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  1. To spare you the google translator: Text says "I did magic on this guitar, butchered it more or less and added some to my taste, and then some more, and this make this guitar unique and extremely valuablablabla"... https://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-Sunburst-Gitarre-ca-1980/132478127399?hash=item1ed84fcd27:g:KI8AAOSw1RVaZIYD No affiliation of course...
  2. Red Witch has a 72 hrs. 55% off sale. So if you want to snag one of these tiny pedals from the seven sisters series, thats your chance. I use the compressor, not bad at all. www.redwitchpedals.com PS: No affiliation of course
  3. WTB Hamer ARTIST HB

    Still interested? PM me...
  4. Damn. Everytime I see a EBMM headstock and the writing „Made in San Loius Obispo“ I get angry at myself. We have BEEN there during our first US RV trip and I did not realize that MM is there... A bit off topic, but did I miss something? Like a factory tour? GLWTS, btw. If not for CITES I‘d give it a try.
  5. Italian baroque... Southern italian folk music (tarantellas, stuff from Apulia)... Ok, there are guitars. But mainly other stuff. Like voices.
  6. Calling Gilles...!
  7. But this indeed close to me, so of you want me to check this „treasure“ out for you, let me know....
  8. Way over the top. Fits the picture: Prices for Hamers went (partially) pretty high in Germany/Europe - well, at least in the sellers fantasy.
  9. Anyone got Gilmour Live at Pompeii?

    Had it. Formatted harddisc by accident. Lost it.😟
  10. Stay away from the Fender Greta (and that little blue Vox)... Nice looks, but pretty thin sound imho....
  11. Pretty good price me thinks...
  12. Ace. If he had a „rig“ at all..
  13. NHD Chap in the 'ouse !

  14. Can‘t tell the details for I have no affiliation, but the price seems pretty good: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-usa-e-gitarre/724918549-74-4533