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  1. Ed Rechts

    RIP Vinnie Paul, age 54

    Not to be callous, but in hard-partying rock star years, he was an octogenarian. Especially as a drummer. Cool guy, big loss.
  2. pAnZy set the bar for dick moves, which is why no one felt bad for him after he got kicked in his nuts repeatedly before fleeing into exile. His legacy had some contenders over the years, however. Never forget that pAnZy also tried to "reach out to me" through a mediator --a dealer that used to hang out here and reminds everyone of the lost Loman family member that Aurthur Miller deleted out of the story because it was too damn unbelievably pathetic-- to patch things up when in reality he was trying to mount a defensive cabal against Peter's buying power following Peter's reluctance to loan him money for a double-neck Phantom. pAnZy seriously tried to convince me that it would be a good show of faith to the "established" members of the HFC (all 5 of us then) for me to give up that red FB because I "didn't deserve it" as a newcomer, in light of all the guys who had been trying to score that holy grail for years. My response to him was to snipe a red FBIV away from him off eBay the next day. This is what lead to the infamous quorum call for the HFC to have all members reveal their eBay bidding names so we wouldn't "step on each others toes" anymore, going forward. pAnZy truly was a real piece of work. I enjoyed issuing his daily beat-down with great zeal, and I recall those happy days with wistful fondness.
  3. When I heard it, I wasn't angry; I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!
  4. Back in 1998 when I found the Ferrari Red FB that appears on the rear cover of Serial's Hamer history book, I found it languishing un-loved on the floor of a small independent music shop in Maryland. Since the PU layout didn't match anything I'd seen mentioned regarding existing FBs, I posted a question on the HFC about one-offs, and was told outright by all 5 members here (lol) to buy it immediately. I did NOT reveal where I was or where I saw it, of course. I wasn't that naive. This was on a weekend; the store was closed on Mondays, but I was down there with cash in hand when the shop opened on Tuesday. I shit you not, just as the the store owner was writing out my receipt, the phone behind the counter rings. And it's someone calling about the red Hamer he heard about...I couldn't hear the full conversation between caller and salesguy (the shop owner), but I watched his facial expressions as he spoke with the caller, refusing to accept the larger offers that were obviously being tendered over the phone line, as the sale had officially closed as of less than two minutes ago. He went from being cordial and almost psyched for my purchase to becoming an absolute dick about the lost opportunity for more $$$ he could have had, as if I had scammed him or something. About two miles down the road on my way back to work with my new guitar, I realized what had just happened: Someone from this board (who will go unidentified) used the originating posting address from my HFC inquiry (the old board would reveal that) to find an approximation of my locality, and that person then began calling EVERY music shop in the DC Metropolitan area to find the guitar. He only failed by jusssssst thaaaaaaat much in snagging it. I mean...one bad traffic routing decision on my part. I realized then that as friendly and helpful as this place could be, it could also be cut throat. And yes...my suspicions about this incident were confirmed over drinks at the Anaheim Hilton bar at NAMM ten years later when Mr Cutthroat related it back to me.
  5. I place that corollary a checkbox or two after the "don't get kicked in the nuts" imperative on my sequence-of-potential-events decision tree, especially when it pertains to an offbeat haircut approaching my personal space. Seriously, though, you can tell by the way she saunters up to Ralph that she is more female than feminist, and is just fucking with him. She even breaks into a giggle at the end.
  6. Meh, if she was really outraged she would have thrown her beer on him first. As the frequent recipient of this kind of militant feminist 'appreciation', both on and off stage, I oughta know.
  7. Love that Grand Piano bridge, I bought one of those years ago to do that same conversion on an Epiphone bird but never got around to it. What's the story on that? Electronics, etc.? I love it. Despite the KISS fans here that may start babbling about 1977, lol
  8. 4- Carry a set of spare clothing to the gig so you can blend in with the crowd upon leaving the stage, mingle in peace, and make your escape 5- Repeat the mantra to yourself, while suffering onstage, that "If it sounds crappy up here through the monitors, then it sounds GREAT out front, and vice versa" 6- If your significant other, who knows to situate herself next to FOH during the show for best sonic appreciation, is engaging in #4 halfway through your set, brace yourself to try to bleive the other hackneyed mantra that it's the shitty gigs that make you a better perforner
  9. Ed Rechts

    First KISS, then ANGEL...

    When the most talented members of your band are the seamstress, the guitar player's hairdresser, and the artist who did your crazy invertible logo, you just MAY be a contrived money laundering scheme created over rails of cocaine on the mirrored desktop at Casablanca records headquarters
  10. Ed Rechts

    Weezer cover Toto

    Let us re-center. Rosanna Arquette has inspired more "muse" level hits than anyone in modern pop-music recording history. She is one cool chick.
  11. Ed Rechts

    Bohemian Rhapsody

  12. Ed Rechts

    Everybody Wants Some!

    ...and he totally abused them, as well. It's obvious that he sees his instruments as more functional tool than art piece, bring the irony meter full circle for guys that build and frame these replicas. One thing that has always puzzled me about these fanboi home-made EVH Frankenstrats, with intense attention to detail, down to the correct year quarter and the exact formulation of paint, the bicycle reflective lites on back, (which has it's own cottage industry, I think) etc etc, is a small, but odd thing: I've yet to see somebody add the Sharpie "X"s to the back of the neck, like Eddie does, so he can orient the 5th & 12th under intermittent stage lighting. He also used to write little messages (seemingly in some personal code) on the back of the neck, as well. I have never seen anyone replicate that.
  13. Ed Rechts

    Bill Bartlett's Guitar.

    I can tell you the story behind THIS: The 70s were AWESOME, that's the story. Seriously though, headstock (of the guitar that is) looks pretty d"Aquisto to me
  14. Ed Rechts


    That thing is gorgeous. Glen Buxton (and Sister Tharp) approved.