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  1. Hamer Eclipse

    I've never really gotten along with Mini Humbuckers, firebird style or otherwise. Depends on your tastes and how you play. I had two eclipses, and I kept wishing the minis were P90s.
  2. Gibson Skipping NAMM 2018

    Yeah, and Sam Ash purchased all of those a cheap prices, and blew them out. I remember when Gibson basically said that to carry Gibson, you needed to have something like $500,000 of merchandise on hand at every store, and/or a certain percentage of total floor space devoted to them. I remember Sam Ash at that time going "NOPE", and AMS was also not happy. I don't know if Fender has ever tried any of that crap. Is Gibson really thinking about doing direct to customer? With their level of QC that would pretty much be suicide, IMHO.
  3. Gibson Skipping NAMM 2018

    Oh wait. I guess that lifestyle part might be spot on. They now own Philips, Onkyo, Philips Fidelio, GoGear and are apparently putting a lot into "Gibson Innovations" so they can make knockoff audio gear. http://www.gibsoninnovations.com/en/home Leave it to Henry J to say "screw the guitars". If they REALLY focused on making great guitars and instruments, they probably would be in a lot better financial situation. Instead they continue to waste money on things they are even more mediocre at.
  4. Depends on what I'm playing at the time, and also what amp I have out at the time. With the less gain-heavy amps, I tend to bring out more of my single coil arsenal. Current guitars being played often: Fender Tele, Hamer P90 Special, EBMM Luke III, G&L Legacy. Currently trying to decide if I want to sell one of my P90 specials to get another P90 special that doesn't have a super thin neck.
  5. Gibson Skipping NAMM 2018

    I would assume that the costs of going to the Consumer Electronics Show are similar to NAMM. However, I don't really see how that would be more effective use of of their money. Are they trying to market other uses for their auto tuning and other technology? I don't really see how going there and not to NAMM makes sense. Of course, Carvin/Kiesel went to NAMM for years, even though they are almost entirely direct to consumer. As NAMM is an industry-only show, it really didn't make sense for them. It wasn't like they were going to pull in a bunch of dealer orders at the show.
  6. Gibson QC.

    Funny enough, the black SG that I had gotten "Scratch n' dent" from AMS was pretty much perfect. The only thing I found was a little binding error, like the one up at top, from overzealous scraping the finish off the binding. Buying a new SG this year will be... an adventure. Hopefully sweetwaters 52 point inspection will pick up horrible finish and setup issues.
  7. This is interesting, to say the least. Apparently they are focusing on the Consumer Electronics show instead? http://www.musicradar.com/news/namm-2018-gibson-no-show-confirmed Fender will be there and occupying 13,000 square feet. NAMM Floor plan: https://floorplan.namm.org/WN18/exfx.html?zoomto=6602&units=F&exhList=min#floorplan
  8. Gibson QC.

    Hmm, Gibson doesn't make the cases though. They are all made by TKL. I have noticed that TKL cases don't seem to be as well made as they used to be, in terms of fit and finish. Sure it's easy to repair that kind of issue with a case, but you shouldn't have to on a new case.
  9. Pedal board suggestions ...

    I think most Boss pedals are buffered, so putting one of those early in your signal chain can help drive the signal through the rest of the effects chain. I know a lot of people are all about TRUE BYPASS but it's really not the mythical sacred beast everyone goes nuts about. Especially if you have a delay or looper going, if it's true bypass it'll shut off completely once you click it off. With a buffered pedal, the sound keeps going for a bit. Anyway, looks like a good setup! I keep saying I'm going to build a pedalboard for my guitar pedals, but I keep not doing it. What kind of power supply are you going to be using?
  10. A = 432hz vs A = 440hz

    What, no A 443 or A 457?
  11. NGD: Hamer Centaura metal flake

    Every time I see one of these, I get the urge to send one of my Diablos over there.
  12. DiMarzio Super Ds and PAFs - what have I got?

    DP103 is the model number of the 36th Anniversary PAF. They have nickel silver base plates like that, not the brass you usually see, and they have the extra holes. They were introduced in 2008. The other PAF looking one could be any number of things. Getting a DC resistance reading from all these pickups would be helpful with IDing them. The 13.2K is just about right for a super distortion.
  13. NAD - Mesa Royal Atlantic

    Hmm... might have to put it on the short list. So many amps, so little time. I really need to ditch the TSL.
  14. A high end amp for a mid-fi price

    DANG. That's one heck of a power amp. I wonder if the tubes are being run in "ultra-linear' mode. I think that allows Pentodes to achieve extremely low levels of distortion. Those square waves are impressive. If you like classical music, which is much more dynamic than a lot of rock music, definitely a good thing to have.
  15. NGD - 2012 EBMM Luke III SSH with Rosewood Neck

    Finally got this guitar setup how I like it. I was kinda avoiding it for a while. I gave it almost the full treatment. Took a damp rag and an iron to the neck to get some of the dents out, or make them much less present. took the neck off, lemon oiled the whole thing to clean it. Changed out the brown shim to the yellow shim, so now I have the action right where I want it. set up the tremolo to have just over a whole step up bend, so I can get the whole step without having to deck it. Stock setup is 1.5 steps, but I don't need that. only thing left I can really do now is adjust the two trim pots inside. It's got an active preamp, with compensation for positions 2 and 4, as well as the boost, which I doubt I'll use. Definitely a solid SSH guitar, that really gets rid of some of the annoyances they usually produce. The all rosewood neck is just.. amazing feeling. I've had oiled maple and mahogany. This puts them all to shame. The Soft-V shape is also quite nice.