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  1. Opened up my Valve Jr. Surprise!

    Those are highly sought after for modding like yours has been. I bought one and watched a bunch of YouTube vids to mod mine but decided just to buy a bigger amp. Nice score.
  2. Deez nuts on your lip. That’s all I got. Sorry.
  3. any Incubus fans out there?

    I saw them pre Y2k. Free tix as well for me. They either opened for def tones or vice versa. I thought it was a high energy show. I can't say that I rushed out to buy their merch but I did enjoy the show. Also, the pit may not be for dancing. Seems there was a good amount of moshing IIRC.
  4. I was on a low wattage kick for a while. There are lots out there and some are quite pricey. I found a good cab and 12 inch cone made more difference than anything since you aren't going to move much air. That being said, I also found a clean boost and something like a chorus to help. Since you won't have much ambience the pedals help. Many of the smaller amps don't like OD or fuzz. If you are a fan of these you may need to spend more on an amp or look into upgrade mods. You also can get a 5 watt or more and change the preamp tube from a 12ax7 to a NOS 12au7.
  5. FIrst Gig in Five Years. Be Gentle...

    I didn't see Hocus Pocus by Focus on the list.
  6. GUD WUD. My Daytona Bodies - Ash or What?

    Take the neck off the white one and get a picture of the neck pocket. I had the same question a few years ago and the neck pocket held the answers I was seeking in life.
  7. There was an asshole here selling an import for less than $300,
  8. After two months of customs issues.....

    Who owned that?
  9. I really enjoyed this last night. Dio and Iomi.

    NO! God no. Say it ain't so. I'm crushed.
  10. Be careful and safe, brother.

    1. Ting Ho Dung

      Ting Ho Dung

      Thanks my friend 

  11. birthday?

    Happy Birthday my friend. Love that guitar or yours. Love your recording!
  12. What is this effect?

    This guy's pretty good though the tapping thing is getting pretty commonplace. What is the effect he's using on his voice that gives the lower octave register? You can see him switch it on and off with his foot.
  13. I've received the 2 that I ordered for Brandon and me. I would say they are not functional guitar picks but a novelty item and a really beautiful necklace. There are two sides to the pick. There is a flat side that is a flat, silver reflective material. Possible aluminum. Then the resin is and snake skin are on the other side. This is how it gets its bright amber glow. I haven't been in contact with her yet to tell her my opinion but looking at the way it is made I doubt she can bevel both sides. Having said that, if you guys were interested in these just for a cool, usable pick then you may want to reconsider your order. I'll be contacting everyone who expressed interest for a final order. I'll try to get pics that will explain better than my words but right now I can't walk.