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  1. 0075...

    Just wait until you play it...
  2. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    It's because you're so powerful and strong!
  3. Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    I think your memory is playing tricks on you - that's nowhere near as small/thin/narrow as a lot of '80s Hamers! It's got a weird, soft V that makes it seem thinner, but A/B'd next to another guitar, like an 80s Special, an '80s Phantom and an early '90s Sunburst, it's definitely a fuller profile and has a standard nut width too.
  4. You mad, bro?

    I think we try really hard to keep things civil here and also don't endure a lot of bullshit. It helps that 99.9% of the people who post here are just fucking cool though.
  5. Luv ya, EO, but I don't really need to justify my personal experiences (yes, plural) with that now rotting carcass, formerly living troll bag of shit. For every story you read on the internet about how awful of a human he was, there are probably a dozen that you don't see. He was as crooked as they come, and had several brands pulled for either making outright forgeries or altering things so severely and then leaving poor customers trying to make warranty claims on something that would never be covered (and as mentioned, may not have even been a legit guitar...this happened with Hamer as well as others).
  6. He was a douche and a fraudster rip off artist scambot.
  7. Show us your Shishkov in action.

    That was COOL!
  8. Yet he allowed a semi-hollow goldtop Standard with mismatched pickups and an F-hole...
  9. Deal Breakers

    Agreed 100%. When I play with Serial's band (a few times a year, if I'm lucky!), they cover "Stone In Love", "Any Way You Want It", "Don't Stop Believin'"...even a few others. It makes a difference when there are two guys who can hit the Steve Perry stuff as well as 3 and/or 4 part harmonies, but the first two rawk and are a blast to play.
  10. Dating imported Hamers?

    There is no way to date an import Hamer based on the serial number - those schemes were pretty random throughout, and USA Hamer had very little to do (really nothing) with the Hamer-branded imports sold by KAMAN. That being said, there was a fairly short window of production time for these, starting in the early 1990s to recently, so the best way to get an approximate date of manufacture is by reviewing the particular features and matching that up with a particular catalog model from that era. The Sunburst Archtop P-90 that you have was from a period in the mid-2000s, probably the year before production switched over to the Chinese XTs. If I'm throwing a date out there, I'd say 2007? I can check the archives, but that's about as close as I can get purely from memory as to when that model was introduced.
  11. That's right. Similar ethics back in the 1990s, as I recall.
  12. If I remember correctly, the top one here is an import that was reworked by Ed Roman and sold as a real Sunburst. The teal one below was a concept photoshop I worked up when I was deciding on a custom order - that was one variation I sent up to Kim Keller. When Jol ultimately nixed my request for a Standard headstock, I went with an entirely different order, but kept that finish. The Blue below is closest to what the original finish on a 2 P-90 Studio Custom was, but the real one had a bit more gray in it. My lousy photoshop provided the middle pickup.
  13. The Newport isn't mine - it's Serial's...(and it's SPECTACULAR)!