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  1. I'd post my new Soloist again, but it doesn't count....we're still on the honeymoon. Been digging the 1985 Kramer Pacer Imperial lately. Best of both worlds: the neck is more Charvel than Kramer, but with that slinky Kramer body.
  2. How did you get to the HFC?

    See, this what I'm talking about. Don't you dare! That backstage comment was purely out of laziness and neglect from me. If I can manage to land a USA Soloist, I should be able to scrape together a little tithe to support a cool message board. That's on me. You people and your generosity.
  3. How did you get to the HFC?

    Theft! I got swindled out of a Charvel by a eBay/Paypal charge-back scam that was going around in 2007. In about 2012 (I can't really remember), I tracked the dude down, and applied a little social media pressure on him. Rather than repay me, he sent me a SS to make amends. I found this forum looking for serial number info. You freaks were pretty welcoming. At the same time, the Harmony Central forum I was posting at was seeming a little toxic. This place was more my speed, humour, and age group. Drama is rare, so its much more sincere when it happens.... So like mongrel stray dog, I stuck around....that's what you guys get for feeding me. One of these days I'll actually contribute so I can unlock the back stage area...but it might be scary back there.
  4. Alright Gibson!!

    sorry...I hadda.
  5. Alright Gibson!!

    Only thing I learned here is that they Gibson closed down a fairly popular software company, Cakewalk. Cuz software development is so 2000s. And the market is screaming for B-brand Philips tv's.... http://www.cakewalk.com/Gibson-Announcement I hope they go bankrupt and get sold off piece by piece.....(*grumble........*grumble....*Last Jedi sucked....*grumble....).
  6. TDC: Pat Torpey (Mr. Big)

    Ah, dammit. Another little piece of childhood chips away. Not unexpected, but nonetheless shitty. That first Mr. Big album was huge for me in back in the day. A extremely underrated combo of pop and virtuosity. Those old Shrapnel records were really hard to come by in Canada, so Mr. Big was the first time I ever actually heard Paul Gilbert play. Anyway, RIP Mr. Torpey.
  7. Jaw Harp Gone Wild

    Holy crap, I almost forgot about her. She had a great line about her brother Bosco, who burnt the house down because it was laughing at him.
  8. See, I thought it had something do with a horrible medical condition.....
  9. I had to look up "ontological".
  10. Someone Kiestered Something In My (a)SS!!!

    That would be my guess too. But man, a Kahler cam would be near the bottom of the list of solutions....
  11. I'm a notorious tinkerer. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I hadn't poked around in my SS's control cavity in the 5 odd years I've had it. This was compounded when I popped of the cavity cover and found some foreign objects! First I thought, "Shielding?". Naaa...foam padding ineffective. Then, "Oooh something's taped up too....a stash?". Damnit, no....too solid and heavy. Then, "Wrapped battery pack?" Nope. No added active electronics. So the next obvious choice had to be...... ...........a Kahler tremolo cam.
  12. I think I may like to be hypnotized

    coincidentally, this is how I feel about most music, post 1995
  13. Satcha Next Happening

    HUGE Joe fan. But I've been hit and miss on him for the last 10 years. Especially in the lead tone department. I like "focused tone" Joe. It's hard to describe...like a combo of Surfin' and the more "earthy" Extremist. No wah, no whammy pedal, no, blanket over the cabinet.....less something's-caught-my-amp's-throat. I can't put my finger on it....but I know when I hear it. Like Super Colossal. I can't listen to that album. But Wizards is cool. Maybe it's overall production? Maybe its song/melody development prior to rolling tape? I suck a describing things.
  14. Irrationalities

    This too. I passed on a Charvel 475 Deluxe because it had that damn toothpaste logo on it. No other reason. Price was fantastic, beautiful condition. I cannot abide that logo. AND, I'm not overly thrilled about the 3 aside guitar logo. Pointy 6 inline logo, or GTFO.....