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  1. I'll take another T-Shirt.
  2. Thanks. Johnny B, that was a great answer. We figured out a cheap fix to moder mattress problems... putting a comforter below the mattress, folded in half. 30 bux plus 6.35% to the state.
  3. Hamer was a company with a culture, it did things, for better or worse, certain ways and then they were shelved. I'm sure they could hire Jol as consultant and make some great geetars... but the guys in the trenches would be all new and all the tooling would be new, but they are just using the brand name to sell guitars as part of their whole line of selling other guitars and music stuff as well... i"m Shure (LOL) FMIC was pleased to sell the name for a song... and just the name. Just because you have the name doesn't mean you have the audience, which of USA Hamers was shrinking... but that same crowd is more than pleased with Shishkov guitars (maybe others, but I can't think of any (rolling my eyes))
  4. Arnolds... yup... I wonder if Carters is in the old place I used work... NOPE! just checked.
  5. http://www.arnoldscountrykitchen.com/ Go, I used work right across the street.
  6. Yes! The rules are the first Shishkov harem owner is to be literally stoned, out of rage, jealousy and unbelief.... Then we imitate him and remember him fondly!
  7. Cool, Congrats!
  8. KOFSeattle, he shoots, he scores!!! You got some collection!
  9. Dirty bleeping dog, let's stone him!
  10. I was always an off the wall (no kidding!) kind of guy, especially for guitars. You likee, you buyee... I'm usual a hyper nervous wreck in buying stuff... and I'm an impatient prick... but surprise, I wasn't with my guitar. I said "It will be beyond your stoopid expections great..." and it has been. and dangit if I haven't asked for a second quote! You will love this guitar. I never had a custom Hamer, but I think Mike has really designed some classical styled guitars with a flair...No one could have told me three years ago that an LP Jr. would no longer be the shape, the Shishkov is better. I can't believe I wrote that, but I did. Mr. Shark, you are in for a great experience (maybe third time around!). You may have the first Shisharem?
  11. Each guitar has been fantabulous... you search in ways to play and yes admire it, the beauty, functionality, sound. how it feels in your hands, how it is so well balanced, how it's a no compromise guitar... and each of the 63 or so have been any I would take in....and how much fun it is to deal with team Shishkov!!