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  1. Dunno about the Journeyman, I think they used “Postmodern “ because of some more updates touched like the heel curve, staggered tuners, compound radius.
  2. Anyone have a junior they’d trade for a joe Satriani js-2410?
  3. Wonderful to play, great condition, has two trem bars, tool kit, and manual. OHSC.Great guitar, will bring out the best in your playing and creativity.I will have UPS pack it up and ship it. $2150 CAD trade value more. Pics here: https://reverb.com/item/7063708-ibanez-js2410-muscle-car-orange
  4. Saw that, looks nice but don't have 4000 bucks to spend haha
  5. Daddy needs some recording gear and a new computer. Hamer vector korina with Brazilian rosewood, ohsc, coa, $3200 cad + shipping obo. . I'd say it's in really good shape except that the pickup switchwhich might need to be replaced and there's a tiny bit of ageing on the hardware. here is the reverb ad.https://reverb.com/ca/item/6381258-hamer-vector-2007-korina
  6. There is a talladega in Nova Scotia on kijiji but it is listed in other provinces.
  7. I dunno, just curious, depends how much cash i have leftt haha. It burns a hole quickly.
  8. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/calgary/hamer-standard-gold-top/1279716427?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true this is nice, if only I had 4200 to blow
  9. I don't think it's permitted to ship rosewood across the border anymore though I could be wrong.
  10. N/M

    Molson's = yuck generic Canadian beer is generally bad. Sleemans is ok, as is Richards White but I dot even know if that one is Canadian. Some smaller brands that are decent. random fact- my first time getting drunk was on a trampoline with an Acadian and a beautiful girl named Sheena and drinking Alpine. Gross beer, good label, good times Ps prob going to end up keeping this guitar, the boy tells Dad it's a bad idea