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  1. I have a poster-sized reproduction of this ad. Jimmy's Sunburst was red, too, though the B&W photo doesn't show it. This is as close as I'll ever come. I know, I know... no sustain block, but GRAVELINS!
  2. I’d take Elliott Easton’s opinion over any TGP member’s, any day.
  3. Tell Me About Your Christmas Haul

    Every Christmas and birthday, my mother-in-law gives me a card with cash in it, and specific instructions that I spend it on myself, rather than throw it into the constantly-draining bucket that supports a family of six. Getting "Christmas money" kind of makes me feel like I'm 12 again (I'm 58), but hey... I'll take it. With this year's Benjamin, I almost bought a Soul Food, but then I found a good deal on a used Wampler Tumnus, so that's my Christmas pedal. Beside that, a couple books and an Amazon Echo I'll probably send back. Privacy paranoia aside, I suspect it wouldn't take me long to start screaming obscenities at Alexa. I don't need a disembodied voice suggesting things I should buy. I have too much crap already.
  4. I stopped in to my local music store today to kill time while the car was getting new tires. They're a small store and usually just have a few Ibanez and Yamaha electrics. Today they had a couple of Gibsons, which I assume are used or on consignment. There was a Les Paul DC hanging on the wall, which caught my eye because it looks a lot like my Slammer Series Sunburst... double-cut, two humbuckers, flame maple top, wine red finish. Practically the same, right? But the more I looked at it, the more I realized the DC is just plain weird-lookin'. The bass-side cutaway looks like a puzzle piece without it's mate. I don't understand how the company that gave us TWO classic shapes: the Les Paul and the LP Junior (double-cut) could get the Les Paul DC so wrong. It looks like somebody sketched out a rough freehand on a Friday afternoon, intending to do a better job on MOnday morning, but found the patterns and CNC guys had just grabbed his rough draft and ran with it. OTOH, I think my lowly MIK Sunburst (and all Sunbursts, for that matter) is a think of beauty.
  5. Is it just me?......

    It's not just you.
  6. My Boss BF-2 flanger is MIJ, from the mid-to-early '80s. The chassis and transformers in my amp were originally a Bogen PA from the early '70s, but they got completely re-purposed into an 18 Watter clone about 10 years ago.
  7. Yeah, well... my playing might have been trite, my timing erratic, and my intonation sour... .... but my TONE was fantastic.
  8. My old friend Tina, who has been doing a project under the artist name "Nymphya" just put out her first CD, and I got mentioned in the credits. About a year ago, Tina told me she wanted some guitar over the outro of one of her songs, in the style of Eric Clapton, and she asked if I would play it. My first reaction was "Boy, have YOU got the wrong guy." I'm not a blues guy, never was, never will be. Overruling my objections, she sent me a rough mix and asked that I give it a go. I first came up with a part for the chorus of the song, that WAS me; a chorusy, jangley, arpeggiated, Telecaster bit that I thought was pretty good, but not what she asked for. Then, I set to the task of recording several passes of upper-fret solos. For this. I pulled out the Gravelin-equipped (MIK) Sunburst, played through my baby "Marshall" 18 Watter clone. If anything, it was more Duane that Eric but what it really was was hackneyed blues licks from somebody who has no feel for the blues, and doesn't care to. I DropBoxed the various bits off to her, and told her to use what she liked. Weeks later, I listened again to the parts I had played and realized that not only were they predictable and boring, but I had played them badly. My timing was terrible and the intonation on my bends was off. I hardly play at all these days - too much real life going on - and "if you don't use it, you lose it". I just don't have the chops and the only way to get them back is practice... a lot. There was no way I was going to pull off anything worthwhile in a single evening. Upon that realization, I was pretty depressed and texted Tina to tell her, "It's your record, but if you want my opinion, my playing sucked and I wouldn't use it." She apparently agreed, because I'm not on the final version of the song. I am, however, listed in the "Thanks also to:" section if the liner notes. I'm still depressed that I can't play for shit, but at least I get an album credit for my self-awareness. Oh, and here's a picture of my Sunburst, just because pictures of Hamers make everything better.
  9. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    1983. I think this is only publicity shot I was ever in. Lots of live photos, but just this one studio shot. Hard to believe "Mr. Telecaster" once played Dean V. Barb called it my "Kiss guitar".
  10. A few years ago, my wife and (then high-school aged) daughter went to see TSO. Their seats weren’t great, with the view partially blocked, but it was the sort of thing that wouldn’t have been apparent until the TSO stage was set up in that particular arena. Then, right before show time, the crew came out and personally escorted everyone in the affected area to better seats down front. For their trouble, they gave the people gifts. My daughter got an honest-to-goodness real black stage crew T-shirt, which identified the show as being part of the “Light It, Fog It, Blow It Up Tour”. They loved the show and she wears that shirt to this day.
  11. Olivia Newton John

    He also was (or maybe still is) ON-J’s music director.
  12. Does it have an effects loop? Pushing the front end of an already-dirty amp isn’t going to give you much more volume, just more dirt. For clean boosting purposes I’ve always liked the Boss GE-7. I ran one in front of a JCM800 for years. Tons of clean boost, plus the ability to shape the tone.
  13. I use an SM-57 on my 18 Watter clone. I keep meaning to pick up an e609 just to try it out, but never get around to it. On my little Champ clone stack (Emi 1258 in an open-back cab) I use an old H&K Red Box. My singer uses the Champ live, and it usually ends up in front of, or tangled up in, the drum set. The Red Box is great because it emulates a mic'ed cab, but there's no mic bleed from the drums or other stage noise.
  14. I'll second the Xotic BB Preamp. Nice tight response for chunky power chords. Not as loose as a TS or SD-1. It's active treble and bass controls let you match it up with a variety of amps. Also works as a whomping big cleanish boost, something like +30dB.