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  1. ArnieZ

    Worth $10K

    I didn't think they had Artist Ultimate pickups either as according to their spec. If he can get 10K for that than I should get 12k for my Ultimate😀 ArnieZ
  2. ArnieZ

    My Opinions on Guitar

    I’m confused, what opinion was offered in the op? arniez
  3. not at all especially with the tone control preserved
  4. not recessed, just the angle of the photo ArnieZ
  5. Price too high? Make an offer … I doubt there is a cleaner example with a Rosewood board for sale anywhere else! ArnieZ
  6. Chris, Great story and review I am in the jealous camp as well Have had the pleasure of seeing Beck 3x . Twice with Rod Stewart as the vocalist and Ron Wood playing bass. That was in the Morning Dew era and Beck was still playing his Lester. The last time I saw him he was opening for Stevie Wonder and his band included the dude who played that mini keyboard thing. Senior moment can't name the guy or the instrument. That was Superstition era. All times he was tremendous. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of seeing him since he changed his style. ArnieZ
  7. word has gotten out😀 ArnieZ
  8. If interested make an offer, more stuff coming up for sale soon ArnieZ
  9. ArnieZ

    Steve Perry NEW SONG

    Really like the looks of that Goldtop!! ArnieZ
  10. ArnieZ

    Sweetness in Sweden - #0077 lands!

    All the above + great color choice for that hunk of wood!! ArnieZ
  11. Hamer T51f 96 one piece body original case, cable and letter of authenticity. Frets in excellent shape couple of slight dings and swirls. Original control plate plus a spare saddle included. Tone control can be easily replace by mini-toggle if you wish. Obviously I like this the way it is. Asking $1000 PP gift or fees on buyer + shipping. This is a very nice example with somewhat rare rosewood board. Pricing was based on previous post by CMatthes in middle of his range. CONUS only
  12. ArnieZ

    #87 Super-C

    not sure about those inlays ArnieZ
  13. Not fair to compare 50 year career to the unfortunately shortened career of SRV. Clapton arguably grew as a musician and entertainer both as a composer and vocalist. Yardbirds Mayall, Cream, Blindfaith, Derek and the Dominoes. Lots of important musical history.Personally I think his tone with his Strat is less organic and bluesy than his LP SG 335 offerings ArnieZ