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    '98 Hamer Artist Artchtop (Artist Custom), '05 Artist Custom, '04 Hamer Newport Pro Custom Ruby, '02 Hamer Monaco Elite Quilt, '06 Hamer Monaco Elite, '07 Hamer Monaco Elite, '08 Hamer Newport Pro, '05 Studio Custom, '07 Studio Custom (too many more to list here :-), 2014 Gibson R8, '91 Fender Strat Custom Deluxe, 2012 Suhr Classic Pro S3, 2013 McNaught Vintage Single Cut Blackout
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  1. Poking around for a Suhr Classic T or Classic T Antique 50s or 60s spec.
  2. Let's see those home studios

    Smoke-free, pet-free, climate-controlled studio.
  3. How did you get to the HFC?

    I know! Right?
  4. How did you get to the HFC?

    I was abducted a few year ago. I’ve since been diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome.
  5. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    It’s been a long time coming. I actually am sad to see it. Henry is a horses ass and I wouldn’t shed a tear to watch him go bye-bye, but Gibson going away is another story.
  6. How'd you get into Hamer?

    Bumped into some guy wearing a London Fog at Battery Park in NYC. I thought I was about to get flashed as he looked around and slowly pulled the front of that trench coat open. He says hey, pssst... looks at these. In the left of his jacket was quite the collection of Rolex, Omegas and the like. In the right side hung a 79 Sunburst. I asked “how much for the fiddle?”, he says “figh-hunnit”, I said “tree-fiddy”, and that was that.
  7. Old Recording

    Nice Jason. I had a TSL-60 too in the mid 90s. Thought it was a good sounding rig.

    It’s my preference with most amps.

    How did rehearsal go? More importantly, how did the primate behave??
  10. NAD - TDC

    Good choice obviously, and am glad to hear they’re taking care of you like that! Can’t wait to see you playing it. ....Video, or it never happened!
  11. NAD - TDC

    Did you check the fuse?
  12. I think I’ve seen more than enough freak for today....
  13. Alright Gibson!!

    They tried that once. This guitar was $3K new in ‘99 I think? Now they can’t get $1300 at GC.