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  1. I once had a 1948 Martin 00-17 very similar to this with all mahogany and 00 size. It was one of the most sweet acoustics I ever owned. One of the ones that got away. Sigh.
  2. Cheaper to get them used. And I think the older Duncans sound better. But I'm not sure if that would apply to phat cats.
  3. texwest

    how tough to replace a volume pot?

    Put the parts in first then solder. Assuming it is presently wired correctly, draw the circuit on a piece of paper so you know how to reconnect everything. There are circuit diagrams at the seymour duncan website if you want to check it or change it. There are few things you can do before you install a pot. Sand or scratch the back like Jeff said. Use some needle nose pliers bend the pot terminal that goes to ground. Bend it over to the pot casing and solder it. I use a vice with rubber grips to gently hold parts while I solder them. Pots will just roll around when you are trying to solder them. It's really easy to mess up other wires when you are soldering inside a control cavity. It can be useful to use alligator clips or something similar to hold wires out of the way while you are soldering to avoid melting the insulation on other wires. Try not to melt solder all the way down the terminal of the pot, to where it connects to the rest of the pot mechanism. That can sometimes cause some problems.
  4. Anyone have any Phat Cats pulled from an old Hamer they want to sell?
  5. texwest

    how tough to replace a volume pot?

    The RS guitar works super pots do have a very nice taper. I have also used these from Art of Tone and like them alot. http://www.theartoftone.com/vintage-taper/
  6. texwest

    Sunburst tone pot

    Mine had a .047cap in it when I bought my 92 sunburst with 59/JB. Someones attempt to warm up that guitar. The magnet swapping was the real solution and I went with a .022
  7. Glad to see there are plenty of PRS and G&L fans on here. PRS, G&L and Hamer are the guitars in my stable.
  8. texwest

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    I just leave the truss rod cover off of all my guitars and tweak them whenever necessary. In Illinois that's a fair amount, since its so dry in the winter and so humid in the summer.
  9. texwest

    Sunburst tone pot

    Great question, not sure, but if you like your tone pot at 3 I would definitely change the tone cap and see if you like it better. Seymour Duncan says to use a .047 cap. That makes it pretty dark when you turn down the tone knob. Considering your setting at 3 I would definitely try a .022 and .033 and see what you like. Here's an even better idea for great tone. If you are using the 59/JB combo, those are pretty bright pickups because of the Alnico 5 magnets. Those pickups are pretty peaky with scooped mids. I hate them! I have experimented and found that I like Alnico 4 in the neck and Alnico2 in the bridge. I always hated those pickups, but now I think that the old Duncans wound by MJ sound great with those magnets swaps. This magnet swap might be just what you are looking for if you think your guitar is too bright. The magnets cost about $2.50 each. The first time you do it, its a bit of a learning curve, but then its easy. An old 59N wound by MJ with an A4 magnet is my favorite neck pickup ever, even over some boutique offerings I have tried. The new Duncans are not as good even with the mag swap. They just sound two dimensional by comparison. Do some google searches on swapping magnets on 59N and the JB and you will see there are alot of people talking about this. In fact they say George Lynch is using the JB with A2 and the Demartini pickup is close to JB A2 as well. The 59N A4 combo is very highly regarded.
  10. texwest

    Middle position selector switch, out of phase?

    OK Jeff that makes sense. You were saying it may have been a magnet flipping mod that made it out of phase. Now it makes me wonder if mine had the magnet flipped and that was the reason it was out of phase, but I'll never know because I changed the magnet to an A2.
  11. Wow that sold very fast!! It looks like Kizanski was the original owner too.
  12. texwest

    Middle position selector switch, out of phase?

    What Jeff said will work. I really hate to disagree with him about this, because he always offers such good advice, but its so much easier and neater to just switch the hot wire and ground wire of the JB pickup. I have swapped magnets and flipped magnets on lots of these old Duncan pickups. Once you take that tape off of the old ones it is really impossible to get it back on neatly. It's often a real mess when you take it off. The old tape has a hard time sticking back on and it will never look quite as good as it did. I usually end up putting new black pickup tape on so it looks good. To flip the magnet you have to completely remove the pickup out of the ring so its not an quick job. And the wax potting usually makes it a bit difficult to get the magnet to dislodge. You have to push it from the correct side of the pickup and be careful to not harm the wires on one side. Also the JB in my sunburst has a very short lead that would make this whole operation very difficult. If you decide to do it this way be sure to put a towel between the pickup and the body of the guitar as you work to avoid scratching your guitar! The easier alternative is too switch the polarity with the wires in the control cavity. You need to find the hot and ground wires of the JB pickup inside the control cavity and swap their places. It's that simple. On a Duncan pickup, this is usually the green and black wire; the red and white wire are soldered together and covered with heat shrink. But on my sunburst it was the red and white wires I had to switch. Hamer had heat shrinked the black and green together, so I had to swap the red and white wires. Be sure to keep the bare wire connected to ground also. The bare wire is sometimes connected to the wire you need to switch, so be sure to not switch the bare wire but keep it on the ground. You have to do this on the JB pickup because the 59 uses the shielded wire for its ground so it won't work. If you want to do it yourself post of pic of your control cavity and I can spot the wires for you.
  13. texwest

    Middle position selector switch, out of phase?

    I actually bought a 92 sunburst last year and the 59/jb pups were indeed wired out of phase. I believe it was wired this way from the factory because the solder was untouched. It's not a sound I like so I just rewired the JB and all was fine.
  14. This guitar is owned by an old friend of mine who owns many hamers. I talked to him about the guitar and he is going to get good photos up. Those are the stock photos that the Mesa Boogie store had. He's an art professor and awesome photographer so its like the shoemakers kids going shoeless. I can tell you that it is a case queen. He loved it and said it was his favorite Hamer, but he hardly ever played it. I think he was scared he would scratch it up. I'll tell him to get good pics up.
  15. texwest

    Need a Sunburst Refinish

    Marty Bell does superb work. Here's a refinish he did for me. I think it was at least as good or better than factory. Can't say enough good things about him. I was really worried about how the refinish would effect the tone, but I thought this guitar sounded better after the refinish.