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  1. At my local one, in Manchester, CT, they have locks on the expensive guitars or you need a ladder! The prices are crazy. I always have that grin when I leave, but you know they are there to big box musical equipment, and as Gibson is active in "Lifestyle" branding, and Fender the same... and there is a market it for it, it does work out.... but you know, Hamers and Shishkovs, you gotta dig, you gotta say, it's ok to be different and not the way most people are, and part of that is getting great guitars at a fair price.
  2. THE SS is special, has some lineage and LED lighting! It's beat to crap though.... that's at my poco loco GC....
  3. BTW, do I see a Pink Taco? How do you like it?
  4. I have the older type, and I love that guitar, it's my baby! Anyone would love it and this is a great price. The only change I did was pickups, as I like less hot pickups... so somebody jump this thing with those pickups! You won't regret it~
  5. Don't go blaming the cat, they were, you should know, worshipped as gods in Egypt.... and cats haven't forgotten this fact.
  6. great guitar with that upgrade and still under a grand!
  7. great score! That is one of my bucket lists, and they are very rare!!
  8. I'd love to hear it, trust me, I'm the worst guitar player I know!
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-USA-Kip-Winger-Owned-Impact-Bass-/232281191242?hash=item361509b34a:g:m44AAOSw4A5Y1Ede Put up by the lovely and talented gatorbyte007.... so he has affiliation. I wonder if he will let it go to this gator / hamer brethren for 350?
  10. All the P90 Newports are pretty awesome, but this one just has that gallup to it!
  11. I heard that someone got yelled at for taking too much time on the pickguard... now who can yell at perfection?
  12. That's a beautiful guitar... and I'm sure with the Gravelin P90s, it's gonna be even more so. Don't sell it! Don't!! For all things Boomerang!! Keep that.
  13. Old world craftsmanship meets rock n roll!!!