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  1. Some happy delivery days here. In came - an H.B.E Frost Bite Flanger pedal, a pretty large fellow („Larger than life“ from KISS comes to mind) - a DMB Stellar OD (three knobs) (This company made some cool stuff it seems. But like H.B.E. they are out of business)... - and, from @Jakeboy two sets preamp tubes. Don‘t ask me what the Frost Bite can do. I did not even start exploring all the knobs. Some pretty weird sounds come out, but it looks it can replace a chorus, a phaser, a trem, a jet, a Space Shuttle and some more stuff. So the room it may take on the board would be well spent. The DMB is a great OD and will replace my H.B.E. Screamer since it delivers way less mids and some more clarity. Works stacked, too. The tubes - well, I put the japanese ones in my Fender Vaporizer - and wow! The sharpness was gone. A pretty mild tone now. I like it. Lets see what the other pair can do for my Koch Twintone ( a bit harsh, too)...
  2. Montelovesco

    Simple Man

    Beside the question how he manages not to get his beard between those strings... he got me. Great. Love it.
  3. Montelovesco

    Saw Stryper Last Night

    They can’t dance. But pretty good hooks and great harmonies. Always liked them...
  4. Dean. Peavey (US - don‘t beat me).
  5. Montelovesco

    black MONACO 3

    Glad it is not a III... 😅
  6. I bought and shipped one of these for @reemsky a few weeks ago and even if I not into superstrats so much I REALLY was tempeted/impressed... GLWTS!
  7. Funny. Works here (in GERMANY???)... Dave, you want one for that Sunburst? 🙂
  8. Montelovesco

    Tampa Bay HFC Dean Invasion.

    So jealous!
  9. S*cks! GLWTS! And I hope will get them back when you can/want to. And honestly I am sorry not to need a second MonEl...
  10. Montelovesco

    Reverb can guess what type of amp you play?

    Nah. Totall wrong. No Marshall stack here...
  11. Hey, it‘s a WASHBURN (I should know)! 😂
  12. Montelovesco

    For the Love of Seafoam

    Great! This guitar fills two needs... a MIII IN seafoam. Its like Chrstmas Eve, Easter and Memorial Day all on the same day... 😊 So I understand abolutely why you don‘t have any plans of letting her go.
  13. Montelovesco

    For the Love of Seafoam

    ^THIS^ even my wife likes...
  14. Montelovesco

    For the Love of Seafoam

    What is this? A one off MIII? Is it yours? Can I call DIBS on that one? DROOOOOOL!