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    I have always wanted a Talladega and the opportunity finally came. This is Hamer #6 in my stable and the first guitar I have ever owned with this kind of top. I have really enjoyed playing this guitar over the past couple of weeks.
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    Just about ready for finishing ....
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    The fretboard work is some of the coolest stuff to see Mike do, in my opinion. This is the jet black ebony board with perfect MOP Crown inlays and triple stacked Ivoroid binding...
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    So, I came upon pics of #78 on FaceBook and thought to myself, "Self, I'm guessing your guitar is in the same batch!" And, I was right. Trish sent me pics of my top and said that the semi-hollows are being finished up and my guitar is in process. Here's two pics of the top glued up and getting ready. Is it wrong for me to giggle aloud? That's me..........David R.
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    I'm back from a really fun and memorable visit to CT and Shishkov World HQ. It is always great to hang with some of the most hospitable and genuinely awesome friends a guy could have, and it was cool to sneak a quick peak at a couple things that are in the works and talk some maximum guitar geekery. Mike likes to keep his customers builds under wraps for the most part, but I did get to check out a semi-hollow build and was just blown away with how cool those are going to be. If anybody is on the fence about talking with Mike about an order, reach out and have that conversation - you won't regret it one bit! On to #0066... Mike greeted me with a smile, a brotherly hug and a cold beer when I pulled up, which was a great way to end a 7 hour car ride. We hung out for a good long while catching up, and then he very casually asked if I wanted to check out the guitar... 😜 he brought out the cream-colored case and popped the hinges and stood back. I know we've all had those moments when it feels like the air is sucked out of the room, and that's what I got when I opened the case and saw it in person and ready to rock:
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    I bought this a few months back but I never gave it it a proper introduction to the club. Ladies and Gents ...Introducing Mr. Hamer VANGUARD USA !!! With newly installed WCR pickups (applause, crowd noise etc) Sounds fantastic, light and easy to play .... basically mint condition (that I was going to put away and save but I like playing it too much) Oh well, someone's gotta do it
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    My wife asked me what I wanted for a landmark birthday, and despite the tempting offers of trips and other cool stuff, I jumped at her suggestion to order another Shishkov. I knew it wouldn't get started until after the Ultimate run and a number of other custom orders had wrapped, but I got the deposit together, secured my place in line and have been really enjoying the progress thus far. Since Photobucket is going to be crapping out on me shortly (I won't be paying their $400 annual fee for the privilege of posting pics), I'll be uploading gradually and directly in the hopes these images stick around. Hopefully, by the time I'm finished, I'll be able to post shots of the finished guitar! First, after coming up with the specs and some back and forth with Mike, we looked at some tops that fit my description of what I was looking for. That was one of the toughest parts so far, since they were all simply amazing. I also picked out another bit of maple for Mike to work with...
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    ^^^ This. I've had a 335, Newport, Korina and hawg Artists, and multiple Studios. If you line them up from "solid body sounding" to that woody ES335 "sound", it wouldn't surprise you: Studio Artist Newport ES-335 Bottom line, if you want the "335 sound", get a 335. Artists are cool, but they are not a 335. Conversely, if you like an Artist, don't get a 335. The Newport is somewhere in between sound wise, but still not a 335. FWIW - i still have the Newport and korina Artist. I would have kept the 335, but the neck was so odd shaped, it was practically flat on the back. Sounded great, but i just didn't bond with it. Of course, my normal advice is get one of each. Then sell what you don't want to keep. It's fun spending other people's money. Hope that helps. ETA: A little pron is needed for this thread...
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    I should let the pics do the talking, but the lowdown - this is a perfect, light weight, that balances perfectly on a strap or sitting down. The neck is amazing too - really nice, fat and round profile, and it is super comfortable up and down everywhere. I plugged it in, and the 3 TVJ PowerTrons are a solid match. The 1-3-5 positions are round, full and clear, and the 2-4 positions are like a thicker Strat "in-between" quack. the "2" position is instant Knopfler/Gurley territory, and the "4" gets that Hendrix/SRV thang. The Gotoh trem is a really great surprise. It is super smooth, and stays in perfect tune with the Sperzel locking tuners (and a well-cut nut!). Everything is, as expected, top notch. When you look at it, you don't want to stop looking at it, and when you're playing it, you don't want to stop playing it! The Reverse 6-in-line is a thing of beauty. The bevel and contouring is where the artistry really shows. The flame from the neck wood shows through to the front as a compliment to the jet black ebony of the headstock and fingerboard. When Mike and I were initially discussing the build, I was thinking about binding the headstock too, but Mike suggested this, and said "trust me". I'm glad I did - it's one of my favorite features, and looks KILLER! This is a tough finish to capture in photos for some reason - it is actually a bit richer looking in person, and looks everything from Teal to Blue to Aquamarine depending on the light. We swung by the old Hamer/Ovation/Guild factory to snap a few pics down by the river on the old table that's still there (got a great tour of the reopened Ovation shop from Darren too!). Mike and I grabbed lunch at the Parrot Delaney Tavern, which occupies much of the space that the Hamer/Ovation sales offices used to. Our table was pretty much where Jol's old office used to be - I think I was sitting under where a NightRanger Platinum album once hung! Really awesome day, really amazing guitar!
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    My brother is currently living in Manhattan and during a recent visit I was invited to visit Diablo at the house of Cali's. An early start and a little over an hour on a train and I was there! I was made incredibly welcome and, after my insistence of overcoming the "Rocky Steps," a stop off for lunch and the journey back, I insisted on being introduced to his collection. It's fair to say I have not played as many Hamer Californians in one sitting in my entire life. Very cool! Diablo plugged in and the journey began. Diablo has a different set-up to me as he likes to throw heroics on the whammy bar (which he demonstrated) so it took me a while to become adjusted making me play a bit ham fisted. Never the less it was a thrill to try them all out. First on my list was the Fath Double Cali. What a great looking guitar. I felt compelled to pull a suitable face. The O'Connor rose looks much better up close than on photographs. The gold leaf really pops and the shallow scalloping on ebony is really sweet. Next up was the C3 (named by Diablo as it is a Custom Chequered Cali). Love the look of this one. Great rock Cali well executed. Diablo questioned whether the binding was the right move? It absolutely was in my opinion as it really sets it all off. Love the red logo too. There can't be many Hamer's out there with red logos. That's 3 set-necks on Cali's in 10 minutes! Dayglo retina burning Cali next. The first bolt-on of the day. Single humbucker, reverse headstock, boomers, bad ass! Gatorbyte's former Cali. The red sparkle is insane. Really changes as you move the guitar and with the matching headstock and alternating boomers its brilliantly executed. I spent twice as long on this one as I did some of the others. The overtones on this particular model were all over the place. Hold a note and you can hear it change after 3 or 4 seconds. It almost sounds like it is crying (ok, my playing isn't that bad). Yes I am hitting the guitar (gently of course, with my palm) to get a suitable purr at the appropriate moment. Rock on!
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    I thought I'd request something a little different for the side dots... Not going to lose THESE on a dark stage!
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    Never have seen one of these! Double necks are something of a rarity but a double neck with maple board on a solid maple body? And a bound 12 string neck? WOW!
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    More color stuff...I was totally blown away! More to come soon...I just got in from a long ride back from CT to hang with Mike & the family for an all too brief visit.
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    Last Cali. For today. The Bengal. Another really superbly well executed finish. I instantly felt like Satchel. A shame I can't play like him... The burst on this is much more apparent in person than in this photo. The blend from yellow's to orange is faultless. Another Cali with great overtones. Whatever you may think of Diablo's refin ideas one thing is for certain. They are all brilliantly executed and to a VERY high standard. There is absolutely nothing worse than a poor refin and it could also be argued that how a guitarist choses their guitar finish is like a reflection into their soul. Diablo's guitar's ROCK and reflect his self admitted devotion to 80's shred! I am really grateful for the opportunity to play them.
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    From facebook.
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    I thought I would group all my Hamers together for a family photo. Small collection compared to some I have seen on here but it continues to grow.
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    Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, Trish!!! Thank you for all of your support and being such a huge part of this business . Love you !!!!
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    Well since so many threads on here were ruined by photobucket, how about a new one showing you're sweet studio customs.ill show you mine if you show me yours
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    Round two. No stopping for drinks. I was on a mission from Rock! O'Connor Cali Standard. Lovely looking guitar. Does everything you'd expect from it. I was actually interested in buying this one as Diablo knows but something else came up... Cali Swirl. I have never played a Cali with a swirl finish before. The finish is very well executed indeed and well suited to the guitar. Godzilla! Another well executed finish. Diablo was explaining the process of his design and how it was executed by Learn. A lovely playing guitar with plenty of edge. Calioactive. Yep. I am warming up for some more Rock poses. Loved this one. What you cant see from the Learn artwork is that the black is actually a smoke like effect. Up close this really shows. Diablo was explaining that he spec'd black and Learn surprised him with the additional feature which really compliments the radioactive theme on the face of the guitar.
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    The neck contouring...so smooth!
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    Sorry Shawn! Priorities - I know!! Back to the neck, since that had to sit for a while to ensure rock-solid stability...
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    This is cool. My Rock and Roll Santa song will be critiqued on air Friday at 0900 pacific time on the Stay or Go segment of the Frosty, Heidi, and Frank show on 95.5 KLOS. I will be interviewed briefly as part of it. This will be fun! Tune in if you’d like!
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    Josh has very kindly and patiently been working with me to develop his Mongoose pickups. The first(?) iteration went into my Swirled Cali and sounds killer but I had wanted a little more mid range bark and low end articulation. Josh took the challenge and has sent along 3 new ones (along with some cool swag!) 2 of which are the same model but he included some extra pole screws in 1018 and 1022: the type/grade of steel used makes a big difference. By including extras, I can run them in and out and tweak the tone considerably. The third, as I understand it, is similar to his Cobra wind but with a slug row and roughcast A4 magnet. All are at about 14.2 (+/-) K output. I foresee a LOT of soldering in my near future...
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    Played a set with the old band for Halloween and got more compliments on my tone than you can shake a stick at. The only difference to my usual gig gear was the set of Cowpie Customs in my Les Paul wound up by our buddy Josh. Gravelin pickups are the sh!t, aren't they? If you haven't tried some, you oughta. The Cowpie Custom bridge pickup (8.7k) has the adjustable polepieces split so they're on the opposite coil (farther from the bridge) on the unwound strings. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference, but it really does. It has a slightly thicker, rounder, fuller tone in the upper register that sounds great and - apparently - people notice. Pretty cool. Thanks, Josh!
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    FOR SALE: Vintage 1966 Gibson ES335 TDC Guitar Excellent condition for a 51 year-old guitar. This is a players guitar, not all original. But, it’s an wonderful instrument. I’ve owned it for 32 years. Meticulously maintained and updated to be in superb playing condition. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Frets were replaced with same size as original and Plek’d by Joe Glaser in Nashville about 3 years ago. (If you don’t know Joe, Google him, he’s the best of the best) The action is low, neck is straight, a tiny, tiny bit of playwear on the frets, but not much. The pickups are original, but the pots, wiring and jack are replaced, toggle switch is original. Bridge is replaced with a TonePros locking bridge, but, I actually still have the original bridge with nylon saddles in the case. A Bigsby and Stoptail studs were added. So, you can replace the Bigsby if you want to put a Stoptail on it. (Sorry, the original trapeze tailpiece didn’t come with it back when I got it). Tuners are original and still work fine. Neck dimensions are .810 at 1st to .951 at 12th fret. 1-9/16 nut width. Kind of bigger than a Slim 60’s but a little less than a ’59 carve. It was marked on the headstock as a factory 2nd. There is plenty of normal, honest playwear, weather checking, buckle wear from years of playing, but no serious damage, cracks or repairs. Even though I’ve played her a lot, its been taken great care of. I’ve posted lots of pics, if you want any specific pics, just let me know and I can send you them. Comes with its original hardshell case which is in fair shape with lots of mojo for sure. (Latches still work and has the original owners name painted on it (Michael Saucédo - I heard he was a blues player in the Midwest, long ago.) Please message me with any questions. $5,000. FIRM for now. Shipping/PayPal included (A PPG gift would be nice if you know me) Sorry, no trades on this one. Thx! Ernie
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    My old friend Tina, who has been doing a project under the artist name "Nymphya" just put out her first CD, and I got mentioned in the credits. About a year ago, Tina told me she wanted some guitar over the outro of one of her songs, in the style of Eric Clapton, and she asked if I would play it. My first reaction was "Boy, have YOU got the wrong guy." I'm not a blues guy, never was, never will be. Overruling my objections, she sent me a rough mix and asked that I give it a go. I first came up with a part for the chorus of the song, that WAS me; a chorusy, jangley, arpeggiated, Telecaster bit that I thought was pretty good, but not what she asked for. Then, I set to the task of recording several passes of upper-fret solos. For this. I pulled out the Gravelin-equipped (MIK) Sunburst, played through my baby "Marshall" 18 Watter clone. If anything, it was more Duane that Eric but what it really was was hackneyed blues licks from somebody who has no feel for the blues, and doesn't care to. I DropBoxed the various bits off to her, and told her to use what she liked. Weeks later, I listened again to the parts I had played and realized that not only were they predictable and boring, but I had played them badly. My timing was terrible and the intonation on my bends was off. I hardly play at all these days - too much real life going on - and "if you don't use it, you lose it". I just don't have the chops and the only way to get them back is practice... a lot. There was no way I was going to pull off anything worthwhile in a single evening. Upon that realization, I was pretty depressed and texted Tina to tell her, "It's your record, but if you want my opinion, my playing sucked and I wouldn't use it." She apparently agreed, because I'm not on the final version of the song. I am, however, listed in the "Thanks also to:" section if the liner notes. I'm still depressed that I can't play for shit, but at least I get an album credit for my self-awareness. Oh, and here's a picture of my Sunburst, just because pictures of Hamers make everything better.
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    The same friend who got snowed in and had to give up her Trans-Siberian Orchestra ticket had a friend who bailed out on going to Warren Haynes' 29th Annual Christmas Jam in Asheville, NC. The show was sold out at US Cellular Center. It was a few minutes past 5:00 PM when I was asked if I would use an extra ticket, and my reply was that if no one local would use it I would take it. I found out as I was about to drive out of my driveway. Just in case, I started driving in the direction toward Asheville which worked out well because I was the lucky person who got the extra ticket. It was 6:45 PM when I got one of the last close parking lot spaces. The tickets were for the general admission floor. We both walked down and found a spot. My friend decided she could move up closer, but I stayed put because I hate it when latecomers try moving in front of me. Girls can get away with stuff guys cannot. The show started with Warren Haynes on acoustic guitar and Jake Shimabukuro on ukulele playing the Allman Brothers song Melissa with Jake doing all the soloing. They jammed a couple of tunes then turning it over to Jake being by himself for a song or two. He runs his ukulele through a looper and plays it like a guitar, even using a little overdrive every now and then. Next up was a girl singing country music with a full band that included Joe Kwon from the Avett Brothers on electric bass, not cello. I never caught her name, but she must be somebody big in modern country. During set changes there was a side stage where a few people could stand close together and play. Jake Shimakbukuro and a piano player named Holly Bowling played three songs in the first side set. Bowling plays jazzy stuff. Both of them would accompany others during the night. The Avett Brothers came out and played their set of old time country with their modern day presentation. The cello added to acoustic guitar, upright bass, and banjo makes them a little different. They were well received. I had wanted to see them for a while, and now I have. When the Avett Brothers finished they moved from the main stage to the side stage to jam with Warren Haynes to play a couple of songs. Blackberry Smoke did a set that I wish had been longer. They are the current state of Southern Rock, and worth seeing. Charlie Starr had a single cut Les Paul Junior for most of the show. Paul Jackson had a Les Paul and some kind of hollow body Gibson. Between sets Warren Haynes came out to the side stage again. He brought out Ann Wilson and Jake Shimabukuro to do a couple of songs as the main stage was getting set up for the Trey Anastasio Band. When the Trey Anastasio Band started playing the entire concert hall started dancing. The entire floor was moving. People in the stands were dancing at their seats. Trey Anastasio had a guitar that I could not recognize with a hollow or semi-hollow body and a clean tone for his solos. He had some kind of effect unit set up high enough to just reach over and twist knobs or push buttons. His bass player sat while playing, and his P-Bass was in a stand rather than strapped over his shoulder. The keyboard guy had a real Hammond furniture console, a real Rhodes (I think) and few other keyboards taking up a lot of the stage. When those guys lock into a groove they stay there and hammer it forever. It was not my kind of music, putting me in a small minority, because for the hour or so they played they owned that audience. Warren showed up on the side stage playing with Holly Bowling. Then it was time for Warren to hit the main part of the stage and play the rest of the night. What was next was Gov't Mule, but I may be a little incorrect. I saw Warren Haynes and Jorgen Carlsson of Gov't Mule, but did not see Matt Abst. There were two drum sets, one of which was played by Paul Riddle, the original Marshall Tucker Band drummer. At midnight they started playing Allman Brothers Band songs which made me happy. Mike Barnes played guitar opposite of Warren as they did all those great harmonies. Lamar Williams, Jr. was on vocals which I thought was cool since his dad was bass player in the ABB in the 70's after Berry Oakley died. They did not start until midnight, and I really could not stick around too long if I wanted to make my self-imposed curfew of not driving after 3:00 AM. I kept thinking it might be good to leave at 12:30 AM to get home safely. The highways were clear after the big snow, but some of those people living in the mountains might have some slick back roads. The guests started coming out. Right when I was about to leave Marcus King came out to play Dreams I'll Never See and the next song. Craig Sorrells came out with a trumpet, and a kid named Brandon "Taz" Neiderauer came out with a guitar, and they all played Southbound. When they were done it was time to go home even though the show was not over. They all started playing Whipping Post as I walked out from the floor. It was 1:04 AM when I walked out of the front doors to the building. My friend who got me in was determined to see Ann Wilson on stage with Gov't Mule. She had not taken the stage by 1:35 AM, but was singing Led Zeppelin and other songs with them within an hour. After Ann Wilson had finished singing my friend left at 2:51 AM, and the band was still playing. I was within a few miles of my house by that time. We texted back and forth and felt that if a show is going to last so long it needs to be an all day festival. Even for the local people, a show that goes on to 3:00 AM or whenever is not practical. Being tired after drinking beer or smoking whatever does not help driving home safely. I have possibly left one other show early. It seems like I left something early, anyway. It bothers me to do that, but I am alive to tell the tale. I get up early for work every day which makes it hard to drive home late, especially two nights in a row like when there are shows in Atlanta or Charlotte. I missed the best part of the show, but what I saw was great, although I could live without so much Trey Anastasio. Just a few songs would be enough for me, but as I said, it was HIS crowd in the concert hall. For those of you who like travelling to Asheville, consider getting a hotel room and go see next year's show.
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    Per my post in Ask The HFC Experts, I've snagged this '98 Marshall 1960B flat front 4 x 12 in a bid to remedy the lack of "oomph" in my guitar tone. Welcome to Oomph-ville.
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    NGD was actually the day before Thanksgiving, but I just got around to being able to take some decent pics. 96 Artist wraptail. Great condition for a 20+ year old guitar. A couple small dents and some fret wear. Came with a TonePros intonatable wraptail installed plus the stock bridge. I swapped that out for a TonePros plain wraptail. Cleaner look and a smoother feel. Appropriately pictured next to my Valvetech since I got it from valvetechamps
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    Can't forget about Daisy, the friendly shop dawg!
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    Mike and I had many discussions about the color, which over the last few months changed slightly, as I think we both had some reservations with how the original finish I had requested would translate over the wood used. Washing out or muting that quilt or the Korina grain was simply not an option! Some shots from Mike's hand staining work, and then the initial color coats:
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    The back carve...very important for comfort!
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    After the newly glued up and cut out top/Korina body sat (cured) for a few weeks, Mike did some finer cutting/shaping...
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    No guitar content, but still pretty cool, IMO. While at the Arlington Guitar Show this year, I ran across this very cool 62 or 63 Ludwig Cocktail drum set. I became intrigued with cocktail sets a few years ago when Gretsch issued a USA kit. I don't think they make them anymore. Anyway, I had no way to get this kit home the weekend we were at the guitar show, so my buddy who lives in Austin took it home with him. This past weekend I was visiting Austin and had it shipped back home. It arrived yesterday. I still need to get some more appropriate cymbals, probably a 12 inch hi hat set and a heavier 16 inch crash to use as a ride/crash. It has in interesting sound. The snare sounds come from a group of snare springs that are pushed up and touching the underside of the snare head. It doesn't have the snap I'm used to from a 14" steel snare. Still, it's snappy enough. There's a round solid piece of wood about 5 inches below the snare head that separates the snare and bass side. The mounted tom is non-original, and I 'm not sure what brand, there are no markings. It sounds good, though. The pedal is also non-original DW-4000. I'm not sure that I'll ever have much of a use for it. It could be useful for impromptu jam sessions or very small, quiet gigs. For your viewing pleasure:
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    Yeah, well... my playing might have been trite, my timing erratic, and my intonation sour... .... but my TONE was fantastic.
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    I have this posted over on facebook, figured I'd fling it here too... For Sale - 2008 Hamer Standard Custom, 9.5 out of 10 condition. Minor swirling / rash (should buff out) on the back, 3 tiny bb sized dings on the face, can't be photographed well, impossible to see more than 2 feet away. Chambered of course, I gigged it 3 times since I got it in 2010. Beautiful guitar, $3000 firm, will ship FedEx express saver to CONUS only at no additional cost. U.S. Postal Money Order (no paypal). Will ship upon receipt of money order. It's been a while, but I've done several transactions through the HFC board (all purchases though). I have it already boxed up as someone told me they were buying it, been holding onto it for over a month, so it's back up for sale. I'm not rich, but I'm not poor. Will only contemplate lowering the price for a local pickup in Albany, NY. Any questions, ask away. Thanks for your time...
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    Number 22 for sale. Excellent condition. 5.44 pounds of spectacular craftsmanship. Definitely rules for jazz, but can visit other planets within reasonable context. i was surprised at the volume levels i could get before feedback, as in a nice workable level for a reasonable ensemble. Kindly priced at $3,250 shipped, will spilt paypal. Cont. U.S. only please, no trades please. Thanks for looking, s (ps i may or may not have the certificate, i'll have to do a deep search) ( will do a pic heavy bump later this week)
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    Nitrocellulose up until about 1991. After that a catalyzed urethane clear was used for the topcoats. It was made by Lawrence McFadden who referred to it as “Urethane Guitar Lacquer” because it was a “urethane with lacquer like drying times”. Hamer called it Urelac. It’s acrylic urethane. I think for a time it was also used for the sealer as well. Pretty sure the delamination problems were compatability issues between the material of the color coats and the clear which were as I understand eventually sorted out.
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    My '95 Studio, bought from a former HFC member right before he was permanently banned. Fortunately, he didn't have it long enough to subject it to his electric drill buffing process.
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    I thought you finally learned how to get along with all 5 of your neighbors.
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    # 0067, holy smoke.....,that's all I can think of right now....... Thank you team Shishkov!
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    There's nothing like the smell of fried bologna in the morning!