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  1. SCF is sold. WOW! Only one item left here....the SD-1 delay. Someone needs to grab this one!
  2. DGTs are the only PRS model I've ever bonded with. Great guitars!
  3. A '91/'92 (Can't remember!) U.S.A. Fender Strat Plus Deluxe. NOT, to be confused with today's Strat Plus, or Strat Deluxe offered today. Those are entirely different Strats, and imported as well I believe. This is the U.S.A. made LSR Roller-nut version played by Clapton in the day, complete with original Lace Sensor pickups and electronics. It also has the stock locking tuners, and of course the original LSR Roller-nut. I upgraded the bridge to a Wilkinson that just kicks the llama's ass. Great bridge system. Photo doesn't show rear cavity cover. I do have this and will include it with the guitar. As an added bonus, I'm including a Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, and Roland GK-3 split pickup system (already installed on the guitar). The guitar sounds and plays great, just hasn't seen any action since I got my Suhr Pro Custom. This guitar was a player for a long time with me. It's not mint, but is in overall nice condition. Frets are in good shape. It does have some light scratches here and there, and one indentation about 1/8" diameter on the back from a jean rivet I believe. No worming though. The color is an unusual black of sorts. When you look at it while catching a light reflection, there is what is almost a blue-ish hue with sparkle in it. Anyways, cool guitar, has been a long time friend here. Time to find it a new loving home. Comes with a beautiful condition Original "Fender" brand tweed case.. One thin line in the tweed about eight inches long. It's not a scratch, I think it's black rubber of sorts that rubbed up against it. I think it will clean off if you want to. $1300 PayPal'd and Shipped
  4. Hey Guys, Here's me 2005 Newport Pro Custom. Ruby Red, Spruce top, Mahogany body and neck, Ebony fret board, Hamer Vintage-Carve profile neck, Victory inlays, Grover Imperial tuners, Harp-style Trapeze tailpiece, original Seth Lovers and all original stock electronics. This guitar is one of my favorite of Newports. It's spruce top and trapeze tailpiece resonate very loudly, and is just dripping with tone. AMAZING ACOUSTIC VOICE ...(JUST for you buddy- @kizanski). Frets are in good shape, minimal wear. Guitar is MINT. Gold hardware all in great shape. Just a stunning sounding and playing guitar. Comes with COA and OHSC. $2100 PayPal'd and Shipped No LBL's! Original Stock Photos of this guitar taken by WIllcutt's: ....and, a couple of my stock photos lol:
  5. Xotic Allen Hinds Ltd OD sold.
  6. Jeff, I shit you not, someone posted a question on my amp thread, how heavy is the PRS sweet 16, I replied 40 pounds. A guy messages me “hey, on the PRS sweet 16, is that 40 pounds with or without the shipping box and packing materials?“
  7. Mad Professor Royal Blue OD is sold.
  8. Here are some shots taken indoors with neutral lighting with no reflective ambient light. The guitar color-wise is a chameleon! I just lowered the price on this again, to $3300 shipped and PayPal'd. This guit is over $5K new. It is perfect, body and frets! At $3300 this is a freaking STEAL!
  9. You’d still be all over a Duncan..... YO-YO 😂
  10. Hang in there buddy! Many moons ago I was there too. It will get better! Keep your favorite player, you’ll not regret it. And for God’s sake Man, keep visiting The Outer Circle. Your posts are tits!
  11. Watch for the East gear. I hear Seymour Duncan is bringing back his Duncan Amp line. The first new model is the Duncan .... You guessed it! 😉
  12. Wow, sorry to hear it. I've a Deluxe Moon Phaser and it is the only phaser I've ever really enjoyed playing through. More Phaser sounds and a fidelity that most phasers totally lack. GET ONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! You won't regret it.