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  1. These guitars were designed by Glenn Sweetwood of Sweetwood guitars. I have owned a couple of Sweetwoods and they are very nice. I have never played a Supro though. Looks like a cheap way to get into one.
  2. It looks like it may have reached it's potential based on the bid. That was a special run of logoless Hamers.
  3. Home of Bizarre Guitars and the original middle of nowhere.
  4. Shake and bake baby. I know all about Talladega Nights. RICKY BOBBY.
  5. Is That A Guitar Or A Table?

    I am holding out for the fan fret version.
  6. Mesa/boogie .22+

    I was ready to get rid of mine until I went online and started reading about the tone controls. With the treble all the way up, it was unbearably shrill.
  7. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    I think that this may be another bad decision by Gibson. While the physical and aesthetic attributes may appeal to the blooming shredder, I don't see a lot of players taking this design too seriously. I have never held an Axcess, but it appears to me this is a Dayglow version of that model. I don't believe the Axcess got much traction and I don't think this one will get much either. But then again Gibson has made some pretty boneheaded moves in the recent past with their acquisition of "pigs in a poke" like Cerwin Vega/Stanton so I am certainly not surprised by this.
  8. A Helix can sound great at any volume. I practice with mine through studio monitors.
  9. Bought a PRS Vela. Impressive!

    I have owned its' cousins, the Mira and the Starla. Wonderful instruments on the low bling level for PRS. I have heard complaints about the pickups but they weren't bad for me.
  10. Hold it...I thought Miking would be the application of a group of Mikes to accomplish a specific task.
  11. I have primarily played bass for the last few years so I go out direct. Now that I am using a Helix, my amps won't see much action. I am using it for the first time this weekend for my acoustic show with my Duotone. The two voiced guitar setup with the Helix and the Duotone is pretty amazing.
  12. I went to the Sweetwater 420 Fest 2 years ago and was very impressed with a primarily synth band, Awolnation. They did have a guitar player but he was little more than window dressing. I think I was enamored with how loud they were but the show was great and I really enjoyed their music.. The singer reminded me of David Byrne. Not because of his voice but more because of his quirky onstage presence.
  13. Guitarlington

    I have a friend who fronts a band with one of these. Very entertaining band, "McPherson Struts"