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    Before we even get started with the guitar, this needs to be said. Trish and Mike are world class nice people, it would be impossible to do business with better. Mike is so accommodating I literally had to forbid him to do something he offered that was way beyond what one would expect. Now for the guitar: IMO absolutely stunning, exactly the way I had imagined in my wildest dreams! A little background ( just to prolong the wait) Initially I was looking for a wide flame top. When I was at the shop there were a lot of great flame billets to choose from but I wasn't feeling it. Mike showed me the top on this guitar and I immediately knew exactly what finish I wanted and could see it in my mind's eye! I asked Mike if he had any Brazilian boards, he said he did but didn't know where they were, buried somewhere. It wasn't really important but I asked very nicely if he could look for them.Found and chosen . Had a conversation with Josh Re pickups and was intending to use the coil slitting technique on the PRS DGT The only other item left was the inlays. At the time Mike was working on the Bullseyes. I like them but loved the 12th fret inlay. I asked Mike if it was possible it remove the pick from the middle of that inlay and use It for the rest of the inlays. Mike worked on that and the result of that is on the guitar. I think they came out great! Now for the guitar Sounds as good as it looks, as soon as my finger heals I'll be able to dig in a little more Very hard to photograph, but I promise it looks better in person, if you could believe that!!
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    Unbelievable that I could own such an amazing guitar! Thanks to Mike and Trish, you really did amazing. Josh, the pickup is perfect. Acoustically the guitar rings longer than any guitar I have ever owned.... The blade switch really adds versatility for a Klutz like me!! Love it, best guitar I have ever owned, and I've owned some great ones!
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    I have always hesitated to post pics of this bass....but now I figure the statue of limitations has passed
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    I think the pics speak for themselves. HUGE, HUGE thanks to Shannon at HEL for vintage Kalamazoo thin skin spraygun magic. Before/arrival ... it was rattlecan madness and a ziplock bag of parts with more missing than there. After ... the plan was a "modern restoration," since we were missing so many original parts. While we visually went for a time capsule '55, Junior, she's totally modern under the hood. The dogear is a Lollar, the bridge is a Mojoaxe aluminum compensated wraptail, the keys are Gotoh with modern innards, etc. When it was all said and done, all left that's original are the body, the neck and fingerboard, eight of 10 inlay dots, and the single-ply black control cavity and truss rod covers. Arrival and then after three rounds of chemical stripping ... To this ... FYI, it sounds and feels as good as good as it looks
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    To refresh the minds~ It was a wreck. Jol did not provide any real detail of the instrument via memory or serial #. I can tell you that it went thru many incarnations. Many layers of paint with many label / decals, many routings between coats of paint, all factory done. Mystery (trem) bridge was never really revealed. All time period options of were dismissed. Guitar was gutted down to wood, refretted, shelf made for floyd nut, layers and layers of mahogany wood to fill the suspect trem routings. All mocked up, setup, prepped, then sent off to Stike for some spray. and..... wa la.... a newly refurbed mystery proto centura.
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    From FB, sharing Mike & Trish's latest post for your enjoyment... #0062 has some serious personality... loaded up with Gravelin Pickups, a TiSonix titanium bridge, coil splits and some very cool personal touches, this blue beauty is absolutely awesome!
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    Then at 3:04 today, I get a DELIVERED message. And I had to look at it in my office for an hour and a half. Trish warned me, but I was not prepared. The top is amazing. How do you prepare yourself for this?
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    Have been preping the tops for the next group and man, these are some crazy tops! Crazy in a very good way. It always amazes me how different the figure is from tree to tree.
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    So I didn't sell as many guitars as I had hoped at The Guitar Show, but I did come home with this... a 2001 Murphy aged R9... that has the added mojo of once being the Marshall rep's sample guitar. So lots of respected players put some music through it. At least this way I don't feel like a dentist.
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    My good mate Don had a Standard shipped to Australia some years back. USPS lived up to their reputation and it came with a broken head. Recently he decided to do makeover and I thought you'd all enjoy the pics that he sent me. The new lemonburst was done in nitro, and currently it's sporting Dimarzios from an early 80's Sunburst or Special. Enjoy! The "tomato soup burst" Insurance pic: Said that removing the finish was an arduous task: The finish really brings out the quality of the maple: Sadly this is as finished a shot that I've got.
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    No longer available.
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    Found this on the local Craigslist yesterday and was delivered the most unexpected beauty. I had no idea these had such amazing necks! My custom shop fender strat would have been embarrassed! Just beautiful all the way around and CHEAP! Then there is the goofy little pre-amp equalizer built in, just cool! I figured I could afford a little medicine as a few high ends go out the door ;( Cheers!
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    Here's some pics from last week's reverb Monaco, pretty nice shape, what the seller had described as belt rash was only minor surface scratches, although I kind of got that from the shots... Looks pretty cool, like the meaty connection between the neck and body... seems to have a good amount of "thooomp" on the low end, which I'm digging alot... Took it to practice, they know I'm kind of obsessed and it's a big joke... but this time they were like woah... what's that? sounded great, although this has a redeemer active circuit wired in the tone pot, nothing against it I just prefer conventional wiring, so I may restore that to a standard tone pot... but otherwise it's in very nice shape, frets are pretty clean, no real dings to speak of... just light surface stuff... pretty happy, and the seller was a cool guy... pics enjoy...
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    So, after a month of misfires with the seller, I sold a bass VI and bought this 1995 Cruisebass 4 for $550 shipped. FedEx lost it, then found it and I have it. No case or gig bag yet. it was a bit dirty, especially the frets. I took two squares of Gorgamyte to get the crud off the frets and a lot of Lem-Oil to get the board clean. I polished her with Zymol, strung her with a new set of EB Cobalt flats and she looks great. Obviously a well-loved and well-played bass. Pleanty of dings, scratches, checks, finish lifting,bets., but I love the finish. I have a blue Ford Ranger in this exact Smurf blue color. I like blue and I like bright. I also dig painted headstocks. This bass needed an end pin too. This will be used for recording. I ran her through my Blonde Bassman today and oh my, what thump! I love the neck and the frets are in great shape. My first proper long-scale bass. I dig it!
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    The wait is finally over. First of all: yes, it's an Ultimate. "But he's not making any more Ultimates!" No, he's not. BUT -- this one has been in the making for over two years. I was lucky enough to get in the narrow window between the initial run and "absolutely no more Ultimates." It's absolutely perfect in every way. The finish is unbelievable, and as many have said before it looks different depending on the light and viewing angle. Pictures don't do it justice. And Mike and his family were wonderful, welcoming my daughter and me into their home. Here's hoping Photobucket still works. (ETA: So much for Photobucket. Trying it again from flickr.)
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    When I was a kid, I happened across a Sunrise Metallic Gibson SG Elite at my local music store. It was for all intents & purposes, PINK. I was smitten. Of course, back then I couldn't rub two nickels together at gunpoint, so I missed it. Then about ten years ago, I snagged an '87 Elite off ebay. It was nice. It too, was pink. Then I got talked into joining a terrible Rockin' Country/Red Dirt band. (Our lead singer was Larry The Cable Guy, Jr, feel free to projectile vomit at anytime.) At the time, there was nothing more fun to me than to take a pink guitar to redneck gun 'n knife clubs and bludgeon the locals with said pink guitar. Mercifully, that band self destructed after six months. I sold practically every guitar that I'd besmirched during my tenure in that outfit. But I missed that damned pink guitar the most. Here it is not long after I'd gotten it. So I found a 1989 Elite model @ Chicago Music Exchange on Reverb awhile back. I waited. Made an offer. I felt they were asking too much. Then I used their Earth Day 15% off coupon. That got the price a little closer to what I felt was an acceptable figure. Not quite as pink, but flashy enough for my tastes. Guess Sunrise Metallic got redder & less Avon pink from 87 to 89. added a new wiring harness with Bournes pots & new caps Goodbye crappy circuit board stock pickups, hello to some of Mr Gravelin's Finest And voila! But wait, there's more! This fella popped up for sale. I couldn't resist. I R Dum.
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    Pulled the trigger on this Phantom Custom off of Reverb. Made the seller an offer and he took it. Looks like a sweet top and super clean. Been wanting one of these for ten + years, ever since I played JohnnyB's at Pesocasters house. Prolly be here next week.
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    dust was flying in the shop this week and Trish was around at the right time to grab a few video clips. This one is shaping up to be seriously badassed! Dialing in the carve tonight was a great way to end the day
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    The quilt on this top is so 3D that it gives the illusion of a mountain range. It's going to look killer when it's done.
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    Just because... it's time.
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    Lookie here at this little sweetie! Found one I like again
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    Just got this back from the shop...Get your rock on....My custom Hamer Nagel.
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    You guys may remember a pretty extensive '76 Les Paul Deluxe restoration project I took on well over a year ago. To recap, it came to me as a very abused body (that had been hollowed out - not chambered but hollowed out by a previous owner), an old neck blank from the Kalamazoo factory, and a cardboard box with more parts missing than there. After I took on a mile-long list of structural stuff that took months to tick off, and our good friend Shannon at HEL took on icing the cake and the spray gun tasks, the project finally wrapped this weekend. Here you go ... enjoy! Before After
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    Yup, gotta do that again. Recommended for stress-relief. (never mind the truss rod screws, they`re already gone)