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    Check out this video. Nice Hamer korina vector (#015 from the run of 72 guitars) in action. Highly recommend you check out Joe if he is coming your way. Amazing player, total guitar geek and you can see he doesn't phone it in, he truly loves being up there playing and making people happy!!
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    As alluded to in the other Styx thread, it's obvious to compare two concerts by the same band particularly if they happen in the same annum. The one last night in Oxford was right up there w/ the "two-albums-in-their-entirety" show we caught in 2010. Two sets last night on accounta there was no opening act. Pulled out some old chestnuts like "Pieces of Eight", and the material from The Mission went over well; "Radio Silence" is every bit as good of a power ballad as "Man in the Wilderness" (which was also performed). Now if they'd only start performing "Hundred Million Miles From Home"; it's a great "anthem"-type song.
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    SOLD. Too much recent buying and selling. HFC pricing at $2700 including shipping & PP to the contiguous states. https://reverb.com/item/6933268-2005-gibson-custom-shop-historic-57-r7-les-paul-1957
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    John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Duke Ellington, Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck jazz is not dead...
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    Gangsta Rap from around the time I was in college 85-91, like NWA, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Dr Dre, Geto Boys, Blacksheep. Some jazz stuff like Miles (small group stuff late 50s to mid 60s before it got too out there), Dave Brubeck, Coltranes Ballads album, and some piano/keyboard stuff like MMW, Bad Plus, & Ahmad Jamal.
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    I am no expert, but the set I have are wound to 60s vintage specs and they are brighter than PAFs.....thinner too, but they react very well to the tone control on both the guitar and amp. More cut, as you can hear in the video posted above, yet still throaty and fat enough for chords. It did take me a while to dial in the balance between the neck and bridge. I imagine that through a BF Fender with the treble knob high there would be icepick....but through Marshall’s, tweeds, Browns, blondes, and Vox circuits, mine are just perfect. Like anything else, you may need to tweak amp settings to taste.
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    As I recall, almost everyone was using an MXR Distortion Plus in the 80's. And a Boss or Ibanez chorus.
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    depends on your amp. Ex. Fender, FullTone and Menatone are designed to be used with a Fender circuit.
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    Ha. Um...cheap answer? EHX East River Drive just adds grit and doesn't color the sound as much as, say a Fulldrive or OCD. Expensive answer? I went from the EHX to a Mad Professor Royal Blue overdrive. Even more amp-like and more adjustable. I guarantee if you get 20 people to answer, you will get 20 different answers!
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    Well, talk in another thread had me jonesing for an SSH Strat type guitar with a tremolo, one that isn't a floyd rose or a bigsby. I was curious to see if anything interesting was listed on the EBMM forum, and found someone with a Luke III SSH outside of Philly. I was doing down to South NJ today for something in the evening, so I figured I'd check it out. I was NOT disappointed. It's a great guitar, really playable, and it sounds good. Unlike the other Luke models, this one does not have active EMG pickups, but instead custom Dimarzio singles and a Dimarzio Transition bridge pickup. They are designed to work as a set, so the volume levels are actually pretty close, which takes care of one of the issues I usually have with SSH guitars. There also is actually an active preamp too, my first one for guitar. Not only does it have a 20 dB boost, it also works with the pickup selector to boost positions 2 and 4, the "notch" positions, which due to phase cancellation are usually a bit lower in volume. Overall, it's a great system. The tremolo feels nice too. This guitar also is a bit "fancy" in that it's got a rosewood neck, an option not currently available. It's also in a great 3 tone sunburst finish, which looks great on the alder body. It's got some wear, but I think most of it will just buff right out. Will probably need some setting up, but for now I'm good with it the way it is. It may need a new output jack soon, which is unfortunately the wonderful switchcraft barrel style, but this also needs to be able to turn the active preamp on and off, so it's a bit more complex of an operation.
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    OK, so I've been playing the snot out of my McNaught. Really is amazing. These WCR Betset Pickups are among the finest "vintage" style PAFs I've played. Jim Wagner's WCR pickups just kill. I've got a set of American Steeles from him too. The American Steele set is a Godwood in the Bridge and a Cross Roads in the Neck. What a fantastic combination. I've got them in an R8. His pickups are nothing short of AMAZING! Anyone here playing Wagner WCRs?
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    Love the sound of that guitar. And Emmylou sure is easy on my eyes and ears.
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    Anything featuring a Hammond B3 is doing it for me, right now.
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    Italian baroque... Southern italian folk music (tarantellas, stuff from Apulia)... Ok, there are guitars. But mainly other stuff. Like voices.
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    Mostly jazz, both classics and newer stuff. I also find myself listening to ambient music from time to time, although not enough that I can name drop. On the old school hip-hop thing, check out the new release by Prophets of Rage, guitar heavy with Tom Morello I'll give you, but a great lineup and some decent material.
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    I went to the Sweetwater 420 Fest 2 years ago and was very impressed with a primarily synth band, Awolnation. They did have a guitar player but he was little more than window dressing. I think I was enamored with how loud they were but the show was great and I really enjoyed their music.. The singer reminded me of David Byrne. Not because of his voice but more because of his quirky onstage presence.
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    LCD Sound System’s new album, “American Dream”. There are some guitars, but big ol’ fat analog modular synths are front and center. Kraftwerk meets Talking Heads, at least in some spots. Plus, “Emotional Haircut” may be the greatest song title ever.
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    I can spend a lot of time happily with big bands, as well as some of their offshoots into smaller groups. I can't let Goodman's contribution to music pass without noting bandmember Charlie Christian who had a big impact in taking the guitar from a background rhythm instrument to a solo instrument. Which, of course, needed amplification to be heard in the larger bands. Enter Les Paul hisownself (who did everything from C&W to jazz to pop to....You name it) to "rock" our world.
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    Big Band music does it for me, both recordings and live shows. The Glenn Miller Orchestra tours all year long and has the correct feel for what they are playing. Cab Calloway was THE showman backed by a bunch of great players. Benny Goodman really was as good as his reputation. Artie Shaw was top notch, too. I like this stuff, too.
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    Depending upon the amp, I would use something that ensured I had sufficient treble response.....gotta keep some jangle.....
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    Good to see the Connells love here. We played a gig with them in '88 (?) and they helped us load in so we bought them all dinner at Whataburger. Super-nice guys. I was in shock when I first visited Missus Polara's place in Sweden when we were dating. Was checking out her CDs of course and she had three Connells discs. Yeah, I like the more pure, slight drive sounds for that kind of music over the pedals that add more stuff. I have my EHX East River Drive for sale over in the FS forum, since I've stuck with the Mad Professor.
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    Could be a 2204, it does not sound as stiff as a 100 watter. But who's to know....?!
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    Re: the Raspberries video. It's cool and amusing to see Eric Carmen playing that modded and refinished Melody Maker that he later sold to a young Joan Jett.
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    I like Perry's tone on the Run DMC cover. Sounds like a 2203 or 2204.
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    I love how different the Perry riffing and solo are...so loose and sloppy compared to the original. Almost saggy....
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    VHT Standard 18 amp...the last head version I bought used a few months ago cost me less than some boo-teek stomp boxes, as in two and a half bills with shipping. All I gotta do for old-school OD is to crank it up, and use the volume knobs on the guitar for taste! Edited to add: It'll do this tune pretty well, though you'd probably want to add a bit of reverb with a pedal, since it don't have that: This, too: P.S.: Yeah, that's Kenny Rogers introducing the Badfinger video, back when he was still with The First Edition apparently, and long before he got his face tightened like a drum.
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    I am coming to believe that Firebird pickups may be the BEST all-around humbuckers......the bite and presence of a single coil yet the smooth throatiness of a bucker.
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    Here’s a couple for you Bubs!
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    I just looked on my iPhone and I really like the mobile site's flow and activity. Great job.
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    Realize it's like asking a group of boat enthusiasts about their favorite bicycles but I'm increasingly digging stuff that is dominated by beats, samples, synths and even rappers. Interestingly, it's mostly old fogeys. Anyway, for those of y'all who are yet to get into stuff that is in the hip-hop or DJ world, these are pretty easy transitions there. And for those of you are deeper into it than me, please share so I can expand my horizons. Run the Jewels. They kinda hearken back to the early 90s golden era of hip-hop but aren't really retro either. Pretty furious raps and a lean production style I like. DJ Shadow. Pretty legendary. This is off his last album, and features the aforementioned RTJ. Very imaginative sounds and arrangements. M.I.A. I know she's been around for ages but I think she's a bona-fide genius producer and sound artist. Live she is not exactly brilliant but her production is so crazy and complex I don't know how you could do it live.
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    I have a friend who fronts a band with one of these. Very entertaining band, "McPherson Struts"
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    A big +1 to the Menatone for Fender-esque amps. Hadn't thought about it but have wondered for a while why I'm not as enamored of it as I once was - duh, for the first time I do not have a Fender-esque amp! It's fine in front of the Reeves, but nowhere nearly as nice as in front of a Fender or a Mesa Subway Blues. Suppose I should buy another amp now? At any rate, given the limited choices wasn't about everyone using the LPB-1?
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    Jakeboy about nailed it there in that last post...
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    The more I learn about them the more I like. Those neck pup tones are sweet. But do the vintage bridge pups get thin sounding?
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    Not sure about his earliest rigs, but George Huntley used a Demeter preamp back in '89 when his gf and I were workmates.
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    I went for the red zendrive for $50. Just ridiculously cheap. Almost went for the tape delay.
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    Yeah, I am fighting the urge......one could stock an entire board with Lovepedal this weekend...and I am also a non-pedal guy...,correction, a former non-pedal guy...,
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    Been looking for one of these in decent shape for a while. I had a 2008 in Black, which I sold, and the PCB electronics have been giving my friend, the new owner, some issues at times, so I figured I'd look for one earlier than that. I checked last week and there were not one but two listed, so I went for the cheaper one. It's in great shape for a 13 year old guitar, with a few repaired dings but nothing major at all. Case is in good shape too. I could have always gone for a Cherry or Black SG Standard, but everyone has those, and I wanted something different. Also it's got: -Longer late 60's style neck joint - Gibson keeps switching back and forth from the earlier short neck joint -Standard Deluxe tuners: helps reduce neck dive -490R 498T pickups, which I happen to like -Batwing pickguard. I just think it looks better. These pictures are the sellers. I'll take some of my own soon, once I finish cleaning her up.
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    Dude has been trying to sell that for a while. Maybe he’d have better luck if he’d clean the dust and friggin’ cobwebs off of it. I asked for some more info and offered up a trade when he first posted it (which I ended up selling for $250 more than he’s asking now, thank you very much) and he couldn’t even manage a “no thanks” reply. I don’t know why, but that just chaps me.
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    He definitely used two SSIIs I acquired directly from him.
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    You can’t get it right yourself. It's natural. That's what we are for. I have extended my original post in case you haven't seen it.
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    Hi Paul, there is actually a link in the Shishkov story to a gallery of all but 2 of the run. Links are in aqua. Thanks Trish
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    I don't want to be a tease, but that's mine. ...and it will be glorious.