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    Not to be callous, but in hard-partying rock star years, he was an octogenarian. Especially as a drummer. Cool guy, big loss.
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    Restocking/Annoyance fee. You’re NOT Guitar Center!
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    I recently sold a guitar on Reverb. Within two hours of delivery, the buyer requested a refund, saying "it's a very nice guitar, it's just not for me". My "shop" return policy at the time was the default Reverb recommended return policy, which left me with no other choice than to accept. The policy states "buyer receives full refund in their original payment method less any shipping charges". Simple enough, right? The buyer agreed so I figured we were all good. Long story short, although clearly stated in their policy, if the refund is anything less than the total price paid (purchase price + shipping), Reverb will charge their 3.5% selling fee on the refunded amount. In this case, the total price paid was $1345, with $45 of that being shipping. The refunded amount was $1300, on which Reverb charged me their customary 3.5% selling fee. Had I not deducted the shipping fee, there would have been no charge. As it happened, I deducted $45 only to be assessed a selling fee of $45.50. After forty-five minutes with customer service, they agreed to refund the fee "due to the misunderstanding". The easy out is that items listed "as-is" are excluded from the return policy, so buyers have no recourse beyond justifying a "not as described" claim. I think my approach will be to continue to accept returns, but in addition to not refunding shipping cost, I'll charge a restocking fee sufficient enough to leave me whole when all is said and done.
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    no reason given in the posting I saw here
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    Vinnie Paul grew up listening to the same music as most of us here on the board then he came up with his own musical direction. I saw Pantera. I saw Hellyeah. I saw Vinnie Paul, Dimebag, and Rex play on stage with Ace Frehley. Vinnie Paul rock and rolled me a few times.
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    RIP. Doesn't seem very old does it?
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    @Jakeboy, its a Hamer. I've been wanted to get another Hamer for some time now but I wanted both something familiar and something I haven't had yet. I found one that needs a couple of parts to put it back to stock so it will be a fun project. Someone better call dibs now!
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    So, may I try to close the loop here? Though I missed on an admittedly spectacular Hamer, I have a new old toy to play with - Say hello to my 1968 SG Special, baby (next to a few of the clan, incl a BCR Jr from this board)! And, yeah, I am gonna take the vibe piece off and throw it in the case w the rest. Just got it in the door. Things could be worse. Happy weekend, all.
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    I've posted that photo a dozen times and just today noticed that guitar has a Bigsby. Maybe they thought he was Neil Young.
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    More interesting to me is Sonny uses that newer generation of Dimarzio hum-cancelling singles we've talked about in other threads. That alone should tell you the strides Dimarzio has made beyond high-output distortion class humbuckers. Zachary is a treasure too, and I'm not just saying that because he and I are related He is unbelievably popular in French-speaking Canada thanks to not only the language but the shared cultural ties. I've spent a lot of time with both of those guys away from the stage and studio, and they are genuine jewels of people in addition to being stellar musicians. Thanks for sharing!
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    Sonny is one of the true treasures of Louisiana. Thanks for sharing. Interesting Strat he is playing with the Tele bridge setup.
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    Ever visited www.hamercasesfanclub.com ? That is where all the Hamer case fans hang out and show pictures of their collections of empty cases.
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    PhatCats have only been around since the Hamer Newport that they were designed for came out (in 1999), so there aren't really "older" ones. They were available for individual purchase a few years later after the exclusive ran out. I've put them in a few Daytonas, and they work really well in that platform.
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    I agreed to hold a Music Man Sterling I had advertised for someone who needed a few days to get his money together. The ad has been around for a while. Some guy called me up from the Boston Bass Company and told me that he was ready to buy for more money, and I was a jerk for giving the first guy a little time. Eventually I met the first guy halfway between where I live and Atlanta. We did cash for the agreed price. I kept my word and slept well. It was good that things worked out, too, because usually it is the people you try to help that end up cheating you.
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    Sneaky peaky...... More to be revealed soon.......There will be a few twists.......
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    Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons https://youtu.be/xn6KqC1c0Kg
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    Yep, ya gotta start somewhere, and all kinds of companies start by copying a product leader to learn how to master building a classic. Canon's first camera was a detailed copy of a Leica III in the '50s, and that was the start of something big.
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    Ah the Sustainblock syndrome, some just can't handle the sound it produces and you will fight with it. Don't change the pot out, just roll the tone off. If you change it out not only are you going to change the tone of the bridge but the tone of the neck pup. I tried the same thing, going with a 300K first then 250K and I just ended back at 500k where I started. The Sunburst is not a Les Paul, it is its own thing and you can't change it.
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    boy....short list, sadly. 2 Cali's, a SS, and a Diablo.
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    I was told by Mike that a post of mine from a recent thread was spot on and he asked that I pin it at the top to serve as a guideline for discussing ideas and future orders. I've edited it slightly to give context outside the thread. Please keep it in mind when posting. Hamer model names are a language we all understand so its quick and easy to use them when discussing an idea for a potential Shishkov order. I completely understand why people do it. Please remember when discussing that Mike is NOT making new Hamers, although one can understand the confusion when people see how much the Ultimate design was inspired by a Standard. It's important to note that while they share some similarities, they are different guitars. The biggest concerns comes from when someone says something like "how much will Mike charge to build a Watson". Mike is definitely not in business to build Hamer replicas but statements like that might lead someone to believe that he is. Will Mike build people guitars inspired by a Watson or one of their favorite models just as was done with the ultimates? The answer is yes, but these new models will also be different guitars just as the Ultimates are. Let's not forget that Mike has some ideas for things none of us has even seen yet so there maybe something on the horizons even better than that Talladega styled guitar you were thinking about. Lastly, There WILL NOT be another run of Ultimates available at a special price, but they can be ordered on an individual basis. Expect pricing to be reasonable but relative to a regular custom order from Mike. The initial run was a way of financing Mike's new venture (ala kickstarter) as well as thanking those that believed enough to put money down up front.