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  1. Just bougth the Friedman Runt 50 and I must say, it has the best clean sound I`ve heard from an EL34-driven amp. I`ve always used reverb pedals so for me the lack of reverb is not at big deal.
  2. hanspanzer

    Show us your Shishkov in action.

    From a festival here in Norway called Tons Of Rock. #0012
  3. "A Fender combo like a Twin Reverb or Deluxe" partially right. My current live rig is in fact a Twin Reverb but paired with a Marshall Bluesbreaker I do also have a smaller rig, a Headstrong lil King (Princeton Rev. replica) and a Vox AC15
  4. hanspanzer

    New The Darkness is out and loud

    Finally found a reason to buy a guitar from Aliexpress. We got great beaches here as well
  5. hanspanzer

    Rhoney Guitars? Never heard of them.

    Friend of Doug Kauer and for a while he built his guitars in the Kauer workshop. There are similarities.
  6. hanspanzer

    What's this adorable Epiphone?

    Part of the E-Series: https://www.guitar-list.com/epiphone/electric-guitars/epiphone-e-series
  7. hanspanzer

    Why not? It's only......

    The audience disagrees. http://www.revelatorshow.com/reviews/def-leppard
  8. hanspanzer

    Gibson The Paul?

    Mike Scott from The Waterboys is also fond of them.
  9. hanspanzer

    Headstock Shapes

    Thumbs up for daring to be different
  10. hanspanzer

    Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    25 years ago. Feels vintage enough for me
  11. hanspanzer

    Yamaha SA-50, anybody???

    Lot`s of mods on that particular guitar. This is how it`s supposed to look. I`d rather buy this and put a Bigsby on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-Yamaha-Semi-Acoustic-SA-700-SUPER-AXE-Guitar-RefNo-55712/182994022069?hash=item2a9b4b2eb5:g:RaoAAOSwu-BWPvXg
  12. hanspanzer

    Doug Pinnick

    Reverend Rick Vito Sign.
  13. I have this on my board. Love it.