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  1. The seller says there was some damage in that area that is masked by the plate. I thought it belonged there til you pointed that out.
  2. This one is very.close to me if there is any interest. https://bham.craigslist.org/msg/d/washburn-a20v-with-original/6522636286.html
  3. 1800 for a Vanguard...I don’t think so. Still a good deal for an American Hamer though.
  4. That price was as low as I have seen. Especially with that top.
  5. PSA Hamer in Tampa SS

    I am headed that direction on the 14th for my vacation. It shouldn't last that long though.
  6. Hamer Steve Stevens Ridiculous Deal, even with the absurd buckle rash.
  7. The 'new' Gibson Flying V at CES

    I play a "Bongo5", my favorite bass.
  8. I am selling a guitar now and this is the one I want. I hope I can sell mine before you sell yours. Gorgeous guitar.
  9. Does Guitar Center drop their camera in mud before they take pictires?
  10. These guitars were designed by Glenn Sweetwood of Sweetwood guitars. I have owned a couple of Sweetwoods and they are very nice. I have never played a Supro though. Looks like a cheap way to get into one.
  11. It looks like it may have reached it's potential based on the bid. That was a special run of logoless Hamers.
  12. Home of Bizarre Guitars and the original middle of nowhere.
  13. Shake and bake baby. I know all about Talladega Nights. RICKY BOBBY.
  14. Is That A Guitar Or A Table?

    I am holding out for the fan fret version.