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  1. Ting Ho Dung

    Hamer Dimarzio Pups

    I believe it's just cosmetics. Some people are anal that way.
  2. Photography question: I like the rustic photos. But what do you place under the guitar to keep it from getting scratched? What about the headstock?
  3. I saw the video of that raccoon. Impressive. And it was a long way to the top for him.
  4. I think this girl may go places when she matures a bit. Her little girl squeaks are a bit annoying but I bet it turns into something as she grows. I was quite surprised.
  5. Ting Ho Dung

    Simple Man

    You are a plethora.
  6. Ting Ho Dung

    Simple Man

    Never was a Skynard fan and I hated Southern Rock and all it represented in this redneck county in high school. And watching the redneck / trailer trash BS since the tragic plane crash really upsets me. But, I really liked Shinedown's cover of "Simple Man." Here is a fella doing a cover of a cover from what I can tell. But, I like it. Maybe one of you will too. He's got other videos to watch too though this is the only one I've gotten to so far. I like his goat too.
  7. I read in the YouTube comments the person "Snap Chatted" the video when it happened. What ever that means. The best comment I read was, "What a bitch though. Hope Michael knee'd her in her dick! "
  8. Never throw down a good beer.
  9. She must be pissed because Satch told the roadie not to let the ugly one on stage. SJW for sure. Wonder if security took her down. Face down, blood on the mat. "Don't tase me bro."
  10. She must have got her feelings hurt. Luckily, he wasn't smitten by her looks. That's my cock and balls, bitch. My wife don't have them in her clutch-purse.
  11. I haven't heard this.
  12. Ting Ho Dung

    black MONACO 3

    I'd like to get one with dots. Are there any out there without victories?
  13. Ting Ho Dung

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    That's just sad people have to be that way. That's hateful. If you don't want it, find someone who does. Or just leave it on a park bench.
  14. Ting Ho Dung

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    They lost their black and yellow onesies.