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  1. To each their own. For me, Duck Dunne had the perfect bass tone. Geddy Lee had some great tone too. Geezer Butler was nice most of the time. Flea also awesome, and also John Deacon from Queen. Also, the bass tone on the soundtrack from the Little Shop of Horrors was awesome.
  2. tbonesullivan

    Nut material ‘92 Special

    Probably Graphtech's "Black Tusq XL" which has built in lubrication. They also have a version that is the same color as regular Tusq. It's got teflon in the actual material.
  3. ARGGHHHHH. Oh wait, it's not blue. SAFE! Whoever gets that will get the ULTIMATE Explorer type guitar.
  4. I love when some companies tout their special non-shifting neck joint, or super contoured neck heel with 6 screws. Just two is all Anderson needs. Then you have Yamahas Billy Sheehan signature bass, which has screws to pull the neck up against the body. Now if only all of that helped make Sheehan's tone sound better.
  5. Just more import Hamers, more or less the same as the previous import Hamers. There are pictures of Lzzy Hale with an import model back in the 90s. Honestly, if it helps more people find out about the history of the REAL Hamer, that isn't a bad thing.
  6. tbonesullivan

    DGS Photos

    Well, at least the flipper isn't based out of Michigan... I wish there was a way to flag sellers who do things like that. While a higher hamer resale price is always nice, people getting duped is not.
  7. tbonesullivan

    DGS Photos

    Where is this guitar listed? Links? I've seen this more than a few times on reverb and ebay. I often wonder why DGS doesn't just list things on reverb at a slight upcharge for the fees.
  8. tbonesullivan

    Hamers with top-mounted floyds?

    You can definitely deck a non-recessed floyd. The original floyd rose was pretty much designed that way, and EVH always had his decked.
  9. I believe that if you have a business account, you may always get charged. Also, generally a free transfer MUST be from a bank account to their paypal account. If a credit card is involved, there is always a fee.
  10. tbonesullivan

    Korina Artist - P90 or HB and why.

    First rule of government spending: Why buy one when you can have two for twice the price?
  11. tbonesullivan

    Cleaning Preamp Tube Pins - Lotta Strange ideas out there

    Glass would be much less of an issue. It's just a lot of really small pieces. Some people also used very fine sandpaper, but honestly I don't have that kind of patience.
  12. So, as I continue my forays into "vintage glass" by getting used tested tubes, one thing I have come upon is DIRTY PINS. Preamp tub pins are stainless steel, and to make best contact, they though be bright and shiny. However after years of being around, in amps, and just exposed to things, the pins can be anything but shiny. Even stainless steel that is not in use will still slowly oxidize over the decades. So, I figured there would be some simple guide to cleaning these. My first search turned up some guy using an exacto knife to scrape the oxides off the pins. Not only does this seem kinda dangerous, I also wonder how much it will degrade and shrink the pins if you do something like that. Also it's a waste of a good exacto blade. Some idiots were about Steel wool, but honestly I don't think steel wool is EVER a good idea when electronics are involved, unless you like short circuits. Others suggested a dremel with a wire brush, or maybe scotch brite. Another was all about soaking the pins in pure DeOxit for a day. Still another talked about using 90% isopropyl alcohol, which I tried, and the yellow stuff on the pins laughed at me. So, I figured I would just stick with what I know: Naptha, Flitz, and Electrical Contact Cleaner (no lubricant). I've also got a more Naptha than I will ever use so this is one way to get rid of it. This is what I came up with: Step 1: If necessary, use naptha to clean off the base and pins to remove any deposits from phenolic or other plastic sockets, lubricants, etc. Dry off pins. Step 2: Put a little Flitz on a Q-tip, and get the tube pins nice and shiny. Step 3. Use rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to get rid of any Flitz residue Step 4. Electrical contact cleaner/Brush to give a final clean. I've only got about 10 old production tubes, but I can definitely see how they have dull pins compared to the new ones, and the one I cleaned now looks great. Any further suggestsions/warnings/etc?
  13. tbonesullivan

    Pedal repair (power jack)

    What Model and Brand of pedal is it? Did it ever work with a wall-wart? There are some brands that, just to be jerks, use the opposite polarity of everyone else in their pedal power socket.
  14. tbonesullivan

    NGD: 1988 Carvin DC125C

    Nice!!! Definitely ready to blast out some 80's hair!
  15. tbonesullivan

    70’s Music Man RD/HD Series Amps?

    Didn't music man do some reissues of those recently? Around 2014-2016 I think. They had them made by Mark Bass in Italy. Never really saw many out in the field though. They do have very impressive headroom, especially for tube amplifiers. Probably a ton of negative feedback in the design, as well as huge plate voltages to get that 130W power rating.