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  1. mrjamiam

    NGD (NSD)

    Imagine what you could have bought with the aid of Booker's! Congrats and enjoy that beautiful fiddle!
  2. mrjamiam

    My Newport has returned home!

    Whoo hoo! Congrats!
  3. mrjamiam

    Monaco Elite Mahogany?

    I don't know the production numbers, but you made me check mine, and it is indeed a 2003 model.
  4. mrjamiam

    New acquisition: 2 Scepter

    You roll in style! Congrats and enjoy them!
  5. Thread's disappeared. Must be dirty laundry day.
  6. mrjamiam

    USA Centaura info needed.

    +1 to what DBraz said. A Centaura was one of my first USA Hamers. It would be tough to get anything of similar quality for the money you'd likely get from selling the Centaura. Maybe you have others candidates for herd thinning.
  7. mrjamiam

    NGD Hamer Phantom with Images.

    I'd say you should go ahead and cut that grass, anyway.
  8. mrjamiam

    NGD: American Professional Tele

    Always great to hear of a young person playing guitar. I hope she enjoys it, and good on you!
  9. mrjamiam

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    Daytona T-51 Centaura Californian Elite Newport Pro Cruisebass 1st gen Cruisebass 2nd gen Studio wraptail Artist 25th Anniversary Artist P90 Special sustainblock Graphic Special sustainblock Special FM Special P90 Special Junior Korina Eclipse Monaco Elite Just need to fall off the wagon three more times (ouch!) before hearing the dulcet tones of Mayim immortalize my foolishness. If you count Hamer models the way I do, anyway.
  10. mrjamiam

    NGD Studio Custom

  11. Disap-POINT-ed! https://reverb.com/news/what-is-reverse-reverb-and-how-do-i-use-it I thought it was going to tell me how to ship my excess gear to someone and get them to pay me for it.
  12. mrjamiam

    Diary from a Time Machine

    That's Outer Circle stuff right there, but it should have more chagrin with it.