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  1. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Yep. The hot, steaming pile of other people's money is much less likely to be refinanced this time, IMHO. The intellectual property and materials inventory will survive, regardless. It just might not be Henry using these assets.
  2. How did you get to the HFC?

    I was on my way to KFC, got lazy, and stopped earlier in the alphabet. 😆 No, seriously, I used to frequent TDPRI. One of the members here posted some gorgeous pics of his Standards on that forum, and I did some Googlin' to find the source. The rest, as they say, is hiss-tree. ETA: TDPRI legend Steve Dikkers finished a Tele body for cmatthes in a beautiful dark green sparkle with checkerboard binding. I saw it on TDPRI and had no idea it was Chris' until months after I joined HFC.
  3. How'd you get into Hamer?

    Easy. Standards that showed up on TV shows in the '70s in the hands of Rick Nielsen, Dave Hlubeck, Ricky Medlocke; then the gorgeous double cutaway Sunburst that began showing up in LOTS of pros' hands by 1980. Gibson had nothing to compete with that.
  4. Alright Gibson!!

    In the inimitable voice of The Balladeer: "Looks like them ol' boys have got two choices: jump or roll." <followed by a hammer-on trill over a freeze-frame shot right before cutting away to a commercial>
  5. NAD - TDC

    "it ain't got no gas in it!" ~ Karl Childers
  6. Alright Gibson!!

    I think we've fouunnnnd......... .........our man. <YEEEEAOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!>
  7. Alright Gibson!!

    Jackass would buy that.
  8. Jesus Christ, Haynie... ..like I didn't get enough of that tripe when my teenagers were toddlers.
  9. Alright Gibson!!

    I like your thinking Don, but we both know that the average Wall Street nerd doesn't know shit from shinola when it comes to guitar design. Then again, that would confirm Henry is an average Wall Street nerd.
  10. Alright Gibson!!

    Those things are an insult to the '74 Gremlin. ETA: Those color combos and stripes look less like custom "boogie" vans and more like cabover semi tractors of the '70s.
  11. If you count Clarence Walker on saxophone, there were SEVEN....
  12. Yep, I did figure that out after a bit of Googlin'....
  13. Dead Tone

    My reasoning, as well. That's exactly why a diverse array of genres emerge and persist.
  14. Dead Tone

    When I was 17 and building my chops, I tried listening to some Dead to see wth the fuss was about. I spun American Beauty, In the Dark, and Shakedown Street. It wasn't bad, but I heard nothing that explained the obsession. I just didn't get it. Fast forward 30 years. I've tried listening to several concert recordings to broaden my exposure. I still don't see the allure. And I agree with what someone else here said: Garcia tone, to me, is mostly envelope filter squirts and squawks, or alternately, compressed hi-fi farts. Again, I just don't get it. ETA: I respect the fact that the lads have legions of rabid fans. They obviously did something right and earned their status..
  15. The TGP Thread

    HFC members totally derailed that TGP thread. That's cheap entertainment, gents.