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  1. FrettyMcgee

    Nuno - Just 'Cause.

    Talk about a ringing endorsement. @ 12:32 Nuno lights it up with Nancy Wilson. I'm jelly. AND....the fucker still looks like he did 25 years ago.....
  2. This thread needs a NSFW XXX warning upfront. Good lord.
  3. FrettyMcgee

    First KISS, then ANGEL...

    Clearly Bill Aucoin chose correctly by passing on Van Halen in favor of these juggernauts.
  4. FrettyMcgee

    Full Pat Torpey Tribute Show

    It's such a same Pat's gone. Seemed like such a solid dude and drummer. Also, there is never not a time that I'm blown away by Paul Gilbert's performance.
  5. Dude, straight to Tinder. Start swiping. 😛 One a more serious note, as long as you have a decent roof over your head, and decent food on the table, you are ahead of the game. Plus, it don't take much to play guitar. Sounds like you have that covered. Everything else will fall in place as it should. And this is coming from someone with a long history of depression and sideways relationships.🖖
  6. FrettyMcgee

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Dang. Reminds me of the Curt Schilling video game debacle. I think he lost his bloody sock after that venture.
  7. FrettyMcgee

    Eddie Van Halen in Bad Shape

    Jesus, dude. NOT cool. Having said that, yeah, when I saw that tour, he was pretty fucked up....tough to see.
  8. FrettyMcgee

    Builder Recommendations

  9. FrettyMcgee

    Builder Recommendations

    I have zero experience with this builder, but I've been eyeing up Sully Guitars. http://www.sullyguitars.com/ His 624 model guitar makes me feel tingly. http://www.sullyguitars.com/624/ It seems they are a small outfit, so they might be flexible in doing custom work...? OR maybe Texas Toast?? https://www.texastoastguitars.com/about
  10. Sprayed some paint on a project body today. Shades of grabber blue. I'm no expert, but I'm finding that detailed prep work goes a looong way in getting decent results. Then, my sister brought me over a bench for the yard, She made out of left over lumber her husband put through his mini sawmill. Damn thing looks too good to leave outside. I'm supposed to be the family wood worker, dammit! She totally one upped me on this one. I'm going to try to convince her to make a small batch of them, and sell 'em locally. People love rustic furniture. So I had a wiener roast to console myself.
  11. Those 3 slanted single coils are look insane. LOVE IT.
  12. FrettyMcgee

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    boy....short list, sadly. 2 Cali's, a SS, and a Diablo.
  13. Wait. I'm confused. Did I read the above correctly? If I were to sell a guitar to someone across the US/Canada border, I would need a CITES permit from the Canadian government and a CITES permit from the USA government? I thought the "export" was cleared through one's own government, via the CITES permit. Is there a specific article that points to needing a permit from each agency?
  14. Be sure to send the guitar so he'll at least have it for summer, before it goes in the fireplace next winter. I KID!!! Really, dude....you are scoring some great karma points with this. The crazy old men on this forum never fail to impress. Strings are always needed, cheap, and really help out. I could PP you $10 for a set. Let me know if needed.