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  1. Disturber

    ZZTop last Tuesday night

    I saw them in 2010. Pretty much the same experience. Perhaps not that bad, but it is not a gig I thought was worth the admission price I paid. I had a feeling it would be kinda lame, but I thought I wanted to see them one last time. Saw them in 1986, out door arena, that was way more fun.
  2. Disturber

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    R.I.P. , true Queen! Check out the Muscle Shoals documentary. It might still be on Netflix. Some great stories about Aretha, and a funny anecdote about when Rick Hall tried to throw Arethas husband from a balcony. Not quite sober. And buy the Aretha box set if you don't have it already. It's mandatory in any record collection.
  3. Disturber

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Congrats. You need to save it from that yellow clown humbucker. And put the singlecoils back in it. These came mostly with a Duncan JB in the bridge, not f-spaced. And two Duncan SSL1's. They also had a "fat switch" which looks like someone removed on your guitar. It is some kind of passive midrange filter, can be useful for soloing etc. You might be able to find an original schematic for it here on the HFC.
  4. Disturber

    Korina Artist - P90 or HB and why.

    There is a special magic, when you crank the amp, between that small tone chamber and the P90 pickups. It just makes the P90's excell in a great way. Not really the same sensation with humbuckers, but the Artist HB has a good vibe too. I sold my Korina Artist HB. Mostly because the neck was to fat for me, and I have a bunch of humbucker guitars that are equally great. The chambering on that guitar did not do much for me, more than the fact that the f-hole looks cool. I never missed that guitar. My mahogany Artist with P90's is a keeper. The chambering makes the P90's sound bigger, livelier and there is a vibe to the guitar that is hard to explain. It has that "it" thing. One of the best P90 guitars I've ever played. It compares to a late 60's SG I had the opportunity to play that was owned and used by a well known guitarist on a Frank Marino tribute album. It really sounds like old wood and it resonates like a dirty, unclean and snotty bell.
  5. I still have that option, "send free to family and friends". Just checked.
  6. Disturber

    Four Digit Standards

    Serial has a registry from Hamer with old serial numbers. If you are lucky it's in there. If not then the year can be estimated by comparing to serial number of other 4-digits.
  7. Disturber

    NGD EM Talladega - Number 25

    Great band name! Sounds like you play music right up my league. I listened to three songs, love it. With that clean guitartone I understand that you choose to go with 0.11's. Well recorded and you have a good singer!
  8. Disturber

    NGD EM Talladega - Number 25

    Nice guitar! Love that top. 0.11's. What kind of music do you play with your band?
  9. Disturber

    How did I miss this band?

    This is good stuff. Just put the album in my rotation list on Spotify.
  10. Disturber

    "Frets are at approx 70%"

    Don't you just love it when they call these things a "project". That is just so funny. 😄
  11. Congrats! I have never played a Rivera amp. They are scarce here in Scandinavia. I would really love to try one, one day. I have the Rivera era Fender Deluxe Reverb II. It's a killer amp and tone machine and one I will never sell.
  12. Disturber

    Local H

    Never heard of them. But I like that song. Good stuff! Will, as per Jack C's advice, check them out on Spotify.
  13. Disturber

    It's kinda like "Where's Waldo?"

    Stick a chewed gum on it. It will stop people from staring.
  14. Disturber

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Janelle is bad ass. I love the Electric Lady album. Have it on vinyl. Girl's got talent and kick ass songs. I'm just getting in to her latest album, Dirty Computer. The lyrics are pretty naughty. And that is a good thing in this case. Haha. So far I've only listened on Spotify. But it seems good enough to buy. Might wait until the vinyl comes out in September.
  15. Disturber

    Bryan Adams

    In the 90s I saw Brian in a very small restaurant here in Stockholm. He came in after his big arena show, did a full set of songs for like 100 people in the middle of the night. That was really cool. I liked his first four albums. After that he became a real sell out, totaly lame. But the first albums kicks ass. So funny that he got so pissed at allmusicguide.com for one of their albums reviews that he declined them permission to write about him. I've heard that he is kinda hard to deal with in private, if ya know what I mean (LSD). " Was looking to get some info on a Bryan Adams release so went to All Music Guide and his name did not come up at all. Emailed them and here is their response.."Thank you for your inquiry. Due to the request of Mr. Adams, we are no longer permitted to display his information on AllMusic. Thanks for stopping by!Best Regards,The AllMusic Team" "