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  1. Marco island is a cool place to visit but I probably wouldn't go for a shark guitar. My wife would actually let me chase this one as long as she got to tag along.
  2. bigolsparky

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    1 and 2 are my favorites as well.
  3. bigolsparky

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    They quoted me over $400 for a set. It took a while to find someone who actually knew what they were.
  4. bigolsparky

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    Did you get the DDs from Duncan or find some used? I priced a set from Duncan once and they were...pricey. Probably not too pricey when compared to Fralin's though.
  5. Seller has some cool gear.
  6. bigolsparky

    REVERB: Read This If You Sell There

    I have only had one bad experience on Reverb. It was a set of tuners, so I wound up refunding the money and not taking the return. There are some serious clowns out there buying as well as selling. I have never had a bad experience with the HFC and am glad to be a part of this group that seems to be self policing. I have also been fairly lucky using TGP. I just steer clear of anyone who uses the word "calipers".
  7. bigolsparky

    "Hamer" Introduces New Models

    I am holding out for the Hamer Cap'n Crunch.
  8. Interesting. Based on the current Hamer offering, I would say that Gibson lawyers are earning their money and I am sort of glad I won't be seeing the veneer topped Standards and Vectors any longer.
  9. So based on that, I guess Hamer was originally paying Gibson license fees to produce the Standard and Vector.
  10. Korean?? No, I just did the research and this is a new import model.
  11. bigolsparky

    Scarab Bass

    I would say closer to delusional than optimistic. 350 is much closer to it's actual value.
  12. Project Guitar "Major Project" Not mine and most likely , never will be.
  13. That may be the longest link I have ever seen.
  14. bigolsparky


    Ummm...I use 10s.