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    East Amps Duality 30 Combo, 3Monkeys Grease Monkey II, 3Monkeys Sock Monkey, BF Fender Vibrolux Reverb, PRS Sweet 16, Laney L5 Lionheart 112 Combo, Darkhorse head, Traynor 112 Cabs,
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  1. A couple of LP questions ...

    Because the added tension to the bridge over time causes the bridge to bow from the center, creating a slight concave bend usually bending the posts inward with it, also possibly pushing the bridge forward a bit as well. Both of these issues creat intonation problems and proper set up complications. The bridge height looks pretty normal for a Lester. Because of their neck angles, and depending on the height of the top carve, it’s pretty normal. As for the fretboard color, it look like a nice healthy rosewood board from what I can see.
  2. The necks sometimes vary in thickness, but I’ve not played a G & L that didn’t feel good.
  3. Alrighty Folks, Here are three mint condition amplifiers. All quite special sounding. I'm selling these because I just have too many freaking amps with a good degree of duplication (and the tax man is killing me this year). ********** Starting off, 3 Monkeys Sock Monkey (SERIAL # 2). It is an EL-84 12watt /10" combo. This amplifier is just nutty-great sounding. It is the ultimate grab'n'go Marshall18/Vox type amplifier you'll ever own. Super touch sensitive, and all 3 Monkeys amplifiers are known for being able to clean up by lowering the guitar volume, and maintaining volume, better than any amplifier out there. This model has the stock 30 Watt 10" Celestion Greenback, Volume(Gain) with a pull out feature for Boost, Bass, Treble, and Master Volume. In the non-boost setting you can achieve very chimey cleans to classic rock and rock/blues overdrive. In the boost setting, the gain is amazingly hot without ear fatigue. Crazy Train gain, and then some, without any pedals. Want to re-tube, no need to have it biased, it is self biasing Cathode bias. The Sock Monkey will keep up for band rehearsals, or small gigs, and will give you amazing tonality at whisper quiet levels for playing while everyone is sleeping. 3 Monkeys amplifiers are hand built in the USA. This example is dead-mint! $925 Shipped and PayPal'd (Continental U.S. Only) ********** Next, the PRS Sweet 16 112 Combo. I love this amplifier. The East Duality has been able to duplicate successfully the incredible tones I get from the PRS Sweet 16. So, time to move it on. This is a hand wired CLASS A , 6V6 16 Watts, 112 Combo. It is completely stock with a 12" 16 ohm Celestion Vintage 30. Like the Sock Monkey, it is self biasing Cathode bias. This combo also has a drop dead gorgeous flame-figured maple front panel. This amplifier was designed by Doug Sewell for Paul. It is extremely popular with pro musicians in the studio and on stage. Warren Haynes uses these in the studio. This example like all of these amplifiers, is dead-mint! $1075 Shipped and PayPal'd (Continental U.S. Only) ********** Next, is the LANEY Lionheart, L5T 112 Combo. This is a CLASS A 5-Watt EL-84 two channel amplifier with spring Reverb. This is also a UK-BUILT LANEY, not the current Chinese production. This amplifier comes with the stock Celestion Heritage (Made in UK) G12H (55hz) Greenback. Also comes with two button Laney footswitch for channel switching and reverb. It also features an effects loop, bright switch, hi & lo gain inputs, clean volume, gain, master volume, reverb control, bass, mid, treble and a global tone control. This amplifer is loud enough for small gigs and rehearsal, and quiet enough for evening jamming in the home. It also features a handy fold out kick stand to aim it upwards a bit for better audibility in the mix. The clean channel is extremely lush sounding, and you can play it dimed for natural breakup as well. The OD channel has a very nice gain control and the overdrive on this amp is very sweet sounding, usable and harmonically rich. I've never put a dirt pedal in front of this amp, or any of the two listed above. Their natural on board gain produces better overdrive than any pedal you can find to put in front of them. Like the rest of my listed amps, they are also.....dead-mint! $700 Shipped and PayPal'd (Continental U.S. Only) Laney L5T 112 Combo Demo: PRS SWEET 16 DEMOs: 3 Monkeys 12watt/10" Sock Monkey Demo: Assorted Pics of the Amps:
  4. Zemaitis production guitars?

    I know Ron Wood has been using them on and off for years if that means anything. Aside from that, sorry Man, I got nothing.
  5. NSD

    Early-mid ‘90s I had a Fender CS Robert Cray Stratumus. Freaking gorgeous and sounded, played incredible. Strings rang out like piano wire unplugged. It had a fabulous acoustic voice (for @kizanski ) GAS got the better of me and it went bye-bye to find another toy that eventually hit the road as well. Point being, besides that I wish I hadn’t sold it, hard tail strats rule! Enjoy your new guit!
  6. I think the MONEL that @rugby1970 Dave got from me deserves an honorable mention. Also, while I haven’t really mentioned much of it, my ruby Newport Pro Custom with the harp/trapeze is a monster guitar.

    I gave it a goose too! Think it'll ruffle some feathers?

    It's truly funny shit. A bunch of keyboard prima donnas who think they're smarter, and that everyone should care about their opinions.

    And they're still going at it. Twelve pages so far Priceless.
  10. Deal Breakers

    One of my all time favorite solos to play note for note. It is such a beautiful piece. I usually don’t play solos note for note because I like to put a bit of my own thing on most songs. That song is one of the exceptions.
  11. Deal Breakers

    I draw the line at Air Supply. ....I’d rather play Village People.