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  1. Bat Guitar!

    Good stuff, custom53. I had no idea that guitar was used by so many esteemed players. Steve Marriot, really? Wow. I saw Flipp open for Cheap Trick at The Bottle & Cork nightclub in Dewey Beach, DE back in the mid-90s. A show that @cmatthes was also at, although we had yet to meet. The singer for Flipp memorably played "Back in Black", solo, on the drums and guitar simultaneously, which is most of what I remember of their set aside from the Kustom amps stacked to the ceiling. Thanks for the info!
  2. Cosmic dumbass that I am, can someone tell me what was ever the point of a zero fret?
  3. I've related this story here before, but my first experience with these was seeing Quiet Riot in a relatively small club in Maryland on the Metal Health Tour (right before they went into Arenas opening for Rainbow, IIRC) and Carlos Cavazo was slinging a black version of this model. They opened with "Run for Cover" and it was wonderfully chaotic. Although I don't care much for Quiet Riot, that song is a barnburner, and made an impression on me. I wanted a "metal" looking guitar, but not the cliche explorer style that EVERYONE in rock clubs seemed to be playing back then Wound up getting an A-20 soon after, but it was too small for me...I looked ridiculous. Also, the neck was a broomstick, and I was just learning that I prefer a flatter radius. Then in the 90s I bought the 8string bass version of this body style, which was a mistake. (I have a lingering admiration for Pete Way, and he slung one for a bit). btw, I kinda dig that carpet..... it's the improvised control plate that uglies up that guitar for me.
  4. Although I admire what Dean Zelinsky has accomplished in his life, whenever I hear that name, I think of this, especially now that this sales tactics are beginning to relate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynkmpDMSRvs
  5. Good point. The Chinese Slash and the Chinese Jimmy Page might endorse these abominations
  6. I love it when you go all Britspeak on us Rick
  7. One can only picture Henry J. brainstorming with the marketing team: "You know what people like? They like their DOGS! We need to go after that high-income pet owner, the one with no qualms about spending their disposable income on their Labradoodle! THAT'S where the money is! Loyal to their brands, loyal to their pets, loyal to our legend....GIVE ME DOGS!" You just gotta KNOW the guys in the Custom Shop are thinking, "We are soooooo fucked...." inbetween sending out resumes to every instrument and cabinet manufacturer in the country
  8. Nuke The Bops BITD, in my circles, "Bops" were the kids that participated in all that school spirit rah rah bullshit, you know, the ones who actually studied for the SAT and wanted to go to college. Those people were anathema to me. I might also add, I went to a very LARGE high school, the largest student body in the state of Virginia at that time (might still be). There were over 600 people in my graduating class. At the "gig" pictured here, I am playing to over a thousand people in the field house. Kinda unnerving for one of your initial live experiences. The reason I am wearing those wristbands is because I was afraid my nervous sweat might leak down to my hands and the pick would slip out of my fingers. One of the bands we competed against had David Brockie in it, who later went on to found GWAR, and another band had Tony Lapacinski, who went on to be in Train (aside from being a local legend around here in many bands out of Virginia Tech).
  9. Bat Guitar!

    The preferred ax of David Cassidy when he was with "The Family" on that kookie TV show back in the early 70s. I know our own Alpep has a couple for sale at his shop. I don't think too many people associate Ovation with electrics. I've always wondered how these things sound, naturally, just plugged into a high-gain amp. Will it crunch?
  10. If there are Czech made Cadillacs, I plan on getting one in white-bound black to get the Cars jones out of my system. Always dug that look. BTW, I will add, the band I joined after I graduated high school, a frequently gigging band around the DC area ("Whoo-hoo!", thought I, "I'll show that Battle of the Bands judge how wrong he is!") the lead singer of which had a same year Dean ML with a thicker neck that had no problems. Sounded great (as did my Dean V, when it was in tune. Those DiMarzio PUs were KILLER) but I had moved on to a Les Paul and a Hamer Special...through my coveted REAL JCM Greenbacked stack. Got into the big leagues and never looked back. Well....until I posted tonight, anyways. ETA: Zorrow, aren't you kind of a robust, hearty lad? How did that Baby look on you?
  11. Um, yeah, those early Deans were pretty notorious for NOT staying in tune. Aside from the whacky split headstock string angle, they had VERY thin necks. Here is me at age 17 playing my Dean V (which I paid the princely sum of $707, new, out the door at Rolls Music in Falls Church Virginia) at my high school Battle of the Bands, in Spring of 1982. I blame that guitar's inability to maintain a reliable G string for us losing the competition to a band comprised of 4 brothers that dressed in matching suits and only played old Beatles songs. That and that my band played nothing but Def Leppard (we opened with "Wasted" and closed with "Let It Go" ) with Iron Maiden, Riot, and Shooting Star sandwiched in between. Ignorant judges hadn't heard of the NEW Wave of British Heavy Metal yet, as MTV was in it's infancy. We were ahead of our time by juuuuuust that much. One more year later, and I'da been banging cheerleaders. Not that I'm still bitter....but what kind of adult volunteer "judge" writes "Guitar player, don't quit your day job" on a score sheet, to a high school kid? Really, man? Edited to add: Yes, that is a Fender Twin atop an Acoustic 6x10 cab, signal routed through a Schultz PowerSoak. Because that tricky combination sounds EXACTLY like a Marshall JCM 800 full stack. EXACTLY.
  12. New Judas Priest album

    So I AM seeing that right, they're not splitting lead guitar duties? It looked like Richie doing Tipton's former guitar parts (the whammied runs) on "Sinner". Great show, but it's kinda not Judas Priest if the guitar solos aren't divided and intertwined, IMO.
  13. New Judas Priest album

    I just watched some video of the opening of this show on someone's Facebook page. Looks like Priest brought the full epic stage production. It was like 1982 all over again.
  14. Well...did you continually have to pick grandma up off the floor after she kept sliding out of that chair?