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    So my wife wanted to be NOT married - just like that. After ten years together. I was really taken by surprise. She (52 yrs) didn't want anyone else in her life. Just live alone. It was last September. Ok, fine. So I had no say, apparently. But no fighting, we both knew we had grown apart. This was my second marriage. We sold our apartement in Stockholm, Sweden. Made a _very_ small profit. Just enough to pay the taxes, get a 15 year old Volvo, and a downpayment for a very cheap flat. She instantly got a communal flat because she had been in their queue since before we met. I hadn't... So I went to the bank. - Can I borrow some money for a flat. - Yep, approx. usd 70.000. (!) Ok...so no flat in Stockholm!! I had lived in Stockholm for 61 years. So last December I had to move to a small town 1,5 hour drive to the west of Stockholm. Far away from teaching job and my own grown up kids, and the grandkids of course. This town - Koping - is the closest to Stockholm where I could afford to buy a one bedroom apartement. But, it is a nice calm town, that is alive and everyone is surpricingly nice. Has already got a couple of friends, started singing in the church choir (have done that earlier). I like it in Koping. 🙂 Got myself an early retirement. Great solution I thought. Moving away with no rush getting another job. Got time to settle down a bit. To get to know myself (!) again. Bought a used Volvo. Got some nice furniture. Took a trip for a week, on my own, to London, England, just for the fun of it. Nice to get away. Came back to find my bearings. Then just two months ago I asked the local school board if they had use for a teacher with 32 years of experience... Yes they were very happy, and now I'm working half time - morning to lunch. AND am keeping my pension too. So I'm doing fine. That's what's it's all about. Try to feel fine! I'll never give up! Thanks, Curt (Got myself a new Strat the other day, just for the fun of it. I'll post it separately.) ---- "Life is what you make it".. as they sing in that old song (the group Talk Talk).
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    2018 SG junior, plucked from the GC used section... looks new to me so I was happy to oblige... 6 lbs, very nicely grained rosewood board, nice snap to it... passes the AC-DC tnt riff test with nice tight punch... slimmer profile, but a little fuller than the typical slim 60's, works for the guitar. really digging it. edit: once owned a 93 Hamer Special that I bought brand new in 94 or 95... really nice and tight, recorded really well, had it for 5 years and kept it mint cept for one tiny ding.... like anything good, I stupidly sold it... the specials I had since then never quite had that zing, and since then it's been kind of a love hate thing with specials. Either they were beat up, modded or whatever... highly recommend one of these if you want something in the same ballpark but with a wrap tail bridge...
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    Flying with the guitar (a new LTD that was great for the price) was pretty smooth Atlanta to DC and DC to Paris. Aeroflot were a little concerned but no issues to Moscow or Tbilisi Dima came over with his mom and aunt, dressed for the occasion. I got some picks, strap, tuner, strings, etc as well. He was pretty psyched, and he’s reportedly practicing like crazy with YouTube videos. It was a relief to not carry a guitar home. Currently in Toronto and tired, waiting for the last flight. More pics when I can resize at home
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    DBraz is in the area and arranged to stop by today. Always cool to get together with a new HFC guy. If some of you out there had burning ears today we might have been talking about you. In a Good way of course ya know. We drove over to Tampa and met up with Mathman and Thorn and went on a tour at Dean Guitars factory. Pat Baker head of Dean's USA Custom shop took us through the place for an extended 3 hour tour. I love some Hamers but the Dean guys are so into the guitars as much as Mike Shishkov and many of the other guys that have built all the great Hamers and I so love it's a hometown brand. Being lucky enough they are a hometown brand and liked enough by them to invade the work day there, I was glad I could take our guys there and get a personal tour of all the details. Can't speak for Mathman and Dbraz but Thorn was tempted by a couple and there is a trio of Vintage Deans in that building that need to be MINE!!!! I took no photos even though I had a camera in my pocket. I will let the others chime in with some shots. They took a bunch.
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    Great news came in today looks like I’m getting my cash back , thank you for all your kind words . No longer need to sell these guitars !
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    Life is short.............and mine is getting shorter,mid 60s now so.................what the hell now or never.I got a "NEW" guitar [New to me anyhow] awhile back that I have not owned in years. The Fender Stratocaster is the Fender guitar that has always been my preference,.......... my go to Fender but................... After I went on a search for a "TELE" for a good friend of mine I got to considering looking into getting one for myself and see if I could find one that would stick around for awhile. This one showed up at a music store for sale,I asked the owner if there were any trades being accepted and he indicated yeah sure contingent on what it was. Well long story short we worked something out and I got this one.. I do like this guitar...............different from the others I had owned in many ways,this one seems to be a good fit. It is in great condition and all stock,Neck is really nice, frets in fine condition,it plays and sounds REAL good,OHSC as well. Can't say I'm unhappy about anything with it so that is good. Anyway here is, the first Telecaster I have owned in many a moon.Its nothing special ,certainly not rare..............Fender has made a gazillion of these through the years but this one IS a nice one.
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    I absolutely love this one
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    Well, this made for a good start to the holiday weekend! I managed to snag a Momose V via a Yahoo Japan auction, and it landed here safely yesterday. Price was comparable to a Tokai or OBG, and not much more than a similar Bacchus auction that I was about to pursue... so I figured I'd give this a shot. One of the members here had past experience with the Bacchus version and helped me to validate the decision. HFC is such a great GAS enabler! This one is fully handmade, demonstrates great attention to detail, and the build quality is certainly on the higher end. Can't really afford a Korina Vector these days, and so this makes for a decent compromise. The owner had installed a set of gold Phat Cats. Not sure that would have been my first choice for a V, but they actually sound pretty damn good in it. Roll back the volume for almost strat-like sounds, and they blossom into a thick P90 tone when dimed - with that hollow/woody character typical of a V. It came with loose PAFs, and I have a set of Seth Lovers here too... but I may end up leaving it as is for a while. I owned both a BCR and Korina Jr. at the same time, and ended up letting the Korina go about a year ago. The BCR is still one of my most played guitars, but I missed the neck profile and wood of that beautiful Korina Jr. This helps fill the void. The neck has a similar chunky profile (C carve, maybe a hair shy of an inch thick all the way up). I think the radius on this is around 12", and Momose's site indicates that this may have Jescar stainless frets in a metric size akin to 6105s. Finish is nitro lacquer and flawless! Here are some cell pics that I snapped before, during and after cleaning it up, restringing and adjusting...
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    Sea Foam Green you say?
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    Great to meet you Dbraz, and of course seeing Gene and Thorn again. Here is Pat showing off some of his custom shop work.
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    Forgive me but ever since I bought Tobereeno’s Virtuoso I have been wanting to do this. A side by side shot of the Virt and Washburn EC36. The extended scale length of the Virt certainly makes it more playable in all positions.
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    Traded off an acoustic I barely used for some cash and THIS!!! American Special Tele in Sherwood Metallic Green. Rosewood board and Texas Special pickups. I fell in love with the colour immediately. I’ve never really gotten along with a Tele too well before, which was entirely my own fault. This one is great. At first, I wasn’t digging the pickups, but I’ve found there’s quite a bit of nice sounds with some tweaks. I’m normally setup for buckers and p90s. Gonna try a set of Rio Grande Dirty Harry’s, on their way via@bubs_42 , see what kind of flavour that brings. Plays real nice, stays in tune no issues, beauty colour with beauty mint pickguard. I’ve got a winner here!
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    No, I don't need another Strat. My deluxe American Strat is wonderful. And a keeper. But I just felt like getting a white Strat. So I bought a new just the other day. An American Special Olympic white Stratocaster! 😁 Why THIS version of a white Strat, you ask - well, simply because it has a satin fretboard (and neck). AND the jumbo frets. That's what I wanted and now I've got this lovely lightweight guitar with a great resonance and sustain. Lovely guitar, and reasonably priced too! ...now it's time to remove the sticker and the plastic on the pickguard, lowering the bridge and change to 0.10 strings. Rock on!! 😎
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    Aforementioned newer member here, who is acquiring the Shishkov 0666 Darkhangel. Hamer fan since 1977. Hamer (Standard) player since 2004. Also the current caregiver and player of Ben's Custom Special, a 78 Sunburst, and an Improv. Hello everyone!
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    Early morning wake up call from abroad.....(Not A broad). Yeah, that might work! Maybe I can get a matching piece of wood for a jewelry box....... ETA....Maybe this would make a good tribute to Neil Young if nicknamed "My Cinnamon Burl".
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    It's all there ... everything I like about AC DC:
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    I always play a guitar with strings. Tried without strings once, to be fair, nobody complained.
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    Adding to the pictures I posted I'll say I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw at Dean. I'm a Hamer/Shishkov man but I could see myself owning a custom shop Dean sometime. Pat, the head of the Custom Shop, was an awesome guide and - like Ting said - a wonderful person. He literally spent 3 hours on every stage of the factory spending time explaining the process with hand gestures and various mid-stage guitar builds. All the employees were friendly there. The head of sales was also fantastic as was everyone we interacted with. Their CNC section was impressive. It was explained the consistency this offers them to get bodies and necks to a certain stage but the CNC'd product still needs a lot of hand work to get the parts to where they need to be. Likewise their high tech glue press for the top/body includes radio frequencies for perfect distribution of pressures/glue distribution to get the perfect body. Their pickup winders were pretty cool to see in action too. The wood selections were awesome. Like I have heard, from Mike and others, many people don't realise how expensive and rare high quality wood is. Having seen their stash you realise just how special some of their wood choices are and how passionate Pat was about turning them into great guitars. The purple wood - I can't remember what it's called - was a stand out for me. It was used in a decorate way but really looks great. The luthier we saw in action looked masterful. You know within a few minutes that you are talking to and witnessing a master craftsman. He just eluded that quiet understated quality present in many artisans that are at the top of their game. The neck he was working on is the "Shop Fox" photo of the maple neck. After the tour completed we went to a final build assembly room and quite casually Pat picked up a guitar and started noodling. Geez that dude can play. I mean REALLY play. Effortless shredding of the highest order interspersed with blues and country licks. He also has a hobby rebuilding - authentically - old Marshalls. You cant take the guitar out of the guy and he pointed out that he looks for those same qualities when he's recruiting new staff. In all it was a great experience and i learned a lot. My thanks to BTMN for setting this up. And I haven't even mentioned the incredible Hamer's I played at BTMN's house. Dude has some pretty special examples of Hamer's finest!
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    I was thinking about awesome bands that are under the radar that are killin it in a radically shifting landscape, but still touring, putting out records, selling crazy merch and really being successful. First up: Reckless Kelly from Austin Texas. I tour with a band that opened a few shows in theaters for these guys in VA and DC and I was very impressed with their whole operation. The video is a homage to Cool Hand Luke, one of my favorite movies, and shows they don’t take themselves too seriously. The guitarist Dave Abeyta produced the next album for the aforementioned band, and doesn’t get much room to shine on the singles but stretches out live- check out their live version of Romeo and Juliet, and 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Super solid band playing solid songs and led by two brothers. They play nice places for nice money. May not be your cup of tea, but these guys are killin it:
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    Next up, Lettuce. Originally formed in Boston by the drummer Adam Deitch and my old pal Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff who grew up in Hastings NY not far from me. He was the first kid I knew that got a PRS when we were teenagers. He went to Berkelee and the band started by asking “Let Us Play” everywhere they went in Boston. There’s a documentary about them out there. An unbelievably tight band, and they are killin it out there.
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    Good for you! Thanks for sharing, seriously. It may be necessary, but still feels like a kick in the teeth, in my experience. I lost my partner of ten years to mental illness and addiction a few years back - it was really tough on me to decide to give up. We didn’t have any kids, thank god, and it was actually very civil, but twisted me up good for sure. Im happy to say that I’ve got an amazing person who’s my best friend that I’m lucky to have in my life now, and I’m still trying like hell to be the best person I can be. You’ve got a great story, and I’m really happy to hear you’re still writing chapters. All the Best
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    You could have just shown me the picture of Coffee and Cake, and I would have know you were doing good.
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    All I can say is we were all standing next to the serial number stamping thing and I was listening to Pat but looking around. Looking at necks and fret wire. Wood. Wood dust. All this stuff that was so cool. And Pat is very passionate about what he does. And very expressive. He's a wonderful person with great skills and talent. So with me listening to Pat and looking around at so many things that are remarkable pieces of the puzzle that we enjoy as a guitar, and I belt out, "Tits!" I'm embarrassed and so immediately turn to the person on my right and say, "Tits." To which he replied, "I already seen them." I'm not going to name the person because he may not want me to. But you have a 33% guess. Because it wasn't Pat. He was just wondering what was going on in the back.