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  1. Gibson The Paul?

    Mike Scott from The Waterboys is also fond of them.
  2. Headstock Shapes

    Thumbs up for daring to be different
  3. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    25 years ago. Feels vintage enough for me
  4. Yamaha SA-50, anybody???

    Lot`s of mods on that particular guitar. This is how it`s supposed to look. I`d rather buy this and put a Bigsby on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-Yamaha-Semi-Acoustic-SA-700-SUPER-AXE-Guitar-RefNo-55712/182994022069?hash=item2a9b4b2eb5:g:RaoAAOSwu-BWPvXg
  5. Doug Pinnick

    Reverend Rick Vito Sign.
  6. I have this on my board. Love it.
  7. I still use a piece of kit that was designed in the early thirties. It`s called an electric guitar.
  8. Malcolm Young RIP

    Played support for AC/DC on the Black Ice Tour in 2009. Never got to meet him but I played on the same stage. Malcolm was a huge inspiration and will be missed.
  9. Olivia Newton John

    Let`s talk guitar. Haven`t seen that headstock in a while. Is that an old Ibby or are they bringing back Blazer/Roadstars?
  10. Leo's New Guitar

    Gotta be a youtube star to get freebies these days
  11. Is That A Guitar Or A Table?

  12. NGD Yamaha PAC604W

    I do not have any other PAC`s to compare my neck to but mine seems nice with a soft C shape and 13 3/4" radius. An easy playing neck with nice fretwork.
  13. NGD Yamaha PAC604W

    I usually don`t brag about cheap finds but this guitar impresses me. The ad just stated "Guitar" and the photos was probably shot with a Nokia 6110. I Assumed it was a higher numbered PAC and took my chance. The cool thing about this is that is has 4 single coils where the two in bridge works in series. Sounds nice. Spent some time playing along Seventh son and Last in line and it holds up really well in that department It has Sperzels and Gotoh-made Wilkinson VS100. No problems dive bombing with this setup. The guitar is made in Taiwan in 1998 and is extremely clean. It shows hardly any signs of use. The best part: $190 incl postage and a nice gig bag.