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  1. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Brooks for the win.
  2. In any such CL ad here in NC, you would find "Good work truck" in the description. Caveat emptor.
  3. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    Not much of a high resolution scan, but nevertheless, it was media coverage from the The East Carolinian. We made fun of that "staring at a distant ship on the ocean" photo for a few months until we shot a proper replacement in mid '92. Hard to believe we'd only played together a few months at that point. Over the following 12 months, we honed our chops and signed with East Coast Entertainment. Good times.
  4. That British Thing...

    To me, the "British sound" is more of what one would associate with the early Bluesbreaker Marshall and the original Vox AC-30: chimey, warm, and very noticeably mid-heavy. Now, the "Marshall sound" is the tonally more aggressive and with the mildly dirty "clang" you get out of a Model 1987 or Model 1959 (or a Hiwatt). The "JMP" sound is the Marshall sound boosted to impart the more saturated and boingy upper mid-range character found in the 2203 and 2204. What these all share in common (beyond the EL34 and EL84 platforms--the Bluesbreaker used KT66) is relatively moderate overdrive with lots of emphasis on mids and upper mids in the EQ spectrum. YMMV. Examples of each that, IMHO, summarize their tonal identities:
  5. Forgiven. Looking forward to seeing more pics of that Studio on the main board.
  6. He was politely suggesting that you refrain from interjecting a show-off post on a PSA thread for a different guitar. I think your Studio is gorgeous. I also think you might get a warmer reception to it from others here by posting on the main message board....like here: Just a thought.
  7. Amp and Pedal Reviews

    I like Zenmindbeginner's demos precisely because they are well-conceived and expertly produced. His playing is quite sharp, as well. He also varies the amounts of gain to show exactly what the pickup (and guitar) can do. I must admit that I'm partly amused/annoyed by otherwise crisply rendered pedal demos (especially the ones for overdrives or boosts) where the player strikes a few chords of a base/clean tone before engaging the pedal....and it sounds like a Gorilla practice amp with the volume on 2. It's even more striking when the demo player is (as is usually the case) playing a nice tube-driven half stack miked with a nice Sennheiser or AKG. The effects usually sound good, but the weak base tones are enigmas to me.
  8. In town for a conference and saw this on the local CL. No affiliation. '95 Studio in Big D
  9. Identify my Hamer

    Some of the factory finishes I have seen: Black White Ice Pearl Candy Red Sea Foam Green Yellow Pearl Some custom orders were finihed in snakeskin, dragon skin, etc. for a considerable upcharge.
  10. Identify my Hamer

    1989 Chaparral Custom. I'm pretty sure that's a refin, as most of the Chaps with white finishes from that era have yellowed, regardless of their condition. Yours looks "ultra" white, as they sometimes say in the paint business. The clearcoated neck is a strong hint that it's been refinished, as well. Get some new pickups in those single coil slots and enjoy it. And welcome to the fold!
  11. Duesenberg guitars?

    Never played one, but the ones I've seen didn't do much to motivate me to try them, either. Camstone's 12'er looks very nice and the Schenker V is appealing, too. When I think of the brand, I usually visualize ones like the psuedo-Lester "Starplayer" that Zorrow posted. IMHO, the racing stripes and art deco cues just don't work with a traditional solidbody LP vibe. It's too many different aesthetic elements in combination.

    Ahhh, yes. Ye ol' Scharter. Nice.
  13. Post yer musical Cyber Monday deals

    I didn't pick up any guitar gear, but I got a helluva deal on an anvil and a waistcoat.
  14. '93 in '59 'burst.