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  1. Honestly, any time I walk into a bar and Gibby Haynes isn't on stage swinging a microphone around, I am really let down. One day...
  2. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    I made it 24 hours. I tried to find bad reviews, dodgy YouTube vids... and really heard nothing but good things.
  3. I've got it bad. :(

    I almost never play mine at home. But I almost never play anything else live. It kind of reminds me of an interview I read once with Angus Young where he said he fools around all the time with effects pedals and stuff at home, but when it comes time to actually go play for real, they all go back in the closet.
  4. NGD--ES Les Paul Studio

    I just bit on that sale as well, especially after reading your thoughts on it being a floor model. They had a 335 studio there that shook out to shockingly cheap. I need a guitar at the moment like a brain tumor, but I have no idea when I will ever see a basically new 335 that cheap. I also didn't know that, aside from some bling and a rosewood board, that the 2016 studios were basically exactly like their more expensive siblings. They have two floor model 339s up for $760 shipped as well. https://reverb.com/shop/cme?make=gibson&condition=used&product_type=electric-guitars&category=semi-hollow
  5. You know what? I've determined that I don't hate it. I may try one someday if everyone keeps hating them and they end up on the used market on the cheap-ish.
  6. Its all smoke and mirrors.

    You all know the lick - either playing the high E at the 12th fret and bending the D on the 15th fret of the B string up to match that E or playing the E and B on the 12th fret and bending the A at the 14th fret of the G up to that B. That lick will get 90% of a crowd that is actually into what you are doing every. single. time. Especially if you make a face like you are pulling a burning coal out of a hot dumpster fire while you do it. You can have the other guy on stage do this: And then you can do that old battle ax listed above and still get more of a response if you sell it. You wife is right, no one notices, except, as @hamerhead said, other guitarists. And I've been in a "musicians" band (more due to composition than soloing). It sucks when the only people watching your band are the other bands. Obviously, I'm not against chops at all, but I think one should be rather Buddhist about it - don't let your desire for the perfect show and perfect chops take away from the joy from just getting to play live with friends in front of people who seem to be digging it.
  7. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    ^I remember that too now that you mention it.
  8. I tend to spend more on less when I'm gigging. I've got really top notch gear at the moment, but I actually own less stuff. I run through more guitars when I'm not gigging because I don't know what I actually want to play as none of it gets used for playing out. I find gigging pretty quickly makes clear what I have just to have and what I actually prefer for making music.
  9. Maybe the club is on fire, but you can't stop rocking, so you need to play the whole set in one minute.
  10. Headstock Shapes

    Maybe I should give one of those a look sometime. It's out lasted some pretty amazing guitars.
  11. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    All the EVH stuff, from the Kramers in the 80s, through the current EVH stuff is 25.5. From 72 through 76 or so, he mostly played Gibson stuff. His first real pro guitar was a Les Paul Gold Top. Then he played a ES 335 (59 I believe) for quite awhile, along with other Gibsons. His main attraction to the strat was the tremolo. Somewhere around 76, after several botched attempts with other guitars, I hit upon the idea of putting a humbucker in a strat-style guitar. Since then, his main guitars have been 25.5 guitars, though Gibsons and other Gibson-scale guitars do make appearances, such as using a korina flying V on "Hot for Teacher."
  12. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    To paraphrase Jerry Garcia, I'm pretty much black licorice. You'll either love me or hate me, but you'll definitely have an opinion.
  13. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    I pissed some hipster off so bad last night that he left an acoustic thing I was doing. Between songs, he yelled "Play Fleetwood Mac!" I was joking, but I looked at him very seriously, grabbed the mic, and said, "No." He got that "I'm about to give you the history of music face" hipsters get when you run astray of what they believe is musical canon, and said, "Really? YOOOU don't like Fleetwood Mac?" So just to fuck with him, I got the mic again and said, "No, I like Fleetwood Mac just fine. Just not anything they did after Peter Green left." "So what, you don't like Stevie Nicks or Lindsey Buckingham?" Now, truth is, I think Buckingham is a fine guitarist, and I can appreciate Nicks. But now I'm really just wanting to be an ass. "Actually, you just named the two things that happened to Fleetwood Mac that pretty much turned them from a badass English blues band into California, soft rock horseshit." The guy makes a face like I just murdered a child on stage, and by this time the other guy I'm playing with is cracking up. I can't stop myself from going on. "Nah man, everyone in here has a copy of Rumors, myself included. After playing guitar for 25 years or so, I think I've earned the right to never play fucking "Rhiannon" again ever." The whole bar is kinda cracking up at this point as it is clear I'm just messing with this guy, and he taking it so seriously. I don't even remember what we played next, but he made it like two more songs and was out. Oh well, I guess I'm not much of an entertainer.
  14. I'm sure everyone is dying to read this. https://davidsontm.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/three-chords-and-a-lawsuit-a-brief-history-of-guitars-and-trademarks/ Actually, it is pretty informative.