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  1. Hurricanes Suck

    To all of our friends and family living in Florida best wishes during these trying times! After making it through Harvey here in Texas just hang on and play LOUD to push back the winds.
  2. slipstream

  3. Who can get me a new Demo gig? SD gig is no more

    I don't have any contacts, but for what's its's worth your videos are killer! I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope someone can help you out.
  4. Happy Eastern HFC!

    Looks like fun! Happy Easter to all ................ May the Bunny bring you something exciting.
  5. Wow, this chick has some extreme vocals.

    Wow imagine taking her home to meet mom! Better yet sure wouldn't want her to catch you cheating .................... Anyway vocal and guitars are killer!
  6. So are we all in agreement?

    This must be dying animal month! Our 17+ year old Jack Russell is blind, deaf (not my fault i swear), has kidney issues and has been on heart medication for years. He can barely walk and stopped eating a couple of days ago. I fear the end is very near .............. ditto on the animals. This will be the third dog to pass and it is too hard to watch. I guess it reminds me of my own mortality.
  7. 0050 "Super C"

    DBraz you are one lucky man! Mike you got some serious skills and crazy attention to detail ............and that wood, Oh My!
  8. 0050 "Super C"

    Please tell me more about Wenge wood, it looks soooo smooth! Is it brighter or darker in sound quality? Please share your wisdom ......
  9. 0050 "Super C"

    My goodness! The craftsmanship is out of this world ........
  10. 0050 "Super C"

    I love the Super Strat look and the design elements are over the top! This build really has me thinking outside the box as you have captured in a truly custom work of art. Congrats ...