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  1. Eric Gales Meets The Captain.

    I've been watching him play for only a few years now. I'm very inspired by his playing. I got more out of the interview in this case. The Captain touched very lightly on the subject of addiction and Eric's response came like the floodwaters over the damn. I've never heard Eric reflect on things so deeply. You could see him choose his words very carefully and there was almost more said in his silent reflection than his words. I'm glad you got something out of this.
  2. I much prefer those. Congrats. Ebony too!
  3. CITES Question

    That is total bullshit and is typical of how CITES works in the U.S. Or actually, how these people treat CITES applications. It's going to take 6 months. I guarantee you. Total bullshit. Don't get my blood pressure up.
  4. PSA: Blue Studio

    I have one exactly like it. Love the wrap around bridge. Someone needs to grab it up. Seriously! @tbonesullivan
  5. I've been mostly disappointed after meeting a very few of the few guitar players I know of. Spend a few minutes with Les Dudek and you will see what I mean. But then again, they are hounded wherever they go. Well, maybe not Les Dudek. So I can see how it would become tiring. I think probably one of the more gracious guitar players I could think of meeting would be David Gilmour. Then, just for a real blast I think Phil X and Satchel would be loads of fun and probably be able to pick up some cool licks. And Satch could show me how to seduce chicks. But really what I want to do is learn to play some of the classics to pay homage to some of the guitarists I've admired. For instance, I'd like to learn Little Wing for Hendrix. Not just the intro like I pretty much know, but the song. And then learn some of the improve Little Wing renditions other artists play. I'm currently working on Mean Street which is loads of fun. EVH was inspiring to me when I was in HS. I did get the chance to meet and shake hands with Pepper James Keenan on Joel's 25th birthday. Pepper was my original Guitar Hero. I didn't want to bother him with a selfie but he was genuine and seemed to enjoy talking with Brandon. So that made my night especially since I showed Brandon the fine art of sneaking backstage to the Greenroom. Once I did that with Eric Bloom and he got in my face which I found comical since he came up to my chest. So I guess he got in my chest? But I would say, Gilmour. Then Phil X and Satch.
  6. Aqua Tally on CL

    I think my meds are kicking in.
  7. Aqua Tally on CL

    Why don't you go outside and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.
  8. I like these guys from Anderton's. I like Eric Gales. I wouldn't say this is extraordinary but it's kind of cool.
  9. Aqua Tally on CL

    the tally has turned into a Californian.
  10. I'll definitely put in for the upgrades when I make the order. She seems eager to work with me, .
  11. Hamer sighting.

    I was wondering about that. Thanks.
  12. Anyone else want in on these? I'm getting some skins to send the girl. Hopefully can get the Pine snake for Polara. I'd like to get a few more orders so I can give them all to her at once. I'm also getting 2 in a few days and will be able to tell you more about the quality.
  13. I really enjoyed this last night. Dio and Iomi.

    I guess I should have been more clear in my statement. I first heard of Black Sabbath along about 7th grade. I was already listening to bands I considered "heavy" like the first Kiss Alive, DP Made in Japan, Big Brother's Cheap Thrills, Steppin Wolf, and of course, Alice Cooper. I borrowed War Pigs from someone at school and I couldn't get past Ozzy's voice. The riffs were much slower and sludgier than what I was used to. Just wasn't my thing back then. But then again, I didn't like Hendrix back then either. Then, Van Halen came out and of course, Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East which was a game changer. So I never got back to Black Sabbath, I guess. Time just moved on. I remember when Dio joined up and I got the live album. I really liked his voice and that was the first "Sabbath" album I listened to to any length. But, I don't remember the riffs. Haven't listened to that album since I dropped out of college. This is the first time in a long time I've listened to Dio in a long time and the first time I've seen Iommi. Even just watching him is kind of magical or mystical. But, they aren't doing many of the old Sabb songs on these 2 videos, are they? So it's all new to me. New music is good. If Ozzy were in these videos I don't think I would have liked them or watched them. I watched them again last night while cooking dinner. Really heavy riffs that actually reminded me of Corrosion of Conformity which I suppose is backwards since CoC should remind me of BS.