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    Apologies in advance for the crappy iPhone pics! A good friend and former co-worker that I haven’t seen in a year or so called me up last week and asked if I wanted to catch the Jeff Beck show at Wolf Trap / Ann Wilson was opening. I never pass up a chance to see Jeff when he’s around, but that’s not all that often lately. I’m also a fan of Craig Bartock’s playing with Heart/Ann W., so jumped at the chance. My friend had tickets left at Will Call from a high school buddy who I later found out is actually Jeff’s tour manager (!!). Usually, he leaves my friend a pair of decent seats and gets to say “hi” in between sets. We got the envelope and our jaws dropped: Tickets were dead center, 11th row back, and we caught Ann’s set, which opened and closed with bookended WHO classics and a rousing “Barracuda”. My friend’s pal texted us to say that Ann had two songs left and for us to make our way to the Stage Left door to say hello. We ended up going back to the band’s dressing rooms and grabbed a couple of quick Stella Artois and shot the shit. After a bit, we went upstairs to the backstage area, which is HUGE, as there are a lot of theatrical and orchestral performances held there as well. Walking around back there, I saw that apparently they’ll let ANYONE back there! We got to check out the guitar racks and took up a perch in the Stage Left Monitor/Board area. We were greeted by a wisecracking (and incessantly drumming) living legend, Vinnie Colaiuta. My friend is a HUGE Zappa fan and they were laughing about old tours, ex-band members and bootlegs. After that, it was showtime and the band was ready to launch when the house lights went down. Beck took the stage in a swirl of insane half-animal, half-mechanical howls, grunts and screams from his favorite white Strat (with reverse headstock), And didn’t let up for almost two hours. I’ve seen him over a half dozen times before, and even being in the front row, there is nothing that I’ve experienced that could replicate the hair standing up on my arms and the pure gut-jarring volume of standing on stage, 20 ft (and often less!) from the one and only. He truly plays guitar like no other human on the planet. I was honestly too busy being blown away by the insane musicianship right in front of me, that I wasn’t as focused on snapping pics as I probably should have been, but kinda glad I didn’t, since Jeff kept walking over to our side, laughing and mugging, and the tour manager later told us that he can’t stand people who spend the entire show on their phones while he’s up there performing. Rhonda Smith has been handling bass duties for Jeff on the last few tours I’ve seen, and she is every bit the monster player Jeff and Vinnie are. She was Prince’s bassist for a number of years, and naturally, can get funky as hell. In the first pic below, it’s Rhonda Smith playing her Paul Reed Smith Grainger, while Paul Reed Smith watches for the Stage Right wings. They closed the set with “Goin’ Down”, and we hung around as the crowd filtered out and the crew loaded everything up. My friend’s Road Manager pal came by with a red leather Gigbag holding Jeff’s Strat (and a cast off glass slide and one of Jeff’s Native American bracelets that he shed during the intro to “Starcycle”) and asked us if we wanted to hang out in the band lounge for a bit. We followed him down the stairs and were handed more icy Stellas while the band filtered in to chat with a few friends, family members and us. Jeff came out and said hello signed a few autographs (no pictures, per request 😢), and after another 30-40 minutes, the Wolf Trap Rangers let us know that they were closing down. A beautiful August night a few miles outside of DC and one of those concert memories I don’t think I’ll be topping any time soon!
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    The guitar set-up guy that I visit in Colorado Springs is a 63-year old, long-time jazz performer and long-time guitar tech. He's told me, pridefully, that he's not a guitar-hound, still playing the same guitar that he's had for 35 years. Yesterday, upon returning a NEWPRO to me, he asked to buy it. He lavished praise on the guitar... and on the other Hamers that I have brought to him. It was a fun and gratifying experience to see this guy, who's always been cool towards guitars, show such enthusiasm and appreciation for Hamer. My plans to "walk the earth" have been postponed, due to divorce delays. I committed the NEWPRO to him, when that time comes. I'm very happy to get it into his hands and convert an old-dog into a Hamer enthusiast.
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    Well, I've been trying to be really good about not bringing in any more guitars. But. I've been lusting after this guitar since it came up on Reverb and Ebay back in March. The seller is a music store in the Houston area. Originally they had it at $2995 and over the last five moths the price has slowly been coming down. I made the seller an offer (not lowball, but what I thought the guitar was worth) about six weeks ago which he declined. I wasn't in a hurry, so I just waited and made him another offer yesterday which he accepted. The Talladega model has been on my wish for a while. I am a fan of 25.5 scale, and "V" shaped necks. And although I would prefer a Cherry Sunburst or Jazzburst finish, it looks like the Amberburst is a good fit for the quilted top on this one. All of the Talladega tone reports that I've read/watched make it sound like a guitar that I will really bond with. I guess I'm about to find out..... These are a couple of the seller's pics. Most of you have probably seen it since it's been for sale online for five months.
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    Not shure why I even sold it in the first place. Kick ass guitar!
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    At last Saturday's gig I was doing the bit where I walk through the crowd with my guitar during a song when I heard a guy say, "Bless our baby!" I turned around. "What?" "Put your guitar against her belly and bless our baby!" he said, as he stepped aside and pointed to his wife's very-pregnant midsection. I looked at her as if to say, "Are you sure about this?" With a huge grin on her face, she shifted around in her chair (the tables and chairs are "bar height"). I didn't want to press up against anything I shouldn't be pressing up against, so I said, "Okay - I'm going to hold my guitar here and you lean into it." I positioned my guitar vertically, with the neck pointing up and the other end resting on her thigh. She leaned over and pressed her baby-belly against the side of the lower bout. I couldn't think of any baby songs at the moment - I guess should have improvised a version of "Rock-a-bye Baby" or something - so I just played some nonsense that involved a lot of open E string. I figured the lower the frequencies the better. And they both seemed to like it. In fact, they seemed to think it was about the coolest thing ever. The people around them liked it too. So after a few seconds I pulled away slightly and said, "How's that?" They both said "Thank you!" I made my way back to the stage thinking, "Well, THAT'S never happened before." To keep this post Hamer related, here's a picture from that night featuring me standing on a chair with my '05 Korina Junior, a wireless mic in one hand and my fedora in the other.
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    I odered this guitar back in 2003 and received it in 2005. Took 18 months to make. I sold it during the recession. It changed hands twice and I managed to get her back. I feel very blessed!! All natural mahogany, black binding on the neck and headstock non-recessed Floyd, ebony fingerboard, 24 ex-jumbo frets, 25.5 scale, mop iron cross inlays, emg 81, real ebony Jackson logo, custom fitted G&G case..
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    And that pic isn't even a good one. Check the video. Also, not Rust-Oleum.
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    Fretting update. Such a cool part of the build!
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    Whooo-hooo! It's "Out For Delivery" day!!!!
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    Very much enjoyed the concert. Similar to the recent Roger Waters tour in that he had the most excellent side/wo/men with him. Two guitarists, two keyboardists, two INCREDIBLE back-up singers that carried the show, though everyone seemed to sing on most songs. Violinist and two cellists. Sounded like the strings were triggering MORE strings (or was that MIDI keys?). No matter, the sound was excellent and at a comfortable volume. Played all the hits and one Wilbury's song. Not much interaction on Jeff's part with the audience, but I kind of expected that (David Lee Roth he ain't, LOL!). My only complaint was that I thought he left a lot on the table, i.e., early, deeper tracks, but that's a minor thing. Violinist came downstage and did the lovely intro to, "Livin' Thing", very cool. Apologies for the short review. I'm no Haynie, that's fo' sho'. Yer gonna HATE my next one...
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    Cool Neck Continues... This is for a longtime member here:
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    My review: Don't buy them. They're not real Hamer's and are not deserving of the name. The end.
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    The necks moving along at a pace now. What an awesome few updates! Precision work this. Check out one of the photos for how the black pearl inlays will look without direct light. Quite subtle.
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    Price is insane, but my god, I love this V!! https://reverb.com/item/14650162-hamer-usa-vector-custom-shop-trans-black
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    Indeed. There are actually two different models of tuners on it currently And then there's one of my Top 10 pet peeves. If you're going to ask more than twice what a guitar is worth, you'd better have all of your shit perfect, and this one, in a word, "ain't." Mark me down as one of the forum expert Nay Sayers who is saying Nay. FUCK Nay, in fact.
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    A local boo-teek guitar place went under and I ended up getting a brand-new Anderson for under two bills. That ain't cheap, but I won't lose a ton of money if I sell it, and my "collection" is pretty slim now: the HELL Standard, the headless Blackwater, and the MIJ Totoro Tele copy. Anyway, I was vaguely aware of Anderson guitars as somewhere in the Suhr-Collings-Tyler stratosphere of fancy stuff, with quilty tops and a lot of Tele and super-Strat stuff. That was it. I didn't really know what the plain-looking guitar with an A on the headstock was. It's a Bobcat Special. Looks incredibly plain, like a bolt-on Les Paul Special. Two pickups that look like big single-coils but I guess are stacked humbuckers billed as sounding like P90s. Locking tuners that look like old Klusons, Buzz Feiten nut, simple unbound rosewood board with low stainless frets and dots. One volume, two tones, and both the tone knobs push-pull to do something. I guess they actually do cut the second coil of the pickup. Really nice Schaller wraparound bridge. It's a very understated guitar that no one would glance at unless they recognized the logo. The details and workmanship though are top-level. Fantastic medium neck with a satin finish, and I love the frets, which are not too high and super-smooth. Body is transparent amber burst and flawless. It's pretty light, balances perfectly, and between the push-pulls and regular three-way switch you get a lot of sounds, though I really don't think it sounds very P-90 at all. More like an airy, very civilized Les Paul that you can pull the coil splits and get a smooth Tele sound. Played it at a party yesterday and it never went out of tune and covered every song just fine. It's perhaps the most civilized, refined guitar I've played, including the usual Hamers, the Shishkov, etc. That's not to say it's BETTER than ol' No. 21 or the Standard. It just is so smooth, it seems to be wearing a cashmere sweater, corduroys, and handmade leather loafers, effortlessly mingling with the movers and shakers at a steeplechase, while the Hamers are out behind the kitchen flirting with the partygoers. Not a rough edge on it, which i think suits us gentlemen of a certain age who will never again own a leather jacket or crawl home for a late party Any other Tom Anderson owners? ETA: Tom Anderson emailed me back and said the pickups are stacked coil humbuckers and the push-pull on each tone changes a pickup from having the coils in parallel to being in series. Cool!
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    Misspelling someone's name, the ultimate (see what I did there?) insult.
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    Im giving it a new home! 🤗
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    Did anybody catch this shot? If ya did, now ya didn't!
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    Don't know if you guys were aware, but THIS happened...
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    Having realized how many incredible Standards I had go through my hands in the last bunch of years, last year I set out to get the Ultimate Standard. Well, I bought two incredible Standards- one of them might be one of the most spectacular Standards of them all- Shishkov 0023. This guitar has been out of its case one time since I received it, and, I have never put a strap on it. I am, with permission, using the pictures provided to me by the original owner. Here are the options: CrownsBound FretboardBound HeadstockMulti-layer binding throughout (Mike suggested and added this. I had no idea at the time it would wind up being the only multi-bound Ultimate out of all 47 (or so)).Custom ColorHardshell case The original owner described a "finish issue" on the lower horn that is visible under certain lighting. I am unable to see it, but- he did provide a picture that captured it.
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