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  1. Diary from a Time Machine

    Three days until the "really big shoo" as Ed Sullivan would have called it. As I should have expected, I got sent out of town for work yesterday, but managed to get the job done in one long day rather than the allotted two, so I was back home for a down day today, before leaving for Philly tomorrow. I packed all my gear today... Telecaster in rectangular hard case Slammer Series Sunburst in gig bag Pedlaboard Main amp: 18-Watter clone 1-12" combo Spare amp: blackface Champ clone head with LopoLine 1-12" cabinet Gig box with cables, tools, spare strings, tubes, slides, etc. Milk crate with talkbox, Vox MV50 to power it, signal splitter, vocal mics, mic cables, spare tuner Boom stand Tool box for emergency repairs: Fluke meter, soldering iron, etc. ... and it all fits in the trunk of my company car, a 2018 Ford Fusion. There's just enough room for the "never leave it where they can see it" laptop. Now, if I just remember to pack my clothes in the morning, I'm good to go. We've been emailing about monitors. Several of us will be using in-ears, but several of us won't. I'm using my combo amp, but Scott goes direct with an AxeFX. So, there's going to have to be some of his guitar in the wedges so the bass player and I can hear him. It's going to be interesting, putting together this combined system. He & I are getting together at the practice space 90 minutes early to try to figure out how it all fits together, before our Friday afternoon and evening rehearsals. Stay tuned for reports from the road.
  2. I use a BB Preamp in front of my 18 Watter clone. It's more for convenience that the amount of gain, I could get more gain out of the amp, but I like the footswitching capability of the pedal. I also have a Rat that I hardly ever use, it's just for very dirty parts, usually with lower volume.
  3. I'm a big fan of the SD Quarter Pound Tele bridge pickup, which is P90-ish, especially the tapped version which gives a great single-coil tone as well. The tapped sound is not authentic Tele twang due to the QP's lack of a metal base plate, but it's a worthwhile alternative to the QP's full coil, which is gigantic and fat, but can get muddy at times. The full coil is best for single-note leads. I have accumulated all the parts for an Esquire build, specifically so I can have a guitar with a tapped QP. I'm going with a 2-knob control plate, with pots for volume and spin-a-tap, allowing me to dial in any point between the tap and the full coil. If spring ever arrives, and brings weather conducive to painting a guitar body in my garage, I'll start putting it all together.
  4. Diary from a Time Machine

    I saw Michael Penn open for Sheryl Crow at Chastain many years ago, a more suitable bill for the venue. It was the last show of a long summer tour; the bands had gotten to know each other pretty well, so there were end-of-tour hi jinks. This included Ms. Crow dancing around the stage during Michael Penn's set, wearing a sky blue sequined bikini and high heels. Somehow, Michael managed to keep a straight face and get through the song.
  5. Diary from a Time Machine

    Another rehearsal (without me) and another way to alienate the reunion crowd. Last Sunday, after working through the entire set list, the guys started messing around with Space Truckin'. (Get it? ALIENate?!? Har!). They said it sounded good enough that they're considering it for the show, though they admit this may have been due to the quantity of beer consumed during the rehearsal. Apparently, the beer released their inner 15-year-old selves. Now, back in the mid-late '70s I was about the biggest Deep Purple head there was, but again... for the 57-ish cocktail party crowd!?! This show's getting weirder and weirder, in the funnest possible ways. T-minus 10 days and counting until Pony Trekker leads the way...
  6. Ya gotta laugh...

    Rhymes with Slammer.
  7. This. My only non-Telecaster, and it's all the Gibson-style guitar I'll ever need. Of course, Josh helped a bit.
  8. Marshall just revamped their line at the winter NAMM show, with a bunch of affordable amps. The Origin series is new, and is designed to give vintage cleanish tones (think JTM and Plexi). The DSL line has been revamped and reports are they've fixed all the stuff people didn't like about the previous DSLs. Both lines come in combo and head versions, in a variety of wattage ratings, and all have power scaling. Definitely worth a look.
  9. Rig Rundown: Robin Trower

    In contrast to his massive guitar sound, I can't get over Trower's little British man voice. I keep expecting him to say something like, "Enable Deja Vibe, Grommet! Maximum velocity!" No disrespect, Trower is awesome.
  10. Boss GT-1 multi effects / amp modeller. Like-new condition in original box. Includes: 2-button foot switch for CTRL2 and CTRL3 functions with status LEDs 1/4" stereo patch chord for foot switch Visual Sound 1Spot 9-volt power supply 18" power cable (foot switch has 9-volt "In" and "Thru" connectors to allow powering both units without a daisy-chain) $160 PayPal, shipped to CONUS. As usual, will ship to other locales, just PM me for rates.
  11. Wow. Even the BACK on that one is nice.
  12. Diary from a Time Machine

    Scott, the other guitarist, is a total Robin Trower head, and has been since 1975. The band decided to play "Too Rolling Stoned" as an encore, though I can't think of better way to lose the interest of a roomful of suburban 50-somethings than 7 minutes and 32 seconds of Trower. I'm not saying I dislike it, just that it's a risky move in front of a cocktail-party crowd. Anywho, Scott seems to think that we should trade off solos on the extended outtro. (I think we should cut the outtro as short as possible but this is his tune, so I'll let him dictate the terms.) I decided today was the day I'd figure out how to coax a Troweresque sound out of my un-Troweresque rig. Strat? Sorry no Strat. Will a Telecaster do? Strat neck pickup? Sorry, no. Will a Firebird pickup do? (Actually, I have a pickguard loaded with a Duncan SSL-1 that I could drop into the Tele fairly quickly. I might still do that.) Univibe? Uuuuhhhmm... sorry, no. How 'bout a Phase 95, set to a fast, script-mode Phase 45 sound? Full Drive? Or maybe a vintage Fuzz pedal? Welllllllll........... no. Let's try the Rat with the distortion turned up to about 3 o'clock and the filter set mostly over to the trebley side. (I could switch out the Rat for my blue silicon Mini Fuzz Face, but I'd probably have to switch it back after the reunion.) Marshall Stack? Or three? Sorry... Howza 'bout a DIY 18 Watter combo? It doesn't exactly do the JMP-into-quad-cab "thump" but my DSL-40C is in Cleveland and I can't get it until the end of May (but that's another story). Okay, okay, so not one piece of gear in the entire signal chain is "correct", but I think it's "close enough". Don't tell the TGP guys, 'cuz they'd rip me to shreds. I promise to stay off the chorus and flanger, even though they are front and center of my very '80s, "inspired by Andy Summers" pedalboard. Actually, playing long, wobbly, psychedelic blues-rock solos is kinda fun for a change. Look out, Class of '77! Prepared to be bored!!!!!
  13. I just watched a PG rig rundown yesterday with EJ. He took a refinished '56 Strat with a normal solid body along on tour for the "Ah Via Musicom" stuff. You should see what he did to his Echoplex.
  14. No more "ting".

    Well, I use this as a applicator, so I'm unlikely to spill graphite everywhere. The nut on this guitar is black, so no staining. If my white-nutted Teles ever act up, I'll try the Chapstick or Crayola solutions. I'm just glad the guitar will now survive those big, wobbly Paul Kossoff bends without requiring re-tuning after "All Right Now".