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  1. Anyone want a '81 Hamer Sunburst for $1899? Not this one. Anyone want a 2017 Fender Professional Series Dafney Blue Strat with solid rosewood neck? Not this one. Anyone want to visit Guitar Center? Not this one.
  2. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    My Heritage 535 is the most fun to play unplugged just banging around. The '95 blue Studio is a favorite. It plays equally well as the 535 but I plug it in more. My most played is the parts caster I got from The Shark. It may not be as easy to play because of the FB radius and neck carve but it's also awesome.
  3. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    He's using the wrong pickup.
  4. Here's a new one and this is really low. Someone called my dad Tuesday posing as a Grandson. The person said, "Hi, Grandpa." to which my dad probably replied, "Is this Brandon?" so the kid was off an rolling with this information. He said he was in a minor fender bender on the way to work and that he couldn't stop and went off on the nearest exit but the cops followed him and said he left the scene of an accident and arrested him. He said he was calling from the payphone in the jail and he needed money and not to tell "dad". I'm sure this kid was using open ended statements that my dad was filling with information. The kid somehow knew that Brandon drives I-4 to work which is a very bad highway. So I'm sure my dad asked him if it happened on I-4 and the kid probably rolled with it. My dad said a woman lawyer then got on the phone (He kept saying she had a very authoritative voice) and told him to go to WalMart and get 3 gift cards. One for $900-something, one for $400-something, and one for $300-something. The $900 was for her fees / court costs, etc. The $400 was for towing, and the $300 was 10% of Brandon's bond. So my dad did it. Tuesday was my mom's birthday so my wife went over there that evening to give my mom a little present. She said my dad got a call and went in the bedroom and shut the door, which was odd. She asked my mom who would be on the phone for Grandpa to go in and shut the door like that. My mom said it might be my brother which made no sense because my dad wouldn't leave the room to talk with him. Especially since he's coming down this weekend for the Holiday, early. My wife said she heard my dad say, "I love you," so she thought it may have been my bro. So yesterday afternoon my son came in the snake room where I was working with his phone pressed (this was Wednesday, the scam happened on Tuesday the 12th) to his ear and he said he thinks Grandpa got ripped off. He handed me the phone. Grandpa was still talking when I said hello. He is hard of hearing and gets confused easily so he asked who he was speaking with. I told him and he asked if Brandon had told me what's going on. I asked him to start over and tell me what was going on. I told him Brandon's been sick all week and hasn't left the house. Then I could hear the light bulb go on over my dad's head and he said, "Oh, golly. I think I've been ripped off." My mom of course was on the other line and insisted Brandon had called them the day before and I had to keep telling them no, he was here. So this kid had him convinced he was his grandson and not to tell his parents what was going on. Which would not happen here but my parents are old and confused. It's really sad that someone would stoop to this. My wife even told them that evening when the kid made his call to collect the loot that I was home cooking dinner and Brandon was sick. I suppose they thought that was Brandon's ploy to make us think he was sick and then to call when we weren't around. I'm not sure how they figured that if he was supposedly in Jail. But anyway, even though my wife was sitting right in front of them and told them where we were he went in the other room and gave the kid the numbers on the back of the cards. So he's out somewhere around $1900. I told him to hang up and call the police but I had little hope they would help him. We have a really bad PD here. My wife came home from work last evening and I told her all about this. She told me about another scam gong on also with gift cards. Seems people are writing down the numbers while they are on the rack in the store and when a person buys them and activates it the thieves already have the numbers. So the person gives away the gift card or tries to use it themselves and find they have a zero balance. I told my dad if someone wants a gift card in the future try to remember it will be a scam. I told him lawyers ask for cash, not gift cards. The IRS also will not ask for gift cards. I hope he can remember that and I'm glad he's only out some change. It could have been worse.
  5. Nazareth yesterday

    I saw them back in ‘87 or so. They were the first band that I saw that I commented how old they looked.
  6. Gibson Broken Headstock Reworks

    Only because it’s edible
  7. Ting sent me a thing!

    Glad it arrived safely. I got these things back in the ‘90s to support the children’s home every year at Christmas. I nearly landed an autographed monster magnet guitar that year too in a strange evening where I ended up in the sky box at a lightning game with free food and beer. Then somehow ended up in the WXTB studio on air and bidding on the guitar. The guitar went over $800 and I backed out. What a night. Ahh... the ‘90s. If anyone is interested, I have an autographed Typ O Negative original watercolor by Chef Keith I’d like to move. I’ll sell it for exactly what I have in it in ‘96 dollars. Gibby Haines wrote the word “ FAG” across Peter Steel’s forehead. It’s also signed by several other artists. Owen is one I remember but for the life of me I can’t remember who that was.
  8. Finally learned all five.

    I played the standard organ (let jokes begin) starting in 2nd grade. 2 keyboards and pedals. It was a Kimball because that's all my dad could afford. Weekly lessons for around 6 years. I really wanted that rock n roll sound so started guitar in 8th grade. I had a very difficult time switching to the non 12 keys which are plainly white and black. The fret board made no sense to me and I hated the Mel Bay books. So your experience is quite different than mine. Maybe it has something to do with my learning disabilities. It would have been so much better for me if someone had told me about the shapes of the scales. Or the scales at all. All I got from each experience was to learn a song by the next lesson and the songs were so stupid, like the ones they made us sing in elementary school while the music teacher played the harpsichord. I did learn to read music and that helped me when I picked up classical guitar when I was 18 but have since forgotten most of that and all of the bass clef. It wasn't until I was 34 that I finally picked up guitar again (my first Hamer, a nice chap custom with boomers) and realized that I had a damn good ear, and had forgotten pretty much everything about the keys, that I was able to learn to play guitar. Not that well, mind you. But I felt a lot better about it and kept with it for a few years before quitting again to focus on things like employment. Now, if for some reason I have to figure out the note on the fret board I do have to visualize where the two keys are that have no flats. The B to C and the E to F. That still is the only way I can figure out the notes and I have to go step by step. But that doesn't really matter to me much since I play mostly by ear. Now, before I derail my own thread, I have been thinking about the video I did and I did not communicate to you guys very well or was the video showing closeups of my fingers. So I'm gong to make another that will hopefully explain better the 5 positions and how I learned them. So here is the derailment: Your experience is different than mine. Do you feel it is because of your teachers. How do the black keys represent the beginning of a pentatonic scale? They are all flats and sharps. Are you still playing keys? The odd thing is I still feel more comfortable playing keys than guitar and can still improvise by ear on them. Mostly just chords with 3 notes. Another interesting thing is my son had to take keys while he was at Stetson. He said they made absolutely no sense to him. Guitar is all he's known or played. But he has only played classical by music sheet so he also has difficulty understanding how to do the shapes I'm learning now.
  9. Posting 10 KB Images?

    Read what I posted about compressing your images.
  10. Tale of two guitars

    I changed out the caps and fiddled with the knobs and nothing changed with them unplugged.
  11. Posting 10 KB Images?

    Internet is 72 dpi (pixels) so anything more is wasted and makes for a larger file. At least it used to be.
  12. Finally learned all five.

    Quick and dirty. I’ll try to do a better one later.
  13. Finally learned all five.

    I don’t. Would a video help. I’m thinking of making one.
  14. Posting 10 KB Images?

    I don’t do web design anymore but when I started everyone was on the 56k modem deal. I was able to create websites with graphics that loaded quickly by optimizing things. Mostly graphics. This isn’t much of an issue since everyone is on high speed now. But it matters since storage space is always at a premium. When you take a digital photo you are creating a large file. You can compress your JPEGs to save space. I still treat images like they are being viewed with a dialup modem. My images here are compressed and usually less than 200 k. There are programs to compress your pics. I happen to use photoshop because I have it. MS Paint also has a compression feature. I don’t know MACs so do some research. There are also apps for phones. I’m having to figure that out now since my PC has been down since the hurricane. A long way to compress your photos is to upload them to FB and then save it back to your device. FB compresses them down to nothing.