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  1. Biz Prof

    Saw Great White Last Night

    In recent videos and photos, he reminds me a LOT of Billy Gibbons. Somewhat frail looking (aging is the equal opportunity destroyer) and visually incongruent with what you hear coming from his hands. Glad he gets credit for leaving it all on stage and giving a great sounding performance. I must admit that it's amusing to see all of these '80s guys playing rather spartan instruments compared to what they played in their hair metal days. Totally agree on Kendall's playing being a breath of fresh air back in the mid/late '80s. Slash got more notoriety and money, but Kendall was effectively doing a similar '70s time warp with his style.
  2. Pretty cool. It's a '93 according to the serial number, FWIW.
  3. "all of the work was done by me personally. I'm very proud of the result." Apparently, the market rate of "pride" is about $9,900 per unit. Plus shipping.
  4. Solid amps. My impression is that most models were a blackface/silverface Fender recipe with a solid state preamp. I have a first-year 212 HD-130 with the 12AX7 phase inverter and the original speakers. I run it at half-power primarily because it is louder than an F-4 Phantom on afterburner. These amps got a nice receptions from pro players when they came out. Clapton and Knopfler toured with them, which gives you some inkling of how well they were regarded as clean, high-headroom platforms. The operating power tube plate voltage is incredibly high , IIRC. Perhaps that's part of the mojo.
  5. That seems to have been a stellar era for Rivera. Back in '94, I recorded with a then-new Knucklehead and got some killer tones out of it. In fact, after tracking the same song with the same guitar/effects into a Marshall Jubilee 100w head and then, the Knucklehead, we decided that the track with the Rivera sounded better. I love Jubilees, so that's saying a lot for the Rivera.
  6. Biz Prof

    FFS... Awful Demo

    I'm still not sure which was worse, Brent's "Buy this Guitar" videos or his "How to buff a Heritage" video. You could pretty much be guaranteed that those videos were full of misinformation and the worst ways of doing something.
  7. Biz Prof

    FFS... Awful Demo

    That's quite bad. I saw this one last night and while it's not on par with the demo in the OP, it's a shit show nonetheless.
  8. I have long enjoyed EJ's style, phrasing, tone, and songcraft. One of the greats, IMHO. I do not, however, consider his usual tone to be very Strat-like ("Steve's Boogie" notwithstanding). To me, it sounds more like a set neck guitar with low-wind humbuckers or mini-hums routed through a litany of outboard gizmos and into a tube amp on the high-burner setting. So...you wouldn't be the only one that has difficulties getting a stock-spec Fender Strat or similar platform to sound like EJ.
  9. Biz Prof

    Greta Van Fleet

    Kind of like when you tell the "occifer" that you only had six or four beers. It's inebriated mathematics.
  10. From my recent experiences, it is somewhat of a factor. It's not like I am the second coming of (insert guitar god name here) at all. but I get compliments on my tone at every gig. And if they acknowledge that they play guitar, they nearly always express surprise at my board full of Boss pedals. I guess if I felt compelled to spend hours of my free time and princely sums of money trying out the various boutique effects, I would have a different looking rig. As it stands, the more pedestrian pedals like Boss are widely available, affordable, and rather clearly labeled, and don't require a degree in EE to use. YMMV
  11. Whilst polishing off a bottle of bourbon last Christmas, my step dad and I were reflecting upon the craft beer segment and its penchant for the abstract and weird in terms of branding. In our minds, we fashioned branding Pete's homebrew as a craft beer called "Hog Dick". As in, "When you want a hand crafted, full-bodied lager with mild earthy notes, hints of bacon, and a crisp finish, wrap your lips around a Hog Dick." I can just see a gaggle of skinny jeaned hipsters in Asheville or Chapel Hill standing in a bar, each holding a cold Hog Dick and extolling its virtues.
  12. Considering that this pedal is named after Wilford Brimley, I can only assume that it produces a cantankerous, bitter, angry sound, has an integrated glucose monitor, and is powered by an oatmeal battery. "Eat your oatmeal, dammit!"
  13. Nice. Is that an Adrian Smith Sig model in the middle?
  14. Biz Prof

    Carolina Discount Music?

    Never heard of it. Maybe it was in the Charlotte area?