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  1. I had an issue like this due to stress which cause a buildup of fluid with the cochlea (sp?) which muffled sound as every vibration was literally going thru the fluid. They tested my hearing and while it showed a small amount of loss they said that the reason it was so noticeable is because I was and "Active Listener". I expect most players are. Anyway they gave me some pills to reduce the fluid and it took a week to get to normal. I have had it come back but typically am able to abate the issue via stress reduction techniques, Kiz and his yoga can help you with this if interested but I find the farting that typically accompanies yoga to be enough for me. . That said, and I am not a doctor but I suspect you most likely do have sinus/eustachian tube clogging or pressure issues as that system I believe is connected. Or maybe you are so stressed from the whole ordeal you developed the fluid issue I had.
  2. I just updated the board software and bumped php up to 7.1 from 5.6 and things seem a bit snappier now. I suspect that the issues were database related though so let me know if you see anymore slow downs.
  3. There are issues and I am looking into it although my son just wrecked his car (he is alright) so that has taken me away from it but will be back to it in a bit.
  4. Absolutely love this. I am a big Zappa and Ken fan. I was just looking at this anchored post today wonder if it had been long enough and I should unpin it. apparently not.
  5. Here Carl, I fixed your inital post for you.
  6. Greetings:

    My friend Glenn Howard (a Canadian voice-over actor) is trying to sign up for the forum.  He's getting a recurring error about not passing the "Security Check".  According to him, he answers the question correctly and it sends him back to square one.

    His e-mail is ghvo@ghvo.net.  Anything you can do to get him on the forum is greatly appreciated!

    Dave Rauschenberger "The Shark"


  7. It's not normal for me to do this in the evening but I updated the board software today so sorry for short outage. Let me know if you notice any issues.
  8. I have a feeling Chappers knows that the second one is the Kemper due to the volume boost. I have to say that they I thought there was a fairly audible difference and preferred the previous although the kemper sounds good for sure.
  9. sorry I missed. End of season at cabin means I couldnt be there on Saturday and commitment to Sophie meant I couldn't do tonight but hopefully I can break away soon.
  10. Hi folks, I upgraded the board so now everything is up to date and secure. Let me know if you notice any issues or new features. In addition I turned on a feature which claims to give users the ability to share to facebook when posting. Not quite sure how it will work but may come in handy on the Buy, sell trade pay it forward board especially. Feel free to try it. Let me know how or if it works.
  11. This whole period was weird for me. I think he was hitting bottom and unable to make any good decisions. Sound track music for a porno? really? Taken further it just sounds lame to me. None of the fire or genius that attracted all of us to EVH in the first place. I just want to forget this stuff. If we want to revisit EVH stuff that didnt get the attention it was due I think that "Me Wise Magic" and Can't get this stuff no more" Were as close as we were going to get to the glory days. Roth was just falling over the cliff into not being able to sing but together they pull some stuff out that was worthy of the legacy. imo.
  12. I enjoyed this journey so much I just re-read the whole thing from the very beginning once again. Everything about this thread is why I love the HFC so much. Thanks Kev for letting us take this journey with you. Btw, I have to say that is the second best looking Shishkov I have ever seen. ;-)
  13. NEVER!
  14. We are back in business. Sorry folks. We went over our inode limit and they have a tool in place to shut down sites with out warning when it happens. I deleted some unnecessary files but the connections to dbs were still down. the host had been great but this time they said I needed a developer to look at it. coincidentally i am an IT guy and I said no. its an issue with your tool YOU need to fix it. Bottom line it shouldnt have happened and I am going to have a discussion with them tomorrow as what happened was unacceptable