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  1. I just moved my Minolta X-700, Nikon F2 and a plethora of lenses, bulk packs, pwr winders and flashes a couple of months ago. I cry every time I think of what I paid for it all and the pittance I received for it all :-( Olympus made a nice camera. I had an OM2 once upon a time.
  2. Nice Lesters. Gibson’s not going out of business.
  3. That is really cool! I love watching other cultures interpretations of others’ music! Inspiring in a way! Thanks for posting!
  4. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    Ok there Johnny...
  5. ....and you guys really asked me how spooge gets on guitars?
  6. Those are very nice sounding delays. GLWTS!
  7. The Aragon’s a nice amp! I’m running my PA-5 in my office and my PA-7s in the music room. Love the Pass STASIS circuit. You should see the ones in the NAKS. Same as the Thresholds! Gigantic! I had an S500 but cut it loose a couple of years ago. Needed recap and biasing, one of the rails was having an issue and the cost to repair was outrageous! Had the NAKS since the ‘80s, easy decision, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. Same amps really Nelson’s STASIS!
  8. Hey wow! It’s the same price in Australia!
  9. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    That’s beautiful! Gibson Memphis really turns out nice instruments! The electronics on the 335 I recently picked up are the best I’ve ever seen from Gibson, EVER. The Vol pots are smooth taper all the from the top to the bottom, none of the typical huge bump at “8” and nothing below. Its a shame Memphis is shutting down. CONGRATULATIONS!
  10. Now THAT, is worse than the Dale Earnhardt Les Paul. I’d almost rather have one of those ‘70s “custom van” painted guitars. That also, is probably the first red and gold guitar I would call ugly
  11. Holy smokes that's cool! LOVE THAT GUITAR!
  12. Love the Nikes. I think we all had the same sneakers back then. Those and Pumas!
  13. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

    1. 0054


      Better for people to believe you a fool than to speak and remove all doubt!

  14. Hell, that wouldn't be to difficult for a righty to just flip over and play. If I was in the market (and in the area) I'd grab it.
  15. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Happy B-Day! Have a huge one!
  16. Now THAT, is some cunny shit Man! Oops, meant funny....