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    The black one is the newbie. (thanks deadringer for an ultra smooth deal!!!). Could not resist trying out my new 6 fiddle stand from Hercules.. bought on blowout a coupla months back at the Dallas guitar show. Really stout.. Spec says up to 40kg / 88lbs which was more than enuf to hold up this small troop. I hung up some other weighty stuff to test it out before committing the standards and ultimate. Does the job. Easier to pick from the top first.
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    I sold my Newport last year to Michael B, and he was willing to sell it back to me. It just was delivered, and it looks just as good as it did when I sold it to him. Welcome back, baby! (The pics don't show the Phat Cats that I installed before selling it). Now if I could only get my Studio Custom back, I'd be all set!
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    I'm selling another beauty that I picked up from Don. It may be a one-of-a kind. Here are the specs: Birdseye-maple top Mahogany body (semi-hollow) Brazilian rosewood fretboard Sustain-block bridge and string-through design Bound "F"-hole Dunlop 6100 frets Ivoroid peghead binding Custom pickups I don't know the specs of the "Custom" pickups. They'll remind you of an articulate, low-output PAF with a smooth bottom. The guitar's 3-piece mahogany neck has a "Vintage Round" contour (approximately, 1.69" wide at the nut, 0.88" thick at the first fret, 2.05" x 0.94" at the 12th fret). The guitar weighs about 7.6#.The guitar is in excellent condition. This guitar comes with the OHSC and COA. Asking $2600, shipped and insured US, Wells Fargo Zelle electronic payment or PP friends and family (preference for WF Zelle).
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    Four week on bump.....
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    Unless the buyer is trying to find tirekicking fuel to nickel and dime the seller's ass, I wouldn't worry about it. Here's my '55 when I got it, your buddy is WAAAYYY ahead of the curve already ... Here she is after me and HEL Shaneshannon did our magic.
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    Same seller also has a couple all-original Corvettes for sale.
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    "All About Amps" vol 1-4. and "The Best of Ask Amp Man" vol 1 & 2. Regularly $3.99, they're free if you enter coupon code AMP4FREE. Amp eBook Bundle
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    "All modifications were made before I got it" My question for the seller would be why the F*ck did you buy it in the first place!
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    The V has landed!!! First picture here. I'm overwhelmed by it! It's a stunning guitar, plays incredibly well...I can't wait to take it to a rehearsal or recording session... Trish send me some pictures just now and I'll post a few more later.... It's blueburst btw and NOT oceanburst as I had said in another post before...
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    Are there many of theses around? Mine is Translucent Yellow
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    Thanks for answers. My father was the original owner and it is all original. Excellent condition! He told me something about it being marked wrong. And going through a lot to get it.
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    It's a Sunburst with the incorrect logo (it's happened before). The top on a Special is rounded/bullnosed, and it would be difficult to add binding. It's possible that the headstock was refinned, but it could have left the shop that way too.
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    A star on top, a little tinsel, ready for Christmas.
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    I see 😏 I better deliver then....all photos by Trish...
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    From the @edgar_allan_poe Collection, formerly from the KiZaNsKi Collection, and now back in my care again (on loan), these two fine examples from Bill Nash: First, this 2009 Nash "1959 Telecaster Custom" in Fiesta Red with double-bound body, maple neck and original soft case. I bought this guitar in 2010, played it for a while, traded it to Poe who gigged it for several years and then pretty much retired. It is light, resonant, and has a superb acoustic voice. $1,450 shipped, PayPal gift. Then there's this... This is a not-sure-of-the-year Nash "1963 Stratocaster" in Sonic Blue. This one was and is one of my favorites. This was purchased at the same time as the Tele above and traded to Poe along with it for a Huber which I sold some months later (of course). Anyway, this one is a gem. I had this one at the same time as the 1959 Stratocaster that I got from Dave's in Lacrosse, WI, and if you closed your eyes and played either one, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. It hardly matters either way, of course, because I sold the '59 as well. I am nothing if not fickle. This one has a full neck, some cowboy chord fret wear, and the original soft case. $1,450 shipped, PayPal gift. I am literally "selling these for a friend," but the good news is that you all know the friend, so this isn't some fugazee eBay scamboogery. PM or email me for more details. I will not be providing weights, neck measurements, pickup output values, or in hand reviews. I am, however, open to providing dick pics and urine samples.
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    strip all the paint and finish off of it, check for cracks, send to Stike.
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    For those that might not know: Frank U is the 3rd In the Hamer Triumverate. A great guy and a very important part of Hamer history as well!! ArnieZ
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    As a matter of fact, yes...
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    It is like a guitar version of a knife block.
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    Entirely possible my IQ dropped in half since going to work for my own self 13 years ago. The last thing I wanna do is let that slavedriver know I think I am smarter than he is.....Just yesterday, I looked in the mirror and he said, "Have a good day!" So I went home. Wait a minute, I work at home! WTF am I talking about? But it is also entirely possible that I am guilty of TUII....Typing Under the Influence of Intoxicants. Could it be?!?