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    So my wife wanted to be NOT married - just like that. After ten years together. I was really taken by surprise. She (52 yrs) didn't want anyone else in her life. Just live alone. It was last September. Ok, fine. So I had no say, apparently. But no fighting, we both knew we had grown apart. This was my second marriage. We sold our apartement in Stockholm, Sweden. Made a _very_ small profit. Just enough to pay the taxes, get a 15 year old Volvo, and a downpayment for a very cheap flat. She instantly got a communal flat because she had been in their queue since before we met. I hadn't... So I went to the bank. - Can I borrow some money for a flat. - Yep, approx. usd 70.000. (!) Ok...so no flat in Stockholm!! I had lived in Stockholm for 61 years. So last December I had to move to a small town 1,5 hour drive to the west of Stockholm. Far away from teaching job and my own grown up kids, and the grandkids of course. This town - Koping - is the closest to Stockholm where I could afford to buy a one bedroom apartement. But, it is a nice calm town, that is alive and everyone is surpricingly nice. Has already got a couple of friends, started singing in the church choir (have done that earlier). I like it in Koping. 🙂 Got myself an early retirement. Great solution I thought. Moving away with no rush getting another job. Got time to settle down a bit. To get to know myself (!) again. Bought a used Volvo. Got some nice furniture. Took a trip for a week, on my own, to London, England, just for the fun of it. Nice to get away. Came back to find my bearings. Then just two months ago I asked the local school board if they had use for a teacher with 32 years of experience... Yes they were very happy, and now I'm working half time - morning to lunch. AND am keeping my pension too. So I'm doing fine. That's what's it's all about. Try to feel fine! I'll never give up! Thanks, Curt (Got myself a new Strat the other day, just for the fun of it. I'll post it separately.) ---- "Life is what you make it".. as they sing in that old song (the group Talk Talk).
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    Aforementioned newer member here, who is acquiring the Shishkov 0666 Darkhangel. Hamer fan since 1977. Hamer (Standard) player since 2004. Also the current caregiver and player of Ben's Custom Special, a 78 Sunburst, and an Improv. Hello everyone!
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    Flying with the guitar (a new LTD that was great for the price) was pretty smooth Atlanta to DC and DC to Paris. Aeroflot were a little concerned but no issues to Moscow or Tbilisi Dima came over with his mom and aunt, dressed for the occasion. I got some picks, strap, tuner, strings, etc as well. He was pretty psyched, and he’s reportedly practicing like crazy with YouTube videos. It was a relief to not carry a guitar home. Currently in Toronto and tired, waiting for the last flight. More pics when I can resize at home
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    Some quilts are harder to carve than others, and this was one of them. As I was carving it, Trish kept saying it still looks wavy - that's when I grabbed a beer and locked the door. 😆
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    My second Super-C is underway so I’ll start to post a few pictures during the build. A few differences this time. My original plan was to make this the ying of the original’s yang. It isn’t quite that but has a few notable deliberate spec changes. This one will have a Korina body, a quilt top and a 24.75” scale length. I play more than a few scale length guitars and never struggle changing between them, but they do feel and sound different. I have never owned a Korina body guitar, but like what I read and the experience I had from a brief play previously. I’ve kept the wedge neck from the original too as it is quite a warm wood, is über stiff and feels amazing. This one’ll have a reverse headstock too. The fretboard will be flamed Ebony - the weirder the better. Originally I was going for a hard tail but now I’m not. One of the great things about waiting for the build to get underway is that it gives you time to think about a few of the details. I have been recording a fair bit recently and gravitate towards a trem. Not having one and leaving this guitar out of rotation for the majority of stuff doesn’t seem right. I settled on a colour scheme from day 1 so hopefully it can be achieved. I’ll be watching my Sunday morning emails like a hawk from now on! Here’s a few pictures.
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    I absolutely love this one
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    Well, this made for a good start to the holiday weekend! I managed to snag a Momose V via a Yahoo Japan auction, and it landed here safely yesterday. Price was comparable to a Tokai or OBG, and not much more than a similar Bacchus auction that I was about to pursue... so I figured I'd give this a shot. One of the members here had past experience with the Bacchus version and helped me to validate the decision. HFC is such a great GAS enabler! This one is fully handmade, demonstrates great attention to detail, and the build quality is certainly on the higher end. Can't really afford a Korina Vector these days, and so this makes for a decent compromise. The owner had installed a set of gold Phat Cats. Not sure that would have been my first choice for a V, but they actually sound pretty damn good in it. Roll back the volume for almost strat-like sounds, and they blossom into a thick P90 tone when dimed - with that hollow/woody character typical of a V. It came with loose PAFs, and I have a set of Seth Lovers here too... but I may end up leaving it as is for a while. I owned both a BCR and Korina Jr. at the same time, and ended up letting the Korina go about a year ago. The BCR is still one of my most played guitars, but I missed the neck profile and wood of that beautiful Korina Jr. This helps fill the void. The neck has a similar chunky profile (C carve, maybe a hair shy of an inch thick all the way up). I think the radius on this is around 12", and Momose's site indicates that this may have Jescar stainless frets in a metric size akin to 6105s. Finish is nitro lacquer and flawless! Here are some cell pics that I snapped before, during and after cleaning it up, restringing and adjusting...
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    No, I don't need another Strat. My deluxe American Strat is wonderful. And a keeper. But I just felt like getting a white Strat. So I bought a new just the other day. An American Special Olympic white Stratocaster! 😁 Why THIS version of a white Strat, you ask - well, simply because it has a satin fretboard (and neck). AND the jumbo frets. That's what I wanted and now I've got this lovely lightweight guitar with a great resonance and sustain. Lovely guitar, and reasonably priced too! ...now it's time to remove the sticker and the plastic on the pickguard, lowering the bridge and change to 0.10 strings. Rock on!! 😎
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    Sea Foam Green you say?
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    No time for more pics tonight... It's just perfect. And the weight is amazing! More to come...
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    Well as much as it seriously pains me it has gotten bad enough that I have to put "Nightfire" up for sale. Medical bills are piling up and the cupboards are bare. So, here it is.... Yeah, its a lot of money but it is a one of a kind and arguably one of the nicest custom Hamers ever and the only one I am aware of with abalone victory inlays. I am asking 5k Shipped and insured. Here are a couple of photos to start the drooling process. For a lot more information, photos and build info please visit http://www.hamerguitaraddict.com/the--nightfire--talladega.html I wasn't able to post the full resolution photos here. IF you want any other information or photos please let me know. Cheers! Nightfire is only posted here for now. I will give it as long as I can and then it will go to Reverb. I would greatly prefer it stayed in the family. In respect of our soldiers and Memorial Day I will discount $200 for active or retired military folks. Thank you for your service! Cheers!
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    Traded off an acoustic I barely used for some cash and THIS!!! American Special Tele in Sherwood Metallic Green. Rosewood board and Texas Special pickups. I fell in love with the colour immediately. I’ve never really gotten along with a Tele too well before, which was entirely my own fault. This one is great. At first, I wasn’t digging the pickups, but I’ve found there’s quite a bit of nice sounds with some tweaks. I’m normally setup for buckers and p90s. Gonna try a set of Rio Grande Dirty Harry’s, on their way via@bubs_42 , see what kind of flavour that brings. Plays real nice, stays in tune no issues, beauty colour with beauty mint pickguard. I’ve got a winner here!
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    I have mostly used my old Sunbursts when we do gigs. This Saturday I took the Super Pro. What a killer guitar. Sounded great. Small stage. I kept hitting the headstock in to the ride cymbal on the drum kit. :-=
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    Here are a couple more pics from Mike and Trish...
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    Early morning wake up call from abroad.....(Not A broad). Yeah, that might work! Maybe I can get a matching piece of wood for a jewelry box....... ETA....Maybe this would make a good tribute to Neil Young if nicknamed "My Cinnamon Burl".
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    This is a config I've never seen! Cool! https://reverb.com/item/12337284-hamer-usa-californian-custom-natural-1991-s545
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    Finally done, first picture is what it looked like when I got the guitar. I made a guard, replaced the pickups, gutted the electronics, had the frets dressed and leveled, and i'm super happy with the results. This one sounds the closest to my Twin Town Tele, but with a bit more beef. This combination of body shape and T style neck make for a familiar and comfortable guitar to play.
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    I don't know what else could excite a 61 year old man quite like this. That's right, the 4321 All-Stars are creeping out of the basement that is the 4-3-2-1 Club onto the stage a couple miles West at the the Driftwood Char Bar. We're taking this show on the road and hope to see a few of you local guys and gals there. Here's the details: 4321 All-Stars with the Jeff Ellington Experience Saturday, May 26, 7:00 - 9:00 PM Driftwood Char Bar 4415 Nicollet Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55419 And to top it all off, my brother Scott has been relentlessly hammering the virtues of early Blue Oyster Cult into the local minions, oops, I mean Rock Gods, and they've agreed to open our set with Career of Evil off the Secret Treaties album. Woo Hoo! The first words I get to intone into the ears of the hapless audience (Hopefully that's you): I plot your rubric scarab, I steal your satellite, I want your wife to be my baby tonight, baby tonight. (Thank you Patti) Anyway, we've also got young David Watts singing most of the songs so we're not just a bunch of old fat guys up there now. He wants to bill us as the Bad Dads and the Mad Lad, but well, I'd rather be an All-Star. Here's a photo of us in action a year ago. Come on out if you're not doing anything. We promise to entertain!
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    Next up, Lettuce. Originally formed in Boston by the drummer Adam Deitch and my old pal Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff who grew up in Hastings NY not far from me. He was the first kid I knew that got a PRS when we were teenagers. He went to Berkelee and the band started by asking “Let Us Play” everywhere they went in Boston. There’s a documentary about them out there. An unbelievably tight band, and they are killin it out there.
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    Good for you! Thanks for sharing, seriously. It may be necessary, but still feels like a kick in the teeth, in my experience. I lost my partner of ten years to mental illness and addiction a few years back - it was really tough on me to decide to give up. We didn’t have any kids, thank god, and it was actually very civil, but twisted me up good for sure. Im happy to say that I’ve got an amazing person who’s my best friend that I’m lucky to have in my life now, and I’m still trying like hell to be the best person I can be. You’ve got a great story, and I’m really happy to hear you’re still writing chapters. All the Best
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    You could have just shown me the picture of Coffee and Cake, and I would have know you were doing good.
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    Matching flamed ebony peg head overlay.
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    07 Special K with Humbuckers . Must have been custom ordered . Think is in Honey Finsh over Korina 🤨