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  1. #72 in the house!

    Gorgeous, Bet it sound killer! Congrats on another envy inducing Shishkov!! Congrats Dave,Enjoy!! ArnieZ
  2. 0071

    Very quietly done, I must add! ArnieZ
  3. 0071

    Love, love love it!! those gold foil pickups are so unique sounding. Love to hear it with a little grind. ArnieZ
  4. Alright Gibson!!

    Oon’t be asking me for family and friends discounts when these for through the roof in a few months ArnieZ
  5. 0075...

    Im not particularly creative,but when I saw the top for mine in the raw, I-saw it finished. My top is beautiful but I think the finish takes it to the next level ! arniez
  6. 0075...

    That’s going to be a beautiful guitar!! ArnieZ
  7. No SG hate, if you know Kurstuff it”s clear that would not be a weapon of choice ArnieZ
  8. The Who post Entwhistle. the loss of Moon changed the energy level and the loss of Entwhistle just cemented they were no longer the WHO. ArnieZ
  9. I hope ou get it back,but what were you even doing with an SG? ArnieZ
  10. Tom Wheeler...R.I.P.

    Heard him speak at the last or one of the last Hamer open house events. He was very knowledgeable and well spoken. Clearly loved guitar and related subjects. Bought and read one of his books on the Fender Strat, I believe and enjoyed it very much. RIP Tom! ArnieZ
  11. Is this forum a cult?

    Firs person I ever heard of banned from that forum arniez
  12. I have one, really nice guitar, especially for the money. I don't play mine much but not planning on selling because it is A: unique sounding and B: not likely to get a better guitar for the money! GLWTS ArnieZ
  13. I might be able to help you solve that! ArnieZ
  14. Beautiful guitar!! With the bound F hole and and angle of some of the pics looks a little like a Languedoc Enjoy, Enjoy Enjoy!!! ArnieZ
  15. Talk about apples to peaches! i have a super champ x2 and it doesn't sound as good as my Redplate Blackverb. Shocking I tell you arniez