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  1. ArnieZ

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    For those that might not know: Frank U is the 3rd In the Hamer Triumverate. A great guy and a very important part of Hamer history as well!! ArnieZ
  2. Agree…. DGT my favorite PRS by far. Love that Hybrid hardware, carefully chosen gold bits all easily replaceable. Were not for my Shish I would still have my DGT! ArnieZ
  3. ArnieZ


    Crazy beautiful out of the park! ArnieZ
  4. ArnieZ

    Bought another Giffin

    Beautiful! Starting to really warm up to the shape of that as well! Certain it IS a well crafted great sounding instrument. ArnieZ
  5. I don't think ay of those were made in Arlington Heights ArnieZ
  6. ArnieZ

    Seymour Duncan Stock P-90's

    I have a set to sell if you're looking for that! ArnieZ
  7. Neck carve, Hamer medium or closer to the newer vintage carve? ArnieZ
  8. All about timing, I think. I discovered Hamer when looking for a Tele and thought the Fender offerings were poor. My 2 choices at the time boiled down to a T51 and an ESP Ron Wood Tele. My first quality electric was a '66 335 bought new for next to nothing and later sold for next to nothing +. I gigged that guitar for several years and really never got over it! Unbelievably fine guitar. It set the bar very high which is how I ended up with that T51. I think I will always prefer a shorter scale, thought not exclusive! A lot of my fellow HFC'ers were converted as Cheap Trick fans. I seriously didn't even know who they were when I joined the HFC. when they were big my listening tastes were more towards jazz. So if Gibson weren't such a shithole I think that would have been my go to, but..... so I really like variants of the classic Gibson offerings. Really love my Shishkov and my Thorn which has more Gibby DNA than my Shish ArnieZ
  9. ArnieZ


    only 4 photos? Gorgeous man! Welcome to the world of Shishkov near perfection☺️. I have said it before it does not get better than this!!! ArnieZ
  10. ArnieZ

    NGD 2018 SG Junior

    is there any guitar or amp this guy has not demo'd ArnieZ
  11. ArnieZ

    Hamer spotted unexpectedly

    IIRC they were Fralin unbuckers, because of the way they split, arniez
  12. Was wondering myself, but am assuming it's $$$$ and not for me! ArnieZ
  13. ArnieZ

    Doyle Dykes

    Indeed! last time I saw any of the aforementioned folks. The date was September 20th IIRC. Had to leave before the end of the show and the giveaways as my daughter-in-law decided to go into labor with our first grandchild. Peter was there as well! ArnieZ
  14. ArnieZ

    Doyle Dykes

    Wasn’t he a Guld endorser when Fender owned Guild? I thought he performed at a Guild open house I attended Arniez