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  1. I need to watch this a few more times πŸ€”
  2. Gibson The Paul?

    Hey I’ve enjoyed it πŸ‘
  3. Saw Eric Johnson Last Night

    750k if you believe this shit https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/singers/eric-johnson-net-worth/%3famp=1
  4. Saw Eric Johnson Last Night

    Well he should be
  5. Saw Eric Johnson Last Night

    What does she see in the multi millionaire Eric?
  6. Gibson The Paul?

    With all the fakes around today I was immediately taken aback by the unreadable β€œmade in the USA” on the back of the head stock?
  7. Thoughts please, 15 mins from me https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253468800516
  8. Going to see Tommy, yes

    No problem πŸ‘ can’t wait 😊
  9. How'd you get into Hamer?

    Simple, living colour 🀘
  10. Self imposed guitar break

    This radial flossing is working a treat πŸ™
  11. Self imposed guitar break

    Cheers, getting my Bruce Lee thing going with this flossing πŸ™
  12. Self imposed guitar break

    Cheers guys, noted, geez Alcohol 😩
  13. I’m going on a self imposed break from my guitar 😩. Last few weeks I have developed some nerve stuff with my fretting hands index finger. I can tap on my knuckle and feel a shooting nerve feeling up my finger. Going to give it a week and in that time learn some theory 😩 Geoff
  14. Checkerboard Blitz

    The mind boggles how that finish is achieved πŸ€”
  15. Going to see Tommy, yes

    πŸ˜€πŸ‘ can’t wait