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    Family, my friends, cool guitars, live music, the DE beaches, great power pop, good bourbon, pretty much any kind of beer, the Washington Capitals, my artwork, too damned many other interests to list.

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    Shishkov "Ultimate" #0001, 4-Digit Checkerboard Standard "Elo Kiddies", '05 Monaco 3 Custom, '04 Hamer B4M,'03 Hamer B12M,'94 Hamer 2TEK Cruisebass, '95 "Stikedelic" Orange Sparkle Daytona, 89 Chap Max Bass, 90 Chap Max Bass, 83 Standard, 91 Standard, 07 Greenburst Standard Custom, 94 Daytona, 95 Daytona, '95 Eclipse XII, '91 Sunburst w/Floyd, '88 DayGlo Yellow Tommy Williams SS1, '77 Fender P-Bass (fretless), '69 Dan Armstrong Plexi Bass, '81 Blue Sparkle Gibson LP Custom, 68 Strat w/Filtertrons, Dk Green Holoflake Tele Custom, Thunderbolt Guitar, '98 Custom Fire Engine Red Vector, 64 Fender Jazzmaster, '11 Fender USA Jazz Bass, 95 Hamer Daytona Doubleneck, '94 HamerNewport 12, Reverse Strat "Spazzocaster", several really cool homebuilds...
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  1. #81 ?

    Not sure I understand your post, but I guess I'd be excited too with this top!
  2. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Oh God...
  3. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Actually, it's neither! That's right off of the scenic GW Parkway about 5 miles from my house. That's the view overlooking the Potomac river about a mile or two north of Georgetown/DC from the VA side. I was driving back from picking the bass up in Arlington from The Maestro, Greg K. at Metro Guitar, and it was a perfect fall day, so I had to grab a pic.
  4. It is indeed a "Stadium" or "MTV" logo. Those were a feature from @1985/86 through some point in 1992.
  5. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    Strangely enough for me, no...but he DID finish the neck!
  6. I never "got" those and always ignored them until I played a Sterling Bass in the EBMM booth at a NAMM show 15 or so years ago. That really made me give them a second look - the Sterlings and Stingrays are fantastic. Although they look nothing alike, it reminded me of playing an Impact Bass for some reason.
  7. Gibby Disease is spreading:

    I built a P-Bass recently with a J-Bass neck profile. Getting the best of both worlds there!
  8. Many signs are pointing to that...
  9. #80

    I think you know I heartily approve of that!
  10. Stike's Iceman (formerly Serial's) is just a killah git-tar. I'd get in line for that one, but I don't think that's leaving his grip while I'll still be playing! On that note, I've got a couple guitars (Non Hamer/Non Custom Order) that were just decent "off the rack" instruments, not even expensive ones, that are over the top cool now and are just great players. I've got this early 2000s regular 67 RI Flying Vee that I got off a local Craigslist deal. It sat for $400 in its original state somehow. It was the regular ol' trans cherry finish, but a 2-piece body and some decent wood and a super fast neck. The pickups in it were original, but a former owner had swapped positions and just wasn't as good with an iron as he thought he was - the bridge pickup was about 1/2 volume and the switch was noisy, and jack even worse. The perfect candidate for a beauty makeover! I pulled a set of boxed, NOS gold Rio Grandes out of the parts stash, got the rest of the gold hardware together, a new Gibson pickguard (the old one was oddly hacked), dome-topped knobs, nice pots, and the rest of the bits together and boxed it all up. I drove it down to Stike for one of those "surprise me" deals, just with a general category of color. A few months later, this stunner emerged from the chrysalis, and although I typically gravitate towards bigger neck profiles, this one plays like a dream.
  11. How deep is a boomer?

    This is flippin' cool...