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  1. zenmindbeginner

    Picks, Pedals, Pickups, and Plugs

    WTF?!?!? In your defense, you do play bass & San Dimas is a bit of a long walk from San Diego but... what was it that occupied your attention during the '80s?
  2. zenmindbeginner

    Pickups repair

    This is the heart of what makes a pickup unique. The type of wire and how many turns plus a general knowledge of how it was it was wound can recreate a pickup's "mojo" with fine accuracy. This knowledge and experience is at the heart of what makes pickup winders legendary. Spending years and years tinkering, taking apart, re-winding and discovering the secrets of the best winders in the business is absolutely essential to winding the best pickups. I've only played one pair of Josh's pickups but I can honestly say that the set of Shlabotniks are 100% equal to anything coming out of the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. I've never met Josh and I currently have no relation to him other than being a new fan.
  3. zenmindbeginner

    Hamer branded Floyd bridge, any good?

    I have an older black that has some plating coming off that I'll just give to you. I have HFC love given to me that I need to pass on. I used to have Photobucket pics of it but they are gone. I'll track it down and take a shot or two for ya.
  4. zenmindbeginner

    Hamer branded Floyd bridge, any good?

    I use mine religiously... no problems, never had even one issue and I have several well used Hamer stamped Floyds. They do need to be taken apart, cleaned/oiled and put back together... I buy new new saddle mounting screws and string blocks though.
  5. zenmindbeginner

    Paint repair

    Man, that's down to the meat, wood looks a bit compressed too. I'd use a tiny bit of wood filler and red, black and clear ReRanch nitro paint pens. The nitro will bond. But that repair almost needs a skilled hand to be honest with you... a skilled paint man can make that repair look absolutely flawless.
  6. zenmindbeginner

    Boosting a Dirty Amp for Leads.

    Yep, the CV7003. I would also add that a Badgerplex or Clinch FX boost would be absolutely perfect for a solo boost to an already hot and compressed amp.
  7. zenmindbeginner


    I love synthesizers. I guarantee that you will love that Roland straight out of the box... you'll need to do some manual reading and tutorial watching but it's an all-in-one powerhouse. Who cares if it's plastic and flimsy feeling... you aren't going to use it to beat home invaders/intruders over the head with it right? I never played a synth before I bought it... it was always based on a set of features and the sonic reputation of the machine. This little guy is portable and looks like you could create music with it just about anywhere that has access to an electrical outlet. I've been very impressed with Roland's new analog line... sick little boxes. Too bad I have dumped my money into vintage synths because this little box pretty much makes my synthesizers and sequencers obsolete.
  8. They make some weird stuff, I'd consider if they had a 75% off sale...
  9. I really dug it!!! My ears LIT THE FUCK UP when you started blazing like Lukather/Graydon! The solo was phenomenal! The song is SUPER killer!! New singer is REAL good! Does 101.9 play any local tunes? 91.7 does I think... the song is perfect for radio.
  10. zenmindbeginner

    Absolutely insane street performers

    That might be true with your current practice schedule of not practicing. But give you unlimited time to practice (ugghhh I misspelled partcice every single time I tried to type it) and you'd be all over that shit like white on rice.
  11. zenmindbeginner

    Absolutely insane street performers

    Guitar player shouldn't have turned up but loved the drummer, he just needs to figure out how to tone down his "china" and his "kit" will have a decent metal sound. I've always thought most metal drum kits could be beat by a simple system of used drywall buckets and this proves my theory. I think the drummer could put his "kit" on a plywood riser and get some more low end out of them... Guitarist no doubt has face melting technical ability... might be Jettster in a wig
  12. Absolutely! Alongside: douchenozzle, dingleberry, rumpleforeskin, spunkbubble, asscactus, Dingus (or dingis), twatwaffle, buttnugget, dirty sanchez, & turdburgler
  13. zenmindbeginner

    HBD JohnnyB!

    Ha Ha Ha! You and my Dad have the same birthday although he has you beat in the years department. Happy Birthday 2 an extremely intelligent bon vivant!!!
  14. zenmindbeginner

    11s hell yeah

    I bend a LOT so I need a gauge that will allow me to routinely and effortlessly bend 1.5-2.5 step bends depending on where I am on the neck. As an EVH fanboi... one simply cannot Erupt with heavy gauge strings. I have dry skin and can split my callouses easier than the moist skin folks so if I don't wanna be sidelined, I have to keep it at .010 for 25.5". Actually... .010 on my strat is frigging painful and I gotta adjust my claw a bit (I keep forgetting). I played my strat for a few hours a week ago and my knuckles hurt like a mutherf**ker the next day and for days... there is still some residual pain there. My .010 on my tele is just fine. .010 on my HSS w/floyd needs to be tuned down to Eb and have the baseplate leaning back a bit like a cholo so I can get just the right "feel" to my bends.