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    I finally got around to replacing the unlinked Photobucket pictures for 0059 - See Page 1. And added a few more.
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    New Eric Johnson Signature Semi-Hollow. New album Collage is killer. Seeing him in February at the Plaza in Orlando. Guitar will arrive in late March.
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    So many of my idols during my formulative guitar years played a strat head something of a guitar that did not say "Fender" on it. Emphasis on "something" - wasn't restricted to SD Charvels, I was also awestruck by the lawsuit ESP stratheads played by George Lynch, Vito Bratta, Jake E. Lee during the Badlands run, Ronni Le Tekro and Dave Murray. Plus I have always adored that SD oiled neck finish since the first day I finally got my hands on one. That's why I jumped on an ESP strat sporting this neck when it came up locally. Not only better than an old Charvel via meatier profile but a helluva lot harder to acquire a legit example. This one is from the old 48th Street NYC custom shop, mid 1980s. When the guitar's original maple body (polar white) was way too heavy, I spec'ed a lightweight alder Musikraft several years ago to pure San Dimas specs (contours, cavity rout, wood screw Floyd mount) with some of my own requests thrown in and then let Stike do his spray booth magic on a finish inspired somewhat by Vai's "Crossroads" SD Jackson. And I converted the trunk of the neck from hard gloss to hand-rubbed Danish oil when I refretted it last year. Here's George Lynch last year at the Dallas vintage show playing around with my "Ruby" build. His orange submarine camo Charvel from the "Tooth and Nail" tour era was another inspiration in this guitar's revamp and I apparently nailed it ... he told me it was "perfect," told me my fretwork and neck refinements remind him of Phil Kubicki's custom guitar work, he played it non-stop as we shot the breeze, and he took pics of my guitar with his personal cell and texted them to the ESP Custom Shop gang as we BS'ed. Probably my biggest influence on guitar playing and guitars in general, praising "my" guitar he inspired. Nearly a year later and I am still just as giddy as a schoolgirl over it. Edited to add ... pickups were cream Duncans at the show. I ran into Seymour (longtime friend) and MJ at the show too, and Seymour loved "Ruby" too, enough to make my shop a Duncan dealer on the spot. Pickups went to black when I got my first Duncan shipment in a couple weeks later. The "Ruby" test drives were on Saturday at the vintage show. I returned to the show Sunday and when I ran into Seymour, the first thing out of his mouth was. "Hey, good morning. Man, love that red guitar. Me and George were talking about it again at dinner last night."
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    My wife looked over my shoulder and said "are those star trek badge guitars?"
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    It’s definitely a cool guitar. We added a GraphTech Ghost piezo to it, which was surprisingly easy to work with and I think sounds great, but damn, it was a lot of wire to put in the control cavity.
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    Opened the box last night, everything was great! Guitar looks awesome and after some back and forth on the neck carve, Mike nailed it. The weather here sucks for taking pictures so I’ll post a few from Mike and then post more when the weather cooperates.
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    Just for some context... because we all have a different approach and different likes... Me: Old ex-hipster, not a shredder, competent, decent rhythm/textural player. Influences: Geordie Walker, Kevin Shields, The Edge. Band sound: Original electronic-based pop/rock with female vox. We get compared to Garbage, Portishead, and Phantogram. Approach: Not really into making traditional sounds or music, not blues-based. Amp/effects: A Tencount (sort of a boo-teek 35-watt Deluxe spinoff, single 12-inch speaker) or a (don't laugh) ZT Lunchbox. Effects are Mad Professor fuzz, overdrive, and tremolo, TC delay and looper. When sixesandsevens got a Strandberg 8-string, the idea kind of nagged at me. Did a little reading. So many interesting ideas, and he was so enthusiastic. Plus being married to a Swede, I've really learned to appreciate the Scandinavian approach to design and manufacturing, which is big on practicality and short on flash. What if someone really did approach the electric guitar as an engineering challenge, aware of the history but not beholden to making some recreation of an iconic 60-year-old design? And the reviews were stellar. People who have something not everyone else has tend to go overboard on enthusiasm. They become evangelists, and can be blind to shortcomings and hostile to criticism. However, I kept seeing "light weight," and "comfortable," and "sold my other guitars." Also "stable tuning," and "acoustically loud." YouTube wasn't much help. A lot of high-gain chug-chug and speedy scales through Kempers loaded with must be Diezel models. I'd have to go on faith, so I perused the manufacturer site and Reverb. Holy schnitzels. Two large bills for a guitar made in Indonesia or China with a satin finish? The used USA-made or new Swedish-made ones are even pricier, out of my price range. I was intrigued by the Korean ones, but those were old model years, and used were as much as the Indonesian/Chinese. Oh well. Then, an hour after my last visit to strandberg.com, I went back to find one added in "Specials." 6 strings, flame maple top, and Korean. Brand spanking NOS, a 2016-and-a-half "LE" that had the nicer 2017 features of the roasted maple neck with twin carbon fiber strips and the Seymour Duncan pickups and latest hardware. Even was a rosewood board! I went for it. After all, has a 14-day return policy. Arrived Saturday. Well-packed. Nice gig bag! Oh...my... it is TINY! And weighs nothing! And is... ...in tune. Five days with FedEx in freezing temperatures and it is in tune and the setup is... perfect. Intonates right up the neck. I immediately started scanning it for flaws. Neck pocket is tight. No sharp frets. In fact, they're rounded nicely and not leveled down but have nice round crowns. No ripples or dings or anything in the body, and the rosewood is really tight-grained. Ebony knobs, and the pots turn smoothly. The top is kind of underwhelming but it's the satin finish: the flame is actually nice, and it occurs to me that if I went at it for a day with Virtuoso polish it might really pop. Playing it, the fanned frets are a non-issue. It balances well and body shape is nice. The neck is quite substantial, not a shred neck, and the shape is kind of weird. At first I try to play "properly" with my thumb on the back of the neck, but soon realize I can do my customary gorilla technique on some chords and play properly on others. After ten minutes it feels very easy to play, though still different. As you'd expect with a headless guitar that has a roasted maple/carbon-reinforced neck, you can bend the crap out of a note and it stays in tune. And strumming, it is LOUD, and vibrates like mad. You feel like the guitar is going to jump off you lap, it's so light and resonant. This liveliness is the thing I find weirder than the shape or weight or neck or fanned frets or headless hardware. Plug-in time with the band. A spot of fine-tuning and tuners are odd. A little stiff, but very precise. Turn it on and it sounds... ...like a good guitar. Quite warm and open sounding. The neck SD Jazz is not too bassy or muddy. The JB in the bridge is not as harsh as I expected, having played them in my maple-topped Studio. More mellow on the Strandberg. The number 2 position - just a singlecoil of the neck pickup - is outstanding. A volume drop and a very Strat kind of tone, and I love it for doing slinky rhythm stuff. The number four position is one coil from each pickup, and is immensely useful as well. Downsides? It might simply not be comfortable for some people. It looks weird. It doesn't have a classic sound: no Tele, Les Paul, Strat, 335 or Gretsch tones. But if the Strandberg had come out in 1955 we might now all be chasing the Strandberg sound. It's all about perspective and your own likes and needs. And it's not made in USA. To be honest, I really like to support my own economy (nothing against my international brothers and sisters) but Ed Yoon, who runs the US operation, was super-nice in our communications. Upsides? While not cheap, if you can get past paying that much for an Korean or Indonesian or Chinese guitar, the quality is top-notch, with a functional but immaculate finish. If you like light weight and a comfortable neck, it can't be beat, for my 5-10 slim frame and average-sized hands. It's sonically versatile, stays in tune as well as anything I've played, and is portable enough to carry on a plane. And it has "soul." I expected to feel like I was playing an appliance or a piece of IKEA furniture, but to me, it has that elusive feel of personality, quirks, vibe, mojo, and that "I'm an instrument, so come on man, let's PLAY." It possesses an energetic, playful spirit. I like it very much.
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    take it from somebody who knows. YES
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    Now, its starting to crossover from the internet into my real life. I stopped by my local shop to check out a "What hot and whats not" and the amp tech stops me on the way out to say hi. First thing out of his mouth is "What are you into this week?". So after telling him what I have, he ask me "So when was the first time you played through one of those?", my response was "When it hit my doorstep". The puzzled look on his face told me everything I needed to know. I'M NUTS! I have the little 3 Monkeys on a few Facebook pages and the locals are buzzing, when I put something up for sale everyone comes by to see what the "Freakshow" is rolling out this time. In this neck of the woods if its not a Mesa Boogie, Peavey or a Fender, its like it dropped from space. Chicago is 3 hours away and some act like it is a three day expedition and you may not come back. Actually the second part may be true if your not careful. All that being said, i've made some really good friends through all the years of burning through gear, I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun and as I approach my 40th Birthday (December 13th) I hope to wrap this circus up. Somebody has colleges, weddings, and kids to shoe.
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    ^^^ Same here. I will say I screw mine directly into a wall beam. They say you can use those plastic inserts into drywall but I'm not going to take a chance.
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    You're not allowed to weigh in on this topic. You bought one of these.
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    Was going to reply in my best David Spade voice, "I liked it better the first time.... when it was called the Jackson Roswell."
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    Its hard when they are this good. I tried very hard on the color to let it be what it is going to be. I'd rather be happy with what I get, than to get what I ask for. The journey makes the process worth the wait. As much as I change my mind or go through gear, I was afraid by this time in the build i'd be over it. NOT OVER IT!!! LOL
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    Dan Strain in Nashville is where you want to go... And there's the Warmoth "S" that's the best pic I've ever taken...
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    That's one of my own doing, with a little help from Stike. Custom lightweight Musikraft reverse/lefty '65 Strat body, reverse/righty trem route, big ol' beefy "D" neck 0.90/1.0", SuperVee Bladerunner, Lollars, and a kickin' Chartreuse Metalflake Nitro finish and vintage satin slab rosewood board.
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    If some of you guys got in a fight with an accordion player one would be wise to bet on the accordion player to win.
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    The FACKYO Melocaster (with synchronized meat press). The FACKYO TOO Stratobird Recently refurbished and modified... Selling this Melancon was a HUGE mistake! ...as was selling my '59 slab board. There have been many others, but I don't have all fukkin' day.
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    Meh. Jackson's got 'em beat: Uglier than sin Roswell.
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    Not a "Fender" Strat but here ya go. My G&L Legacy.
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    One of the harder aspects of a custom order is keeping it under wraps until the reveal.
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    I was gonna get a Vaschenko, but my urologist said it wasn’t covered by my insurance.
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    A les paul. I have the U#40, a newport and a mapletop mirage. I have plenty of midrange flavored punch in those 3, but I still have that singlecut fever. I blame Ace.
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    Blue guitars sound better. TM
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    Pretty cool that you were in a band with Joan Jett.
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    That inlay is C.A.F.
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    Or it could have been STFU, Shawn.
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    I know - clever bastards! They used the "VHS" logo from the 1980s, so that sticks in my head. I've had the damned thing for months and even looking at it, I still call it "The VHS"!
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    "Character marks"... I like that.
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    I just installed an extension in Chrome called Photobucket Hotlink. Now it seems I can view all photobucket links again, paid or unpaid. Old threads are more fun with the pics in them. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg Just a heads up. Try it if you feel like it.
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    Have not done this in a while. http://www.soundcoaststudio.com/about.php Tampa HFC Jam January 28 Room is reserved 2pm to 5pm on the 28th. $20 an hour. Contributions for room payment accepted but not required. Full gear. Drums, amps, bring your guitar(s) of choice. Let me know if you need more info. I might bring Whackhead if ya like?
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    I use the Hercules hangers. Safe, durable and they hang easily.
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    God, please don't let Michael Schenker show up playing one of those. It's not a lot to ask.........
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    We can’t all be he-men like that hulking Rhoads kid.
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    If Eric plays this new Strat on the upcoming tour it will change his tone to something different than what was heard on Ah Via Musicom, so when he plays that album it will not truly be authentic. You know the Eric Johnson can hear the difference.
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    The perception others would have if I allow myself to be hog-tied, horse-whipped and spanked by a blue Sock Monkey.... a 12/10 to be exact.
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    I remember seeing that Don Kirshner's performance when it first aired. Man, I'm old. The first time I saw Cheap Trick in person was in June, 1979. My friends and I were right down front. During Rick's "three guitars at the same time" bit, one of the guitars was a yellow Sunburst with his face painted on the back (seen here in this picture I found online). When he took it off, he placed it upright on that little three-step platform he often stands on at the front of the stage, holding it steady with one hand on top of the headstock. Then, with an expression of mock horror on his face, he stepped away and threw both hands in the air. The guitar teetered there for a half a second or so, then fell -- KA-CHUNG KA-CHUNG KA-CHUNG -- down the steps. I screamed out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" but I don't really remember what happened next. I assume his tech scooped it up and hurried it offstage, but I couldn't tell if it was damaged or not. Does anybody know anything about that guitar or whatever happened to it? Other than this one picture (which, again, isn't mine), I've never been able to find anything about it.
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    For those located in Jersey and those interested in web-surfing love Saturday night. “Time and Time Again: A Celebration of Pat DiNizio” takes place Sat. Jan. 14 at the Count Basie Theatre in NJ. Joining Jimmy, Dennis, Mike and Severo will be Steven Van Zandt, Patty Smyth, Marshall Crenshaw, Robin Wilson, Freedy Johnston, Richard Barone, The Grip Weeds, Ed Stasium and more! The show will be streamed live on The Basie.org starting at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Hamerica
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    wierd choices there. Not lovin it.
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    The grain isn't anything to write home about, but the graphics are good.
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    I'm done. Album complete, mixed and mastered (at least as well as a neophyte such as myself can do). Artwork complete and first version burned to CD. Account created on CD baby and just deciding how to publish through CD Baby. 9 guitar and bass oriented rock songs written over the last 15 years.