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    Well, Mike hit me with some action pics from today. The last one is just fantastic! Drum roll......
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    As Tom Petty said, The Waiting Is The Hardest Part! This was ready before Christmas but with holiday package traffic and then bitter cold I waited to have this shipped 😱 Trish was a trooper working with me on this. Now waiting for the guitar to acclimate.......
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    You wouldn't feel it if you ran your hand over it?
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    I've heard of scalloped necks, but scalloped bodies? That's awesome!
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    Lot`s of mods on that particular guitar. This is how it`s supposed to look. I`d rather buy this and put a Bigsby on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-Yamaha-Semi-Acoustic-SA-700-SUPER-AXE-Guitar-RefNo-55712/182994022069?hash=item2a9b4b2eb5:g:RaoAAOSwu-BWPvXg
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhJqlgv2sYc My favorite Cheap Trick song. The Move and Beatles influences are heavy in this one.
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    I'm a big fan of the Eclipse. It's the Telecaster of Hamers. I've owned several and my experience is the same as Crunchee's regarding the neck profile. Nice medium C. The Duncan ceramic pickups and Wilkinson bridge are weak points, IMO, but easily replaced. I think you could make one sound like a firebird if you put the right pickups in it. These are extremely comfortable to play. the belly and arm contours are perfect and the neck is set into the body making for an easy reach to the cowboy chords. The opposite of the firebird "long neck".
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    The natural evolution of HFC acronyms: TDC: the dying continues IBS: in bad shape RBS: really bad shape
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    Shane is just f-ing with me now 'cause he KNOWS I'm an impatient bastard and jonesin' it bad! One step closer.
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    I never heard of him until the first Fastway album came out.
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    This band is badass:
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    i own an SA 70 bass , love it , one of my favorite necks - late 60's / early 70's , not sure about the guitars , but looks very nice
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    That. Was awesome.
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    Probably the best environment to see Henry's new "ideas".
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    its always best to have two of each , just in case you NEED to play a different color
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    I can hear Beatles inspiration in many of their songs. I like the arrangements in “Voices”, and at the end of “Gonna Raise Hell.” In “Voices”, it is almost ELO-“esque” in the way Jeff Lynn is inspired by the Beatles. Kind of sounds like ELO too!
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    The first Cheap Trick album was possibly more punk than the Sex Pistols' album. Cheap Trick was defiling the skinny tie image before it really took off. Rick was rarely serious with an interviewer. Most of all, those guys just like playing. Even when bands were no longer selling out stadiums Cheap Trick just liked playing.
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    Thanks, I need to take a picture of the finished product. I put 3 3/8 cable clamps on the board to tidy up the longer runs. I'm happy with the end result, plus I did it myself and it works.
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    It is, it has been posted a lot, but always glad to oblige That's all for now, don't want you to OD ArnieZ
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    Custom order 1991 Hamer Vector KK guitar. Candy apple red in very clean condition for its age. REVERSE boomerang inlays (really sparkly these ones), Ebony board, 24 frets, very clean Hamer Floyd hardware, Hamer HSC. This one really screams and is a quite awesome shredder in very rare configuration. Frets in great shape. Many more pictures available upon request. SOLD
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    So many cool things about that pic. There’s a 3 Monkeys Trapezoidal cab for sale in town for 700 Beaver pelts. I really want it. Then to hope a sweet deal on a head lands in my lap sometime before I die
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    Someone spank this monkey. My wallet is twitching. Must resist...
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    It will be when it's completed and in my grubby mitts.
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    You are going to have to decide that for your self.
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    For those located in Jersey and those interested in web-surfing love Saturday night. “Time and Time Again: A Celebration of Pat DiNizio” takes place Sat. Jan. 14 at the Count Basie Theatre in NJ. Joining Jimmy, Dennis, Mike and Severo will be Steven Van Zandt, Patty Smyth, Marshall Crenshaw, Robin Wilson, Freedy Johnston, Richard Barone, The Grip Weeds, Ed Stasium and more! The show will be streamed live on The Basie.org starting at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Hamerica
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    Nothing like single hum goodness !!!
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    I don't want to live forever, but that's the way I like it!
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    "Say What You Will" but TDC. Hamerica
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    Sounds like you are talking about my neighbor.
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    Stunning! Bet it has an interesting tone. I've got an SA from the later 70's - incredible instrument, but unsure if the really early stuff is on par.
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    Josh Gravelin can make Firebird pickups, and mini-humbuckers, and he makes good stuff. In fact, I have one of each in my Eclipse. Just saying!
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    Great observations, but the HEP-C line slayed me!
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    I have a love-hate relationship with the Eclipse too. I've had and sold two and still kind of want another. I've never tried different pickups. Would love one with P90s.
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    .....with his shirt on.
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    We'll said, and no offense to anyone. I love the way the Hamer fan club message threads meander a little bit... Kinda like people just thinking out loud in a way. It's all about letting your ideas stand on their own and not letting things get personal. I love King's X and all the guys' numerous solo projects. If the world were fair, and unicorns blew cotton candy out their bleached, but previously chocolate, starfish, they'd be richer in many ways, no matter the measure of success.
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    I posted this because the trio was solid as hell, and thought some may dig it. Who gives a flying fuck about a stupid video?
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    Skipping NAMM?............................. they should skip making guitars!
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    I use the old whatever's within reach trick.
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    The mid-90s Studios were like that. They have a tummy cut too and most, I think, have the modern-carve neck.
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    These ARE great amps, btw... Here's a Hamer content pic for ya: My son blasting a certain Purple Studio through a 10/12 IDENTICAL to Shawn's at 3Monkeys World HQ in October, 2011: Not saying it's the same amp, but it sounded DAMNED good!
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    It's REALLY clean looking, and that's a cool, rare finish too!
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    Me bad. But, I did not want to edit, welch on my own passion in regards of. The bubs rabbit hole is real and deep
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    Yup, I am back, and less intoxicated, and more focused. Here's my experience and background. In the late 80's, thru early 2000's I built a stereo rack guitar system. A Top shelf system that bradshaw and Steve Stevens would give a thumbs up on. Later in life came the Axe Fx. I purchased and a controller. Cloned my tones, my vintage Marshalls, my pedals into the Axe Fx. (except my A/DA Flanger). Sold all the rack gear, pedal board, vintage Marshalls, etc. Kept my Marshall cabs. Tried the FX thru a PA type system, it was.... Okay, but "something" was missing in the mix. Percussion. The "notes". The guitar. Purchased a mesa tubed power amp, into the marshall cabs. Most that was lost that was missing has 90% returned. Basically I micro sized my Rack system with a tolerable sound and "feel" at a hefty cost. Axe FX II released. I was told by Axe people that I would be able to transfer all programs from Axe 1 to Axe 2 with no problems and have the added benefit of separate engines of FX and amp sims. I bit. Sold my FX1 to fund FX2. transferred files, settings, etc. Nope. All my presets gone, all my models of my now sold Marshalls gone. I am stuck re programming a new system (74 hours into Axe Fx I) and who knows how long that is going to be and how close I was going to get. I was crushed. Broken. SALTY. Presently, I am back to a couple of Marshall type heads, and cabs. Pedals that rival the past Rack processing gear I use to have. I have recaptured my own tone print for the most part. Lesson learned (at a very High cost). The Axe Products are wonderful tools. Troubadours, gigging Guitarists around the world rely on them 100%. You can get close to what your use to, a marshall 1/2 stack, with a bunch of bells and whistles. But you will end up with only a few programed tones with some fx, something that you are already using. If your in a band that goes from Black sabbath to Queen to Dire Straights to The police to Jefferson Airplane night after night, Axe FX make sense. any hit sound a foot stomp. Then you might as well have a solid state monitor, and a feed direct to the board, that is what the foremention usually do. If your application is "you" with some added features, I suggest a tube power amp and cab for that stage sound and feed to mixer. But, do not get rid of your Head and cab and stuff. You will eventually go back. Dweezil's rig. Even if your not into D, the rundown of is pretty much spot on into the rabbit hole.
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    Every once in a while something comes out of the case to remind me of why it is there. Sometimes that guitar becomes number one for a while.
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    Wait...they went back and spent another 3 minutes on that?
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    Arnie's is the only other one I've seen:
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    That's the shit right there.
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    Well, Jay, not sure about Ed, but I am tapped out. Neither pilsner booze will help me come up with another pun.