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  1. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Homeskillet had to square off against Dimebag AND Brent Woods in a battle of the bands, too! Mad props to ya Brooksie
  2. I agree with Brooks, great review Steve
  3. Identify my Hamer

    Welcome to the board, and considering your choice of colors for both body and pickups, may I suggest an 80s Hamer finish classic: "Clown Puke"
  4. David Cassidy In Hospital

    Why do I picture you right now sitting next to your phone with your eye on the clock and a secondary settlement insurance policy in your hand?
  5. Hard Rock door handles

    San Diego has the Chappy handles, as well as a Hamer Sustain Block Special hanging above the bar signed by Eddie Van Halen
  6. Double WOW Neck

    I was thinking this, bit it's been done
  7. Will I Get Banned For This?

    Is that the one that educates us on ancient Egypt's resistance to encroaching colonialism while advancing an operatic tale of a resurrected mummy hellbent on vengeance over the galloping bassline and has the interwoven lead guitar outros and that dude prancing about like a flakka'd-out PeterPan in the video?
  8. Things are getting boring around here with the understandable diminishing of NHD posts, I think it's time for a codger-off to see who can be the most disgruntled about what is currently failing to legitimize all things rock n' roll. "Kids today, what with your TV show vetted replacement singers and your instant-gratification downloadable signature guitar tones...in MY day, if the singer of your favorite band died due to rock-star related circumstances, you didn't wait a year or a decade for a replacement, NOPE, you mourned that shit HARD for a day, ceremoniously sprayed Scotchgaurd on the bootleg tshirt you bought in the parking lot of their last show you attended...then you kissed your childhood GOODBYE and joined the military, and went on with your life! When Ronnie Van Zant flew the Skynyrd plane into a mountain, I didn't organize a somber vigil and burn a wax factory's worth of novena candles while I waited to see what Artimus Pyle was gonna decide about a frontman! FUCK NO, I went immediately to my local recruiting office and two days later, I was at Fort Benning Georgia, suspended over a mudpit, being savaged by horseflies, swatting at some other distraught crewcut with a pugil stick! In MY day, you couldn't just step on a bank of footswitches and paint every color of the sonic rainbow! You had TWO choices..jangly clean, and skull-piercing gut-thump! If you wanted to rock, you got a Peavey Mace and a Big Muff, and you went about your business! "Proud Mary"? Here ya go, please ignore the midrange honk! "Purple Haze? Gotcha covered, please ignore the loud midrange honk! Don't even get me STARTED on the variety of drugs and beer you got these days....
  9. Remember in the days of the nascent HFC when they were hitting eBay at $350? And the only people chasing them were all on here, meeting each other and stepping on each other toes. 1998 was the beat-up Hamer goldrush, and a good time to be alive
  10. Imagine Dragons

    I will simply never understand a how 13 year old would prefer that stuff to an Aerosmith riff cranked into their body from 3 feet via Les Paul plugged into lit Marshall half stack. I thought that visceral punch resonated through the centuries and all mankind, force-dropping reluctant adolescent testicles and launching a million teenage epiphanies. I may as well start doing my yard work in dress socks and sandals, I guess.
  11. Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    He's pretty lanky too, so he's ideal for a rebounder if you're in need. Plays his guitar upside down however, which is kind of weird. And he likes to wear old school studio headphones while he plays. I've seen him at NAMM a number of times, and when he's noodling in whichever endorser booth, he has the most hilarious expression on his face, like a little kid lost in his own head while doodling on a giant sheet of white paper.
  12. Hamer Jeff Beck Model

    You guys are so cynical, man. Everybody starts at zero feedback at some point, right? Maybe the reason he's selling the case separately is to score more credibility points? $550 is a good price for a USA Hamer, and you just know that one of our mid-Atlantic contingency is trying to IM that seller for an in-person vetting. I personally contacted him to let him know I'd be interested myself, but only if the stock bridge pickup has been changed out.
  13. NGD (And HOW!)

    Have you tried one of these yet?