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    Dave, if the neck was not disclosed, I think you should return it. I have had a couple instances where I negotiated an adjustment for undisclosed issues and opted for an adjustment rather than ship back... took it in the shorts both times. I also don't think weasely people should be let off the hook
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    I'd like my workstation to be that neat.
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    Your sax player's shirt might be a rare collectible, as well.
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    I use cables that were made before the advent of $150 ten foot cables and the like.
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    I saw Tap at the Tower Theatre in Philly on that tour. Funnier than the movie, and that's been one of my top 3 movies since 1984!
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    Eat your heart out HFC.
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    2 of my guitars came w/ EMGs and I haven't changed 'em out
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    Hmm, "billet" and "fancy" don't sound like they're going to equate to "good price" for me. I'm keeping an eye out for a Vibe and and EP3.
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    One fine Un-Telecaster. Started live as a James Burton Tele, Lave Red Finish (kinda swirley/blotchy). The neck is pretty much the same as the BAJA Telecaster, nice full handful of maple. The guitar was really clean when I got it but had been played in the Cowboy Chord area and the frets were worn down. I need a Tele to run with my Junior for live shows so I bought this one and reworked it to suit my needs. Frets were Dressed and Leveled Cheap Tuners Replaced with Sperzels new shallow holes added for grip points and holes were reamed to fit new tuners. Bridge Replace with 3 saddle instead of 6 saddle Added String Saver Saddles Gutted and wired with CTS Pots, 5way. Pickups changed to Dimarzio Chopper T in the Bridge and a Cruiser in the Neck. Body was NOT Routed to fit strat size neck. It just fit. Ditched he White Guard and hand made the new guard. Still sounds great clean, great mids for dirty tones. Finish is in great shape, Neck is in great shape, I put a lot into and sometimes I just get a kick out of doing the projects. Specially when they come out this good. You get this guitar with a gig bag, no surprises from some strange seller off the internet. Plays like a million buck and I will add more photos tonight. $650. Shipped to your door.
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    Are you kidding me??? That bad boy is awesome! 2 P90s and what is that bridge bucker? ..and there is no way I could call Mike, plan a build, and tell him I want the Muse shaft on it.....no way, no how. Talking to him about the Muse tip was difficult enough.....
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    All, My band-mates and I put together a Christmas vid, and I figured I would share it with you all https://youtu.be/M5T2zmOArtg This is the 1980 Special that I had Stike refinish...loaded with some amazing Gravelin pups! No pedals, just that sweet machine plugged into my DrZ Mini-Z (w/ 10" Greenback)... Hope you all enjoy! Thanks again to everyone that helped make that project turn out as well as it did...from parts, to case, to suggestions...you guys rule! Merry Christmas! Jer (BlueJer)
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    ...and he looks like Bobby Keys, so the cool factor goes up. I had a near exact shirt like that in 1973.....
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    No guitar content, but still pretty cool, IMO. While at the Arlington Guitar Show this year, I ran across this very cool 62 or 63 Ludwig Cocktail drum set. I became intrigued with cocktail sets a few years ago when Gretsch issued a USA kit. I don't think they make them anymore. Anyway, I had no way to get this kit home the weekend we were at the guitar show, so my buddy who lives in Austin took it home with him. This past weekend I was visiting Austin and had it shipped back home. It arrived yesterday. I still need to get some more appropriate cymbals, probably a 12 inch hi hat set and a heavier 16 inch crash to use as a ride/crash. It has in interesting sound. The snare sounds come from a group of snare springs that are pushed up and touching the underside of the snare head. It doesn't have the snap I'm used to from a 14" steel snare. Still, it's snappy enough. There's a round solid piece of wood about 5 inches below the snare head that separates the snare and bass side. The mounted tom is non-original, and I 'm not sure what brand, there are no markings. It sounds good, though. The pedal is also non-original DW-4000. I'm not sure that I'll ever have much of a use for it. It could be useful for impromptu jam sessions or very small, quiet gigs. For your viewing pleasure:
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    Might be just right for a gig aimed at the 'martini & mojito' crowd: From what I've seen/heard online, they seem to be popular in Latin music, too.
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    My 18 Nov order is here. I made another one later, no word on that one yet. And heaven help me, there are still a couple of pedals I would buy from them if they are offered at good prices again.
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    30 seconds of "Sam I Am" would be all that's necessary to send that disc out the window like a Supertramp cassette.
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    Since everything old is often new again, sometimes more than once, my most outdated piece of gear is me.
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    Why you ask, easy enough I've gone all in on Shishkovs.
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    Anyone want a '81 Hamer Sunburst for $1899? Not this one. Anyone want a 2017 Fender Professional Series Dafney Blue Strat with solid rosewood neck? Not this one. Anyone want to visit Guitar Center? Not this one.
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    Original Marshall Blues Breaker pedal. A constant fixture on my board since 1992.
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    My old friend Tina, who has been doing a project under the artist name "Nymphya" just put out her first CD, and I got mentioned in the credits. About a year ago, Tina told me she wanted some guitar over the outro of one of her songs, in the style of Eric Clapton, and she asked if I would play it. My first reaction was "Boy, have YOU got the wrong guy." I'm not a blues guy, never was, never will be. Overruling my objections, she sent me a rough mix and asked that I give it a go. I first came up with a part for the chorus of the song, that WAS me; a chorusy, jangley, arpeggiated, Telecaster bit that I thought was pretty good, but not what she asked for. Then, I set to the task of recording several passes of upper-fret solos. For this. I pulled out the Gravelin-equipped (MIK) Sunburst, played through my baby "Marshall" 18 Watter clone. If anything, it was more Duane that Eric but what it really was was hackneyed blues licks from somebody who has no feel for the blues, and doesn't care to. I DropBoxed the various bits off to her, and told her to use what she liked. Weeks later, I listened again to the parts I had played and realized that not only were they predictable and boring, but I had played them badly. My timing was terrible and the intonation on my bends was off. I hardly play at all these days - too much real life going on - and "if you don't use it, you lose it". I just don't have the chops and the only way to get them back is practice... a lot. There was no way I was going to pull off anything worthwhile in a single evening. Upon that realization, I was pretty depressed and texted Tina to tell her, "It's your record, but if you want my opinion, my playing sucked and I wouldn't use it." She apparently agreed, because I'm not on the final version of the song. I am, however, listed in the "Thanks also to:" section if the liner notes. I'm still depressed that I can't play for shit, but at least I get an album credit for my self-awareness. Oh, and here's a picture of my Sunburst, just because pictures of Hamers make everything better.
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    This is cool. My Rock and Roll Santa song will be critiqued on air Friday at 0900 pacific time on the Stay or Go segment of the Frosty, Heidi, and Frank show on 95.5 KLOS. I will be interviewed briefly as part of it. This will be fun! Tune in if you’d like!
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    Would that make it: "The Muse Shaft"? <shudder...> And for the record, this one is not mine, though i do know the gent that got it.
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    Usually not a green fan, but that looks great. The inlays are pretty nice, too. Well done all around.
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    I dig the matching headstock. Sort of a reverse-MuseTip effect.
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    That's not very HFC like. You give us nothing to debate but your favorite list of....
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    Per my post in Ask The HFC Experts, I've snagged this '98 Marshall 1960B flat front 4 x 12 in a bid to remedy the lack of "oomph" in my guitar tone. Welcome to Oomph-ville.
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    Dave... http://www.fretsonthenet.com/index.htm
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    Amp/new cab report: After using the new cab in conjunction with the newly revamped head (new tubes and transformer) during a full fledged, bona fide band rehearsal, I am happy to report this set up kicks all sorts of major ass! And while it's easy to dismiss my jubilant, glowing review and exaltation as customary hyperbole, I really am floored by how much better this rig sounds. My Cali's have taken on new sonic dimensions and fullness! The band noted how much more of my playing they could actually hear though that may not be a good thing. Some unwanted volume issues did also come up as a result of my new rig set up but the oomph was both tangible and impressive. The clarity was noteworthy despite the low down, dark and dirty being a little bit more ominous. I cannot wait to use this in a gig situation, and lucky for me, I have one coming up this weekend! Sadly, this is the joint I posted about in Sept. that has an owner who is volume shy and would not appreciate the beauty of a hard driven Marshall JVM 205 thru a badass 1960B flat front cab. It's sort of shame this rig wasn't in place back at Nov's gig at the airplane hangar. We did a benefit show where we didn't rely on in-ears, instead, using a couple of huge monitors behind us to both provide our monitoring as well as projecting to the audience. We also dialed up our amps to help project and I found my rig lacking then. If I had this current one, it would've been a vastly different story!
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    Roller bridge, lubricate the Bigsby front roller, and the nut, and I have no tuning problems; upgrading the roller makes a substantial improvement to the the tone of the guitar. Jaberwock
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    Just because someone won an auction with a low bid does not mean that the seller will have to accept it. There have been other eBay items that sold for "good deal" prices that got negated because the seller noticed some undisclosed damage when packing the item.