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  1. I thought 24.625 was a short scale, 24,wow. Always loved his playing, the songs, not so much!
  2. My search has, for now, temporarily ended, two fold... Getting some Gravletrons built by da man Josh Gravelin, and a Randall Commander ii, which I will pickup tomorrow, perhaps, from GC... The amp was local cl then sold quick to gc... I paid less plus 45 days solid state 120 Watts of Fender style clean. Supposedly very clean.
  3. Mikes guitars are not only beautiful, but they are PC Too! LOL.
  4. That heel, I'll repeat, is like wow wipeout!
  5. A new concept in the manure to gold parlance "Shit For Shish"!
  6. That's a lot of dust! WOW!!!
  7. My heart goes out to his kids and wife. A very best friend of mine committed suicide 10 years ago this month. Can't say it doesn't still really hurt when I think of him, laughing about all the crazy shite I made us do, and we survived many drunken escapades and shows... but the memory turns very dark very fast. There is no room left for light when suicide hits a loved one. They just don't realize their actual worth because they are tied into what they think they should be. Just saddened the whole day about this, and I am not really a fan, but on a human level, it sucks all the way around.
  8. This is my internet home! Yo Homies, been here 5 years and you bitches keep the gas going! Hate you all!!! Everydrop of YA! LOL. Best place for geetars n such.
  9. I love that dc, it's incredible, both really!
  10. That's a great album.
  11. Thanks everyone, Circuit Specialists pushed me over the edge with free shipping this week. Free shipping on orders over 24.99... Now to learn some crap.
  12. My bowling team hates me now!