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  1. Oops, broke my pickup

    Send it to Josh, Gravelin Pickups. He can fix it. Original Hamer pickups were either OEM creme or zebra DImarzio paf's. These have a brass base plate and are stamped "Dimarzio" in to the metal. Later came the Dimarzio made Slammer pickups. These are marked "Hamer USA Guitars" on the brass baseplate. Also made by Dimarzio. In the early 1990's Hamer switched to installing Seymour Duncan pickups in most, if not all, of their guitars. These were standard Duncan models such as the '59 paf, or JB humbucker. In 2008 a Hamer Standard would have Seymour Duncan pickups. If your pickups have no markings what so ever I doubt it's an original factory installed pickup.
  2. What dumb ass would do such a thing. Does not look good at all.
  3. Two Hamer's with Bigsbys. No tuning problems unless i molest that sucker pretty badly. Stays in tune better than a Fender trem.
  4. Looking at a Hamer that someone replaced all the electronics and put in EMG's. If I was to buy it I'd like to restore it as good as I can. What pots would be closest (and best) compared to the OEM Hamer pots? I guess NOS Hamer pots are impossible to find, right?
  5. NGD - Artist

    Schwiiiing!!!! A wraptail Artist is on my bucket list. 2nd coolest double cut Hamer model, after the original sustainblock Sunburst.
  6. That one would look awesome with a Bigsby and a pair of Phat Cats. I think I'm on to something here.....
  7. Is this a Hamer?

    Thanks for chiming in!
  8. How does that look? Post a pic, plees!
  9. Is this a Hamer?

    What do you think? Bridge looks weird.
  10. Duesenberg guitars?

    Yup, that's true. I think they are only assembled in Germany. Not sure all parts are Germany though, might be so. They ones I've tried have been nice. Nothing compared to my Hamer's, but they have some cool designs. Prices are way too hight though, for an Asian guitar.
  11. Walking into Clarksdale

    Yes, it is a great album. Dry sound there too. It's the first album I bought with Aerosmith. And it's pre the Bruce Fairbairn formula sound, which is a good thing. These days I listen to it far more often than Pump. But I love Permanent Vacation as much.
  12. Walking into Clarksdale

    That's Albini. Just room ambience. Taping mics to the walls and god knows where. Does it sound better? I am no fan of his sound. But on this album I think he did pretty okay, for once. It sounds fat, at least. Even though "dry". A good producer would have turned the songs around once or twice more, getting the arrangements down 100%, lifting the songs one step above what we hear now. Walking into Clarksdale makes me think of Done with Mirrors. They are somewhat similar. Both very very good albums, it's all there in theory. But in Aerosmiths case it was a start for something new, a take off. For Page & Plant it too feels like a new start, but nothing more came out of it. I feel there could have been more, an even better follow up that we never got to hear. A bit sad.
  13. Will I Get Banned For This?

    Last week my two kids asked me about the difference of Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. We started to watch the Canadian "History of Heavy Metal" tv series, 11 episodes. And, I started to play them different songs in the car. I told them some metal really apply to young kids, and then I played them Iron Maidens The Trooper. I laughed hard (silently) to the drums. The drummer sounds like he has taken so much speed, the drums are so funny. I mean only a child or someone who does a lot of speed would play like that. Super funny, for real.
  14. Walking into Clarksdale

    Kinda the same for me. Not Zep and "produced" by Steve Albini - who really is not a producer, but a technician. That is the albums only flaw. The band performs great. It sounds great, but they could have produced it better, better arrangements, worked more with the songs prior to putting them on tape etc. Still, a very good album. But with another producer it could have been a true classic. Is it on Itunes? I could not find it on Spotify, that is why I bought it on CD.