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  1. I'm not sure what you are talking about. A guy at a show told me he gets a 1099 from PP each year. His name is Bill Albright and lives in Atlanta. You can call him and talk about it. And it surprised me since I've never gotten one so when I did some research I found out why. I have nowhere near that kind of volume. So I called another friend who does a lot of business and he said he doesn't get a 1099. After researching he said he makes more than 20k but doesn't have 200 transactions. So I guess you have to have both to get a 1099. So if you are gigging for $400 a night you would have to gig 200 nights a year. That's a lot of gigging.
  2. If they see the same transaction over and over then they realize this is legit. It's when you have a lot of different people sending you money of different amounts that gets their attention. Or you sending different amounts to a bunch of people. Also, in case you didn't know, if you have 200 sales transactions and they are combined to $20,000 or more, they will 1099 you. Not saying I would do this but this would be a case where you open an account under an alias and don't link a bank account so they can't get your SS number. Just a heads up.
  3. Got some free cash the other day.
  4. Ting Ho Dung

    F**k Snakes?

  5. Didn't The Shark get one of those? @The Shark?
  6. Well that's okay. None of them had three single coils anyway.
  7. Well, I just thought it was some really great guitar playing and got inspired.
  8. '94 to be exact. Good call. But you won't believe what happens next.
  9. Ting Ho Dung

    Forum Suggestion?

    I could use a roommate. Preferably female and fresh.
  10. Ting Ho Dung

    Forum Suggestion?

    You'd think the guy was from Tucson.
  11. Ting Ho Dung

    Forum Suggestion?

    What the fuck is an inverted coma?
  12. Maybe you didn't have the volume "high" enough. Wow, I didn't realize I was so eclectic. Don't call me Mickey.
  13. Ting Ho Dung

    Gotoh Warranty?

    Thanks, I appreciate that. Apparently there are a wide bunch of configurations. Which is weird. Here is the configuration of my son's tuners. TK-7953-002 Gotoh Gold Classical Tuner Set with Simulated Ivory The most important is the spacing of the string rollers but also important are the screw hole placement to avoid drilling new holes in the headstock. Doesn't seem like any two are the same. The spacing varies from model to model in the Gotoh line as well as Schaller.