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  1. Oh wow! That is killer!! Should be technically... a Sunburst Archtop Custom?
  2. Hamer Special -TV Yellow or Red Transparent

    One of the guys who does videos for stew mac had some interesting insight: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Learn_About_Guitar_Bridge_and_Tailpiece_Installati/1955_Gibson_TV_finish_recreating_that_unique_see-thru_yellow.html Doesn't help that all of the original examples had the lacquer turn yellow long ago.
  3. Hamer Special -TV Yellow or Red Transparent

    I've seen a lot of different takes on the TV yellow. Some have said that originally it was much closer to "limed mahogany" color, and that they yellowed pretty quickly, which is why everyone thinks its more yellow than it actually is. Who knows.
  4. Hamer Special -TV Yellow or Red Transparent

    Depends on what you personally like. I have a cherry one, and a candy apple red one, but I would not mind a yellow one.
  5. Good luck! Those are awesome guitars! If I didn't already have a ton of set neck 2 humbucker mahogany guitars, i'd definitely think about it.
  6. Oh wow... that is nice. Good thing it was sold before I got here.
  7. EBMM Luke III

    those are KILLER GUITARS!!! Rosewood necks are something that will not be available much in the future. If I didn't already have one, this would be on my radar.
  8. Wow! Someone got a great deal!!! Those are awesome guitars.
  9. If you are someone who really likes to get your whole palm on the neck, I can see how this helps. For me, it's mostly my thumb on the back of the neck, so I don't really have any thoughts about this.
  10. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    There's a blemish SG standard up now... should I go for it... dangit...

    Yah, which is why I won't sell them, as they are well-designed and full featured, even the low wattage ones.

    That is pretty awesome. Makes me really want to sell all my amps just so I can start buying boutique ones. Though, my Mesa's are pretty on point.

    So many great amps, so little time. I love how there are more and more low wattage amps that still have a nice full feature set. It used to be that if you wanted boosts, voicings, etc, you were looking at over 50 watts, which is not very home friendly.
  14. NGD: Ibanez AFC95

    His has the Humbucker, and it's the standard Tobacco burst. But damn, it looks nice. I think he's got 11s on it. His other main squeeze is a 90s American Standard tele. I wish I had the restraint he does, playing the hell out of a few choice guitars that he REALLY likes.
  15. 3/7/2018 NAD NOW WITH PICTURES!

    Oh wow! Does that thing have two channels? I can't find much info about it, and I'm too lazy to dig.