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  1. 0054

    What's Spinnin' ..

    After seeing Robert Gordon last Sunday, Chris Spedding is high on my list of listening this week.
  2. 0054

    New acquisition: 2 Scepter

    Love that sharp look! I think this is how 30 year old guitars should look, played!
  3. 0054


    Best inlay ever!
  4. 0054


    Wow!!! Want!
  5. Yeah, Imagine, Link Wray, Danny Gatton, Robert Quine, Robert Hunter have all played with Robert Gordon, that says a lot!
  6. Saw Robert Gordon with Chris Spedding. Wow, great show. 20 minutes of the band performing Chris Spedding stuff. Spedding was playing a cool, very cool guitar... James Trussart Steel Deville, it sounded fantastic through an Ampeg amp. Band was tight, but they played loose too in that there was a lot of back and forth with the audience. Cafe Nine in New Haven is a great place to see bands... it's tiny. Small, close up. Chris Spedding is amazing, his only pedal, a tuner which he used at the onset of the show.... Robert Gordons voice wasn't what it had been in his prime, but he still is great... If you get the opportunity see him!
  7. Love my hog P90 all black, was my first Hamer.
  8. I love the double cut special look, but the tune o matic kills it, plus a skinny neck, but for a production machine, it's admirable and I'm sure it sounds great too...
  9. 0054


    Woah! Wow....
  10. By how this is written, he didn't share, did he? LOL
  11. 0054

    Gig Alert

    I have a great admiration for polka dots, actually... LOL.. and if I could have I would have bought that guitar, it is wicked cool and I really do wish I either had the cash or you accepted monopoly money, cause that is right up my alley.