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  1. My 18 Nov order shipped today, according to the emailed notification.
  2. That British Thing...

    But isn't that the core of it? What the Marshall does that the Fender doesn't IS the British part.
  3. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Whoo-hoo, my old school! And more than that - my dad was one of the four department chairs that the guy with 45 years of service on the front page mentioned working under. Thanks for the time capsule. We now return you to your originally-schedule topic.
  4. Korina Artist?

    @Menehune : https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-Hamer-Artist-Korina-HB-Jazzburst-Electric-Guitar-Made-in-USA-w-Hard-Case-/292322221659
  5. Is anyone else still waiting for shipping notification for pedals ordered as far back as 18 Nov?
  6. And not a mention of the toggle switches... Sounds like a great time.
  7. And people have been saying that prices were going up....
  8. On eBay this evening, from the collection of a now-banned former member here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/0699-HAMER-STANDARD-BASS-4-DIGIT-RARE-J-J-configuration/263350817330?hash=item3d50ee9232:g:HfoAAOSwKrhVZ4lW
  9. NGD - Artist

    Congrats! Artists rock! I'm a little envious of the wraptail, if I'm being honest with myself.
  10. Amp and Pedal Reviews

    I know of at least one case where the reviewer (a pro type) says that the key to a good sound from the pedal is to set the amp up to a weak base tone. Discussion starts at 8:24, and he says "plain vanilla clean tone" and even "your clean tone should kind of suck" at about 15:35.
  11. The Brian Setzer Orchestra is doing their Christmas show, and I caught them last night in Huntsville. I wouldn't characterize myself as a rockabilly fan, but it was a good time - Brian mixed up rockabilly and big band swing with a few swinging Christmas songs mixed in. I believe he played three Gretsches all night, a main orange one (or so it appeared from my seat quite a way back) with a substantial buckle rash on the back, a green one (that was supposed to be Christmas green but was instead "something that dripped out of your radiator green") and a red one for the encore. Amps looked like a blonde Bassman and some Fender tweed combo, but what do I know? He ripped it up regularly, but I thought one of his best sounds was when he played "Running Down a Dream". He didn't say anything about why, but I suppose we all think it was a tribute to the late, great Tom Petty, especially because he played "Wichita Lineman" right before it, and we lost Glenn Campbell not too long ago. No "Back Home Again in Indiana", though. The encore was their interpretation of "The Nutcracker Suite", for which they brought out a double-wide sheet music stand for Brian, with a triple-wide score on it. The unbilled opening act was "The Texas Gentlemen", a very Fender-y quintet. The two guitarists and the keyboardist sang, and the guitarist who played slide sounded a lot like Willie Nelson, especially on one song mid-set. Overall they were sort of a jam band-y Americana sounding act. They did a nice Link Wray "Rumble" lead-in and outro to their closer. Overall, not a bad way to enter the season. I'll catch them again if they come back.
  12. Identify my Hamer

    Welcome to the HFC! Hamers are pack animals, and really not happy without two or three fellow Hamers to keep them company. Tell your wife she made a nice start.
  13. Finally learned all five.

    Not as dirty as some of the videos I've seen recently. Thanks, Ting!
  14. iPhone se for Verizon no SIM card. Options?

    SIM cards cost nearly nothing. It's the monthly service charges that add up. If the phone is unlocked, or you can have it unlocked, then you have choices. Resellers like PureTalk, H2O, Net10, TracFone and on and on, offer either pre-paid or monthly packages (talk and text, or with data) of varying amounts for usually cheaper prices. Unlock that phone and look around!

    New in the house!