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    Hi Gang! Been lurking around the site for a couple years, and finally have something to post. Mike's shared a few "naked" pictures of this build on FB over the past couple months, but here's a sneak peak at #78 with some color! Won't be long now...
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    Picked this up last week. Amazingly good.
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    I was at a Nashville chicken shack in Asheville tonight and saw this. Seems like a good fit
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    Had a lead on a Gibby LP yesterday at one of my regular stop pawnshops, and I went to wheel and deal on it . Since cash is KING, I got a AMAZING deal on this guitar. This is one of those chambered LP's that weigh a little over 7 lbs. Here's my '08 Gibson Wine Red LP Standard Plus:
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    Ummm.... NAILED IT!
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    You guys are the best! Thanks for the recommendations and positive feedback on my work. I've rewound, fixed, and/or refurbished at least 100 DiMarzio Super Ds, PAFs, and Dual Sounds over the years and know those pickups inside and out right down to the coil turn counts. I only rewind if absolutely necessary and in many cases have been able to resurrect old, non-working pickups by reflowing soldered connections and/or reattaching in coil wire leads internally. If I can preserve the originality and historic value of the pickup while saving the customer money ..I'm all for it. Larry DiMarzio made some fantastic pickups and still does. It's an honor for me to keep those great sounding old ones out in the world and rocking forth! Last year there was a Super Distortion that landed on my bench and one of the coils did not work - a broken 'start' lead wire connection. I couldn't save it, had to rewind, and in disassembling the pickup I found an interesting choice in 'parts' inside: a purposefully shaped/ground down steel NAIL. You can see in the background in this photo, upper left. I laughed!! Sometimes we gotta work with what we have, right? Great talking to you JustKid. I'm glad to assist in any way I can.
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    I “only” own three Hamers and they are all player-grade, though they are quite unique too. The Schenker Vector might be the sole ‘67 Flying V-inspired Vector ever built by Hamer. Even Jol remembered it. It’s a screamer and does show a lot of battle scars. The ‘81 Camo Vector is a sweet axe which was exhibited at the Hamer booth at NAMM in 1981. I still have to go to the library to verify if there are pictures of it in Guitar Player, as the legend says. It sports many nitro cracks and a fair amount of dings. The Standard from Hell is a 4-digit which was Kev’s first Hamer. He recorded with it the most of the rhythm parts of Hell’s second album. It also appears on their live DVD on the deluxe edition of that very album. It has a lot of battle scars, as it’s... well... pure heavy metal history! And it does sound and play awesomely. PS: I realize they might be also considered “righteous”, but I still prefer their functional side, so it’s in this “working-class” topic where I finally decide to share these pics.
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    It's funny how these things come together but I like how fate turned and twisted and out popped a really cool Strat. It all started when I spent several hours reading about Strats built in the Fujigen factory in the 80's and the collectors that had 30 or 40 of them in their collections. Then I bought that Fujigen LP from Currypowder that just might be my favorite guitar... Anyway, I was going to build a hardtail Strat from Warmoth parts (hardtail strats are another thing I was curious about) and realized it was going to cost around $1500 for all quality parts. I was looking on Reverb for cheap partscasters that maybe I could use and found this SLAB BOARD 62 reissue '86 ST462 for $777. Cheaper than a partscaster and I could use the J. Gravelins that I had bought for my other Strat since its standard procedure to upgrade the pickups and wiring. So when it arrived I fell in love with it instantly, something about it was different from the Roadhouse that I had bought from Velorush many years ago. I held them up side by side and the size and shape is the same but somehow the Fujigen version feels slinkier. Sexier ... like you just want to touch it. I honestly can't put my finger on it because they are both nice Strats that don't differ that much in appearance... The neck? I honestly don't know. I added locking tuners because I am crap at tying off new strings, the J. Gravelins ... (Whoa) and a Callaham hardtail bridge because I couldn't get the original bridge to intonate correctly even though it appeared to be in perfect shape. So I'm up at around $1200 now so not cheap and possibly not a great investment but Damn it, I love this thing!
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    The Aceburst The Pizza Day Standard The Uber Vector The Black Bastard The Spruceburst The Riff
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    OK, so the current gear is: Amps: Friedman Small Box 3 Monkey Sock Monkey 18/12 (assuming it isn't busted) Bogner Shiva Vox MV 50 Rock Guitars: ASAT Special Semi Hollow Shishkov Double Cut Gibson LP Traditional Gibson LP Custom Gibson ES-335 Studio Gibson SG Standard Gibson Firebird Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas Fender Strat Guild D35 The Shiva is actually up on Reverb... The goal, scary as it is, is to not buy anymore amps or guitars this year. My GAS is getting ridiculous, so I'm publicly stating that for the next 8 months, no more big expenditures. I need to live with some of this stuff anyway. An attenuator for the Friedman is VERY tempting - the amp sounds fine at 2 but amazing up at 4 (and 110 db) - but I'm even going to try and hold off on that too. Hi, I'm Jason, and I have a gear problem.
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    Every sensible person would agree that the worst Hamer of all time was the NEWPROBE with a Tobacco Sunburst finish. It is the apex of Jol's apparently-drug-addled judgment and laughable over-ambition being haphazardly kluged with a delusion over-estimation of his skill and his bias towards low-rent ostentation. The wood choices are vulgar. The finish banal. The "craftsmanship" has the integrity of a cheap movie set. WIthout a doubt no self-respecting human being would own one. As a person lacking in any self-respect, I'd be willing to take one of anybody's hands, even over-valued at the HFC approved price of $350, simply to get this blemish and undoubtedly "Worst Hamer of All Time" off the streets.
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    The Newport isn't mine - it's Serial's...(and it's SPECTACULAR)!
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    I don't know who owns this guitar, but I always thought it was stunning and at one point tried to order one just like it and was denied. This would get my vote as one of the most iconic Hamers. I guess I could spec out and order almost the same thing with Mr. Shishkov.......
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    I got nothin’ to add to this thread. I have loved every single one I have touched....
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    Thought y'all might like to see a picture of my daughter's latest socks.
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    Welcome to the family of Black Beauty lovers
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    I just saw them in the Starland Ballroom in Sayresville. They put on a heck of a show. Musically they have the chops. And they put a lot of energy into the performance. I'm still trying to decide whether I just saw a rock show or performance art. They know every rock cliche. And they poke fun at them while performing them flawlessly. Justin Hawkins is hilarious. He was hitting notes that I don't know a guy could think about trying. He's a very entertaining front man. Go see 'em if you have a chance. That is , if you like your bands to be influenced by Queen, AC DC, Thin Lizzy and Russell Brand.
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    I think of one of my favorite Led Zep songs, "In my time of drying"...
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    Since someone else nominated my Spalted Maple Standard already here is a closeup: And my first HFC Purchase: And Finally the glorious “Gatorburst” (Not Mine, Unfortunately)
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    My son had drawn countless pics of his dream guitar - a Fuschia Phantom 6-in-line - from middle school into high school. We were on vacation out of the country with spotty internet when his ultimate axe showed up out of the blue on eBay. We waited all week and finally sniped it for $20 over the opening bid price in the final seconds. It was truly a time capsule guitar too!
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    That's not nearly as bad of an injustice as putting in my hands to play it.
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    Translation: WONDERBAR.
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    I think it has something to do with cavorting enthusiastically to rock music whilst having one's genitalia (of the male gender, specifically) exposed.
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    Well, SOMEBODY knows how to make a first post! Looks fantastic - great choices!
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    In the Dirtiest Guitar Received Challenge this one comes in at #2. Enough DNA on the board alone, to be able clone the previous owner. The only reason I bought this guitar was the neck, but now that I have roughly set the guitar up, its sounds great! Totally surprised, how tele it is, with just an touch of extra beef. The Seymour Duncan stacked pickups are damn good and I have to say the neck pup sounds really clear, middle position is tasty and the bridge is full of detail. The frets look really clean and I don't thing they have ever been touch, but they will need a fine level and dress to bring the playability up to its max potential. The jack as you can see is wired to the plate and it is sans the tone control. So I will route it back to the correct location, but not sure what i'm going to so with that tone control location. Any suggestions? I'm also contemplating making a tort guard for it. This is a Warmoth Body and a new guard for it is $47 shipped, i'm already tooled up and have the material to make my own guards. SIDE NOTE: For anyone wanted to build a Jazzcaster Guitar, the lightest body you can find, may not be the best options if you are going to sit down. This guitar weighs in at the 8LBS mark (i'm guessing) and it is just at the tipping point. If you have light body and maybe some light modern tuners you would be ok. The whole body shape was designed around short scale, so if you did a Warmoth short scale neck, no issues.
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    I think we try really hard to keep things civil here and also don't endure a lot of bullshit. It helps that 99.9% of the people who post here are just fucking cool though.
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    Well there is this one.............................,played to holy heck but it iS marvelous!
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    OK - call me shallow, but it's a looker.. https://reverb.com/item/11530531-1996-hamer-usa-studio-natural-maple-flame-top-scraped-binding-all-original-ohsc
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    Remember the modified, stickered and molested black standard that looked like it went to hell and back drug by a rope behind a dirt bike? I think this is the AFTER TLC photo.
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    * Seconding Elvis. Deepest and best ever quilt on a Hamer. * Nominating @pirateflynn's old PiratePro. The perfect 'port. * Nominating @burningyen's old Ulti Special.
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    Well, both of these were nominated in the last "righteous" thread and I think the Photobucket links fractured, so here they are again. '05 Camstone Duotone and the '07 Ultimate Junior.
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    I left that there a few years ago, good chicken.
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    Thank the moderators, in both cases.
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    Wow! This lovely lady was once mine and she is dearly missed! Complete rock machine with a full neck profile. Feels like seeing an ex girlfriend who is somehow even better looking a few years later! The Korina on this one is just gorgeous. If only funds allowed I'd be buying again like right NOW. This hurts........ I can vouch for how good of a guitar this is. I remember the first day I played it several "new" melodies just coming to me out of nowhere. Its one of those guitars. A good tube amp and that one volume knob does everything you'll ever need! Clearly Ive made some poor decisions in my life...... GLWS! From when she was mine:
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    Sorry @dewey finn ... don't need any kidneys right now ...
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    This one got passed along to another member here, but it is another just a touch above the norm.....The one-off "Ultimate Duotone".
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    WFT? The guy specializes in fucking tone! I've got Josh's pickups in most of my guitars.
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    An artist-owned two-model hybrid/mishmash with insanely rare custom features seen on neither, and available in that form to the endorsing artist only. This should garner at least an "honorable mention."