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  1. Tampa HFC Jam

    Also, that Shishkov is amazing. Hopefully he decides to do a run of basses.
  2. Tampa HFC Jam

    I had a good time. It was nice meeting you guys and putting faces to names.
  3. Tampa HFC Jam

    But if you don't want to lug it out it's cool.
  4. Tampa HFC Jam

    I'm 75% sure I'm coming.
  5. Tampa HFC Jam

    I'm. Lol...
  6. Tampa HFC Jam

    Cool. i working on coming. You still bringing the Blitz? Also, can you PM me your number?
  7. Tampa HFC Jam

    What studio are you gonna be in?
  8. Tampa HFC Jam

    I hate to say this but I'm not gonna be able to make it Sunday. I had something personal come up. We need to re-plan for a Sunday when more can make it.
  9. Tampa HFC Jam

    Yo, MikeB, Dung. I know there are more than 3 of us in the area.
  10. Tampa HFC Jam

    Sounds good.
  11. Tampa HFC Jam

    I'll also cover an hour at the studio.
  12. Tampa HFC Jam

    I would love to try a Blitz bass. Do you have a chap 4 string? I was gonna bring my amp also.
  13. Tampa HFC Jam

    Are any of your other friends coming? I'll be playing bass.
  14. Tampa HFC Jam

    Stranglehold is actually on mine and Joes set-list.
  15. Tampa area members

    We still on for the 28th?