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    Put my Ibanez Prestige RGA121 back together this morning after this beautiful tobacco sunburst finish was expertly applied by Rowyco Kustoms Guitar Finishes Before Stikes magic (on L). He did the sparkle job on my RG5ex1 a few years ago (on R);
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    ebay Eclipse Not $350, but close enough. I'm sure those scratches will buff right out.
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    On 1/31 the journey home started. What can we expect? Color, no color, bridge, no bridge, WOOD? Who knows, well a couple people but thats because they were part of this journey and I shared a few things along the way. For the rest of you guys and gals the wait continues. ITS HERE!! I'm thankful it arrived safe and sound. Team Shishkov did not disappoint and I love all the little "Easter Eggs" on this guitar. Just those little touches that go with having a guitar built for you by someone who cares. Spruce Top Mahogany Back Ebony Board Bullseye Inlays Multiply Binding Bound F Hole Gravelin HUM 90's All wrapped up in Charcoal Burst (if that is official)
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    Yesterday, I drove 2 hours up into the mountainous wilderness where Shane's 2nd base of operations is: Mifflintown, PA. (pop. 928) There, I picked up and tried out Willy G. as it's come to be known. 25.5" scale, solid 'hog body, perfectly quartersawn 'hog set neck, ebony board, 24 jumbo nickel frets, reversed head, 2 H, OFR, 2 Vol., one (badass) kill switch. She sounds as good as she looks! Heavy sucka, too. Plenty o' resonance with this beast! Some of it's lesser known features are it's most intriguing and cool ones: the aforementioned kill switch, cleverly disguised as a tone control, is tons of fun. The adjustable spring claw mechanism is f*cking cool and saves mad time adjusting for tuning and string changes. All without taking the back plate off!!!
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    My high school grad present from the P's! Designed it myself. Ordered at SoundPost in Mt Prospect from Nate (now at Willie's Guitars) in 1986. Got called to the factory a couple times by Paul to go over the design and approve any changes. Bothered them every day for it til I got it in 1987. I've changed many many pickups on it, but have never been satisfied (except for possible JBs in it now), but NOTHING has ever played this well and I've owned many hundreds of guitars. Eventually, I'll get the sound right... Happily getting old with THE ULTIMATE machine of 80s excellence!!
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    I hope Mike is reading this and then just puts your fiddle away, for an unspecified time out.
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    Here's some shots of a guitar that just happened to show up today... I thought some people around here just may be interested...
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    The other day a friend of mine (a well-respected local guitarist) stopped by and we were trying guitars and jamming, and he got charmed by the sound and the playability of my old Camo Vector ‘81. Sadly, I didn’t take any picture of all the faces he made while playing that guitar —my bad! Anyway, this is a guitar I never play. So, it looks like all I needed to give her some love was knowing someone else desired her too. Interesting, right? Here’s a picture of me, all ready to give her some well-deserved attention. It was about time!
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    The pickups are kick ass and have a cool vintage microphone vibe to them. Back to the Future my friends....
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    Trish sent me some shots. Moving right along...
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    Well, my friend was already in love with Kev’s 4-digit Standard. But I guess now there’s one more Hamer to his liking, we can affirm he’s converted, right? PS: Some pics below of Kev’s “Standard from Hell”.
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    Wow. That one guitar was a project that Jol and I did. If it was $5k I would have to talk myself down- thank God its30k. took me all freakin day to find a suitable piece of maple that was wide enough for a two piece top.
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    Because you can never have too many pics of a badass guitar, and I know some of you aren’t on FB:
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    a pic Its happening
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    Some of you may remember my first Pawn shop find, the $100 Hamer USA Centaura - Well, since I'm not a shredder or a metal guy and I abhor setting up a FR guitar (yes, I've resorted to using popsicle sticks to block the trem when changing strings) I sold the Centaura to a very grateful gent who wanted it for an 80's metal band he was starting. Of course, I made a few hundred on the sale but I wasn't greedy. Fast forward several months, and a few more electric guitars (the number swelled to seven, and then I culled it down to two but I taught myself to solder so I could replace pots and stuff - I'm 40 and I still had my Dad help me the first time) and I swing by that same ol' Pawn shop. They had the usual crappy overpriced Squiers on the wall and an Ibanez in dire need of a refret, some old Peavey amps, the same general dusty lot of musical misery in almost every pawn shop I've ever been in, when I spy a guitar they had on a stand sorta behind the back registers, tucked away. "Hmm, that looks interesting" I say to myself as I stroll over to it. Oh my. Is that what I think it is? Check the headstock. What's the price? Oh. Boy. They've only had it a few days. It was a 1995 Hamer USA Studio Sunburst, with original case, in superb condition and they were asking $530 for it. I tried to not to look too excited when I said I'd take it without even plugging it in. Their credit card machines were down so I had them hold it and I ran and got cash. Now, my intention was to flip it as it is a much nicer guitar than I deserve as a player. I'm mediocre at best (and even that would be generous) but I play for myself and no one else. Purely as a bedroom/basement for my own enjoyment sorta thing. I mean, I learned the CAGED system last year, and some basic music theory and some arpeggios and scales, that's where I'm at - stuff you guys nailed down back in High School. Also, I have a hearing loss (and I've worn hearing aids my entire life) so the finer nuances of tone are most likely lost on me. Nonetheless, I'm smitten. I can't sell it. It sounds fantastic. It's easy to play, the neck is wonderful, not too chunky, and it's beautiful in an understated fashion. I know, it's only a lowly Studio, but it's the first one I've ever seen in the flesh. I promised my wife I'd sell my other two electrics to help finance this one, so then I'd be down to one. BTW, I think it was cheap because the output jack was iffy. When I went to GC to get a replacement, the kid ringing me up had never heard of Hamer guitars. Oh man. One parting question - is it a '59 Burst or what? And is it called a Studio or Studio Archtop or...? Thanks for indulging me.
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    I see so many great bedroom guitarists on YouTube who can play VH tunes so well, and I shake my head at the comments suggesting they play better than Ed, blah, blah, blah. Not to take anything away from their playing abilities, but it's a lot easier cruising on a road someone else paved than it is having to plow through virgin wilderness in a covered wagon. Eddie took his homemade axe and hacked his way through a jungle, paving a way so all those YouTube players could stroll through without the same effort. He innovated the style and wrote the music. Everyone else is just a tracer (Chasing Amy reference. Watch the film to get my point).
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    The importance of the original VH performance cannot be overrated. It changed everything for us guitarists.
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    Thank you very much for your evaluation! This helped a lot. The logo decal has been applied by the one who sold it to me, he sealed it with a thin layer of clear coat and it looks like he didn't polish it. The previous owner who told him he is a former Hamer dealer in the Netherlands sold it to him on a vintage guitar show in Veenendaal a few months ago. He was the one who commissioned the refinish. The finish looks really well done, without any flaws. I will polish the headstock this weekend. I think I found a good pickup height. Really like the tone of the pickups, especially the neck pickup. Read about the thin veneer in the "Ultimate" book, too. Seems like Paul Hamer preferred the tone of a Les Paul Goldtop and found out it had no maple cap. Haha, the "certificate" is printed on a sheet of A4 paper – just fishy. The only reasonable thing I could imagine is that maybe the "former Hamer dealer" from the Netherlands printed these sheets for other Hamer guitars he sold in the early 2000s. Im not sure if there ever was a working URL "www.hamerguitars.com/registry". And I don't know why somebody installed a jack plate. At least I have never seen a photo of a Sunburst with a jack plate. Whatever... The Sunburst is fun to play and sounds good. When I bought it I worried that the neck may be too thin for me, but it feels good and supports fluid playing. Here are a few additional photos of the whole guitar. Cheers Thorsten
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    So Happy! This popped up on my Face Book page, as an ad, and I pounced on it.....always wanted a Monaco. Just Beautiful and no access plates in back, a true work of art! Never played one, can't wait to take delivery! What you all think? Any Monaco Pro Fans out there? https://reverb.com/item/7929419-hamer-super-monaco-pro-2004-amber-burst
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    ...with my kid: Listen to the lyrics he improvised on the spot!
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    I'll never buy another Floyd Rose guitar! The Shishkov cured my GAS! ...all horseshit. I love Charvels, and GAS is terminal.
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    I may (or may not) know where the original CNC proto of that one is at this hour...
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    In 1978 I was working in a music store in Bellevue, Washington called Bandstand East. We took a Sunburst in on trade. I was somewhat familiar with the brand from Cheap Trick and Jethro Tull and thought it was a great guitar. My then girlfriend (later wife) made a deal with the store manager without me knowing about it and presented it to me as a birthday gift. Sold the guitar in '82. Here's a pic from 1979 with my first Hamer.
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    I'll hand it to Henry...he's figured out a way to get people stop whining about Richlite fretboards.
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    This is the one I take to the porch most. Nice Brazilian board on it.
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    Alrighty Fellas, As I'd anticipated, I've just been hog tied, horse-whipped and slapped upside the head by a blue Sock Monkey. This is an amazing amplifier. It is master volume, 12 watts with a stock 10" Greenback, trapezoid combo cabinet with a pull-boost for extra pre-amp gain. It is incredibly articulate and sounds like tits! The sounds are definitely Marshall inspired. Playing with tone controls and gain volume, in standard mode, you can get sounds ranging from Marshall 18Watt combo to JMP type sounds, but quieter! With the boost mode engaged, depending on how you set the tone up, you can get sounds ranging from a JMP to a JCM800 with a Dist + in front of it (without the Dist+!) The coolest thing, is you can do it all without bleeding your ears! With the Master dimed, bringing the gain volume up slowly, I was amazed at how much clean headroom it actually has before breakup. I'm loving this thing. Running it master dimed is my favorite way so far. Killer dynamics and cleans up with the guitars’s volume control very nicely. I think it could easily keep up with your drummer if you wanted to use it for rehearsals. I've only played with it an hour or two so far. I'll report back with pedals in the next week :-() Oh, did mention it sounds great and is über-ARTICULATE!?!!
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    This massive wall of mini-blasters is about 70W total. You all know my love of the Super Champs, so I got one head and one in a custom combo cab w/ a 12. These things are incredibly versatile regardless of how you use them - two 10s, 4x12, single 15 - doesn't matter, you can get a good sound out of it. With the built-in amp models and effects you don't need a pedalboard either, but it loves an OCD out front. You all know the Roland Cubes. The MicroCube (top shelf) is the tiny swiss army knife of the bunch and does so much so well. Records surprisingly good, too. The Fender Excelsior (on the bottom in seasick Surf Green) is a 15W 1x15 oddball that is a bit of a one-trick pony, but the trick is pretty good. It's got no EQ knobs, just volume and tremolo. It has a Bright/Dark switch and 3 inputs that kind of act like tone controls, depending on the hole. It's Fendery, but in a different, dark, swampy kinda way. I haven't found it's true calling yet. I need to spend more time with it.... The little Vox AC4TV (middle shelf) is a 4-watter and at first I really did not like it very much. It just seemed boxy and flat, no matter what was plugged into it. Then I stuck a mic on it. Recording is where this little b*stard really shines. Punchy and articulate and totally unexpected at a volume you can talk over. I love those kind of surprises. The latest is the baby Marshall Class 5 (middle shelf) I got from bubs (my first Marshall in about 40 years) and his description was dead-on - it does Marshall at a less-than-obscene volume. At 5W it seems a little poochy, but I think it (like the Vox AC4) will record very well. I haven't run it into any other cabinets yet. But the real winner here is the Vox AC10 (top shelf). This thing is 27 pounds of awesome. It and my Junior have this love affair going on and it's holy shit good, better than I could have imagined. With the volume dimed, the gain around midway, and EQed to taste, the sounds from that one P90 range from sparkling chimey Tele-ish clean to a ripping overdrive with just the guitar's volume knob. And the guitar's tone knob (which I never use) takes it into the thick sustainy goodness we all know and love. It's loud enough to gig with if your drummer isn't nuts, and straight in with no pedals and just a touch of reverb, it is most definitely my new favorite amp. My old drummer started me down this path after whining that my 35W Vibrolux was too loud - AT 3!! At first I was pissed, then I started looking around. I'm glad I did. These all represent the cheapest low watt tube amps you'll find, and each and every one of them tears it up in their own way. I might have to spend some real money on a low-watter - but there's too many good ones out there.
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    I guess I was good for about a year, but now and then something pops up.....I am still trying to figure out whether it is a Telemaster, A Stratmaster or a Jazzocaster. Headstock and HEAVY metal plate (and 3 mini-bridges) kinda like a Tele. Three pickups and body shape sorta like a Strat. But a bit of a Jazzmaster feel as well. Reminds me, just a bit, of a black Jazzmaster I let go in the late 60s that had a metal pickguard. Interestingly, the satin finished body is not sanded completely flat, so you can feel the natural grain in the body. It is NOT rough, just slightly contoured. And I am not sure if anyone does a better job on necks. On the heavy side at 9+ pounds, with a fat "baked ash" body and rosewood neck. The board is pernambuco---Classical string players anyone? The model is Scott Walker Electro, though most are more nearly Strat like, as best I can tell. Scott is possibly the best domestic builder (THAT I HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED!). As best I know, his production is likely not above 2 per month, unless he has accelerated more recently. In the Jerry Garcia tradition, they tend to have "built ins". In this case, a p/p for boost, and one for a buffer. Seems to me to be capable of a "hot Tele" on the bridge, and a lot more. Nor that I needed, or was even really looking, but the price was very right and I could not resist......And a very nice contrast to the Phantom model, which is also (at least vaguely) Jazzmaster oriented.
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    Bought this as a kit a little over a year ago. Finally finished it up a couple weeks back. Between a sprained thumb and crap weather, I’m just sitting on the couch so I thought I’d share this. Got a custom junior kit from Precision guitars. Awesome kits with quality wood and great detail Plain maple capped mahogany body with maple neck and ebony board Schaller tuners (from Caddie if I remember correctly) duncan custom bridge and jazz neck Faber wraparound compensated bridge Finished it off with tru oil since I could do it inside during the wet winter. Lost count but somewhere between 20-25 coats. Still an extremely thin finish. I’ll just go witht nitro next time A bit easier in my experience than trying to get gloss from the tru oil . I ended up sanding back an re-staining a few times Still not a professional level finish but good enough for me . Also rocks like a mofo. Extremely happy with the the end result. Wish I had thought to ask for it with just 2 controls though.
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    My foray into the world of Hamer was purely happenstance. I walked into my local guitar shop and up on the wall was this sexy Korina Vector. Being a huge Albert King fan, I had always wanted a Korina Flying V but would never be able to afford a real one. Once I played it, I knew I had to have it. The store agreed to let me take it home and make payments to them. I knew nothing about Hamer at the time but by the way it looked and played, I knew it was a quality instrument. The rest is history.
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    I had been keeping an eye out for one of these for a while. This one’s in really good shape, with only some minor wear in the usual spots. The SG Original was only made for the 2013 model year, and unlike the year-specific ‘61/’62 reissues, the SG Original “brings back the look, feel, and tone of the most desirable SG Standards ever made” (according to Gibson). The only thing I’ve done to it is install Dunlop strap locks and swap out the silly “SG” TRC with a blank one. So my transition into the guy that inspired me to want an SG back in 1974 (I got my first SG in 1975) is almost complete. All I need is a shiny red suit and a sweet, sweet mustache.
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    These are very nice guitars, the build quality is insane. Still very much enjoy mine!
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    I fail to see a problem
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    I think that the generosity of "Each" has been totally overlooked.
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    You mean the one here below? Well, I had this project in mind since ever, so a friend of mine here from Germany (@gorch) put me in contact with a luthier there who specializes in Brian May guitars. The guy’s name is Scheithauer and he’s always overbooked and only takes orders locally, but he accepted my project because he found it interesting and also because my friend there agreed to function as my German proxy. So, I carefully decided on the specs of my V, the builder added his expertise in building Red Special guitars and we ended up designing and building this baby, whose given name was “Mayday V”. It has all the Red Special characteristics, but it’s a Flying V too. It was built in 2013. I love it!
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    one of my favorite guitars that I no longer own... took me a while to figure it out... at first I thought it was some kind of barber shop pole meets van halen motif... then realized it was a upc code
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    The final tour was in October, 1977. Everything else has been a tribute band. Back in 1987 Lynyrd Skynyrd toured, and I saw the extended part of that tour in 1988. Several times during the show they said "This is not Lynyrd Skynyrd. We are just a tribute band."
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    Welcome! This place is slipping. Let me be the first one to offer you $350 for that Cali you never play.
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    And it's a 1958, which is incredibly rare.
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    So I went off and bought one... A Vox MV50 that is! I can't actually put into words how cool this amp is. 1. Fits in the palm of my hand and weighs less than 2 pounds. 2. With 25 watts @ 8 ohms, it is plenty loud enough to damn near run my out of the room at 5 or 6 on the master. Unless your drummer is a jack hammer, you could easily gig with it. 3. The NuTube tech actually sounds REALLY good. Like surprisingly, "are you fucking kidding me?" good. I bought this to use to practice and to throw in my gig-tool box for a back up amp (and yes, it will totally fit). At $199 new, any of y'all gigging would be insane not to check one of these out. They are stupid cool.
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    Anyone interested in a cool, high quality HH Telecaster? I've sold/traded most of the guitars I was trying to, this is the last one (for now). Need to sell this one, no trades. This is Greco's version of the Jeff Beck Tele Gib. probably one of the first versions of this iconic guitar. Made in Japan at the famous Fujigen factory. Classic T-shaped guitar with a pair of original Maxon PU-0 uncovered humbucker pickups. A previous owner swapped the saddles for a set of Gotoh brass saddles. The original saddles are included. Other than that, it is completely original. One piece maple neck w/ a skunk stripe on the rear. The body is finished in a nice translucent white that shows off the nice wood grain. Weighs 8 pounds on the nose. I would describe the neck not as a baseball bat, but certainly on the bigger side with a C shape. It's width is 1 11/16 at the nut and 2 1/16 at the 12th fret. It's thickness/depth is 29/32 at the nut and the 12th fret. It is in very good solid shape, but has not spent its life in a case. It has been played and there is some light playwear, dings and light scratches. The most significant is a wear spot that is through the finish to the wood (see pics). There are other dings and I've done my best to capture them in the pictures. Included is a non-original soft sided case. $850 Shipped/Paypal'd Many pics here, a few below: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AoLRRT1O_HxXvDoDZ4qWWkB0zX-H
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    70 years old... no shame to step down... big respect!