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    collecting and fixing up guitars, scuba, skeet & trap, can't play guitar due to stroke - but I'm trying to relearn the skills with my left hand.

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    Eddie Martinez 12 String Hamer, Newport Pro, Monico Elite (2), T-52, Heritage 535, Heritage (Pig Ears) Prospect, Alembic Further, Alembic Little Darling, Alembic Stanley Clark, Fender Clapton Strat, Gibson Flying V W/Lonnie Mack Mods., Vector "R" rated graphic, Diablo, Twins (matching Cocobolo Jazz Bass & Stratocaster custom builds), custom KT Strat, Gibson SST, FBB fretless bass, FBB custom Korina SG, Music Man Petrucci, Hamer Studio trans black, Hamer Artist Korina Jazz burst, custom historic cherry strat, custom tele build, Taylor K-12, T-51 with piezo, Daytona, Hamer Korina Jr, , EBMM Dargie Delight Stingray, Erlewine Lazer
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    Mesa Boogie MKIV with Mesa 4x12 Recto Cab with armour, Marsh Bandmaster, Rivera 45, Soldano Lucky 13 100 W 2x12 with a Soldano 4x12 cab
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    More than I know what to do with

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  1. Hey, That is a great gift. I don't have what you are looking for, all I have is a virtually mint G&L ASAT Classic in light blue. Its currently setup for slide and I hardly ever use it. It sits in a case. If all else fails, we can trade and you could add $1,000 to make me happy too.
  2. Ok, because I’m such a good person, $25.00 , shipping included? Good luck with the sale. I was looking for an SG and saw the Dickie Betts model, but ouch on the price and almost always get bit in the ....with Gibson’s, my Flying V was the exception, but that came from Russ Maxwell.
  3. Finally learned all five.

    I thought you finally learned how to get along with all 5 of your neighbors.
  4. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Chris I disagree. Mike's Frankenstein guitar will have a bold on neck.
  5. A few weeks ago I purchased one just like this one. Fedex destroyed it in shipping. Had to send it back. Good luck all.
  6. Need your help- website testing

    Hi Trish, Thank you. I missed it. If you sent me a build sheet for my double cut I did not receive it. I’ve been having problems with my security package and email. There are some changes I would like to make. Thank you Paul
  7. Need your help- website testing

    Mike looks good one suggestion, add more photos to the gallery. You speak about the ultimate variations, show a bunch of the guitars so the viewers can see what is possible and what you have done. Paul
  8. NGD DTM in da House!

    And he only paid $350. sounds like a steal.
  9. I have a thought. What about providing a link to the ad and some of us put in really low ball offers and want shipping. Maybe the seller will consider your offer then.
  10. I know. Thanks for the info. I'm going to pass on it. I really want a natural korina Vector.
  11. There is a Vector for sale on Craigslist in Columbus Ohio that I would like to purchase. Is there anyone close by that can assist? I'll cover all expenses. Thanks paul
  12. Mike put me down for 2. Just let me know what to send you. I'm going to Veto Beach for some R&R on the 30th for a few days. Paul
  13. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    I do. And so does every single Ultimate owner.