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  1. NGD: Jason Becker In The House!

    oh, hell yes. They'll still will apply a Carvin logo? Cool.
  2. Malcolm Young RIP

    Ah, shit.
  3. Is Fernandes still in business?

    Hmmmm. You're probably right. Maybe they just aren't up on social media, particularly in North America. It just seems a little weird that their website's "new" store feature is kaput http://www.fernandesguitarshop.com/ Twitter and Facebook has been dead since 2014! And they had a kind of cryptic eBay sale, haha. Anyway, I'm probably just shit stirring....
  4. Their website's not really updated, "outlet store" is now a open domain, facebook and twitter are dead.... I did see this rather contemporary looking model on a Japanese site.... Maybe I missed something?
  5. NFBD

    While we're at it, let's not forget this maniac and his bass whammy antics. One of the bright spots of the 90s.
  6. Paul Gilbert - guitar teacher?

    Exactly. Man, if he had those personalized online lessons before I completely gave up, I would have been over the damn moon. The dude is incredible.
  7. NFBD

    Oh man, get that bar and start dive bombing! I always wanted to try that on bass.
  8. Leo's New Guitar

    I'm jealous of this guy's energy. It's almost like the world hasn't crushed his soul.
  9. New album out on Bandcamp!

    Congrats! I admire the ambition it takes to actually put the nose to grindstone and get your project done. Best of luck to you. My answer to Surfing With The Alien has been pushed back so many times it makes Chinese Democracy look like the summer follow up to Appetite For Destruction.
  10. NGD (And HOW!)

    Take a gander at those toggles.
  11. What's Spinnin' ..

    Picked up a sealed vinyl copy off fleabay. It's very refreshing to actually hold and even smell the medium. Come At me, bro(s)
  12. Why we love being canadian

    What I find more head scratching in that Thor picture is that it appears that head fell off Mjolnir. But I guess we all get older.....
  13. Why we love being canadian

    He better give props to Thor when Valhalla beckons the God of Thunder.
  14. I love Candlebox!

    Shoes? I dunno. Rocks, on the other hand.....