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  1. Need your help- website testing

    Thanks folks, these days with all the browsers and devices used to consume web pages its a massive battle to get it all right when having to account for responsive design. I agree with the comments on the about section but as everyone agrees the Kev picture is just so damn good. I had thought about doing a semi transparent white box to around the text so it was a bit more traditional but of course that screws the phone display. Any advice or ideas is always welcome but we definately need to put a little thought into how to make it better.
  2. Should consist mainly of security updates but let me know via pm if you notice any issues or changes. I'm not looking to create threads about these updates but rather plan to post these more for information purposes each time I do.
  3. 503 - Service Unavailable

    Hopefully fixed now let me know if things don't improve.
  4. Board Software Update

    I cleaned up the default and set up back there until we get the HFC once complete. Was way to hard troubleshooting two themes at once. One thing I not know for sure is I am not loving the UI for editing themes in IPB. Sorry for all the back and forth over the weekend. Enjoy the emoji's again with the lack of about us ha!
  5. Board Software Update

    For anyone that noticed a change to the theme, I've set a new default theme that is supposed to be fully compatible with the new board software version hoping that some of the bugs will be addressed.
  6. Board Software Update

    I switch php version which I am hoping was part of the problems, I am on an internet connection with circa 1990's speed this weekend so things are a little slow to happen. Again I apologize for the inconvenience. I do recommend that eveyone use the default theme until Alantig and I get a new HFC one ready for prime time Not sure why that crazy images issue is. Might be the way that they were embedded in iframe but not sure. I dont think its happening with every picture, or is it?
  7. Board Software Update

    Thanks for all the updates, I'm scrambling to find the reason for issues. I suspect it maybe the version of php we are running so gonna try that next. Sorry for the inconviences.
  8. Board Software Update

    Sorry Alantig and I have been messing with some themes and apparently the text color is global under some settings. Looking to revert back to the default but cant find the setting yet. Hopefully soon.
  9. The HFC rocks-reason #5,268

    Agree on Andy and pretty sure may have given me a ride to Brooklyn Heights after an HFC open house. I have to say the cool guy to jerk ratio is gotta be at least 99 to 1 or better.
  10. Board Software Update

    yeah the hfc theme has never really been ready for prime time. I'm not very good with graphical things and it needs some work. If there anyone who is good at tweaking look and feel thru the ui I'd be happy to set you up with perms to give a go. Anyone up for it?
  11. Board Software Update

    Still trying to figure that out myself. Will let you know what I find.
  12. You may notice some changes to the HFC message board as I updated the software after the first patch of the last minor release. There are some different looks on somethings and a few new features you may come across. Let me know if you anything broke or doesn't work as usual or expected
  13. hikarateboy

  14. My plugged ear!!!

    I had an issue like this due to stress which cause a buildup of fluid with the cochlea (sp?) which muffled sound as every vibration was literally going thru the fluid. They tested my hearing and while it showed a small amount of loss they said that the reason it was so noticeable is because I was and "Active Listener". I expect most players are. Anyway they gave me some pills to reduce the fluid and it took a week to get to normal. I have had it come back but typically am able to abate the issue via stress reduction techniques, Kiz and his yoga can help you with this if interested but I find the farting that typically accompanies yoga to be enough for me. . That said, and I am not a doctor but I suspect you most likely do have sinus/eustachian tube clogging or pressure issues as that system I believe is connected. Or maybe you are so stressed from the whole ordeal you developed the fluid issue I had.
  15. Is the board a little slow lately?

    I just updated the board software and bumped php up to 7.1 from 5.6 and things seem a bit snappier now. I suspect that the issues were database related though so let me know if you see anymore slow downs.