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  1. Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Yup, engaged last week. I am slowly, oh so slowly, fabricating a 1x12 3D copy in a friend's woodshop. Planning to build a jig to assist in routing the interior grooves this evening.
  2. Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Looks great, very inspiring! Incoming mrsjamiam might motivate me to plagiarize. Is that a Forte cab in the corner with the "f"?
  3. Happy Birthday Ted!

    Happy birthday, and thanks for doing what you do!
  4. Hamer Special -TV Yellow or Red Transparent

    Lust-worthy, right here:
  5. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Sounds like they got the Monday morning hangover out of the way on the first one, and were cranking when they turned out yours. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Henry In My Hanky: Part Deux (NGD)

    That is flat-out gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy it.
  8. So the "Reverb Protection" and Paypal's policies mean nothing in this case? I realize that they can't make a seller ship, or prevent a seller from misrepresenting, but wouldn't you be made financial restitution? How does this square with the moaning elsewhere about Paypal's bias toward the buyer? I'd worry about CITES issues on any purchase that crosses international borders these days, but financially isn't this completely different than sending cash to a craigslist advertiser? What's the scenario where a buyer would be ripped off and not supported by Reverb and Paypal? So many questions.
  9. Along the Gibson line. Maybe.

    For real. How are those flaws corrected, by computer? Magic? Hamers and Shishkovs, among others, are made by hand, but by hands that care about quality.
  10. Hamer Eclipse Pickups

    There is nothing crazy about trying an Eclipse! Mine is great. If you like your Special, you might love the Eclipse's contoured body. I have Gravelin pickups in mine, a Firebird type in the neck and a mini-hum in the bridge.
  11. Along the Gibson line. Maybe.

    If accurate, this is something that probably has to happen, given the well-documented history of consistent quality problems. I have family who own small business, and have run into the same sort of situation. If you're not the boss, you have a boss, and the boss calls the shots. You defy at your peril. Changing out the workforce doesn't guarantee success, but leaving it in place would pretty much guarantee failure.
  12. And the 100% positive feedback streak can continue!
  13. Resulta muchas veces cuando trato de usar tu idioma.
  14. Weaselly response - "As far as I know". Your English is fine. Y ademas, es mejor que el castellano de la majoria de nosotros.