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    She will be as much as possible, but I obviously don't have her yet. We're midway through pre-production right now, proper recording will be starting in around 6-8 weeks. Depending on Mike's remaining build time, shipment, customs etc, I'm hoping that she will arrive in time for me to at least track a decent chunk of the album with her. But as I've always said - you can't rush art, and #0666 will be done when she's done. Also - because I feel bad about the fact that other HFC guys have shared their in-progress pics and I haven't - I finally capitulated and added a couple for everyone's delight and admiration. Mike's binding and inlay work is utterly flawless. He also tells me that he's adding a 'surprise' to this. I have no idea what he'll come up with
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    After seeing those, I've got an idea for Spring Shishkov Swag...Shishkov DROOL BUCKETS.
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