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  1. Heading west in search of......

    I am jealous. Have fun and and a save ride! ETA:.Duluth like Bib Dylans Duluth?
  2. Here... http://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-USA-Californian-Elite-1991-IR-OHSC-Warranty-Card-/263213803476?hash=item3d48c3e7d4:g:fUEAAOSwnwZZvvrM No affiliation...
  3. NGD: Good things come to those who... (NHC)

    Damn! That IS the one I am looking for! But they don't ship to Germany. Anyone willing to help me with this? Reward, as always, german Wurstels, Cookies or something alike...
  4. No affiliation, but seller will ship worldwide... http://www.ebay.de/itm/Hamer-USA-Californian-Elite-1991-IR-OHSC-Warranty-Card-/263213803476?hash=item3d48c3e7d4:g:fUEAAOSwnwZZvvrM
  5. NGD: Good things come to those who... (NHC)

    Actually, I try to (you might call this my post-Washburn-run 😂), but as I said this is the only one I ever saw here in Germany. There are some in Italy (higher priced), but that's it. There are some Firenzas around, at least...
  6. She is back. Finally. In 2014 I sold this US-made Peavey Generation S1 via ebay - something I started to regret pretty soon. I couldn't hunt down the buyer, so I started to monitor Reverb, Craigslist and ebay (IIRC I bothered some HFC members here, too, with my quest). To cut a long story about waiting and searching short: Last week the guitar popped up on ebay Germany - first time ever this model showed up since my sale. And it was not any guitar, it was exactly the one I sold three years ago. How I know? The case had a destinctive smell even the last owner could not get rid of it. First time ever a fact like this came handy. Pretty happy. The guitar still plays great, is extremly versatile, and my loss on this is about 20 or 30 Euro, which is totally ok. These are pretty rare birds here in Germany, some more in the US, and sometimes the are sold for very little money. Some different models were made, even one with a Kahler - but don't mistake them with the chesper EXP model... And if you wonder which other guitar is in my "I regret forever selling this"-list? It is a US-made Dean Soltero all mahogany... So if you ever run into one: Let me know (Toadroller helped me once, but it did not work out - beside the fact his beloved Audi needed a repair afterwards...)
  7. NGD SS

  8. No affiliation, and the price is... well... optimistic? http://www.ebay.de/itm/1996-HAMER-MIRAGE-GUITAR-made-in-USA-mint-condition-AMAZING-FINISH-/162674028087?hash=item25e020ae37:g:4hgAAOSwoRBZus8w
  9. What about the CITES stuff on that Daytona (and shipping to Europe, of course)? I might be interested - its BLUE!
  10. Tempted. Had one once, and I have the feeling I should give that model a second chance.. But I got somethin' else coming in, so... GLWTS
  11. NPD

    These came in a few days ago and made it to Germany faster than I did from Corsica: Lovepedel Tchula Ace and Joker Boost. Thanks to fenderbender4 for a pretty smooth transaction. And now lets see if I can get some decent tone out of these....