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    SOLD. Too much recent buying and selling. HFC pricing at $2700 including shipping & PP to the contiguous states. https://reverb.com/item/6933268-2005-gibson-custom-shop-historic-57-r7-les-paul-1957
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    As I recall, almost everyone was using an MXR Distortion Plus in the 80's. And a Boss or Ibanez chorus.
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    depends on your amp. Ex. Fender, FullTone and Menatone are designed to be used with a Fender circuit.
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    Ha. Um...cheap answer? EHX East River Drive just adds grit and doesn't color the sound as much as, say a Fulldrive or OCD. Expensive answer? I went from the EHX to a Mad Professor Royal Blue overdrive. Even more amp-like and more adjustable. I guarantee if you get 20 people to answer, you will get 20 different answers!
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    Well, talk in another thread had me jonesing for an SSH Strat type guitar with a tremolo, one that isn't a floyd rose or a bigsby. I was curious to see if anything interesting was listed on the EBMM forum, and found someone with a Luke III SSH outside of Philly. I was doing down to South NJ today for something in the evening, so I figured I'd check it out. I was NOT disappointed. It's a great guitar, really playable, and it sounds good. Unlike the other Luke models, this one does not have active EMG pickups, but instead custom Dimarzio singles and a Dimarzio Transition bridge pickup. They are designed to work as a set, so the volume levels are actually pretty close, which takes care of one of the issues I usually have with SSH guitars. There also is actually an active preamp too, my first one for guitar. Not only does it have a 20 dB boost, it also works with the pickup selector to boost positions 2 and 4, the "notch" positions, which due to phase cancellation are usually a bit lower in volume. Overall, it's a great system. The tremolo feels nice too. This guitar also is a bit "fancy" in that it's got a rosewood neck, an option not currently available. It's also in a great 3 tone sunburst finish, which looks great on the alder body. It's got some wear, but I think most of it will just buff right out. Will probably need some setting up, but for now I'm good with it the way it is. It may need a new output jack soon, which is unfortunately the wonderful switchcraft barrel style, but this also needs to be able to turn the active preamp on and off, so it's a bit more complex of an operation.
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    OK, so I've been playing the snot out of my McNaught. Really is amazing. These WCR Betset Pickups are among the finest "vintage" style PAFs I've played. Jim Wagner's WCR pickups just kill. I've got a set of American Steeles from him too. The American Steele set is a Godwood in the Bridge and a Cross Roads in the Neck. What a fantastic combination. I've got them in an R8. His pickups are nothing short of AMAZING! Anyone here playing Wagner WCRs?
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    I like Perry's tone on the Run DMC cover. Sounds like a 2203 or 2204.
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    I love how different the Perry riffing and solo are...so loose and sloppy compared to the original. Almost saggy....
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    VHT Standard 18 amp...the last head version I bought used a few months ago cost me less than some boo-teek stomp boxes, as in two and a half bills with shipping. All I gotta do for old-school OD is to crank it up, and use the volume knobs on the guitar for taste! Edited to add: It'll do this tune pretty well, though you'd probably want to add a bit of reverb with a pedal, since it don't have that: This, too: P.S.: Yeah, that's Kenny Rogers introducing the Badfinger video, back when he was still with The First Edition apparently, and long before he got his face tightened like a drum.
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    I am coming to believe that Firebird pickups may be the BEST all-around humbuckers......the bite and presence of a single coil yet the smooth throatiness of a bucker.
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    Here’s a couple for you Bubs!
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    I just looked on my iPhone and I really like the mobile site's flow and activity. Great job.
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    Not sure about his earliest rigs, but George Huntley used a Demeter preamp back in '89 when his gf and I were workmates.
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    I went for the red zendrive for $50. Just ridiculously cheap. Almost went for the tape delay.
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    Very nice site upgrade, Mike. Loaded quick and I have a craptastic, slow internet connection. My fave page
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    There are a lot of blind fishes here on the board. At first I had been overwhelmed by the pics, but.. - Go to Models. Right under the g of Originals there is a typo in ‘with’. - Williams’ player comments. Should it be “...straight through to his...”? The ‘r’ in through is missing right now. - Williams again, rear end. I'm not sure if ‘Thanks, Mike’ should have the comma removed, because there is a pause afterwards. - Danny Click, at the end. Space missing after ‘Period.’ - About: ‘Contact Us’ may have a link to it. - About: the blue spot from the background pic is shining through the white text, making it hard to read. I'd kind of soften the background pic a bit to reduce the effect or even remove the background going all black. There are no background pics elsewhere except for the contact form. Actually, the background alternation is white grey white grey black dark-grey white black-with-pic. Within the alternation, About better might be white though. - Contact form: ‘Your message has been successfully sent!’ can hardly be read in green. Also, ‘Send’ on the button seems not visible! Neither at the start nor on the return page. There is no ‘thank you’ on the return page. Browser: Safari on iPad Air2 Ok, that's my Pro view to it. Looking modern and serving just right otherwise. Great site!
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    Gravelin P90s arrived safe and well here (Spain). I had owned and own great pickups but these from Josh have the look.... I will put them tomorrow in a Goldtop guitar. Thanks Josh!
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    Yep, that's me. 56 years old and hair like it's 1973.
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    Looks like Josh finished up the pickups over the weekend.
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    well, I now know what I'm going to ask for my 2nd Shishkov order!!