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  1. That jr. is how I bought all my old jrs, they were well played (except 1, a 61 Les Paul SG jr, cherry in color n condition) great guitar.. Somebody, buy these!!!
  2. Experienced wait time?

    timing is everything, cause I was four numbers ahead numerically in the double cut sweepstakes before there was a model, and I got mine later, and I was prolly double the time plus a couple a months... but it didn't matter, and doesn't matter, builds go as they go sometimes there is a stop because it just happens.. You order a Shishkov, you get a great guitar. Mine is the best guitar I've ever had or remember playing, even better than my 58 TV jr... which was the best!
  3. Last Tom Holmes Sunburst S/N?

    I'd add too, that the shape changed slightly, if I remember...
  4. Experienced wait time?

    I'd say shoot team Shishkov an email, tell em what you are looking for, and what the time frame would be... give or take 6 months for artistic perfection. Remember too, that numeric order isn't absolute (0054 was ready after several other later numbers were spotted). but man, do that today!
  5. Experienced wait time?

    It's, a long time, you get a quote, you pay your money. Then you realize abbunch baby boomers with overwhelming egos tramp on and on about their very own (at that time) air guitar. It's gonna be Rockin! Then you wait an eternity. Then you get an email from the nicest people you could meet. Voila, you instantly become one of the aforementioned overbearing pricks. Then you have some back and forth, you start really thinking about this wooden noise maker, so many minor decisions that do add up. Then there is the wait. You wait. You dream of it, what will it sound like, the look, what these other pricks of misery on the HFC will say and think. And you wait. Then you get contacted and some idea you didn't think about appears, and it's far better than you thought. And you wait. And wait. Then You get more pictures, get stoked and life jumps into your step. Then Mike says it's ready. And you wait. And then your life drags as you get the tracking number. You watch u tube videos of shipping Fiasco's. You drive those closest around you crazy. Then the box comes, and you wait to open it, it's so close you can't believe it, but why can't I touch it? You open box, then you wait. You get home from work the next day convinced you cannot possibly talk more about this guitar than today. You have to eat dinner before you can open it. It all tastes like rubber, then you pounce. It was worth the wait. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago the next best time is right now.
  6. I love these and Monaco Monaco's... When I was shopping for one they were out of reach financially. I love the 25.5 scale and while old skool looks..so I got a Newport instead. Wish I could get this!
  7. I will vouch for Traynor YGL1 it’s a real great, light amp with a good speaker.
  8. Trinity Triwatt, It's a 33 wat Hiwatt two channel amp with dr103 and biacrown pre amps.
  9. I gotta a sorta combo of the two bennyboy, that is my most favorite. Until I got that guitar, 1958 Les Paul Jr. TV model was it for me... but man, that Shishkov with the Gravelin P90 is just plain amazing.
  10. Great move, Josh makes amazing pickups
  11. Rig Rundown: Robin Trower

    I think they saw guitar music afresh, it had a newer kind of vibe, as did victims of the fury, compared to bridge of sighs
  12. #80

    Now: She will never know! Do it! Later: "you bleeped up, you trusted us!"
  13. Rig Rundown: Robin Trower

    Guitar playing was high energy, couldn't get used to Jack Bruce as singer, hard when James Dewar was in that spot. James Dewar was surgically maimed and then died some twenty years later.
  14. Bye Bye Buckingham

    My favorite Fleetwood Mac song.