitar. I sold it someone in the Nashville area. GOT IT BACK !!
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    He has had that one for awhile now. Picked it up in San Francisco. He is comparing it to his real '59 he had on tour with him. This is the "Garbage sack" Vee from the Sacramento Guitar Center (really good story behind it) Peter
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    Yep, I’m the idiot. The home studio bug has hit me. My recording partner has another band besides the one we’re in, and mentioned that at some point he would need to take a few things from my house (the studio). So, I just pulled all of his stuff out and went on a buying spree. Like any music gear, decent hardware like microphones, preamps, compressors, etc, is expensive even though I’m purchasing decidedly mid-level stuff. Plus, I’m playing guitar less and less, and in another thread I remarked that my old SG Classic has seen a lot of guitars come and go, and if I ever needed to sell something, my Jazzmaster and Newport would probably go before it. I was right. The JM is already gone and next up is my Newport. If I hadn’t just recently re-roofed my house and put a new HVAC in my mom’s house then I’d just put all this studio stuff on my card and be done with it. It’s a 2001 Newport that I got from RobB here on the board. I think it was custom made for a dealer. Goldtop (natch), with TV Jones Classic pickups, Faber Tone-Lock bridge, and a Tom Anderson Bigsby string anchor mod. Vintage carve neck with a dark rosewood fretboard. Nice and light. Excellent condition. OHSC. In that thread I called it as close to a do anything guitar as you could get, and that’s right. It’s like a perfect match between a Gretsch and an ES-335. Want to twang or play surf? Want warm jazz? Want crunchy OD tones? It’s all there. *fuggitaboutit*
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    First of all, props to Shawn, who is the HFC enabler in this transaction. I have been jonesing for this guitar for quite some time now and it was bound to happen eventually. I have worked for a company located in turn 3 of the Talladega Speedway for most of my adult life (over thirty years). I also live in the city of Talladega, so this guitar has a special meaning to me outside it being a Hamer which I have always loved, even before there was a Talladega. While my photography is pretty bad, the location of the shots is unique. This is a NAMM Talladega and the top is wonderful. This wonderful piece of craftsmanship has finally made it's way to me and is the first Talladega to call Talladega, HOME.
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    PTM, here's a little something to whet your whistle.
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    Made it. They never even opened the case, but apparently somehow just... lost it, as the Shishkov went through the same facility at the same time with no delays. What a frustrating experience... gorch, I actually was told by the helpful FedEx manager in Memphis that it was a CITES issue and we started talking wood. He was actually interested in music and when I was supposed to play it, so perhaps he got the woman who asked for "A Lacey Act" to release it. Arrived in tune, and in much better condition that Kev had advertised. Lovely guitar, nice neck, really easy to play. Full report after this weekend's show!
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    “Avalon” was what we called the 2 prototypes in the shop before it was given the official name of “Improv”. It’s the same guitar. I pulled up some old pics of us working on the first prototype.
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    Had a lead on a Gibby LP yesterday at one of my regular stop pawnshops, and I went to wheel and deal on it . Since cash is KING, I got a AMAZING deal on this guitar. This is one of those chambered LP's that weigh a little over 7 lbs. Here's my '08 Gibson Wine Red LP Standard Plus:
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    What a rowdy deal from the guys at Chicago Music Exchange! Picked this up on their St. Paddy's day sale. Floor unit in basically mint condition. Came out of the box ready to go, set up with fresh strings. I could have taken it pretty mush straight from the case and started playing. Couple of quick pics I took. This wine red is really something else... it's deep and has almost a burst quality on the back of the neck. The ONLY things this doesn't have that is on a standard ES-335 that I wish it did is a rosewood board. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'd change a thing. I know we're all supposed to hate Gibson, but this is the 6th one I've bought that was made within the last 10 years that is really a solid guitar.
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    No, no further ill fortune has befallen our member Michael. The "ting" of which I speak is that noise my Sunburst made when I tuned it, but the strings were binding in the nut. Tuning stability on this guitar has always been awful. I don't know if it was like this for the previous owner, maybe it's why he sold it. It certainly didn't help that I switched from .009's to .010's. I replaced the cheapo tuners with real Schallers a while back, but that didn't help, either. It was clearly binding in the nut slots causing the problem whenever I did even modest string-bending, and the "ting" while re-tuning was the giveaway. Since this is going to be my primary guitar for the upcoming high school reunion, and the '70s cock rock we're playing requires a lot of big bends, it was imperative that I fix the problem, so I finally got off my butt and took care of it. I went to Lowe's and got a welding tip cleaner. $4 beats the hell out of real nut files from Stew Mac. Tonight, I chased out the nut slots with the appropriately-sized tip cleaners, and then scribbled heavily in each slot with my trusty mechanical pencil (I'm an engineer in my '50s; of course I have mechanical pencils.) So, after 18 months of ignoring the problem, 15 minutes of work and... no more "ting". Stable tuning through the whole set. I should have done this a lot sooner.
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    I was 16 in the summer of 1974 and was living in the Philadelphia PA suburbs. My parents divorced and my mother brought my younger siblings and I back to where she grew up in Seattle. She cashed pretty good in the divorce and bought a house in Bellevue about two miles from where Bill Gates compound sits now. I started my junior year at Bellevue High. Didn't know anyone, still had a Philly accent, but I could really sing well and play guitar. Saw a posting for auditions that the school was going to produce Jesus Christ Superstar and they were holding auditions. So I auditioned and was cast as the son of God. All of a sudden I went from the odd kid from back east to dating cheerleaders. Bellevue was where all the rich kids lived (we were not rich) so the school went all out on the production. They brought in a guy from New York City to direct and produce the show. Full orchestra with a string section. I still about once a year run into someone that knows me as "Jesus" 44 years later. Had my 40th reunion two summers ago. The guy that played Pontius Pilate went on to having a career as an opera singer in Germany. It is a great musical J.C.S.
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    My wife got me a lovely birthday card. Ever thoughtful bar the fact there was no Hamer or Shishkov shapes (note to Chris Matthes for more merchandise ideas). Anyway, satisfied that I could replicate the card with more appropriate content...
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    Trish says the guitar is headed to paint very soon. The first pic is the tint, or lack thereof, that I want. Damn... The last one is pretty close to what I want too...
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    A lot of discussion about vintage juniors lately. Since I picked up the 63 Epi Jr, I'm letting this one go. $2,400 shipped/paypal'd. Let's drop this to an even $2,000. Player condition, but solid, 1965 SG Junior. No breaks, but plenty of honest playwear and finish checking. Tuners were replaced at some point by a previous owner. The nut does not look original to me. Pickup and electronics are original and untouched. A note on dating this guitar - I believe this guitar is a 1964 model based on both pots clearly showing a year of 1964. However, I can't see the last two numbers on the pot codes without removing the solder. They could be a late 64s. The serial number indicates an early 1965 manufacture date, but SNs of the era are not completely accurate all the time. So it's likely a very late 64 or very early 1965 model. Regardless of its actual year of manufacture, its a cool vintage player that's approximately 54 years old with all that you would expect, nice neck, old wood, original electronics and great playability. The guitar plays great with low action and a nice size neck. The neck measurements are (in inches): Width - 1 11/16 at the nut, 2 1/16 at the 12th fret Depth - 13/16 at the nut, 1 at the 12th fret. Guitar weighs 6 pounds on the nose. Check out the pictures, there are spots on the neck and the back of the body that are worn through the finish. There's plenty of finish checking all over. I do not have the original chipboard case, but will include a functional Gibson USA case. It's worn, the shroud is gone and the handle wrap is separating. But all latches and hinges are solid and work. Check out more pictures on my reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/11283637-1964-cherry-sg-junior?publish_confirmation=true
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    Well, both of these were nominated in the last "righteous" thread and I think the Photobucket links fractured, so here they are again. '05 Camstone Duotone and the '07 Ultimate Junior.
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    The first chambered Standard. The guitar after which all of your Shishkov Ultimates was modeled. You're welcome.
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    Greenville, South Carolina; Saturday 7 APR 18. Enjoy. .
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    JackC's excellent stopbar SG Special kinda made this superfluous. After texting him "Woodpile" for two weeks he finally put a $$ amount to it and it came with a free beer !
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    Tax Season is over next Tuesday. I'm guessing I'll be really enjoying my gigs through the summer with this...
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    I had this on cassette tape, from Swedish radio, in the 80's. Found it on a double CD in the late 90's. Jimi did two shows at Konserthuset in Stockholm in January 1969, both are on the CD I have. These film tapes were found in 2014 on a shelve at the Swedish national tv archive. The archive notes had said that the tapes had been deleted in april 1969. The picture quality is great, and the sound quality is awesome as it was taped and recorded for broadcast. Enjoy!
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    I’ve been friends with Neil for years. It use to have a sticker with his name on the body but it’s long gone. If you hold it up at the right angle you can still read it. Neil played this when the Spidey was damaged and sent back for a repaint. Neil’s bass player was my roommate for a few years. This Guitar was at my house even when neil owned it... it first went back to Jim Allen and then I got it from Jim. Who the hell would lie about a Neil ZaZa Guitar????
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    What's the point of intonating an SG? My guitarist plays almost exclusively Gibson, and they're always out of tune...
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    I don't know who owns this guitar, but I always thought it was stunning and at one point tried to order one just like it and was denied. This would get my vote as one of the most iconic Hamers. I guess I could spec out and order almost the same thing with Mr. Shishkov.......
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    If you're in a cover band and you have deal breakers, you're either in the wrong cover band or your band is playing the wrong venues. If your audience is partiers, deal breakers shouldn't include "Don't Stop Believin'," "Livin' on a Prayer" or "Sweet Caroline." If you're playing biker bars, deal breakers shouldn't include "Born to Be Wild." If you're in a U2 tribute band, deal breakers shouldn't include anything by U2. And if you're in a band that plays whatever the band members want to play with zero regard for the audience, you don't really need deal breakers because you won't be getting any gigs beyond the first one.
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    Them are some @BadgerDave -approved knobs! Two things keep me from "thinning the herd": 1. I've convinced myself that I've significantly bonded with every guitar I currently own, which is mostly bullshit 2. Selling stuff (specifically shipping stuff) and dealing with other guitar nerds in a business capacity is such a pain in the ass
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    I've been over the story about this exact guitar so many times, I'd bore people to sleep, but suffice it to say I've had a cosmic connection with this exact guitar since the mid-80s, and never been able own it. I literally watched Sam Moss pull this one out and put it up on the counter for the first time, and in the intervening years, I've missed it twice by hours. It's "The One That Got Away...and then got away again":
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    I didn't realize it until I got it, but the HELL Standard Custom might be it. When I was 15 I saw a photo of RN's Standard inside Cheap Trick's At the Budokan, and two things stuck in my head. It was the coolest shape I'd ever seen, and what was a Hamer? A Standard thus always rattled around in my head as being THE guitar because while I'd played acoustic since I was 9 and was aware of electric guitars, it was the first one that I noticed as being something special. I really thought Shishkov 21 was going to be The One, but I I played it two times, gigged it once more, then put it in the case. Beautiful, well-made guitar but something wasn't happening. Kev's guitar, on the other hand, should not have worked - the shape, the Floyd - but I can't put down. Sometimes the Grail finds you.
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    Here's my '89 Custom I bought new in 1990. It's in really good shape for being 29 years old! This pic shows the actual color: Black Cherry, along with a recent ding.