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  1. NAD - Friedman Smallbox

    I bet we don't see the bassist because that would complete the Daryl Daryl and Daryl
  2. #80

  3. No, but I saw all the bands. I remember talking to you at the nightshift as well... LOL. Was a great place. I talked Fernando (not hard to pitch tohim at the time) into bringing Johnny Thunders there, aslo Sonic Youth and These Immortal Souls... I'm sure a bunch of other bands too. We'd talk ad nauseam about what bands to bring. I remember when he got big dipper out of Boston before the Grotto... and the owners of the Grotto hated me after that, not that i was much loved before then. LOL. All I was was a bartender who loved music.
  4. I may have enabled you at the Nightshift and Anchor.
  5. How did you get to the HFC?

    Looking for my first guitar in twenty plus years. I knew I couldn't afford an old Jr like the ones I'd had. What to do! Well, I had bumped to to Hamer a few times and then was convinced that they were right for me. That led me here. I'm real thankful to be here. People have actually sent me expensive stuff before they saw the money orders! Three out of five guitars purchased here.
  6. #72 in the house!

    Stunning! Theoretically, you could have each Shishkov and they are all the best!
  7. How'd you get into Hamer?

    James Honeyman Scott. Then 1984 saw a prototype up close. 2004 got lost on a delivery for work, ended up in front if the Hamer building. I thought to myself, we aren't in Chicago. Looked em up on line, wow! No cash. 2012, my wife wants to learn violin for church orchestra. By Sept I have a noice Artist... Then each year a guitar and an amp. Artist, Newport, Cruise bass, T 51. I'm a bad trader and seller, so I keep almost everything.
  8. New Jersey, home to some great amps, Ampeg, Guild, Sano, and now, Fuchs, Louis, and other Jersey guys (Marsh clones comes to mind)... and this... it's just so interesting...
  9. 0071

    I wanna see the back of it!! So beautiful!!
  10. 0071

  11. I did, but I’m also fighting a cold
  12. Whats wrong around here? I'm getting all figidty, someone, buy sell, six hours is crushing me!
  13. On a very local level, New London's own Reducers, a DIY pub/punk/roots outfit held together for 35 years. Almost signed, almost known... great band, Westerberg was talking with them as the were on the same bill, Red, blue or black albume (1st, 2nd, 3rd)? Their Bassist died and they broke up. Better friends you cannot find.
  14. I always thought they were so cool. 25.5 scale too! Between a T-51 and a Shishkov coming... and no money, LOL... like that ever stopped me!