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  1. pirateflynn

  2. On HOLD while we work out the logistics of a local pickup/delivery.
  3. This is a gorgeous guitar! Here are a couple added pictures. The second one shows the pickup surround installed. It is from another 1970s Hamer Sunburst and a perfect match.
  4. This is a collector's grade Hamer Sunburst that is about as original as I've seen. 1979 has the reputation of being the best year for early Sunbursts. Please refer to Jay's 'Murkat' original for sale ad. He took a lot of good pictures and gave a great description that I would only be repeating, though maybe not as well. The guitar is in exactly the same condition as when I bought it. I rarely play anymore so it only got light use from me and never left my bedroom. I did switch out the neck pickup surround with another original vintage piece (from my stash of early Hamer parts and pickups ) that matches excellently. I changed the strings ONCE! Click link: This baby has been mine for the last couple of years. It's one of the best (if not the best) of the early Sunbursts I've owned out of about a dozen throughout the years. This was a one owner guitar before it came to me. It's in good condition, a strong vibrant cherry color with only slight nitro cracks in the top finish (pretty rare as most have a lot of lines at this point in their life), the back is rich and dark, and the fingerboard is a highly figured rosewood. The board is thought to be Brazilian by Murkat, and just might be. Even though I can't guarantee it, I've seen brazilian boards that have a similar grain pattern. The back and edges have some chips and dings with some nitro cracks. The neck has a couple of dings with some nitro cracks. The top has a couple of small chips but really is in fantastic condition (the pictures show the condition of the entire guitar accurately). I liked Murkat's setup so well that I never messed with it. It currently has medium low action with a little room to go lower but not much. This Sunburst has a great neck! In my opinion it is the type of neck most players are looking for, though I realize that's subjective: Round and full for an early Sunburst. By today's standards I would call it a medium round neck. I really like the tone of this Sunburst. It's a little darker and bigger sounding than most I've had with a bridge tone that doesn't come up short. The bridge pickup is sometimes thought to be the Achilles Heel of the Sunburst but not this one. Overall an amazing vintage piece. Please take your time and ask all questions before you decide to purchase as the sale will be final. Thank you. SOLD!
  5. Custom Order Thread

    Here is my CO 2007 Newport Pro. It has a solid center block with the tailpiece moved to the traditional spot. ElDuave at Rocketeria got it approved after a couple of tries. An absolutely beautiful guitar. And Ben Shin's CO 2003 Ultimate Special that I owned for a few years. Amazing guitar. This I believe is from a BCR 'limited run' of Chambered Elites. I owned it for a while and it is a GREAT sounding guitar.
  6. Three Hamers on TGP

    Ah yes, the Shaun Tubbs Goldtop Pro. That baby has come up for sale a couple of times.
  7. velorush to the rescue! Thanks.
  8. Can you bump the Jr. link or add it here? Thank you.
  9. Condolences to Ken's Family

    PM sent, Tom. Thank you for doing this.
  10. What's Spinnin' ..

  11. What's Spinnin' ..

  12. What's Spinnin' ..

    This one is in regular rotation at our place.
  13. What's Spinnin' ..

    I'm attending the Celebration of Lou Maglia on May 9th.
  14. What's Spinnin' ..

    I brought these home from the local joint yesterday.