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  1. Nothing about the fretboard in the specs? Well, I guess this is a case for CITES. So, no, thanks.
  2. Saw the bump and thought there were some news. Sometimes I wonder... if the thieves cannot move it, would they destroy it?
  3. Always thought the singers on the original album “Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” had questionable tone. Always fantasized about a condensed version of the whole album with no vocals at all. Finally, here it is —I thought you guys might like it as well:
  4. Strats are the most versatile and ergonomic guitars ever, period. That said, I play Vees on every context. I don't give a dime about what guitar they used originally in a given song. Either a Les Paul or a Strat, I can get pretty close to that sound using a good V, the proper amp and the right string gauge. ETA: For example, yesterday night I was playing some funky stuff with a Gibson Voodoo Flying V. Its harshy pups and the thick strings I put on it give a very credible funky tone through my Tech21 Liverpool Vox-like emulator.
  5. Awesome! Record and share here, please!
  6. Vandenberg's Moonkings MKII

    I found out about the existence of this album just a couple of days ago. Listened to it on Spotify and didn't get hooked. It does sound more polished than the previous one, but that's maybe the problem... or I just don't know. Well. I'll give it a second shot later. Thanks!
  7. I wanted to write "Nevermore". I wrote something else --sorry. It looks I was shocked, not because I was close to him or whatever, but because Steve Smyth, who played with him in Nevermore, is actually my close friend. So...
  8. Sad news: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/nevermore-and-sanctuary-singer-warrel-dane-dies-of-heart-attack-in-brazil/
  9. I live in Montreal, Canada. This year so far I've sold seven guitars, all went to the US. Two of them were around 2K bucks. One of them was 1K. The other four were below $600. All but two sported rosewood fretboards. I didn't get any CITES certificate, as I decided the carrier was responsible of telling me if such a thing was required. However, I did pay insurance every time, as well as declared I was shipping a guitar, the country it was built, etc. Had no issues at all, but I was very tense about it. I mean, I kinda felt I could ultimately blame the carrier if a CITES-related problem appeared, as they never told me, but at the same time was afraid of some small printings somewhere in the paperwork stating I should've known --I don't know if that's the case, but those people are quite strong for backing their asses, right? In any case, I'm curious too. I would really prefer following the "legal" procedure, provided it can be easily and systematically followed.
  10. Duesenberg guitars?

    Like this one:
  11. Duesenberg guitars?

    I have a friend who was actually who introduced me to them. He owns the LP-ish model. Also a great instrument.
  12. Duesenberg guitars?

    Mine was --well, at least it's labeled as German, and does feel as a superior instrument, no BS.
  13. Duesenberg guitars?

    This is a pic I found online. The one I own is exactly like that one, just with the V-shaped original case. As promised, I will take pics of the actual thing and share them here later, but you guys can have fun with this one in the meanwhile:
  14. Duesenberg guitars?

    I own one. It's a Rocket, which is their take on the Flying V. Mine's the first version of that model, with the symmetrical wings. It's a stunning guitar from every single point of view, an excellent example of German craftsmanship. Sadly, I never play it. I might sell it, actually, but it's such a unique piece of gear! Also, all this CITES crap is too dissuasive for me as a seller. I will post some pics later.