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  1. Hamer branded Floyd bridge, any good?

    I have an older black that has some plating coming off that I'll just give to you. I have HFC love given to me that I need to pass on. I used to have Photobucket pics of it but they are gone. I'll track it down and take a shot or two for ya.
  2. Hamer branded Floyd bridge, any good?

    I use mine religiously... no problems, never had even one issue and I have several well used Hamer stamped Floyds. They do need to be taken apart, cleaned/oiled and put back together... I buy new new saddle mounting screws and string blocks though.
  3. Paint repair

    Man, that's down to the meat, wood looks a bit compressed too. I'd use a tiny bit of wood filler and red, black and clear ReRanch nitro paint pens. The nitro will bond. But that repair almost needs a skilled hand to be honest with you... a skilled paint man can make that repair look absolutely flawless.
  4. Boosting a Dirty Amp for Leads.

    Yep, the CV7003. I would also add that a Badgerplex or Clinch FX boost would be absolutely perfect for a solo boost to an already hot and compressed amp.
  5. SD Antiquity video featuring Monaco Elite

    First off, let me thank you all for your kind words guys, they are AWAYS appreciated! SRVWANNABE, your comments about my phrasing and timing mean a lot... I work SO HARD to create fresh rhythmic ideas that are still warm & familiar... THANK YOU bro!!! Yeah, they dropped me like a sack of potatoes. They are fucking dead to me. I think THIS is the guy who thinks he can do better... they keep putting out these crap videos that nobody wants to see. They have it in their head that their decisions are golden and that they cannot make a mistake... what the fuck ever. Isn't this guy amazing?!? WOW... I am just blown away. Bwah Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! Seriously though... we are regrouping and keeping it within the family. I am applying my talents and EFFORTS (because it's really about my hard work... I'm not really all that talented but just have a commitment to excellence and a STRONG pride in the quality of my work) to SHISKOV GUITARS which also means GRAVELIN PICKUPS. That's right... my next demo will be for Shiskov guitars!!!! I would have to grovel on my hands and knees to work for some less worthy manufacturer... why not just go with the best AND keep it in the family?!? Shityeah we are gonna DO THIS!
  6. Synth?

    I love synthesizers. I guarantee that you will love that Roland straight out of the box... you'll need to do some manual reading and tutorial watching but it's an all-in-one powerhouse. Who cares if it's plastic and flimsy feeling... you aren't going to use it to beat home invaders/intruders over the head with it right? I never played a synth before I bought it... it was always based on a set of features and the sonic reputation of the machine. This little guy is portable and looks like you could create music with it just about anywhere that has access to an electrical outlet. I've been very impressed with Roland's new analog line... sick little boxes. Too bad I have dumped my money into vintage synths because this little box pretty much makes my synthesizers and sequencers obsolete.
  7. NPUD

    Digging the sort of WRHB pole layout on the Kinmans... the boutique pinnacle of noiseless performance. Yeah, most noiseless pickups are not designed to be operated in split mode or wired in parallel for optimum performance as intended by the manufacturer. I always shake my head when people insist in splitting their noiseless pickups... the other coil is often a dummy coil. Your two conductor wiring is perfect and yes, you did need to swap the blade for a toggle. The amber knobs and black tip is a weird choice when you already have a strong cream theme with the tuner buttons, binding and pickup rings... but if you dig em' then that's all that matters.
  8. Well Ain't That Some Sh*t

    Most likely when they saw the gear, they made the decision that you guys were going to be great. Most humans wouldn't know quality if it was tickling their ball sacks/mammaries... they respond to bling and money spent more than anything. Just shows that all of those guitars weren't a bad investment... they give the audience the impression that you play well even though you admittedly had a bad night. If you would have showed up with a Peavey, a Hondo and a ZOOM, people might have had the opposite experience... you could have had a great night but the crowd might have made up their minds and decided that you were hacks before you played one note. That Facebook post was golden though... that is some MAD props to get from a bar owner or manager. You should be stoked! Glad that it turned out well and that people were effusive with their compliments and good vibes. You deserve to feel good about what you are doing... it's more work than those drunks can even imagine.
  9. Steven Seagal's Guitar 🎸 Collection

    Personally, I am a bit of a fan...not enough to own any of his movies or anything like that. But the dude is a hyper SKILLED martial artist... a B grade movie actor and a pretty friggin' decent guitar player... he's also super spiritual. I call those accomplishments. I like whisper talkers... doesn't bother me in the slightest. Having a loud deep and aggressive sounding voice doesn't mean shit... many of the toughest guys in the world have TINY little voices. I heard him on The Gear Page a few weeks ago and he sounded GOOD... best guitar player that is an actor or a celebrity that I know of. I find Mr. Seagal to be an insanely impressive human being... big easy target for sadists to make fun of... Ha Ha Ha... let's all make fun of Steven Seagal. I think he's fu**ing Awesome... he's actually spent a LOT of time practicing the guitar for a guy that didn't need to add "guitar player" to his list of skills.
  10. Who can get me a new Demo gig? SD gig is no more

    The problem I have is that my personal youtube channel is a joke with maybe 450 subscribers... out of those 450 subscribers, I can probably count on maybe 75 views... if I drop a video on my personal youtube channel... It won't have the requisite views to appear anywhere near the top of the search results. Videos placed on my page without any promotion could very well be buried in obscurity. The only reason that I have 450 subscribers and not 75 is that I have 3 videos that are linked to from the SD website... without that I am sort of dead in the water. I'm actually the type that gets buried with rejection... my last decent relationship was maybe 1999-2003. I've let break-ups destroy me. I have a woman that throws me a bone every now and then but as far as the break-up analogy goes... rejection has definitely done a number on me. I think most people get over rejection, some simply don't. It's not that I think that "I suck"... it's just that I realize that the outside world is hostile and nobody owes anybody anything in this world. Horrible people succeed while good people bite the dust... there is no justice in this world and there is no fairness. I'm like a babe in the dark scary woods. The thing with Buddhism is that it's just "shut the fuck up and let everything fall away... follow your breath and... thats it." My problems will be waiting for me when I open my eyes. I'll learn about how stupid I was to be attached to the outcome and how foolish I was to want things to go a certain way... Zen Buddhism is just a repeated series of slaps in the face. It's like having RobB insult you while McChris and Kizanski laugh in the background... it beats you down and forces you to submit or fuck off. I'll certainly try it but I'm so angry and frustrated that I am having a hard time concentrating. I'm probably going to try and meditate even though I am jumping out of my skin. Great advice. This thread is pretty therapeutic... I feel like I am already talking to a bunch of really intelligent people who have my best interests in mind. Getting someone else to call on my behalf was the reason that I started this thread. lolz! If Shishkov/Gravelin wanted my help they would have contacted me already... they've been silent on the issue and I have interpreted that pretty negatively. I feel like they are turning their nose up at my videos as well. I do both... mic and direct. Sometimes I combine the two... but yes, direct is easier... muuuuch easier. Proximity is an issue... shipping stuff costs money and the smaller the item the better I suppose. Brooks mentioned Carr and 3 Monkeys amps... Port City is in NC... Caroline Effects is in Columbia S.C. Elliot guitars is just down the road from me... I've already contacted DiMarzio and EHX and I plan on sending as many emails out as I can... not sure how good of a strategy that is but I just don't have many other options at this point. the noise reductiona nd processing I have to do to make my footage as good as other guys who have great fancy cameras is VERY time consuming... takes fucking days to accomplish and ties up my Mac something awful... not having good gear is really a fucking handicap... I'm not just whining about it. The differences are extremely tangible. Doing these videos with cheap gear is somewhat of a painful experience... I guess I need to be honest with myself about that.
  11. I just had a disturbing eBay experience where I bought some items and I received an empty box that was opened and damaged. The Post Office actually delivered me an empty busted up box with a little green sticker that said, "received damaged, received open and received without any contents". I contacted eBay and started a case... I took detailed pictures of the empty box and uploaded them into the case... ... and after a week or two, eBay closed my case in favor of the seller. I could't even leave a negative feedback and just had my money taken from me. Most one-sided experience I have ever had... eBay is MOST DEFINITELY on the side of the sellers now. It makes sense... they make money off of the sellers, not the buyers. I'm still shocked at how poorly I was treated.
  12. Who can get me a new Demo gig? SD gig is no more

    To be honest it was really low key and casual... no legal stuff. I didn't ever sign anything so I suppose I do own those videos. I don't think the gig was ever all that important to SD... I was never really taken that seriously by the company. They probably don't give a poop what I do with those videos. Is that Harry Caray? This is an understandable reaction... I don't really do positivity all that well. Fear of rejection is just something that some people allow themselves to be eaten alive by. It certainly is a lack of a survival instinct which is alarming to me. Yeah... the "I" and the "E" are a bitch to get going. I'm not much of a carnival barker or self promoter, I'll see what I can do... it's hard to promote yourself when you have confidence issues I suppose. It's a Catch-22. Good solid assessment though... spot on actually. Thanks Kirk... at this point, my equipment is starting to get old... my iMac is from 2011. My cameras are old crop factor DSLR... I'm using After Effects CS5. I think I am stretching my resources. It was always a gamble... could I get enough of of a ball rolling before my gear needed to be replaced... ugghhh I guess I didn't. I just see my past of failure after failure as real and tangible. The positivity and hopeful outlook needed to be able to gain the self confidence necessary to handle the rejection seems like almost a fantasy and more like a wish... the failures seem very real but the desperately needed optimism seems like magical thinking. My mind seems a little messed up right now.. I've been unraveling for weeks. Thanks for reaching out. Maybe I will be able to send out a bunch of emails before folding up like a card table... the more I send out the better. I actually like GFS as a budget company.
  13. Who can get me a new Demo gig? SD gig is no more

    The only problem with the narrative that my videos are so good... is that the company that could stand to make the most money off of them, is turning their nose up at them and telling me to fuck off. I'm pretty sure I am toast. It's not about doing good high quality work and busting your ass in this world... it's all in who you know. I have little desire to get rejected over and over...my ego is too fragile for that. That's why I am asking for help... I just don't believe in myself enough to handle the rejection. I was even going to do demos for SD for free just in exchange for promotion... naw, I can go suck it. My videos got MAD thumbs down... people HATE my fucking videos.
  14. Who can get me a new Demo gig? SD gig is no more

    Awww that's awfully nice of you to give this some thought... just scratching your head and wondering how to help me solve my problem is more than a little generous of you. My problem is that a lot of you guys know the industry so much better than I do... even suggestions of a company that might be a good fit would be helpful too. The right suggestion could mean that a contact wouldn't be necessary. So suggestions would be helpful too since I just don't know the industry nearly as well as most of the members here, you included. So suggestions and ideas are JUST AS welcome as anyone who has a contact(s). My mind is running blank on this, any help is appreciated.
  15. Hey guys, My saga with SD is finally over and it ended with a whimper and not a bang. I'd like to continue to make demos... doesn't have to be for pickups. My specialty was always in effects... SD made me not use any and I think I gave everyone the impression that I enjoy demo-ing pickups without any ambience or effects. I certainly don't mind but I actually love all sorts of gear. I have a house full of vintage effects, keyboards, drum machines and guitar synths. They are all vintage though... I actually don't really own any gear that I could make quick demos of (besides a handful of boutique pedals on my main board). I mean, the pedal demo thing has never needed any more reviewers... tons of guys actually make a small living doing a demo a day or a few a week... it's a crowded field for sure. That said, there are pedals that don't get the right treatment and not all pedals get reviewed by Hermans and Thorn... some fall by the wayside. Amps, guitars or who knows what? I'm pretty versatile musically. I'm just putting this out there for anyone who has connections. I simply don't have any... I'm left with just cold calling sales and marketing guys which is not really a great way of introducing yourself... I'm wondering if any of you have a friend or a friend of a friend that has an "in" with an established company. My entire goal with SD was to develop a relationship with an entity who could promote me when I release my first album... well that album is in-the-can and ready to get released... right at the same time that SD has made it clear that they are moving on without me. So, to rescue my album... I really need somewhere that could cross-promote my as an artist in exchange for my demo work. I'm not looking to get paid or really to make any money... I just really need a place to call home. Sorry to bother you guys about this, but I am sort of running out of options.