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  1. zorrow

    I'm Not Worthy!!!!

    Of course you aren’t! You always end up either customizing... or selling. 😡🤣
  2. She’s a quite incompetent attacker! 🤣
  3. zorrow

    Bireli Lagrene

    Shish! Exactly the stuff I was into like... five years ago. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Several years ago, when I was trying to babble on this style (mostly as a rhythm player), Joscho Stephan was one of the players I listened to quite often. He shreds with (Gypsy) taste! BTW, I think his father accompanied him on rhythm guitar. How cool’s that?
  5. zorrow

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    Never was a fan, but not so long ago they released an album of covers titled “The Covering” and I enjoyed it big time. Solid as rock band!
  6. My best tips are these three ones —as I’ve done every shitty venue around here: 1- Don’t ever trust the venue’s monitors. I either mic my own combo or use a Y splitter to my own combo, and then I make sure my combo is next to me and that I can hear myself. 2- Get close to the drummer. Make sure you can hear and feel the beat, so you can always be locked to it. 3- Maintain visual contact with all the members of your band, so you can actually see what’s going on. Even if you cannot hear them all properly, their gestures and visual cues will keep you going. That’s pretty much it. PS: If you sing, the echo of the venue can be even more distracting. Ear monitors of your own might be a good solution. Need to learn to ignore the echo anyway though.
  7. Dean, Hoyer and, to a lesser extent, Gibson
  8. zorrow

    Paul Gilbert

    You mean Steve Vai, right? 🙄 🤣
  9. zorrow

    Humbucker Single Coil Question

    Manlius Fat Goat R/90: https://www.manliusguitar.com/collections/humbuckers/products/fat-goat-r-90 I’ve tried many brands and types, that’s my definitive choice.
  10. zorrow

    If you want blood...

    Man... AC/DC... WHAT A GREAT BAND! My kid is 7 y/o and became a fan because of the soundtracks of Planes and Iron Man and stuff. I was aware of them, of course, but now I’m converted.
  11. A digital system like a Fractal or Kemper I guess they guessed well, but I would’ve liked something more... analog?
  12. I love it, but it’s not the right color. I pass!
  13. I learned about the existence of Lettuce while looking for modern funk bands during my relatively recent funky explorations —this was around three years ago. I got me their “Crush” album (2015, I think), plus an early live album which was recorded in Japan. I found this band extremely appealing. Thanks for the reminder, as I had completely forgotten I had them in my collection. Awesome band, indeed! As of the other two bands, never heard of them. I listened to what you just shared and I can see quality is certainly there. They didn’t move me at all though —both are too country-ish/folkish to my tastes. Nonetheless, I’m sure some of us here will like them. Thanks again for sharing! ETA: Just saw Lettuce is on Spotify. Now I can foresee several hours my side of musical pleasure. Thanks once again, Geoff!
  14. Now I want to move to a small flat in Koping. Is there any karate school around there? Oh, wait! I haven’t divorced... yet. 😂 Seriously, your story sounds inspiring to me. It’s not always easy taking life as it comes, letting go and moving on. Thanks a lot for sharing this! 🙏🙇