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  1. Dang. I've been looking for one of those, but I'm right-handed.
  2. Rich_S

    Bought another Giffin

    If Paul Kossoff made a guest appearance on Futurama, that's what he'd play. Awesome guitar. I have a soft spot for Giffin since he made some of Pete Townsend's earliest twin-HB Teles. (See my slippery slope thread.)
  3. Rich_S

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    You forgot Brown Eye.
  4. Rich_S

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    I think a lot of people "get" that Steel Panther is a satirical act, but TC's website is not a satirical website. It must have been kind of jarring to scan down the list of TonePrints and find the full-on SP schtick inserted in between all the serious ones. I'm not an SP fan by any stretch, but I think the name of their latest album is great. "Lower The Bar". LOL
  5. Well, the goldtop is WAY more of a Tele than the Hamer is. 😀 In my book, there are several things that make it a Tele, beside the geeky peghead shape (which I love). Tonally, a Tele is 1) the scale length, 2) the string-through bridge, 3) the maple neck, and 4) the bridge pickup. I figure 3 out of 4 is "close enough". I like the goldtop because sometimes I want a little more beef in the tone, but I want a guitar that feels and plays just like my #1 blue Tele. The Hamer, as much as I love it, is a bit of an adjustment, playing-wise, though it nails the mahogany/rosewood/two humbuckers thing better than the PT does.
  6. Rich_S

    Photobucket's Revision

    I switched to Imgur when PB went all-pay, and haven't looked back. I don't even recall if I closed my account. Maybe all my old dead links have come back to life. Dunno. Not going to waste any more time on it than it took to type this post.
  7. You mean like this? Or this? Tina's an interesting case. After singing this rock-n-roll stuff in college, she went back to school and studied voice "for real". Now she does some of everything: straight-ahead traditional opera, modern opera, 18th-century "serious" music. She just released a CD of original electronic folk music (along the lines of Kate Bush). The woman stays busy. Problem is, sometimes she's too busy to come home for the reunion gigs. She also has trouble switching gears. If she's busy preparing for an opera for example, she has to get her voice prepped in that direction, and can't just pop out for a weekend of rock singing. Still, we've managed to convince her to do four reunion shows since 2009. We can manage two full sets, and only spend one afternoon in a brush-up rehearsal the day before each one. It's a blast. As usual, a thread that was supposed to be about guitars has now switched over to being about the chick singer. Gear geeks don't get no respect.
  8. At the risk of encouraging hamerhead's pigocity... Still hot in her '50s. The first song we played in rehearsal for our 2016 Reunion show, shot by the aforementioned singer with her hand-held iPhone. She lives in San Francisco now but since 2009, we've all gotten together in Philly about every two years to play a show.
  9. 1985 candy apple red MIJ '62 Custom reissue, when the reissue concept was brand-new.
  10. That's a MIK Schecter body mated to a Fender MIM neck, with a Duncan '59 set. It partially fills the void left by my #1 never-shoulda-sold-it guitar, the black real-deal USA Schecter I played in the mid-'80s. It's also a tribute to the Schecter Pete Townsend played at Live Aid, and during the much-broadcast "Who's Last" (LOL) concert in Toronto, 1982. I always loved that concert video and thought that guitar was really cool, so when it came time to build a PT, I went with the goldtop.
  11. There's an interloper in this Tele guy's couch shot. Is this how it begins?
  12. I was talking to Bruce about his mouthwash.
  13. Perhaps Alexa is sniffing you as well as listening to you.
  14. Um... red Slammer Series Sunburst, Gravelin pickups. That’s it.
  15. AC/DC on NPR: I’m listening to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in the car this morning. I just heard an AC/DC riff, filling the space after their discussion of this week’s most popular news story, about the raccoon that spent Tuesday climbing a 22-story office building in Minneapolis. At first, I didn’t get the connection; so I had to fast-forward the song in my brain, from the intro through to the chorus. At that point, I got it, “It’s A Long Way To The Top”.