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    $700 shipped with a hard shell case This is "Puddy", a 94 Special. Really great shape but not perfect-perfect. Medium neck. SD humbucker pups. Rich sounding mahogany body. Chameleon tv-yellow as I feel it changes color by absorbing/reflecting/doing a Vulcan mind meld with whatever color the room it's in happens to be. Slight flaking on finish of rosewood.
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    That's Henry fer ya...maybe he's trying to capture the Chinese market? Though with all the counterfeit guitars out there, why would ANYONE want to make an American-made guitar look like it came from China?
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    Year of the Dog Shit, it seems. Next year it'll both be behind by 1 year and ahead by 11
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    Only $6699: https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/gibson-celebrates-chinese-new-year-with-year-of-the-dog-les-paul
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    Wampler Faux Tape Echo Delay. Another winner from the good people at Wampler. Gets very convincing tape-echo sounds, and can clean up to a more direct, digi-type delay, too. In very good, used condition and includes original box, manual, canvas bag, rubber feet, etc. $125 PayPal gift, shipped USPS Priority Mail in CONUSA. Thanks for looking!
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    Seafoam Green, Warmoth 59 profile super flamed one piece maple neck, MannMade Trem, Custom set of 3 calibrated Harmonic Design Z90 pickups, five way switch, adjustable post locking Gotoh tuners, Tremel-no trem stabilizer and trademark infringing headstock logo. 8 lb., 3 oz. Includes hand painted older Fender Jazzmaster case. This is probably the nicest parts guitar I've ever assembled. The guitar set up effortlessly with low action and no neck issues. Tight neck pocket fit. Excellent acoustic resonance. Anyone interested at $1,300.00 including shipping (U.S.)? I have a Shiskov in the final stages and I need to pay Trish!
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    Interesting, never seen one of these with humbuckers before!
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    The Aragon 4004 and the PA 5 are Audio Amps (audiophile) if anyone is wondering...I like the 4004 toroidal transformers. Just a FYI... G
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    Snagged this on Reverb's St. Patrick's Day 15% sale. Though listed as a "floor model," there isn't a ding or scratch to be found. I've been told they take them out of the case, take pictures, then put them back. The last few Gibsons I bought had glaring finish flaws; this one doesn't. There's a stray file mark here and there on the fretboard, but other than that, it's good! It played fine out of the box, but I need to do "my" set-up on it. Surprises: It's very light; maybe 6.5 pounds or so; it came with knob pointers installed; the body has black binding on the back, as well as the front; the back wood matches the neck, and is better quality than expected. The top wood is supposed to be plain maple, but it's obviously better than that!
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    See, I like how it looks too. And then I don't. Regardless, as I was pulling guitars out of the proverbial closets, I opened up a gig bag and had forgotten all about this one. Ah well, I'm selling ones I love and, well, ones I love. I love them all- they're all fun players and who doesn't love a G&L or a Special or an import Standard? But Toadie's got a Shishkov coming at some point and I really need to learn to let stuff go. Especially some of the old Audis I have kicking around. What a scrounge. I've got an old Aragon 4004 for you if you've got a PA 5 for me. I'd add cash.
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    $1400, OHSC, Shipped Saved the best for last. You know what it is. Used to belong to @Michael_B, who has exquisite taste and takes great care of his tools. Ebony tips on the machines, bound and glorious. In fantastic condition.
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    $750, HSC, Shipped Yeah baby! I call her "Cordelia" as she's a screaming bitch redhead, wailing through an SD Custom 5 in the bridge. Something else SD is in the neck, but who cares, you'll never even bother with it. Everyone needs a Hamer Special, and a Special FM is the best way to do it (unless you have @tomteriffic's old wrap-tail modified "Meet the Beatles" black P90 Special as I do) bringing's Hamer's beautiful, rich burst to to the Flame Maple. Medium neck, a couple of chips, and the chrome on the hardware is pitted, which is a pity. But she's a bad girl who begs to be spanked. Look at this back side. Oooh, ahh, one fine piece of mahogany.
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    Wanna keep the neck of your guitar clean? Wash your hands before you play.
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    Thanks. Cool track! This is definitely the sound I'm going for. I still love metal/hard rock but over the past few years I've been getting more into twangier/jazzier things.
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    Good point. The Chinese Slash and the Chinese Jimmy Page might endorse these abominations
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    He is the marketing team. Seriously. All those robot tuners? Him. That F&^#%kng Xbird thing? totally Him. Anything that is deemed shit? guess who...
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    Too much time in Scotland. <old man voice> In my travels I've seem many a strange thing. But none as strange as the Gibson Les Dog </old man voice>
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    I love it when you go all Britspeak on us Rick
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    Words... fail...brain... cannot comprehend... He's taking the piss, right?
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    One can only picture Henry J. brainstorming with the marketing team: "You know what people like? They like their DOGS! We need to go after that high-income pet owner, the one with no qualms about spending their disposable income on their Labradoodle! THAT'S where the money is! Loyal to their brands, loyal to their pets, loyal to our legend....GIVE ME DOGS!" You just gotta KNOW the guys in the Custom Shop are thinking, "We are soooooo fucked...." inbetween sending out resumes to every instrument and cabinet manufacturer in the country
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    Gee, I wonder why they're having financial problems.
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    My friends when I first bought this one back in 1975 called it my "Bat" Guitar... Ovation Breadwinner..