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  1. TDC Mel Tillis

    I remember him on TV in the ‘70s for interviews with Johnny Carson, Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas, (all the usual spots) and he could barely get two words out without stuttering, then he’d stand up after the interviews and perform flawlessly. THAT always amazed me!
  2. The largest *production* guitar?

    I believe you’re CORRECT Sir! GREAT mammary- eh hem, memory! I’m pretty sure his name was on the info card with it’s history in the display.
  3. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    ^^^^ I’m a total amp whore. I’ve various amps (as many here I’m sure do as well!) that I’ve acquired purely for their overdrive capabilities and if their tones move me. I’ve never had an amp kept if I didn’t dig and bond with the OD it produces. No dirt pedal in my experience changes that. For clean I’m quite satisfied with my BF Vibrolux Reverb. The only reason I may use a dirt pedal is if it complements the amp tone (not altering it in tone) and may give it a slightly different feel. When I do use them, they’re used modestly and with the amp just at breakup to avoid over saturation of the signal. I like to preserve the amp sound. A couple of my faves are the Xotic Allen Hinds Soul Driven OD, the Xotic RC BOOSTER V.2, and Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive. Their is another low-med gain pedal that is wicked fun used heavily with moderate amp gain for slide, (fun with low gain too)it is the Honey Bee overdrive. Woooohooooo! Weeeeeeee!
  4. The largest *production* guitar?

    Did one of those wind up in the old Mars store on East Colonial Drive? I remember one on display there for a couple of years. In the mid ‘90s?
  5. Malcolm Young RIP

    Hopefully he’s on the OTHER highway now.
  6. Olivia Newton John

    Looks like Andy Timmons.
  7. I'd probably buy my old '69 VR if it came around at a fair price.
  8. TDC: Chuck Mosley in bad shape

    Copy Cat! @MCChris
  9. Gibson Historic Spec pre-wired Vol & Tone Rig, complete with Gibson Historic Bumble-Bee Caps. Pulled from Custom Shop Historic R8. HFC Supporting Member Price: $95 Shipped & PayPal'd U.S. ONLY (Gibson Historic Bumble Bees are $130 alone...crazy, yeah!) http://store.gibson.com/historic-spec-bumble-bee-capacitors-two-pack/
  10. Hey Fellas, here are a pair of perfect condition Gibson VOS CustomBuckers, lightly aged. Wires desoldered from pots, original Gibson length, pulled from a 2014 Custom Shop Historic R8. HFC Supporting Members: $225 for the pair, PayPal'd & Shipped. U.S. only.
  11. Initials under the pickups?

    I think it may be an identifier for whoever this guitar was being built for as a special order perhaps? On several of mine that were special orders for Willcutt and others, I've seen their respective names in the neck pickup cavity.