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  1. Irrationalities

    Resale is a major concern. I think it would be really fun to by some Warmoth parts and build something, but then I know I'm kind stuck with it from then on. The other thing is I know jack shit about who makes good necks. I know Warmoth isn't the only game in town, but I wouldn't know where else to look. This gets into another irrationality of mine. I'd like to try to build a partscaster just to do it for fun. I know part of the reason I buy and flip so many guitars is really partially because I enjoy "the hunt" and also because it's a kind of tinkering. A partscaster would probably suck up that tinkering itch. However, rather than looking for some good MIM or MIJ parts, I only want USA, which is dumb because it is just a project guitar. That pushes the price up, and blah blah blah.
  2. Irrationalities

    I've thought about going the partscaster route, but I'm not quite to the point where I want to build one to say I did. I'm also not quite sure just how much cheaper it would be. Love that build though!
  3. Irrationalities

    Good chance the Bogner is going out the door (heresy, but I genuinely like the Royal Atlantic more), freeing up some cash, so now I am probably going to do this: or this: The two I'm looking at are within spitting distance of the same price. Fender-stock Jacksons are cool, and I love the ebony board with the abalone inlay, but the other seems more classic. It's also a satin rather than gloss finish, which at first I thought was cheaping out. However, I actually think it really pops after watching some videos. I've also generally stayed away from signature series guitars, aside from, you know, The One.
  4. Irrationalities

    This place is responsible for breaking my Heritage addiction while fueling my Les Paul irrationality. Eventually, I had to admit that no matter how much I new better, it had to say Gibson. I guess that is only half irrational - the Heritage gold top I had was a fabulous guitar that played and sounded great. It just didn't say "Gibson." The 157 I had - the "Les Paul Custom" version - had pretty shoddy build quality as soon as you looked under the hood. The other problem with this place is that it's my favorite place on the web to by Lesters, ironically enough.
  5. That's the way I'd probably count it if I were in the band. The drummer I played with for years would usually still count it as 4. Really, as long as the band is accenting the right beat and on time, it's all just a means to an end.
  6. Depends on how you want to count it, but generally in rock, you count the snare hits (backbeat) as 2 and 4, so personally I'd say its 4/4 with a triplet feel. If it was a waltz, there would be an accent on every downbeat as the one is stressed and not the backbeat. Different kind of syncopation. Counting the OP in 3, you alternate between having the kick on one and the snare on one. Waltzes with modern instrumentation have the kick on one and the snare/backbeat on three. For instance:
  7. Irrationalities

    I'm struggling to not make an offer on one mostly like that except with a maple board.
  8. Irrationalities

    So I am currently, once again, lusting after a Fender-headstock Jackson or Charvel. I've sold three guitars I wish I had back - 1. Hamer Special - Less because I really miss playing it and more because it was pristine when I got it, yet apparently the person I sold it to snapped the headstock off. I'd rather have just kept it. 2. ASAT Classic 3. Charvel USA So Cal - Playingest neck I've ever owned, and the build quality was excellent. Sooner or later, I'll grab one, I know. Probably as soon as I figure out what piece of gear I'd be willing to part with to justify owning it. But here is the thing, I'm stuck on buying US and that Fender shape. I could snag a 90s through early-00s USA Charvel that would be build great, play just as well, and cost half as much. There is a rad one on Ebay right now in fact. But in the end, I'll spend the $1k+ really just for that damned headstock. I know it's stupid, and I know I'll do it anyway. So what irrational blind-spots to the rest of you have?
  9. Doug Pinnick

    Washed my mom's house right away Katrina, not Dug.
  10. More from the Ebay "really" files.

    But the holes are bleeding real blood I bet!
  11. I'm having a crap day, but this made me laugh. Real bullet holes! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bloody-Kelly-Jackson-Performer-with-ACTUAL-BULLET-HOLES-One-of-a-kind-guitar/253205181941?hash=item3af43475f5:g:fkIAAOSw1LNZ36ce
  12. Doug Pinnick

    I literally bumped into him while walking into the bathroom at a Porcupine Tree show in Houston. And that's my Doug Pinnick story.