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  1. Bat Guitar!

    I echo all of this!
  2. No - that was 2008. Victories were an option on Standards until after the first few months of the year.
  3. Thank god that one has a first fret crown. Takes away 100% of my interest!
  4. Had my Monaco 3 at a gig with Elduave tonight...
  5. Finally, another Reunion Jam!

    You should TOTALLY do that! Just sing the Andy Summers parts...
  6. I've been a huge FilterTron fan for years. I think I put my first 'Trons in a Daytona in the early 2000s, and haven't looked back in the dozen to decade and a half or so since then. I put those damned things in eeeeeerrrythang! Well, not quite, but I really dig that spongy/gritty to clear, chimey sound they get. Putting something like that in a Newport would be cooooool...
  7. They're pretty much a GuitarFetish clone. Same parts, same cases, same model...
  8. I do dig the X2Ns and wish those had been stock in more Hamer basses. I'm thinking about finally ditching the EMGs I can't stand in one of my Hamers and slapping a set of those in there. That being said, if you decide to move the PitBulls, let me know.
  9. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Wow...20+ years flies by when you're having fun!
  10. I love the lining - wish my checkerboard cases had THAT!! Oh, and Kiz is correct. A Hamer doublecut fits in a Les Paul (GC-1, Gibson "535" case) all day long. An SG case is where you'll have issues...
  11. I'm totally clear on all that now. Wait...WHUT?
  12. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    If only they had the robotuners...
  13. Okay...for everybody here... Who plays so blindingly fast - we're talking speed of sound kind of stuff here - where you really can't play as fast as you need to because it's THE NECK'S FAULT?! Something about the bad carpenter and his tools, I think.
  14. Was it a porno?
  15. #81, a different but cool build

    That is one of the most unique/cool tops I’ve seen on a guitar!
  16. Had to go with a JTM for $50.
  17. 3/7/2018 NAD NOW WITH PICTURES!

    I swear, I wish some of these super cool amp designers would run their logos/brand badges by me first...
  18. That solid abalone logo...look how it dances with the light!
  19. Damnit, you guys! You MADE me buy another pedal!
  20. Definitely NOT the last Standard made, actually.