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    Before we even get started with the guitar, this needs to be said. Trish and Mike are world class nice people, it would be impossible to do business with better. Mike is so accommodating I literally had to forbid him to do something he offered that was way beyond what one would expect. Now for the guitar: IMO absolutely stunning, exactly the way I had imagined in my wildest dreams! A little background ( just to prolong the wait) Initially I was looking for a wide flame top. When I was at the shop there were a lot of great flame billets to choose from but I wasn't feeling it. Mike showed me the top on this guitar and I immediately knew exactly what finish I wanted and could see it in my mind's eye! I asked Mike if he had any Brazilian boards, he said he did but didn't know where they were, buried somewhere. It wasn't really important but I asked very nicely if he could look for them.Found and chosen . Had a conversation with Josh Re pickups and was intending to use the coil slitting technique on the PRS DGT The only other item left was the inlays. At the time Mike was working on the Bullseyes. I like them but loved the 12th fret inlay. I asked Mike if it was possible it remove the pick from the middle of that inlay and use It for the rest of the inlays. Mike worked on that and the result of that is on the guitar. I think they came out great! Now for the guitar Sounds as good as it looks, as soon as my finger heals I'll be able to dig in a little more Very hard to photograph, but I promise it looks better in person, if you could believe that!!
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    I spent close to 16 hours in the car this weekend, am sick as a dog and wiped out, but it was TOTALLY worth it. I stopped by Mike's place and was just blown away. I'll just show pics of the one that followed me home to stay, but I did deliver two others. These are crappy cell phone pics - I'll take some REAL pics later.
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    So my daughter had her first gig today, played in front of about 300 people, and made $20. Proud Daddy moment. I know it's a crappy photo, but was busy enjoying the show.
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    We are pleased to announce that Mike Shishkov, one of the insanely talented builders from Hamer, is officially launching Shishkov Guitars, USA. Mike started a quarter of a century ago in the Arlington Heights shop, and made his way East to New Hartford in the late '90s with the company. With Hamer now a thing of the past, Mike will be hanging out his own shingle and taking on orders for what will simply be the finest custom electric guitars out there. Some of you may have noticed the first ever banner ad here at the HFC. We totally believe in this guy - he is the real deal, and he has been a long time friend and inspiration to us all. Please take some time to check out his site, ask questions, and revel in the knowledge that he'll be building them just as good, if not better, than before! This has been a long time coming, and things are still ramping up, but this could very well be the best news of the year! www.shishkovguitars.com
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    Hard to put this down, but here's the skinny: Chambered Korina body - light and loud Korina neck (Insanely) Quilted maple top Jazzburst finish - the finish of champions... 25 1/2" scale Ebony fretboard with "bullseye" inlays Gravelin pups - Bridge is PAF-ish, but tapable with the slug coil overwound. Yes, that is a black cover, not chrome. Neck pup is a beauty, possibly the best neck P90 i've had, and that says a lot MojoAxe wraptail - compensated with the traditional look Nickel hardware Gotoh 510 tuners with ebony buttons Multi-ply binding Electronics is a straight VT with a twist. Push-pull on the tone control taps the bridge *and* activates a preamp just on that coil - this keeps the volume consistent whether tapped or not, and the preamp is out of circuit when not tapped (and is never in circuit on the neck) Tele cup style output jack Dunlop straplocks Bone nut Yes - it has the Muse Tip. Just the tip... I'm probably forgetting a few other things. This beauty sounds amazing. Pretty much exactly what i expected between Mike's work and Josh's pups. Most guitars i play have a dead spot somewhere. If this one has one, i can't find it. Sustain is amazing, and the tone swings into a certain sweetness even at low volumes. I suck at describing tone, so i'll post a video at some point. Very comfortable - the neck joint is very nice, and the guitar is well balanced. Anyways - some picks, then it's back to the cave...
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    To refresh the minds~ It was a wreck. Jol did not provide any real detail of the instrument via memory or serial #. I can tell you that it went thru many incarnations. Many layers of paint with many label / decals, many routings between coats of paint, all factory done. Mystery (trem) bridge was never really revealed. All time period options of were dismissed. Guitar was gutted down to wood, refretted, shelf made for floyd nut, layers and layers of mahogany wood to fill the suspect trem routings. All mocked up, setup, prepped, then sent off to Stike for some spray. and..... wa la.... a newly refurbed mystery proto centura.
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    I havent plugged it in yet but I can say this is the best guitar I have ever owned! The WHOLE guitar resonates even when just hitting a single string. It almost like its alive but it really isn't which is good because that would be freaky. The ebony board feels great and notice the truss rod cover. Nice touch. I am more than happy with non bound headstock. I didn't know if my conversation with mike about the neck profile translated but he nailed it. I wanted one similar to a vintage Hamer and I got it. I agree it may be wider like chris mentioned but it feels good. This short post will have to do for now as I need to spend some time with this.
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    While wenge can be a PITA to work with, the end result is very cool!
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    Got a couple of cool packages in today. The new custom fit cases finally arrived, and they fit like a glove. Decided to stick with the burgundy interior, but went with a more vintage tweed look for the exterior.
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    If you're referring to a semi-hollow with an f-hole similar to an artist, then yes, I have something in the works.
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    Then at 3:04 today, I get a DELIVERED message. And I had to look at it in my office for an hour and a half. Trish warned me, but I was not prepared. The top is amazing. How do you prepare yourself for this?
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    Had to do a quick solo beach trip today, so took a Shishkov along for the ride...
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    Update from the Shishkov Shop: Been a busy week. Paperwork and more paperwork. Mahogany blanks coming out of the kiln next week. Maple tops on order. Supplier of the maple has stuff that blows my mind. Thank you for all of your support!
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    No longer available.
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    Took a little down time when Jackass stopped by the shop recently, was fun catching up. Love this guy, miss working with him.
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    This is copied and pasted from some communication I've had with Laura: "Also - it is looking like we will be having a memorial for Ken on August 6. A more somber/serious event at the A.D. Bruce Chapel on the campus of the University of Houston; an event later in the day at a local venue (Under the Volcano) for a more celebratory event with friends getting up and playing live music in tribute." "Tom - can you please spread the word re: Ken's memorial on HFC? I will provide specific details re: more serious service (not religious) and the friends playing live music event as we are able to firm them up. I know Ken seriously treasured all of the friendships he was able to create and foster on HFC. He was on the forum ALL the time. Here is the urn I selected for his remains - I hope you'll find it fitting:" I thought the urn was beyond awesome....
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    HI Everyone, Josh Gravelin here - the guy who's building the pickups for the Shishkov instruments. The fact that my name came up at all for this project is kind of amazing to me because I don't have a website nor have I advertised my services - it's all been word of mouth, from players telling their friends, etc. I'm incredibly grateful and humbled in having this opportunity and as you all know, there's certainly no shortage of reputable companies making quality pickups. The fact that I was chosen for this isn't something I take lightly and I'm thrilled to be doing this for Mike and for all of YOU! A little background on me: 25 years as a professional active musician (national and international touring, bunches of records, session work, all the late-nite tv shows, commercial radio jingles, etc), 12 years in guitar shops doing everything from sales to service manager, and also served as instrument tech while touring for nearly every band I've ever gone out with. I repaired my first pickup in 1997, ruined and then repaired bunches more with my own instruments, have spent literally thousands of hours and dollars experimenting, learning, researching, and refining the skills and knowledge required to do it "right". About 6 years ago, I felt I was finally ready to start building and repairing pickups for others in a professional capacity and quickly developed a reputation for my rewinds and refurbishing of vintage pickups - Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Hofner, Rickenbacker - old Dimarzios and Duncans, and a special interest in the oddballs and off-brands from the 50's and 60's: Danelectro, DeArmond, Dixon, Eko, Goya, Guyatone, Harmony, Ibanez, Kay, Kent, Maxon, National, Sekova, Silvertone, Supro, Teisco, Tokai, Univox, Valco...some of those pickups are really great, and some...well...not so much! Learning the secrets of how and why some designs work and others don't is fascinating and even with pickups I'm familiar with, there's always something new to take in. I've been in the R&D stages for the last month- prototyping, experimenting with different grades of steel from samples provided from 5 different manufacturers, different bar magnets of varying grades from 4 different suppliers - mixing and matching to find the right combinations that will really bring out the best in these instruments. Nothing I'm using comes in "kit" form and I'm selecting the absolute best stuff I can get my hands on. The only concession I had to make was using modern plastic bobbins instead of butyrate plastic as found in the classic Gibson examples because butyrate bobbins with a 50mm spacing for the bridge pickup position aren't available unless I buy in for a 1000 piece run and have them made especially for me. I simply don't have the cash to throw down on something like that right now, as having the molds made alone costs well over $1000. We'll see what the future brings! That said, I've spent many many hours finding pictures of old Hamers, comparing the colors of the pickups and plastics used, and have found what I feel to be as close to an exact match as anyone could hope for, including the pickup mounting rings. It wasn't easy and at one point, I actually had a nightmare about it. Hard work and perserverance usually pays off and I'm happy to say it did in this instance. I know some of you are curious about the specifics of the metals I'm using for slugs, screw poles, keeper bar, magnet grades, etc. Once, a long time ago on another forum, I publically shared some very specific information on a pickup that wasn't being produced at the time - someone swooped in, lifted my work, and within 2 months was selling a product and making money off of my research. Lesson learned. But, as these are Shlabotniks, of course they're mostly made with Unobtainium so I'm not too worried about it. - Nickel Silver frames (long leg neck, short leg bridge) - Unoriented Unobtainium magnet in the bridge - Polished Unobtainium magnet in the neck - Unobtainium slugs, keeper bar, and screw poles - Maple spacers - 42 AWG single build coil wire - wound and assembled by yours truly - very lightly potted I'm not posting resistance values, henries, or any other electronic measurement specs at this time because I'm still waiting on the rest of the parts to arrive and will be putting together the final prototypes, gigging them, and have one more stage of fine-tuning to do. For all of you - for Mike - and yes, for me - these pickups need to be stellar and I'm making sure that they will be. Once the guitars have shipped, I will make singles and sets of these humbuckers available to paid HFC members with "Supporter" status. P90s, Single Coils, Jazz and Precision bass styles also, but only when I've built them specifically for the Shishkov instruments. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'm seriously busy and have a LOT going on with all of this, but I'll do my best to reply as quickly as I can. I hope you're all happy and doing well! Thanks for reading.