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    I'm a Born Again Christian and run my own guitar repair business. I was the founder member/guitarist of UK thrashers Concrete Sox (1984-2013). Jesus loves me and I appreciate and accept that in the fullness of His glory...

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  1. strings don't line up with the middle of the pole pieces

    Could be any of the things you mentioned! Pictures will help. Likely bad pick-up alignment...
  2. You can email me pics of the Charvel to: victor AT fretfriend DOT co DOT uk
  3. So 1 other user can see them and 1 user cannot. Are you using the 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files...' feature? It is easy to use...
  4. Forget it. I've lost interest. Was interested in the Charvel but it's too much work man...
  5. That's your phone and your laptop. Did you try anyone elses?
  6. So the images are not working in my 2 browsers! I am running no Ad-Block software. I'll leave it...
  7. Guy is a crazy liar saying he spent $1200 on a refin!!! Unless he's prepared to drop his price by $800; it will never sell! I had a 1992 import Diablo. I put a Gotoh Floyd + EMG's on it and had it re-sprayed Ernie Ball Slinky Pink. Guitar stood me at almost $800 and it sold on eBay for around $350. It's an import and regardless of the upgrades, it will only sell at a used import price. Guy is a dreamer...
  8. Image links not working for me. Says unsafe site so I click through then is says page not available. You do know you can add images direct to this post from your PC right (click that bit below that says 'choose files' (in a reply to thois comment) and select the pics you want to upload? I'm in the UK btw...
  9. I already said it's an early-2000's import. Made in Korea between 2000-2002. It's an import Cali Deluxe...
  10. Yeah, nice piece of flamed-sycamore on the top! Are you sure this isn't an early 2000's 'Korean made' Cali Deluxe? Sure looks like one with better hardware added on? While it's definitely NOT a US Cali (no USA on the head-stock), it is lkely an import (pretty good = I had one). Could well be a complete fake but looks like an import to me (with upgrades worth about $400). Seller should not be selling it as an original... Above is my 2002 Korean-made Cali Deluxe...
  11. [PSA] Circuit Specialist 15% off

    My CSI 75W Premium Soldering Station died after 14 months...
  12. One of a kind - Full sized Blitz/Scarab

    Put the original pickups back in it and realise it was perfect all along Or go standard JB/Jazz or JB/59...