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  1. Shishkov Holiday SWAG!

    What do we need to do? What minimums are we talking about?
  2. Wife needs a Windows laptop.......

    I have been buying dell financial refurbs for the last three desktop (workstations, less bloat) models, they are always a good price/value.
  3. # 0067

    That, is, beyond words.
  4. Semi-Hollows?

    Can he make polka dots with it?
  5. Semi-Hollows?

    Let Mike pick it, you won't be dissapointed.
  6. Why this Marshall is not gone is beside me! If I didn't have two big items in the loop, I'd have already gotten this.
  7. Sammy is a great commercial rocker... he has no pretense... he can't drive 55 and three lock box... they rock without thinking about it.
  8. Pedals aside (which I have actually bought threee (bubs spelling alert!),which I rarely use, Bubs has the same taste in music equipment as I do... I hate him!! I'm 2 guitars, 3 pedals.... ahhh... this Marshall is killing me. Somebody buy it, I beg you!
  9. Maybe I'm getting old, because I forgot that I did see him take a snap now and again. Crap Crunchee, thanks for reminding me I'm old!
  10. I'm not so old that I would remember George Blanda as quarterback! To me he was a field goal kicker!
  11. Cool dude, Guitar builder. Great guy. HB, rock out, brother!
  12. 0064

    A common refrain of Shishkovites!
  13. NGD (And HOW!)

    bleepah, that's awesome
  14. Gettin' Mah Hollerween Awn

    He had that pic on Facebook the other day.