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  1. cmatthes

    #0066 goes to the beach

    We’re at the beach for a family vacation this week, and my son and his band are recording an EP while here, so naturally, a selection of guitars are also along for the ride. I brought #0066 along for ME for the week. Rain tomorrow, so I took some shots at the end of our walkway to share with you all...now back to playing!
  2. Not a marble finish - just the stock "B&W Granite" finish, but still...a Cali Custom...
  3. cmatthes

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    I was visiting Chicago with my family and Paul invited us to lunch and brought the second (maybe the third?) H Guitar. Those things are SO much cooler when they're in hand and you can appreciate not only the incredible wood and workmanship, but how feather-light and strikingly resonant they are. Really freaking cool in person!
  4. cmatthes

    Sir Douglas

    A tribute by one of my all-time favorite bands...
  5. cmatthes

    1980 Special Crowned and Bound

    It's a Sunburst with the incorrect logo (it's happened before). The top on a Special is rounded/bullnosed, and it would be difficult to add binding. It's possible that the headstock was refinned, but it could have left the shop that way too.
  6. Perfect opportunity to come for a visit!
  7. Did you use your Dremmel on your Hammer?
  8. I actually need that, but am going on vacation so have to be good...
  9. I was seriously looking at those and wanted to order one - even talked to Brandon to get my name on "the list". Apparently, because I posted pics from my factory visit and had several of the Korina bodies marked for that Willcutt run (it was apparently supposed to be a secret, but nobody mentioned that), my name was dropped. Ah well. One of the few PRS guitars that has inspired serious PRS lust in many years for me. That's a BEAUT!
  10. cmatthes


    That's stunningly beautiful! The headstock works REALLY well on that body too. Excellent choices/design/execution all around...
  11. cmatthes

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    The publisher left some cool content on the cutting room floor.
  12. We’ll have to see a price per Forum rules.
  13. Check with Dave at fretsonthenet.com. Originals might be a bit tougher (and WAY more expensive!) to come by.
  14. cmatthes

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    Ditto. I've seen KIX many times, dating back to before they had MTV fame and were just a Baltimore band playing beach bars and I was underage. They STILL have much of the same schtick as they employed in the "Cool Kids" era...and as Dave mentions, most of the leather-clad, hairsprayed women, now in their mid-40s to late 50s (I hope they're not much older!) are still livin' in the 1980s.