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  1. Wow, sorry to hear it. I've a Deluxe Moon Phaser and it is the only phaser I've ever really enjoyed playing through. More Phaser sounds and a fidelity that most phasers totally lack. GET ONE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! You won't regret it.
  2. I think every HFC’r should make an offer of $350. Flood his inbox with them.
  3. Okie Dokie Fellers, here we go. I'm afraid. Very afraid. This guitar is a total trophy piece, plays amazing, sounds amazing, and.....looks ... well, .... it's a freaking work of art and I just can't seem to get comfortable playing this guitar because I'm too afraid I will scratch it and I just wouldn't be able to live with myself. Please don’t misunderstand me, it feels incredible and is very comfy to play. I’m just a bit klutzy these days and fear I will mar it and can’t let that happen to this guitar. I can't believe this is me doing this! I've had Hubers and all sorts that = TROPHY, but that has never bothered me before. I played the shit out of the Huber to the point of completely tarnishing the bridge and hardware. I can't seem to do it with this one. This has never happened to me with any guitar before! This is by far, the best sounding solid body I've ever owned. I just can't bring myself to a level of comfort to play it without worrying about it, I’m constantly nervous while handling it. I don't get it! Maybe I need counseling? Like all McNaughts, it features the “Set-Thru-Neck” design created by David McNaught. The guitar is a sonic monster. Frets are slick as goose shit and is set up with way low action with zero buzzing anywhere. The 6105 frets allow your fingers to nicely grab the strings and dig in for a big bend even with very low action. It has a coil tap, and a switchable via push-pull pot, out of phase feature for that on the fly Peter Green sound. The pickups are the highly coveted WCR BetSets that are cloned directly from Dicky Betts' ’57 Gold Top PAFs that went on loan to Jim Wagner for the BetSet project. This guitar is 100% Original, completely stock with no modifications. This guitar is DEAD MINT! FLAWLESS! Check out the pics of the black back, this guitar is stupid clean! Comes with original hardshell case, one latch of its five popped off (See pic) This guitar also comes with its COA. Here’s the skinny: Model: VSC (Vintage Single Cut) Color: Ocean Turquoise Burst Body & Neck Color: Black! Diamond Quilt Top Matching Diamond Quilt Headstock Overlay Mahogany Body Mahogany Neck Ebony Fretboard MOP Fretboard Inlays Flame Maple Body Binding Flame Maple Neck & Headstock Binding Sperzel Locking Tuners TonePros Bridge Neck P/U: WCR Wagner BetSet Neck Brushed Nkl Covers Bridge P/U: WCR Wagner BetSet Bridge Brushed Nkl Covers 22 Frets 6105 Frets 12” Radius 24 3/4” Scale 3-Way Toggle 2 Volume 2 Tone Push Pull Neck Tone - Coil Tap Push Pull Bridge Tone - Out of Phase 8.8 lbs This guitar new, with all of its features and upgrades is over $5K now. Taking a sizable hit here fellers! $3500 Shipped and PayPal’d (Continental U.S. Only) To Supporting HFC Members Only -NO LBLs!
  4. For @kizanski: FROM my TC Electronic SCF pedal listing over at TGP: ”Sweet pedal Man! What year is it?” Really? Ignorant bunch of fuck sticks.
  5. From my personal stash, been sitting and not being used. Time to let go. Pricing is shipped Continental U.S. Only. OVERVIEW: Xotic Ltd Edition Allen Hinds Soul Driven OD Pedal #176 of 1500 - $195.00 Budda Būd Wah - $ SOLD FUCHS Plush Verbrator - $ SOLD TC Electronic SCF - $200 Catalinbread Belle Epoch - $150 Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive - $115 G-Lab SD-1 Smooth Delay - $145 Geoff Teese RMC Picture-Wah - $ SOLD DETAILS BELOW: ***Xotic Ltd Edition Allen Hinds Soul Driven OD Pedal #176: No 176 of 1500. GREAT SHAPE! - $195 SHIPPED & PAYPAL'D **************************************************************** ***SOLD***FUCHS PLUSH Verbrator - This is an active loop buffer, complete with send and return level adjustments, trim and choice of series or parallel, AND REVERB with a TUBE AUDIO STAGE! This unit adds tube buffering with full loop control, and reverb to amps with a passive loop, as well as reverb for non-reverb equipped amps. This unit runs both rack based effects as well as floor based pedal effects. This is Fuchs' version of a Dumblator in a compact tube driven pedal. Comes with One Spot or PowerAll 9V power Good overall condition, some signs of use. Features Fuchs Plush Verbrator® The Verbrator® is a new multipurpose pedal which combines an all-tube effects loop with a studio grade reverb featuring a 32-Khz clock speed for full 16-K audio bandwidth. The Verbrator® is the most innovative Plush pedal offering to date. It’s an effects loop, it’s a reverb, it’s both! Unlike other "tube pedals," the Verbrator® power supply features a unique regulated switching technology that takes the incoming 9 volts and converts it up to the optimal high voltage a tube really needs to operate best. In addition, a 6-volt DC regulator provides consistent clean DC power for the tube filament assuring lowest noise and consistent performance despite any changes to incoming line voltage. The Verbrator® can be used as a pedal on a pedal board as a reverb pedal. It features a level control and decay control allowing you to have a short medium or long decay reverb algorithm. It can also be used as a tube buffer to convert an incoming high impedance signal to a low impedance for long cable runs or driving a pedal board. The recovery (gain) stage can be used to boost the level of a guitar or pedal board with a true tube audio stage. It provides a warm sweet utility gain stage with a multitude of uses. The effects loop portion of the pedal features a unity gain cathode follower to work with any amp that has passive preamp output - power amp input patch jacks, and not a true active effects loop like Ceriatone, Dumble, Bludotone, Brown Note, some Marshall models and others. It has a send level control and high headroom. The return portion of the loop features a high impedance input (250-K) and a low output impedance with its own level control as well. The loop can be run in series or parallel modes, and features a level adjust switch for rack or pedal style effects. This is what a DUMBLEATOR does. This will allow running a stompbox pedal like a Chorus or Delay in an amp's effects loop without a volume drop or other tone degradation. 9-volt DC adaptor provided. This is a 2amp 9V switching power supply, it will work in any country but it has a USA plug on it so you may need a pin adaptor to plug it into your power jack if you don't have a USA style AC power outlet available. Like all Fuchs pedals, the Verbrator® features solid cast aluminum powder coated enclosure with heat cured silk screening, dual sided heavy circuit boards, premium switches and controls, and premium electronic parts throughout. - $ SOLD **************************************************************** TC Electronic SCF - This is a vintage, old school SCF from TC Electronic. This unit is considered by many to be one of the best modulation pedals ever made, and is a studio favorite. Still used by many pro touring guitarists, as well as in many professional studios still to this day. This is a stereo pedal that runs in three modes, stereo chorus, flanger, and pitch modulation. All modes can be run in mono as well. It requires AC power as you can see in the pictures. It has an adjustable input gain control, as well a third output for direct bypass. This is a super clean example of a classic that is no longer manufactured. Velcro on bottom. Can be removed if desired. - $200 PayPal'd & Shipped **************************************************************** Catalinbread BELLE EPOCH Tape Echo Delay: The Belle Epoch delay from Catalinbread is a tape delay emulator that's circuit is based directly from the Maestro Echoplex. It even includes the Echoplex buffer that can be switched on or off and includes an internal gain adjustment. Run in buffered mode or true bypass. Eric Johnson replaced his two original Echoplex units with two Catalinbread Belle Epochs. This is in like new condition. Velcro on bottom. Can be removed if desired. - $150 PayPal'd & Shipped **************************************************************** Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive: THE ROYAL BLUE OVERDRIVE IS AN EXTREMELY TOUCH SENSITIVE OVERDRIVE, that offers a wide range of tones from light overdrive into distortion and at lowest Distortion knob setting works as an EQ. It can also be used to create a tube amp-like crunchy ‘strike hard for distortion’ effect. There is not much filtering on the overdrive, to provide a transparent tone that you can tailor with both the Treble and Bass controls. Like the best boutique amps, the Royal Blue OD lets you determine the amount of breakup by how hard you strike the strings with your pick, and/or by adjusting the volume knob on your guitar, which this pedal does extremely well! The Royal Blue Overdrive can add this level of expressiveness to any clean or slightly overdriven amplifier. This pedal is in like new condition. It was a gift that I've unfortunately no use for with my 3Monkeys and East! I'm not using pedals for overdrive anymore. - $115 PayPal'd and Shipped ************************************************************
  6. Doood! @kizanski, you ain’t whistling Dixie boy! “....I’m in Florida, where are you? I have a shipping question.” Me: “Central Virginia. What’s your shipping question?” Him: “just wondering where you are. No reason to be short.” Me: “ Not being short. My ad lists price is PayPal’d AND SHIPPED CONTINENTAL US ONLY. How the fuck does it matter where I am if that was your question?? Furthermore how is that even a shipping question???? Now I’m being SHORT. Him: ....crickets. .......another gem: From the Sweet 16 ad over there. Guy asks in thread how much does the amp weigh. I responded on the thread 40lbs. Some wanker fucktard messages me: ”Hey, I saw you said the amp weighs 40lbs. Is it EXACTLY 40, and is that weight with or without box and packing materials?” Pffft.
  7. Alrighty Folks, Here are two mint condition amplifiers. Both quite special sounding. I'm selling these because I just have too many freaking amps with a good degree of duplication (and the tax man is killing me this year). *SOLD PRS Sweet 16 112 Combo. I love this amplifier. The East Duality has been able to duplicate successfully the incredible tones I get from the PRS Sweet 16. So, time to move it on. This is a hand wired CLASS A , 6V6 16 Watts, Master Volume 112 Combo, complete with Spring Reverb. It is completely stock with a 12" 16 ohm Celestion Vintage 30. It is self biasing (Cathode bias). This combo also has a drop dead gorgeous flame-figured maple front panel. This amplifier was designed by Doug Sewell for Paul. It is extremely popular with pro musicians in the studio and on stage. Warren Haynes uses these in the studio. This example like all of these amplifiers, is dead-mint! $1075 Shipped and PayPal'd (Continental U.S. Only) *SOLD LANEY Lionheart, L5T 112 Combo. This is a CLASS A 5-Watt EL-84 two channel amplifier with spring Reverb. This is also a UK-BUILT LANEY, not the current Chinese production. This amplifier comes with the stock Celestion Heritage (Made in UK) G12H (55hz) Greenback. Also comes with two button Laney footswitch for channel switching and reverb. It also features an effects loop, bright switch, hi & lo gain inputs, clean volume, gain, master volume, reverb control, bass, mid, treble and a global tone control. This amplifer is loud enough for small gigs and rehearsal, and quiet enough for evening jamming in the home. It also features a handy fold out kick stand to aim it upwards a bit for better audibility in the mix. The clean channel is extremely lush sounding, and you can play it dimed for natural breakup as well. The OD channel has a very nice gain control and the overdrive on this amp is very sweet sounding, usable and harmonically rich. I've never put a dirt pedal in front of this amp, or any of the two listed above. Their natural on board gain produces better overdrive than any pedal you can find to put in front of them. Like the rest of my listed amps, they are also.....dead-mint! $700 Shipped and PayPal'd (Continental U.S. Only) Laney L5T 112 Combo Demo: PRS SWEET 16 DEMOs: Assorted Pics of the Amps:
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    Wow! Very generous!! HFC is da best!
  9. Haven’t used a trem pedal on it, but used to do Beta-Vibes that I could get to pull off a trem-like effect and sounded spectacular. The amp is truly wonderful sounding. I just have too many wonderful sounding amps and really can’t justify keeping all of them. I mean really, I’m not Joe Bonamassa!
  10. Hi Dave! It’s a spring reverb, and sounds very nice.
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    Which Speakers?

    Peavey is a great product, and in this case handles more power, but I think the Yamahas sound better in my experience.
  12. This is a one-of-a-kind guit guys, at a terrific price.
  13. These are fantastic amps at very good prices guys. You'll not be disappointed!
  14. It would be much better if Don @django49 would learn to use an iron.
  15. Great choice on the bridge with NO bushings!
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    What's Spinnin' ..

    Little bit of April Wine this evening 🍷
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    What's Spinnin' ..

    Damn it Man! Mr. Gilbert should do some more blues-rock! That was a GREAT LISTEN! 👍🏻
  18. If you're patient, Willcutt occasionally gets Hamers in trade, and they're very good on used Hamer pricing.