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  1. I stumbled upon the shot somewhere in my files a while ago, and since then I haven’t found it again. Need to comb all my electronic media support devices, one by one.
  2. Well, given Henry’s fertile imagination, they might come with your “Westerner zodiacal sign guitar” at any moment... and maybe even guitars based on the Native American horoscope. Everything is possible now!
  3. Anyone heard of these guys?

    I finally missed it. Had family issues abroad and left for a week. Things go better now, but well, no Michael Schenker Fest for me. Next time, I guess. (sigh)
  4. Hey! Thanks for the precision about the dates Dean built those guitars in the Czech Republic. Three or four years is more than one or two. They are less rare than what I thought then —which is good for the working players. BTW, I think the guitar I played when we jammed together at the DOA was the one to the right, right? Is that Tatiana? What a great guitar!
  5. New Judas Priest album

    Well, I finally got me the limited edition. It was a bit hard, as in Montreal it sold well and I wasn’t around last week. Finally found it at the Sunrise Records store in Laval —for the locals interested on it. Good atwork, but it bothers me it’s not specified in the booklet who played which solo, which is something I always look forward to in albums from bands having two guitarists who can play leads. But well, once again I’m enjoying this album, now playing it straight out from my CD player.
  6. Happy Birthday Ted!

    ^This! Size does matter! Happy birthday!
  7. Sloppy and quick tryout of my goldtop DOA 2008 V, which I just played because of you guys:
  8. There are Czech-made Cadillacs and they are great too —for example: https://reverb.com/ca/item/2281850-dean-cadillac-quilt-rare-hand-made-czech?locale=fr Those Czech guys knew their craft. Sadly, I think Dean guitars were built there only from 1991 to 1992. No, I’m reasonably athletic, but I’m just 5.7’ and 187 pounds. The big bald guy here is @diablo175, Well, there are others too, but definitively not me —not that that Baby V looked great on me though
  9. The only vintage Dean I ever owned was a Baby V, whose size implied a smaller headstock, so it did stay in tune. I also owned a USA V, built post 2K’s, which was excellently crafted and had a cool V neck, but I moved it quickly to buy me something else, so I cannot remember whether it stayed in tune or not. Besides that, I own an import Schenker V (Korean) from an early batch, which was displayed for a while in the Dean headquarters in Tampa. It’s a good one. There’s also a limited edition they did for the DOA 2008 (a goldtop V, made in Korea too). I own one. It seems to be a decent guitar, and I even rehearsed with it a couple of times, but I frankly don’t remember if it stayed in tune properly... or not. Its headstock is quite big though. I might try it later tonight, just to see. In short, it seems the only Deans I can speak about are the Czech ladies!? Hum!
  10. My two Czech-made Deans perfectly stay in tune. In fact, they are so good that they beat many USA-made guitars. I played with them live while my stint in the goth metal band, during the early 2010’s. We fiercely did every metal hole in the Montreal area and they never ever let me down —it was those two Deans, plus a Digitech RPG250, a custom treble booster for the solos and a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. All killer gig machines! BTW, I paid $600 for one and $400 for the other. I was such a happy guitarist back then! For the record, @BTMN owns several Deans and I also performed live with him at the DOA event using one of his guitars, and it was also KILLER, no BS. So yes, they can stay in tune and they (usually) are AWESOME.
  11. New Judas Priest album

    I watched several videos on YouTube of them with Richie and Andy. Andy was strictly playing rhythm on every song, excepting some few second lead lines in some duets. I think the band played it safe there. Of course, the contrasting soloing styles and tones of Tipton and Downing were part of their identity, but now they just released a new album, they need to tour, Richie knows all the guitar parts already and all what they needed was a backing guitarist who could play the entire setlist tight enough for the others to shine. So, Andy is not filling in for Tipton, no. His job there rather is being a team player who can take a supporting role very seriously. That’s how he’s helping the band to mitigate all the risks inherent to the current situation —the loss of a key member of the team. He’s doing great —and whoever coached the band to make that decision did an excellent management job.
  12. New Judas Priest album

    Probably he’s too much under Kev’s influence?
  13. New Judas Priest album

    Well, he’s from a newer generation, that of those who grew up studying music theory and building their guitar techniques upon Yngwie’s, Friedman’s and Satch’s chops. The original Judas Priest guys also paved the way for them. So, it’s normal for a player like Faulkner to jump circles around (almost) any player from Downing & Tipton’s era. Which leads me to the following: Definitively! The tunes have a certain catchiness to them and one needs to take a step back from the neat production and from the tight guitars in order to get it. Even sometimes the band sounds a bit like Halford solo band, or like Fight —track number 3 was the first on which this became apparent to me. Now I’m listening to “Firepower” for a third time and I’m thinking this actually is a great album, in spite of all the cheesiness and all the metal cliches (which they are absolutely entitled to use) and in spite of the precise shreddy style of Faulkner (which pushes them into modernity, but whose total lack of sloppiness does make me miss the “organic” vibe of their original guitar duo). But in short, yes, I’m liking it. A bit too perfect to come out from this classic metal band, but it’s a well-performed, well-produced and well-written album. I will buy the limited edition as soon as possible.
  14. New Judas Priest album

    Listened to it yesterday on Spotify. I think I liked it. The guitars sound quite prominent and they didn’t shy away from soloing. The songs didn’t sound bad... Anyway, let’s listen to it once again and let’s see if I get hooked —some potential there. To be continued...
  15. Well, for me it was always clear those were imports (at least the vast majority of them). However, never thought they were made in India. And yes, the aesthetics of those headstocks remain very questionable, in spite of the (still) intriguing (to me) Z-glide neck —I would really like to try it.