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  1. you and me both, brother. anyone with keys to Jack Blades' basement, let me know...
  2. Checkerboard Blitz

    those are really beautiful.
  3. Checkerboard Blitz

    whoa. that's sick.
  4. 1988 Blitz. All original parts and OHSC. I know there have been many “tributes” over the years – curious how many are actually Hamers.
  5. that is a steal. if someone here doesn't buy it today it's a damn shame.
  6. donplob

  7. holy hell - never seen a bass version...
  8. this is my holy grail... kudos and envy to whomever owns it next................................
  9. hey fan club -- I'm looking for a Studio... opinions on a fair/good deal price these days?