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    I picked up a ‘91 Centaura earlier this year with the idea of making it a sustainiac candidate. After spending a LONG time stripping it very carefully I set about the master plan. The neck was very clean but the frets were well worn. On went the jumbo’s. Then I started phase 2. Send the body and neck to the US for a semi-instal by Mr Sustainiac at Maniac Music. This had the advantage of the wiring being placed on a cavity sized bit of card, tested, and set aside for final installation in return. Phase 3 involved the body going to Stike for a gold metal flake finish with the headstock to match. Rowyco Kustoms knocked out a tremendous finish. Truly outstanding. Phase 4 back to the UK and reassembly with a NOS Hamer Floyd set I had lying around and some Hamer gold coloured tuners (big thank you to Chris M for these) which I mixed with the original black tuner bodies. I fitted a Bartolini ACE pickup in the bridge position and the middle pickup is the original Slammer with the body “matted” by your truly to match the finish of the other pickups. All works faultlessly and sounds great.
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    And hopefully a new friend: Gtrdaddy. Jamie drove drove Virginia to Jersey to deliver this Monaco Elite and wound up in the blizzard. You've all seen the pics of this guitar so I won't bore you with a regurgitation of those. This beauty lives up to its billing and then some! A wonderful example of craftsmanship. It was my esteemed pleasure to meet Jamie. It turns out that we were both originally from Jersey and traded stories from our youth growing up in the Garden State. I've said many times that I meet the nicest people on this site. The picture was taken in my office on my last day of work. The guitar is my retirement present to myself., don't tell my wife? And before the wise ass comments start, that's not a miniature model of a Hamer guitar in the picture, those are just two fully developed examples of Jersey corn and tomato fed mui macho studs holding that guitar. (never knew it would look so small next my tropical shirt).
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    I just found out I somehow made it into second place for "best guitarist" and "most underrated" musician in our local entertainment daily's yearly awards issue. WE'RE NUMBER 2! WE'RE NUMBER 2!
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    I received an official letter confirming my pending membership in a very exclusive club...
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    She unwraps your new amp for you to let it acclimate, then sends you a text to tell you "Your amp is blue, and its cool as hell.". LOL So here we go, when I get into something, well I get into it. LOL I've been looking at the 3 Monkeys Sock Monkey both the 10 watt and the 18 version. I was just waiting for one to get into my sights and my waiting paid off. So I was able to get into this one at a price that would not cost me my marriage and that if I wanted to step up to the 18 I could. So I got home, plugged it in and crossed my fingers. Well I didn't have to do that, it sounded great out of the box. Its not the loudest amp, but was designed for going straight to tape. Somewhere between my Class 5 and my old East Studio 2, difference being, impeccable build quality. Having owned and loved a handful of Budda's, you could see the build quality rising as they went on when it came to cabinet making, same with the Fuchs Amps. They both ended up farming them out and having great cabinets made of better materials. This freaking cab is second to none, everything including the panels are tight, clean and crafted. How does it sound, its all marshall and after a could of pre amps swaps I went right back to what was in it. Sitting on the table with the Volume on 10 and the Gain on 7 it is a classic "Cranked Marshall". Not a modern rendition of, but the husky percussion, bright top end, and gutsy mid range. Hand Wired, Point to Point simplicity, with top grade components. Does it make a difference? I think it does. I didn't put any pedals to it, unlike the Class 5, this one has more gain on tap, but not metal type gain. The Gain Pull adds gain but it also shifts the tone of the amp, so if I did pull it, I also rolled the gain back to compensate. Between the Gain Knob and the highs the amps sweet spot can be found pretty easily. I find that usually that I just leave the amps lows OFF, but on this amp, it just inched it until I heard the lows engage without playing anything and that seemed for me to be the sweet spot. The amp itself with produce a ton of bass that will over take the speaker. This amp is a recording guitarist dream amp, if you stick your face in front of the speaker its loud but pleasing to the ears. Changing tubes does make a difference, in the top end of the amp and gain levels. So you would very easily be able to tweak it to your taste. Will it last with me I'll give it a week and try it out at rehearsal but I have to say i'm now salivating for the 18 because this thing sounds so damn good the 18 has to sound well MORE right? LOL Oh and signed under the chassis is #2, so this is a super early Sock Monkey. Sorry Blurry
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    its always best to have two of each , just in case you NEED to play a different color
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    Without getting into a essay length story,... As a lefty, I'm completely limited in my off the rack selection of guitars. But ultimately, I've never really felt left out. I've been lucky to come across pretty much every guitar I've ever been interested in playing. This includes my beloved Hamers, that I never thought I'd land. But for some reason, I've never had a USA Jackson Soloist land in my lap. As weird as it might sound to some, despite being a production guitar, I've never even seen a lefty in person! Last year Jackson offered a import Soloist and I jumped on one, figuring that might be the closest I ever will come to its USA counterpart. In stead of scratching an itch, it made me want the "real deal". Cut to a small cash windfall, and I decided to approach Southpaw Guitars about a NOS Soloist. I made them a offer, and to my surprise, they accepted. And hats off to them. After I paid for the guitar, they realized they no longer had OHSC. So rather than wait for a replacement Jackson fitted case to arrive in the shop, they sent it in a nice new SBK case. They are going to forward me the Jackson case on their dime. So here it is.....finally, and very fitting that it looks like it stepped out of the 80s. This might be the kick in the pants to actually start playing again.
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    I would give this about a 5 on a 1-10 scale of demonstration videos - thoroughly mediocre, but not so much that I think it doesn't get the basic idea across or annoys. The desk mic picked up a ton of pick/string noise, but oh well. I really need to get a camera and get more into Final Cut and synching vids with audio more professionally. So here is your-better-than-an-iPhone-but-still-not-very-good demo video, haha.
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    LIke many of us my guitar "collection" is in a state of flux. I have been trying to get rid of what I feel are duplicates and guitars I don't play. My PRS DGT became a lesser duplicate with the addition of my Shishkov and so after simmering for a while I made the decision to move it. Had many trade offers but none that excited me. Had some typical would you sell this for typical much lower price than real value offers. I decided to post it over at the "other" place, TGP, where I got more of the same. Finally added no trades except for Thorn Grantura feeling certain that this would never happen. Remarkably was contacted by a really nice guy who offered his Grantura and of course wanted $ because they are not of equal value. Spoke on the phone a couple times and arranged simultaneous shipping day. He then told me a personal check in the case was 100% ok with him, I was floored! This was almost like dealing with the HFC. Guitar came in described condition and I am impressed. This is a smaller bodied 335 that sounds like a 335 but of course much better quality. Extremely comfortable to play sitting/ standing, hangs perfectly on a strap. Nice big 59 neck profile. Color is not what I would have picked if I was ordering new, but actually prettier than I expected. Reminds me of the Wine red Les Paul deluxe I owned. There has been a lot of hype regarding Thorn guitars but nowhere to play them. I know Pirateflyn has a couple. At any rate this is what I have been looking for some time, a smaller bodied 335 type guitar that evokes my memories of my old 66 335, in an easier for me, package to handle ArnieZ
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    Custom order 1991 Hamer Vector KK guitar. Candy apple red in very clean condition for its age. REVERSE boomerang inlays (really sparkly these ones), Ebony board, 24 frets, very clean Hamer Floyd hardware, Hamer HSC. This one really screams and is a quite awesome shredder in very rare configuration. Frets in great shape. Many more pictures available upon request. £2100 or $2850 USD. I will ship anywhere at cost.
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    Walked into my regular pawnshop stops. This Tom A was on the wall. They were trying to move some guitars before the end of the year. I told them if they'd make a killer cash deal, I'd run down the street to the bank for the money. They gave me a really low price,but I countered with $300 less than that, and they agreed. I got an AMAZING deal on the guitar. Here's some pics of my '03 Tom Anderson Hollow T Drop Top Tiger Eye:
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    After a year of prodding, an engineering student studying on my campus talked me into joining some midde aged guys he knows to form a pickup band. The lad affectionately calls us the Old Guys Jam Band, and we used that moniker at our first gig on NYE. It was the first legit gig for me with a full ensemble in about 20 years. A good time was had by all, and I got to sing lead vocals on a couple of songs in addition to guitar duties.The playlist included Stones, Beatles, Allmans, SRV, Greg Kihn band, GA Satellites, Melllencamp, and the like. I knew of the venue under many of its former existences. Not knowing a lot about it and the venue security in recent times, I opted to take my Phaez head, DIY 1x12 cab, Boss pedals, and my $150 PRS SE 245. The few sound clips I have heard were shockingly good. As we branch out more, I will consider taking a USA Hamer. I live in a very rural area, so the guys in the band are impressed that I used to do this as my living in the early '90s. Fun stuff chasing one's youth.
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    You may remember the Korina Artist on EBay for $850 with weak photos, almost no description, and a seller with zero feedback. I bit. Bad news was the guy took it to UPS to pack and they saw him coming a mile off. He politely sent receipt after shipping ($140 total) and said that while he took responsibility for only charging $30 for shipping, he’d be grateful if I wanted to help out. I sent him some extra because it was Christmas Eve. Humbug! Arrived last night. Packed to survive a war or UPS. Double boxed and came in at 29 pounds. Case is clean. Guitar needs some cleaning and strings but he did put a Monster cable, picks, strap and extra D’Addario 10s in the case. Clean, polish frets, oil the rosewood, snug the tuners, etc. String it and tighten the truss rod a quarter turn, raise the bridge. Excellent condition. No pitted or tarnished chrome, just annoying screwdriver marks on the TonePros tailpiece studs. Two micro-dings in the top, not to the wood. Normal polish and play swirls in the clearcoat. One scuffed area on the back that actually could buff out. No headstock dings, no buckle rash, no fret wear. Neck is straight as a Nebraska highway. Fret ends perfect. Very easy to play, no buzzing or weird stuff. Plugged in there was no scratchiness or weirdness. Really balanced, even, refined sound. Not brash and aggressive like the Moniker, not zingy and light like the Strat. Very capable. Did the Korina HBs come with the usual 59/JB combination? This doesn’t sound like a JB. Maybe it’s the chambered Korina but it doesn’t have that JB high-end bang. Hamer was really kilin’ it by 2000. I’ve had a dozen Hamers in 16 years and a couple of the 80s ones were not good guitars. The 90s ones were good but not always my thing. I’ve now had a 2000 Artist P90 and a 2004 Duotone 12er, plus this. All three are in a different league than anything I’ve played apart from a MotorAve, a Collings, a GMP, a Shishkov, and maybe one PRS. And it’s in that league but just less pricey and less bling. Pics soon. I’m writing this on my long train ride to work, and am going to rehearsal after work.
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    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=The Gear Page The Gear Page Popular music gear forum (often abbreviated as "TGP") frequented by misogynistic, tan-pant-wearing, Millennial-hating Baby Boomers who believe no good music has been created since 1975. Notable former members chased away by the bar-band know-it-alls include John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa and Elliot Easton. I didn't know how much my equipment sucked until I became a member of The Gear Page!
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    Pics. Flat office lighting but... Strings are wrapped funky since I loosened them to take the bridge off, then quickly tightened for the photos. Since been wrapped correctly
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    Well if you didn't get a lump of coal, you're still doing alright. My daughter gave me my only music-related gift: Other daughter got me a fancy set of beer glasses made for different types of beers. I'll be trying those out real soon. Wife got me a roll-up tonneau cover for the truck. Pretty sweet. Had a great Christmas - the truce held on all family feuds for once. Re-reading this, I'm pretty sure my fear of becoming a redneck has been realized. YEE Haw! I mean....Dammit.
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    2 words: spray booth.
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    So many of my idols during my formulative guitar years played a strat head something of a guitar that did not say "Fender" on it. Emphasis on "something" - wasn't restricted to SD Charvels, I was also awestruck by the lawsuit ESP stratheads played by George Lynch, Vito Bratta, Jake E. Lee during the Badlands run, Ronni Le Tekro and Dave Murray. Plus I have always adored that SD oiled neck finish since the first day I finally got my hands on one. That's why I jumped on an ESP strat sporting this neck when it came up locally. Not only better than an old Charvel via meatier profile but a helluva lot harder to acquire a legit example. This one is from the old 48th Street NYC custom shop, mid 1980s. When the guitar's original maple body (polar white) was way too heavy, I spec'ed a lightweight alder Musikraft several years ago to pure San Dimas specs (contours, cavity rout, wood screw Floyd mount) with some of my own requests thrown in and then let Stike do his spray booth magic on a finish inspired somewhat by Vai's "Crossroads" SD Jackson. And I converted the trunk of the neck from hard gloss to hand-rubbed Danish oil when I refretted it last year. Here's George Lynch last year at the Dallas vintage show playing around with my "Ruby" build. His orange submarine camo Charvel from the "Tooth and Nail" tour era was another inspiration in this guitar's revamp and I apparently nailed it ... he told me it was "perfect," told me my fretwork and neck refinements remind him of Phil Kubicki's custom guitar work, he played it non-stop as we shot the breeze, and he took pics of my guitar with his personal cell and texted them to the ESP Custom Shop gang as we BS'ed. Probably my biggest influence on guitar playing and guitars in general, praising "my" guitar he inspired. Nearly a year later and I am still just as giddy as a schoolgirl over it. Edited to add ... pickups were cream Duncans at the show. I ran into Seymour (longtime friend) and MJ at the show too, and Seymour loved "Ruby" too, enough to make my shop a Duncan dealer on the spot. Pickups went to black when I got my first Duncan shipment in a couple weeks later. The "Ruby" test drives were on Saturday at the vintage show. I returned to the show Sunday and when I ran into Seymour, the first thing out of his mouth was. "Hey, good morning. Man, love that red guitar. Me and George were talking about it again at dinner last night."
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    First he nailed the Prince tribute on Let’s Go Crazy....now he covers Fire. The bass player is absolutely throwing down and Bruno does his own thing on the solo. I like this guy. What can’t he do?
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    I thought I would group all my Hamers together for a family photo. Small collection compared to some I have seen on here but it continues to grow.
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    It’s definitely a cool guitar. We added a GraphTech Ghost piezo to it, which was surprisingly easy to work with and I think sounds great, but damn, it was a lot of wire to put in the control cavity.
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    Opened the box last night, everything was great! Guitar looks awesome and after some back and forth on the neck carve, Mike nailed it. The weather here sucks for taking pictures so I’ll post a few from Mike and then post more when the weather cooperates.
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    It was a nice place till Harmony Central shut down, thebrentrocks migration was real.
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    I close my eyes, spin around in a circle, Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey style, and fling a guitar pick against the wall. I look for the one whose stings are vibrating from the pick, and then I grab my SuperPro.
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    I've never been a big fan of PRS guitars ... fancy wood and thick resin like coatings are just not my style. Not only that but the few I've tried in guitar shops and what not just didn't sound right to me. HOWEVER ... I got this 2004 CE22 in a trade and I FUCKING LOVE IT !!! Merry Christmas everybody!
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    I don't have a lot to share yet, but here is a peek.
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    I saw this on Ebay for a good price, so I had to have it. The seller described it as "mint," and he wasn't kidding! Has 50 watts of EL-34 power! Ruby tubes and tube-driven spring reverb tank. Sounds almost like the Marshal I recently (stupidly) sold, but slightly deeper. Very well built; seems to be a notch or two above Marshall in build quality. Made in the UK!
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    Josh wound all 3 pups. We wired it up with a 6 way switch - lots of cool options on this one.
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    I just googled the Jeffries dude. There is apparently a whole COMMUNITY of guys into the "seduction" thing. This is a f***ed up world. I kinda feel badly for the seller. If you have all that pick-up-women stuff, and are selling guitar, amp, bass, mic, recording gear, you must have had a rough patch recently. Gonna be going over that guitar with rubbing alcohol, and maybe a priest, before playing it.
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    New Eric Johnson Signature Semi-Hollow. New album Collage is killer. Seeing him in February at the Plaza in Orlando. Guitar will arrive in late March.
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    In our hearts, you're number one at being number two.
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    Well, Mike hit me with some action pics from today. The last one is just fantastic! Drum roll......
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    Not an original idea, just sayin'
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    Wow, it usually takes people a couple of days to find out that you're unreasonable and difficult.
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    Received the local community calendar in the mail this week. Imagine my surprise when I see myself as the June pinup! It's a shot from my regular summer gig at the local farmers market...
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    It is, it has been posted a lot, but always glad to oblige That's all for now, don't want you to OD ArnieZ
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    Too many blue ones. You need some red and yellow.
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    FOR SALE: Vintage 1966 Gibson ES335 TDC Guitar - PRICE DROP!! Excellent condition for a 51 year-old guitar. This is a players guitar, not all original. But, it’s an wonderful instrument. I’ve owned it for 32 years. Meticulously maintained and updated to be in superb playing condition. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Frets were replaced with same size as original and Plek’d by Joe Glaser in Nashville about 3 years ago. (If you don’t know Joe, Google him, he’s the best of the best) The action is low, neck is straight, a tiny, tiny bit of playwear on the frets, but not much. The pickups are original, but the pots, wiring and jack are replaced, toggle switch is original. Bridge is replaced with a TonePros locking bridge, but, I actually still have the original bridge with nylon saddles in the case. A Bigsby and Stoptail studs were added. So, you can replace the Bigsby if you want to put a Stoptail on it. (Sorry, the original trapeze tailpiece didn’t come with it back when I got it). Tuners are original and still work fine. Neck dimensions are .810 at 1st to .951 at 12th fret. 1-9/16 nut width. Kind of bigger than a Slim 60’s but a little less than a ’59 carve. It was marked on the headstock as a factory 2nd. There is plenty of normal, honest playwear, weather checking, buckle wear from years of playing, but no serious damage, cracks or repairs. Even though I’ve played her a lot, its been taken great care of. I’ve posted lots of pics, if you want any specific pics, just let me know and I can send you them. Comes with its original hardshell case which is in fair shape with lots of mojo for sure. (Latches still work and has the original owners name painted on it (Michael Saucédo - I heard he was a blues player in the Midwest, long ago.) Please message me with any questions. $4,600. FIRM for now. Shipping/PayPal included (A PPG gift would be nice if you know me) Sorry, no trades on this one. Thx! Ernie
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    Some of you have read my "It's...Orange!" post, and I mentioned that I stupidly sold my Marshall DSL50. Well, a day after I bought the Orange, a DSL50 came up on Reverb for a good price. I made an offer, and it was accepted. I just received it yesterday. Condition-wise, it's in the same shape as the one I sold (almost like new). The good things, though, are that I paid less for this one than what I sold mine for; plus, it's a model year newer! It has the same sound I remember from my other one. I don't see this going anywhere soon!
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    Chaos ensued onstage at a recent Foreigner concert, when bassist Jeff Pilson, an exuberant player who covers a lot of stage area during his performances, accidentally squashed the band's midget drummer with the headstock of his Fender Precision Bass.
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    The most pertinent question remains: Why the hell didn't he do this to Don Dokken 25 years ago?
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    Heck with finding a case for that. Try getting that into a normal car. Now instead of worrying about whether or not a guitar is neck heavy, a player has to deal with roll, pitch, and yaw.
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    From facebook.
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    Woke up this mornin' with a glass bong in my hand. Whose bong? What dope? Where the hell did I smoke? Must have been a dream. I don't believe where I've been. Come on. Let's do it again. Then I remembered changing my guitar strings.
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    Gotcher surround sound rat cheer, Bubba.