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  1. I'm amazed that the Triple Threat hasn't sold yet. Hamer absolutely succeeded in building a better R9 Les Paul than Gibson with that model.
  2. BadgerDave

    First KISS, then ANGEL...

    Gotta love Punky Meadows. Pound for pound, one of the best of the glam/hairband ilk.
  3. BadgerDave

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Different tastes. IMO, Gretsch Anniversary Two Tone Smoke Green is among the coolest and most original finishes ever offered. I've owned 3 green Anniversaries including a '67 that I bought in 1980 for $300 and my current Players Edition. Beauty!
  4. Obviously, Alice Cooper should be higher, Paul Simon should be lower, Randy Newman should be absent and the Ramones are just about right.
  5. I don't remember if I was at the first one, but I've enjoyed Bruce's hospitality at 4321 events many times. Unfortunately, the 16th doesn't work for me, but I encourage any HFCer who hasn't attended one of Bruce's gatherings to make the trip. You might want to spend some extra time as well. The twin cities are amazing in June.
  6. BadgerDave

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to replace those EMGs. While I'm not a fan of most EMG pickups, I had a set of those in an MIJ Tele Custom throughout the 80's. That guitar worked for everything from power pop to punk to a sub-genre we called polkabilly. As I recall, they were clear, warm and worked well with pedals.
  7. BadgerDave

    Pickups repair

    So that's where they all went. You and Cub Koda cornered the market!
  8. BadgerDave

    Black beauty!

    Prices on Custom Shop Reissue LPs are tanking. Check the sold prices on eBay. 58s are well under 3K and 59s are heading in the same direction. There are dozens of unsold RIs on eBay and Reverb with grossly unrealistic asking prices. I believe the exceptional mahogany was used in the 2003 and 2007 models
  9. BadgerDave

    A couple of LP questions ...

    An alternative to top-wrapping the strings over the tailpiece is to stack metal washers under under the bridge (with the posts going through the center of the washers). This works best if the tailpiece post bushings are flush or slightly raised above the wood, so you have metal to metal contact, and you torque the posts down with some good pressure. If you want to get fancy, Faber makes a tailpiece and spacers specifically for this purpose.
  10. I have this one. Looking for $1,500 Including Hamer case. Fralin Noiseless P-90s installed. Let me know if you're interested and I can provide details.
  11. BadgerDave

    3 Humbucker Wiring

    Add a five way blade switch, master volume, master tone and blender pot.
  12. The Homer sticker is hilarious. GLWTS
  13. Hmmmm I'd like that a lot better if it had some 70's banana bicycle seat sparkly vinyl. Probably sounds OK though.
  14. BadgerDave

    Sunburst Pickup Tweak?

    compressor and treble booster? Low capacitance cable Stainless steel (rather than nickel) wrapped strings coil split on the bridge humbucker