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    I usually don`t brag about cheap finds but this guitar impresses me. The ad just stated "Guitar" and the photos was probably shot with a Nokia 6110. I Assumed it was a higher numbered PAC and took my chance. The cool thing about this is that is has 4 single coils where the two in bridge works in series. Sounds nice. Spent some time playing along Seventh son and Last in line and it holds up really well in that department It has Sperzels and Gotoh-made Wilkinson VS100. No problems dive bombing with this setup. The guitar is made in Taiwan in 1998 and is extremely clean. It shows hardly any signs of use. The best part: $190 incl postage and a nice gig bag.
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    I would hate to cover the wood grain, myself...especially since it's mahogany. Have you thought of changing the pickguard from white to black? The color shift on that alone might make a noticeable difference.
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    I think the pics speak for themselves. HUGE, HUGE thanks to Shannon at HEL for vintage Kalamazoo thin skin spraygun magic. Before/arrival ... it was rattlecan madness and a ziplock bag of parts with more missing than there. After ... the plan was a "modern restoration," since we were missing so many original parts. While we visually went for a time capsule '55, Junior, she's totally modern under the hood. The dogear is a Lollar, the bridge is a Mojoaxe aluminum compensated wraptail, the keys are Gotoh with modern innards, etc. When it was all said and done, all left that's original are the body, the neck and fingerboard, eight of 10 inlay dots, and the single-ply black control cavity and truss rod covers. Arrival and then after three rounds of chemical stripping ... To this ... FYI, it sounds and feels as good as good as it looks
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    I guess that makes it a "Stunburst."
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    The enthusiasm is apparently absent for this date. I'll pick another date later, in Oct. or November, and hopefully we can entice a few out-of-town celebrities to mingle with the local guys. Stay tuned...
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    Greetings from Corsica where I spend the holidays with wife and sons - and my 35yrs old Hopf Hummingbird copy (my first guitar ever). Any more guitars travelling these days...?
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    2017, mint Les Paul Classic Gold top, plays and sounds nice, nice dark board, very clean, stock 57 classic/classic + pickups, grover locking tuners, nylon nut, ABR-1 style bridge (very well done factory notches). Comes with a black Gibson hard case. 60's style neck 9 lbs 0 oz, nicely resonant Very low hours, no fretwear. SOLD on it's way to an HFCer... Thank you!
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    How about Crown Royale Purple? http://mjtagedfinishes.com/colorgallery_crownroyalpurple.html The second version's perspective makes it look lighter, almost blue. I have a 70's Ibanez Destroyer that someone painted a blue to purple burst. It's totally worn at this point and I really dig the look of it. Anyway, purple can be cool.
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    There a few old ones here: http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/other.htm I have more to add some day, and also I should update the format - very 1990s.
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    The red sparkle one looks like a early-1987 one. The first ones had 22 frets. They switched to 24 frets in 1986, in early /mid-1987 they switched to metal knobs and different studs for the Floyd Rose. The original FR studs went directly into the wood, Hamer originally had maple fill ins where the studs went into the wood. In late 1987/early 1988, they used the Schaller FR trem but by then they were all recessed. That also needed a different neck angle. I don't know when the last was made. The positions of the strap pins also were changed at some point from the upper cutaway horn to the neck heel. The red sparkle one looks like a nice one.
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    Zen can really rock it.................very clean playing with great tech on the way it is played...................not a bad sounding guitar either right?
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    Glad to hear it! @Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame tells us how good the higher-end Pacificas are, IIRC. Congrats!
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    Watching a status quo documentary and this pops up
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    I just gotta chime in here too. While I can honestly say that I also view the work here as among the very best ever in the whole "gear demo" realm, my absolute favorite aspect of the experience has been getting to know Geoff as a true friend. You will not find a more humble, thoughtful, imaginitive and compassionate soul no matter how long and hard you look. I just had to put it out there that not only do we have a MONSTER creative talent in our midst (GTFO with that "I'm not that talented stuff - you ARE because of your dedication and work ethic, and an obvious gift or two thrown in), but you will be hard-pressed to find a better human being walking the earth today. I love this man as my brother. I can't WAIT to see and hear what comes next and have made it a point to travel and meet this amazing creature in person very soon.
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    I bought a Mesa MKIIB that came with a road case and the foam crumbled and stuck to the oak cabinet and wicker grill (still digging out that crap). Reliable Hardware has replacement foam (polyethylene and polyurethane) and also videos on how to build/repair cases. I don't know if it would work, but I was thinking of covering the amp-facing side of the foam with velvet to keep the foam off the amp. Another one of those projects I haven't gotten to yet lol.
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    Chances are it's a polyurethane foam, and apparently they haven't figured out how to keep it from degrading over time. The U.S. Park Service recommends avoiding polyurethane all together and use polyethylene in its place. Zero Halliburton case company has this disclaimer on their website: Foam Inserts (Camera Cases, Gun Cases, Cue Cases) ZERO Halliburton uses the highest quality latex and petroleum-chemical based foam available, however, like any other foam product, the foam in ZERO Halliburton camera cases, gun cases, and pool cue cases is subject to degradation over time. If you notice any appearance of fine powder, loss of resiliency, noticeable color change or a consistency change such as a rubbery soft feel, it is time to obtain a replacement set of foam. As a maintenance procedure, we recommend that you replace the foam interior every five years. It is important to note that it is the sole responsibility of the case owner to regularly check for foam degradation and to replace the foam as necessary. ZERO Halliburton is not responsible for any damage sustained to the contents of the case due to foam degradation. That's right, replace your foam every five years!
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    What I like from Zen's playing is his stunning musicality and his rhythmic phrasing. He covers a lot of stylistic ground and one does get a clear idea of what the pickup offers, all its nuances and colors. He is a badass player with a lot of dynamic control and sensibility. In addition, the way he edits his videos, his attention to all the details, the way he articulates without saying a word (just using musical notes and a stunning palette of tones!!!), the way he borrows a known phrase here and there to give the listener an idea of how the pickup can work in this or in that context... everything is oriented to illustrate the possibilities of the pickup. In short, he aims for excellence and it shows. He gets the job done in a highly professional way. Let's not forget this is about giving you (us!) the itch to buy the pickups he is demoing. He succeeds in doing so BIG TIME, by taking special care of every aspect of his craft. Gosh, Zen is the Hamer of the pickup demonstrators! Sadly, SD guys take their name for granted. That's why they think they don't need a player of this level to sell --just a bunch of wankers, as well as some few famous players who cannot hold a candle to a fraction of Zen's left little toe. But well, moving on, I'm glad Shishkov and Gravelin have now Zen in their roster. A-players need to play with A-players. I'm proud of the HFC. Congrats to all!
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    It arrived yesterday. ARRIVAL Was playable out of the box but the bridge was set high and saddles low, tuners were a little loose, strings were very light and the thing wouldn't stay in tune, normal "just shipped from Asia" setup was needed. Put NYXL 10s on it, lowered the bridge posts and raised the saddles, got the intonation in the ballpark, bridge floating, tuners snugged up. An hour of work. Here are my impressions. BODY Looks better in person than the photos. The maple veneer is very attractive and wraps around the bevel of the body. It's better than my Strat Plus Deluxe. FInish is flawless, neck is tight in the pocket, pickguard is 3-ply beveled, no gaps or waviness. Pickups have staggered poles and were very close to the strings, so I lowered them. NECK Neck is satin finished with gloss on the headstock face. It was slightly over-tight, so I backed off the truss rod so it's now flat, with no particular wave or twist. Medium, comfy profile. Frets are not that big, maybe straight-up "medium" and were astonishingly well finished, with no sharp edges. Tuners are much better than I expected, and the nut keeps the strings at the correct height and doesn't seem to bind. BRIDGE The Wilkinson bridge has a press-in arm with adjustable tension and is similar to the Wilkinsons on Hamers. Pretty simple setup. SUMMARY Unplugged it sounds fine and feels fine. The satin neck is really nice, and I have no complaints about the guitar. In terms of it not being a Suhr, G&L, or even US Fender: the look and feel of tuners and bridge is functional but not slick, frets are not highly polished with bullet ends, I suspect the little screws and stuff will rust faster than top-level ones, it's not a deep maple cap but a veneer. Little things like rolled fretboard edge and the overall luxury feel aren't there. I've seen fancier finishes but it is mirror-smooth, even and professional. But above a price point you're paying for handwork and attention to detail, not functionality. The beauty of the initial Leo Fender design is that is is a straightforward piece to manufacture and repair. A couple generations of experience and the technology of CNC tools have made it almost a challenge to build a truly crap Strat, and it's easy to customize. Playing the Indio unplugged, it feels fun, natural, and completely gig-worthy. I got it as a platform to learn how to level and crown frets, play with more wiring stuff, and have as a travel/emergency/kid guitar. It's much better than that: I don't need to do any fretwork and honestly it would be silly to replace the hardware unless it wears out. You can go to any pawnshop or Guitar Center and get a beat Squier or Pacifica for $100 or less to do that kind of workshopping, but I think this guitar is a cut above the really cheap stuff, and is closer to the Michael Kelly or even Supro level of Chinese work. This afternoon I'll go to the rehearsal room and plug in. Goodness knows what the pickups are like: I may add to this post the story of how I threw it into a dumpster once my ears stopped bleeding. They may be brilliant. I suspect I'll stick something like Lace Sensors or EMGs in it: not my favorite sound but sometimes I like some Billy Corgan or Gilmour hi-fi cleans and this is a great platform for that. PHOTOS (off the site but mine looks identical)
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    Now you're just showing off, damnit.
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    Lots of people profess to have had good interactions with Greg, but there have been more than a few who have registered complaints over the years. He's personally attacked me for confirming that a sales rep told me he was delinquent on his account with a vendor. However, that never stopped him from trying to sell me stuff whilst bad mouthing other HFC members, significant ones at that. I'm actually surprised he is still in business post divorce, I'd figured her to be the one doing the accounting. In the end, I don't care what he does, I've long ago decided to not do business with him.
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    ...or they are #89 out of 100% full of shit.
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    Well, half of that second sentence is at least true
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    When the average college student ignorantly and improperly substitutes the word "loose" for "lose" (as in "Gibson Brands is loosing money on its guitar product line"), any lithead worth a baccalaureate degree in English would welcome a good ol' debate on the pros/cons of the Oxford comma. ETA: For my money, the Oxford comma is visually pleasing, audibly rhythmic, and serially appropriate.
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    Post a pic or two of your '56 Historic. I would really love to see it.
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    Incidentally, I was the first to sell an Ultimate. Bruce and I kept the price quiet then, but okay: I sold No 21 to him for the precise, to the penny amount I paid, + shipping. Making an extra thousand bucks isn't going to make or break me, and I felt like the whole Ultimate project was an exercise in kind karma on the part of Mike. I didn't want to break the karma, so I just viewed myself as the lucky guy who got to play it a few times before it went on, no loss, no gain. I wanted to inject some money into what I was sure would be a great business, and even though I don't like big pointy guitars, hoped I'd dig it anyway. I didn't, despite the sound and quality. Felt like I was playing an aircraft carrier. If it had been shaped like a Junior, I literally would have sold all my other guitars, it was that good.