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  1. KleinGeld, Drop me a line at Hamstd@gmail.com. I baby sit for Jack all the time, so I might be able to help you on the B4M front. Peter
  2. Hi Dave, Can you please email me at hamstd@gmail.com. I believe I came across an interesting piece that you use to own. Thanks Peter
  3. Is that Ronnie Montrose playing your Hamer?? Very nice
  4. I have a Korina Standard from the limited run series. If you are interested, drop me a line at Hamstd@gmail.com. Peter
  5. Hi John, I might be able to help you out on the Chap neck front. If interested, please email me at Hamstd@gmail.com. thanks Peter
  6. Nick, I think I have a vector case sans vector. I am tied up this week but can check when this weekend for you. Peter
  7. Check out this video. Nice Hamer korina vector (#015 from the run of 72 guitars) in action. Highly recommend you check out Joe if he is coming your way. Amazing player, total guitar geek and you can see he doesn't phone it in, he truly loves being up there playing and making people happy!!
  8. Does anyone remember at the first Chicago HFC gathering Paul Hamer showed a picture of Paul Reed Smith holding/playing a Virt I believe (maybe that is what inspired him to come out with the Sorcer's apprentice guitar). I thought that was cool as that was back when PRS was just a guitar geek with a vision (not a multi-millionaire guitar geek). Peter
  9. Jeremy, I have this one for sale. Not giving it away but it also isn't as much as the one listed. Drop me a line at hamstd@gmail.com for more info. Peter
  10. I have this one if you are interested. Email me at Hamstd@gmail.com Might be delayed on the response back but will get back to you. Thanks Peter
  11. I have a couple of options for you to consider. Drop me a line at hamstd@gmail.com. Let me see if I can help. Peter
  12. Wonderbar....Wonderbar......Wonderbar!!!!!! Doesn't Washburn own Hamer, oh never mind.
  13. Hi srvwannab, I have a couple of options on the standard front (4- digits). Send me a message at hamstd@gmail.com, i can get you more info. Thanks Peter
  14. Well, I'll be over in time for dinner to help you change that...... Peter
  15. Time to rent the 30-footer and road trip to the East coast...... I still remember the last time you opened up your home to the HFC for your "tag-sale" now that was a memorable event!!! (and I am not even talking about the 5 police men it took to get Chris M. out of your Hamer underwear drawer). You'll need a warehouse just to store all that you had at the "backroom" of the garage......