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  1. Here's a link to the Reverb Ad with the details: https://reverb.com/item/10851278-1992-hamer-usa-sunburst-studio-archtop-honeyburst-iced-tea-finish-ohsc-excellent?publish_confirmation=true Really nice clean condition. Will take $1500+actual shipping
  2. Duncan JB-J vs JB-L?

    I have a four old Custom Custom pickups. Two wound by Maricela Jaurez and two wound by Lydia. The best one was wound by Lydia. That one always has blown me away and all my band mates in the past told me that guitar sounded so good. Of those four pickups the weakest one, tone wise, was wound by Maricela. They are all extremely close. I think Lydia was doing a good job too. I have compared these to modern production Custom Custom's and all of the old ones are better. So I agree with Bubs about duncans. Era is important. There were the earlier ones with a sticker that looked like they used a stamp that would say JBJ or 59NJ. Those stickers had rounded corners. After that there were ones that used a rectangular sticker that looked a little different with a plainer font and some of them have the builder code and some don't. These still sound good to me. But once you get into the 2000's and there are alot more codes on the pickups, I don't think they sound as good. One thing I can say is that I have tried many 59 neck pickups and the old ones wound by Maricela are much better than the newer ones. Not even close. Bottom line is that you should experiment with pickups and see what works in that instrument.
  3. Wow it sold almost immediately on Ebay
  4. Hey I'm selling my 92 Hamer Sunburst. Its a killer guitar with no issues. I will take $1500 shipped to your door + paypal fees. Here's a link to the Reverb ad with lots of details https://reverb.com/item/10851278-1992-hamer-usa-sunburst-studio-archtop-honeyburst-iced-tea-finish-ohsc-excellent
  5. Well false alarm. Sale didn't happen. I still need one!!!
  6. PM'd again. Can you send me paypal address?
  7. Hey I need an extra 59 neck in zebra and I'm wondering if any of you are sitting on one you would be willing to let go of. A pull from a Hamer would be great, but will consider any.
  8. Wow! 20,000 Argentinian pesos is $1001
  9. An interesting story - a few years ago I had a dream where I saw a jazzburst Newport accompanied by a very strong feeling that it was going to be "the" guitar I should find for jazz. I kept looking for Newports for a couple years in all color schemes. I found a jazzburst in St Louis on Craigslist and made a deal with the guy to meet and pay him $1000 for it but he backed out and never returned my calls. A buddy of mine was willing to sell me his natural colored one but it just wasn't the right one for me. About two years later I finally found this one and loved it. It was amazingly prophetic.
  10. I have a 2008 Newport just like it and love it. Definitely worth that much money, but you can add about 150-175 more for taxes and shipping. But like so many hamers, it really should go for alot alot more money.
  11. Skynyrd announces final tour

    I saw Skynyrd and ZZtop back in like 2011. Only Rossington was left. It was totally a tribute band. They played all the old songs just like the records. Even the same solos note for note. No improv at all. I thought I would have enjoyed just listening to the albums just as much. Like the other guys said above, it was very canned and lacking inspiration. I will say that Ricky Medlocke was cool but too bad he wasn't in a different context than that. I heard that Rossington had an iron fist on what happened in the band. It's too bad the players weren't allowed to cut loose and have some fun. Then all these people left the auditorium and missed an incredible show by the master Billy Gibbons. That was wow. So it was't my bad mood or anything like that. Definitely won't pay money to see them again.