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  1. I saw a couple of music stores there, but didn't get a chance to stop in there (might have missed that Virtuoso or Mandocello.....) . B Wrong time of the year but Reyjavik is beautiful and so open. Plus the Northern lights are truly amazing. Peter
  2. If Joe doesn't have something for you, I might be able to help out as well on the SSII front. He is definitely the one to speak to about all things Hamer and SS Email me at Hamstd@gmail.com Thanks Peter
  3. There is no knob (volume or tone) per Paul's design. Think wrap around bridge on a 50's Les Paul, intonation is for pussies.
  4. Sorry but that is the Bill Kaman birthday guitar. The Kim Keller Signature model had three singles.
  5. Drop me a line at Hamstd@gmail.com. I can probably help you out on the FB front. It won't be cheap, but they are definitely cool guitars!! Thanks Peter
  6. HamStd


    Email me at Hamstd@gmail.com. I might be able to help you out with the SB trem. thanks Peter
  7. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    I personally respect someone that knows what they like and they want!! The best part of Hamer is that within a single model, look at all variations on the theme. Literally no two are alike as seen above!! I could say the same about Gibson, but I think that is because their QC is anyones guess.......
  8. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    So funny in so many ways-of course probably only to those old-school HFC'ers.
  9. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    Cool, sorry about that. I have many guitar friends that bag on Joe with all the t-shirts, boobleheads, YouTube videos and such. He is a real guitar geek. He loves these things and works really hard to feed the addiction. I guarantee, if he is in your town, he is stopping at all the major and not so major guitar shops!!
  10. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    Steve, I agree it isn't cheap to see Joe live, but I can definitely speak first hand he puts 1000% in to each show. He DOESN'T phone it in. He really cares about his fans and if you are a guitar geek, you are definitely going to see some real toys in action. Some might say his PR team went to the Gene Simmons school of Marketing-I say don't subscribe to the list if you don't want to get all that crap. He has a right to make the $$ playing music-which is what you get when you see him, no backing tracks, no tapes, no lip syncing. Can't saw that for most of the crap that is called music today.
  11. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    Ha.....you ought to see how much Joe charges to pose for a pic holding a PRS...........
  12. Dand2305, where are you located? I might be able to help you as I am making alot of trips to the EU. I am always up for a good "smuggle" across the boarders. You can email me at Hamstd@gmail.com if you don't want to share that openly here. Peter
  13. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    It is number 015 from the run of 72 korina Vees. Here is Joe holding #0174...
  14. HamStd

    Joes touting another Hamer.

    He has had that one for awhile now. Picked it up in San Francisco. He is comparing it to his real '59 he had on tour with him. This is the "Garbage sack" Vee from the Sacramento Guitar Center (really good story behind it) Peter