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  1. cmatthes

    Victory inlays

    They're perfectly lined up on the fretboard, but due to varying string thickness and placement, they appear to be off-center.
  2. Per forum rules, you need to post a selling price, or the thread gets deleted. Pics would definitely help too. Thanks...
  3. cmatthes

    Overheard on Facetube

    I'm surprised that either the internet Rick nazis or John Hall hasn't taken this post down yet...
  4. USPS has gotten SO bad in the last 5-10 years. I can pretty much bank on having at least 25% of my mail either lost, destroyed or misdelivered on a regular basis. It's really not a hard job, but getting any sort of reimbursement or compensation (or even a fucking explanation) is an endlessly frustrating morass, clearly intentionally created to drive you to frustration so you'll just give up. Try getting anybody at any of the local P.O. locations to even pick up a phone...I let it ring one time and stopped counting at 150 rings.
  5. cmatthes


    It almost looks like it's one piece. That is truly Mother Nature's finest work!
  6. cmatthes

    Cleveland Rocks! Or does it?

    That's pretty much the only reason to go to Cleveland, right?
  7. I'd get measurements to make sure a Korina Vector will fit in an early '80s paddlehead Vector case before buying.
  8. cmatthes


    I think it goes without saying that I think that's the PERFECT burst!
  9. cmatthes


    It's just the year I graduated, so no scary meanings for me!
  10. I'd love to know what these things sell for - when you delete the price, we lose that information. It's tough to price Hamers, especially cool, unique ones, so if you guys wouldn't mind leaving the prices up when things sell, we'd really appreciate it.
  11. cmatthes

    Everybody Wants Some!

    I'd personally love to have one and play, I don't know...all Beatles, the Jam, or The Knack covers...and then post videos of that on a die-hard page and sit back and wait for the reactions.
  12. cmatthes

    Everybody Wants Some!

    That always bugged me too, but because there was no whammy on that guitar, but that they didn't realize that it was the route for the toggle switch.
  13. cmatthes

    What's the "B" stand for?

    My god...that was almost as painful to watch as one of Brent’s videos! To think that a few good Gretsch guitars died to make that horrible abomination.