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  1. cmatthes

    Sonny Landreth and Zachary Richard

    I’ve seen (and met) Sonny a few times - he’s been my favorite slide player since ‘89...just unreal. Couldn’t be a nicer, sweeter guy in person either. Here’s a shot from a few years ago when we opened for him - he played the Strat with the Tele bridge the whole set. My jaw was still on the floor after he finished and was pouring the wine.
  2. I dig 'em. Great Supergroup. Doug Aldrich in that video makes me regret selling my EDS-1275 even more!
  3. i really need that Sunburst to start a classic era Pretenders tribute band!
  4. Restocking/Annoyance fee. You’re NOT Guitar Center!
  5. cmatthes

    Shishkov #90

    Seriously. If you don't have something nice to say, well...
  6. Must have been proofed by the guy who makes every...single...fucking...meme. They ALL have misspellings.
  7. cmatthes

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    1. Vintage Orange/Maple '94 2. Orange Metalflake/Rosewood '96 3. Black/Rosewood '95 4.5. This one...
  8. cmatthes

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    '80s Specials (2) Custom-Ordered 1990 Standard Standard 8 String Bass B-12s Blitz 6-in-line Setneck Chapparal Bass (1 Quilt body, 1 w/boomers) 4-Digit Standards (4 - 2 former Aerosmith guitars) '70s/'80s Sunbursts (3) 80s Vector KK Vector Snakeskin Chapparal Blue Marble Californian Elite Blue Marble Chap V w/boomers SS-1 (2, including the yellow Tommy Williams catalog guitar) 80s 3x3 Phantom Blitz Bass (2) 1995 Standard Custom Daytonas (4.5) Cruisebasses (2) 2003 Custom B-12M 2004 Custom B-4M 2005 Studio Custom/Floyd (Prince "Superbowl Reject" Guitar) 2005 Custom M3 Caddy Green I'll think of the others...
  9. But that's not how exploitation, poaching and end-arounds to regulation work!
  10. cmatthes

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    https://www.vintageguitar.com/29093/tricked-out-trio/ Cool article! I got to see two of these basses earlier this week...
  11. PhatCats have only been around since the Hamer Newport that they were designed for came out (in 1999), so there aren't really "older" ones. They were available for individual purchase a few years later after the exclusive ran out. I've put them in a few Daytonas, and they work really well in that platform.
  12. I had a deal worked out many years ago (very early HFC days) on a black 1990 Standard bass. Talked to the seller, we agreed on his fair (not cheap) asking price, shipping cost/method, and how he wanted to be paid. He spent a good portion of the call talking about a rough financial blow he had been dealt and how he desperately needed to sell and raise quick cash, but I wouldn't dream of lowballing him. He also said that he preferred a USPS Money Order for security, as this was pre-PayPal. Done. Everything went out to him on the opposite coast by 9am the next morning, 2-day tracked envelope. Two days went by... Four days went by... A week went by... I called him several times that week with no response. Finally, almost 10 days later, I get an email saying that he's sorry, but he'd be returning my money because another (unidentified) HFC'er had apparently reached out the day my payment arrived and offered him more money and he said that he "just felt weird" about the whole thing and just decided not to sell it. Hmmm... Maybe another 10-12 days later, my refund finally arrived, more salt in the wound, but overall, a real dick move. Not sure when he later sold it or to whom, but it did eventually end up with another (completely different) HFC'er some years later.
  13. cmatthes

    Teasers: Endpapers from upcoming bass book

    The Tom P. "Planet" 12ver! Wonder where that is now?
  14. The logs wouldn't have specified what wood/species was used. In many cases back then, Rosewood was Rosewood.
  15. I bought that one from Sam Moss in Winston-Salem, NC in early 1985. Traded it to Dave Kenney in 1990 towards a custom order of a natural flametop Standard. I would love to track that one down someday...
  16. cmatthes


    "Black" Korina. Really just Limba/Korina with lots of character.
  17. I saw this Blitz at the NYC HRC back in the '80s. It's actually SILVER with black checkerboard graphics. It was featured in a Guitar World article with a photo as well back then.
  18. It's a legit, documented USA Standard. There were several made, I'm assuming that they were ordered by Rick or CPNZ/Management. I believe that one sold for WELL under $2k last year - same one.
  19. I am VERY familiar with that one...it’s a killer guitar!
  20. cmatthes

    Fath Cali Pickup ID...

    Maybe he was talking about a welcome that belonged to you?
  21. Looks like the headstock was slightly reshaped/sanded down in the refin process maybe? Ecch.
  22. cmatthes

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    2TEK and Schallers get my vote. I know people like 'em, but the Babicz stuff just seems cheap to me...not sure why.