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  1. I'll take them and your last 12ax7 as well arnie
  2. 99

    WOW!!! ArnieZ
  3. Joes touting another Hamer.

    Ha! shades of AnDy
  4. you could buy my T51 and take the pickups out ArnieZ
  5. #81, a different but cool build

    Well If I hadn’t used The “muse tip” I would demand royalties ArnieZ
  6. #81, a different but cool build

    love those inlays.... but now mine is not the only one! ArnieZ
  7. Next they'll offer Les Pauls to breed fanciers with their favorite breed engraved on the guitar ArnieZ
  8. The insanity continues, you’ve owned more amps this year than I have in 40 ArnieZ
  9. Take a couple Xanax and a bong hit and it probably wont bother you ArnieZ
  10. 99

    That top could give you motion sickness !! Maxwell better watch out! ArnieZ
  11. Love the 335 vibe, that looks like a nice one, Enjoy!!! ArnieZ
  12. #72 in the house!

    Gorgeous, Bet it sound killer! Congrats on another envy inducing Shishkov!! Congrats Dave,Enjoy!! ArnieZ