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    NGD was actually the day before Thanksgiving, but I just got around to being able to take some decent pics. 96 Artist wraptail. Great condition for a 20+ year old guitar. A couple small dents and some fret wear. Came with a TonePros intonatable wraptail installed plus the stock bridge. I swapped that out for a TonePros plain wraptail. Cleaner look and a smoother feel. Appropriately pictured next to my Valvetech since I got it from valvetechamps
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    Beautiful Saturn, and this turned into a good thread as well. Learned a couple new things... Question on identifying the body differences... Read that before, and in staring at Steve's photos above i'm still having a hard time seeing the differences. Is it the shape of the upper bout? Mine has what I believe is a leftover 21 fretter with stripe, but not sure on the body... Love this guitar. Came to me with Duncans, but I managed to score a set of Superrocks and put it back to stock.
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    I should let the pics do the talking, but the lowdown - this is a perfect, light weight, that balances perfectly on a strap or sitting down. The neck is amazing too - really nice, fat and round profile, and it is super comfortable up and down everywhere. I plugged it in, and the 3 TVJ PowerTrons are a solid match. The 1-3-5 positions are round, full and clear, and the 2-4 positions are like a thicker Strat "in-between" quack. the "2" position is instant Knopfler/Gurley territory, and the "4" gets that Hendrix/SRV thang. The Gotoh trem is a really great surprise. It is super smooth, and stays in perfect tune with the Sperzel locking tuners (and a well-cut nut!). Everything is, as expected, top notch. When you look at it, you don't want to stop looking at it, and when you're playing it, you don't want to stop playing it! The Reverse 6-in-line is a thing of beauty. The bevel and contouring is where the artistry really shows. The flame from the neck wood shows through to the front as a compliment to the jet black ebony of the headstock and fingerboard. When Mike and I were initially discussing the build, I was thinking about binding the headstock too, but Mike suggested this, and said "trust me". I'm glad I did - it's one of my favorite features, and looks KILLER! This is a tough finish to capture in photos for some reason - it is actually a bit richer looking in person, and looks everything from Teal to Blue to Aquamarine depending on the light. We swung by the old Hamer/Ovation/Guild factory to snap a few pics down by the river on the old table that's still there (got a great tour of the reopened Ovation shop from Darren too!). Mike and I grabbed lunch at the Parrot Delaney Tavern, which occupies much of the space that the Hamer/Ovation sales offices used to. Our table was pretty much where Jol's old office used to be - I think I was sitting under where a NightRanger Platinum album once hung! Really awesome day, really amazing guitar!
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    I'm back from a really fun and memorable visit to CT and Shishkov World HQ. It is always great to hang with some of the most hospitable and genuinely awesome friends a guy could have, and it was cool to sneak a quick peak at a couple things that are in the works and talk some maximum guitar geekery. Mike likes to keep his customers builds under wraps for the most part, but I did get to check out a semi-hollow build and was just blown away with how cool those are going to be. If anybody is on the fence about talking with Mike about an order, reach out and have that conversation - you won't regret it one bit! On to #0066... Mike greeted me with a smile, a brotherly hug and a cold beer when I pulled up, which was a great way to end a 7 hour car ride. We hung out for a good long while catching up, and then he very casually asked if I wanted to check out the guitar... 😜 he brought out the cream-colored case and popped the hinges and stood back. I know we've all had those moments when it feels like the air is sucked out of the room, and that's what I got when I opened the case and saw it in person and ready to rock:
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    After much teeth gnashing, I have decided to move some of my Hamer collection...First up is the Aqua Talladega most of you saw not long ago in a thread here. I have decided to keep my Hamer 'players' and concentrate on becoming a better player. I will also be listing a Studio Custom, Monaco Elite, and Artist Ultimate... all in excellent condition. I would rather keep them in the family so will work better deal for each with a member. Thanks, Steve. SOLD Link to Talladega: https://reverb.com/item/7527126-hamer-talladega-2008-rare-custom-order-light-aqua-blue-finish Link to Artist Ultimate: https://reverb.com/item/7527376-hamer-artist-ultimater-2003-cognac SOLD Link to 2005 Studio Custom: https://reverb.com/item/7528377-hamer-studio-custom-1995-liquid-gold-natural Link to 2003 Monaco Elite: https://reverb.com/item/7530094-hamer-monaco-elite-1993-transparent-cherry
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    Hm, this will produce a lot of „Aaaaahs“ & Oooohs“ for shure. Here and everywhere. Awesome! Good luck, Steve!
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    It pops up again. A little beat, but it doesn't get much rarer than a 90 without the P-90s. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brunswick-east/guitars-amps/hamer-newport-90-semi-hollowbody/1167471564 Pic I saved of it a decade ago! (time flys)
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    Mine isn't. But it was my 1st, and I wouldn't sell it for $900.00 Wrap Tails Rawk!
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    Can't forget about Daisy, the friendly shop dawg!
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    More color stuff...I was totally blown away! More to come soon...I just got in from a long ride back from CT to hang with Mike & the family for an all too brief visit.
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    Kev uploaded this to the FB group- man, what a kickass shot! Was taken in Zaragoza Spain a couple of weeks ago Photo credit - Marisol Huertas
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    Hi guys, my wife bought me this guitar last year just trying to find a little bit about it. i believe it’s a Chaparral custom? Anyone know what year nd if it’s the original paint? I think it’s a 1989 serial is 922659
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    That's interesting. I figured I'd rather keep the few great instruments (turn them into players eventually ) and work on becoming a better player that way. So I'm getting closer to moving my cheaper guitars to fund a great purchase. That Tally is gorgeous. GLWTS.
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    Watching/listening to this, and eagerly awaiting 1/12/18:
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    Had it 1 year not getting rid as it was a present. Plus it’s bloody awesome lol
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    Mike and I had many discussions about the color, which over the last few months changed slightly, as I think we both had some reservations with how the original finish I had requested would translate over the wood used. Washing out or muting that quilt or the Korina grain was simply not an option! Some shots from Mike's hand staining work, and then the initial color coats:
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    Korina, "That Neck", Blended Heal, and Shishkov! What is there not to like? Hamerica
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    Yep, pretty much why this never went anywhere. I think something will come along and present itself, then the guys that are truly willing to pony up will and the naysayers do what they do. IMHO a WMG Guitar would appeal to a guy that needs a work horse of a guitar, simple by design, comfortable to play and uncompromising tone. It doesn't exactly mean a 1k guitar with a few options. I know there are guys like me out there on this board that have played or owned just about everything under the sun, but when its go time you reach for the one guitar the is most comfortable that allows you to get the job done with out thinking about. Its not about the top, its not about the color, its about tone.
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    Got it and it sounded like horrible, ordered new tubes and put in the preamp tubes and sounds great, need to put the new power tubes in n and bias. 50 watts to el34 and 6 12ax7. Has two channels with two effect loops. Has half power switch, vintage and modern switch, boost for each channel. Has a clean channel and a distortion n channel, like 70 hard rock, not fizzy. It’s all hand wired and got it for $625. His amps are like $3000 for a new one.
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    After the newly glued up and cut out top/Korina body sat (cured) for a few weeks, Mike did some finer cutting/shaping...
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    a very exceptional instrument... (stupid, stupid, stupid,)