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  1. Meshuggah. Love them. But I have to take each record in steps, takes time to digest. Live is another thing. Love them live!
  2. How did you get to the HFC?

    When I worked with music as a full time job I almost stoped playing guitar, between 1995 and around 2000-2001. I still had my Centaura and my JCM800 and 4x12 cab in my appartment. Once in a while I searched the internet for what Hamer was up to, new models etc. and more than once I found the HFC, and lurked around. Around 2001 I caught the flu and was at home from work for like a week. So bored, I picked up the guitar and started playing again. Discovered it was so much fun I decided I might want a cooler guitar (more in the fashion of 2001) that I looked up what models Hamer were currently building. I soon bought a Korina Artist from ebay, for about 980 dollars. Got it shipped to Europe and started playing. Then I found a 1991 Sunburst, and the HFC again, at about the same time - perhaps late 2001 or so . My first question here was how a Floyded Sunburst would sound, compared to one with a sustain block or tom bridge. I remember that I got a reply from someone to check out Neil Schons tone, could have been from one of the Matthew brothers, or someone else. Then I got a private message, or mail, from BTMN that welcomed me on board. I really liked the welcome from everyone, and enjoyed reading the flame wars back then. Highly enjoyable at times. And I soaked up all the Hamer knowledge and guitar knowledge that was shared by all the good people here. I have really learned a lot. This place is just solid. When I've had some low times this place really cheared me up. And when I've been on a roll this place has been even greater. But thanks to everyone who put up with my sarcasm over the years. I feel your pain.
  3. How'd you get into Hamer?

    I was expecting someone here to write their (true story) about how: "I just had 350$ and needed a guitar badly for a gig."
  4. How'd you get into Hamer?

    An older friend of mine had the coolest 80s graphic I've seen. A Prototype. Thought the graphic was mindblowing, and don't get me started on how cool it was with the triple coil. Then someone lent me his copy of Vital Idol, saw the back cover. The rest is history.
  5. Love this band. Can't help it. Dave is just such a freak. The kids today are just so f*ckin' normal. Bring back the freak, I say.
  6. Me too. A Korina Artist and a 79 Sunburst. I sent them to my office, on the company Fed Ex account. Three day shipping was like a 100 $. Those were the days!
  7. Dead Tone

    Which album is the best entry album for the Greatful Dead, for a person who never listened to them, like ever?
  8. The TGP Thread

    This is sooo funny. This guy just know about amps: There's a lot wrong with a JCM800. It's why most of them end up getting modded.
  9. I think you'll need these if you want to send a guitar to the US: https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2018-Jan/CBP Form 3311.pdf Sample of how to use it: http://www.fedex.com/downloads/jp_english/shipdocuments/form_3311.pdf And then you will have to have the CITES documents from your country, and the buyer must have an import document for importing CITES goods. I think...... :-= The easiest thing to me seems to just buy an airline ticket and fly the instrument over yourself, with you own CITES papers. And if the customs asks you questions just say you are visiting and will try to write some songs, play with friends etc. (NOT work just recreation).
  10. G12H30 and variants of.

    I've had several different type of speakers in my Deluxe Reverb II. Turned it into a different amp with every speaker swap. Liked the Eminence Red, White & Blue very much, but the Celestion 70th Anniversary that I have in there now is the best I've had so far. Perhaps not the same Fender top end sparkle as with the Eminence, and the previous Weber I had in there, but the best tone when the amp breaks up. And the cleans are far from bad. They are, as they say "good enough". Works best for the type of music that I play.
  11. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think all Vintage S's have maple bodies. I have never played one, but suspect that they have a very fast attack and can be bright and snappy. If you like that then the Vintage S is for you. The T-62 is a smaller bodied version of the Stratocaster. It will have a beautiful birdsey maple neck (just as the Vintage S), with a Pau-Ferro fretboard on a 7/8 shaped alder body. I used to own the one DBraz posts above. Great guitar. Also quite fast on the attack and more modern sounding than a vintage strat. Perhaps not as deep in the tone. I really liked it's playability, it has a great neck and is super light and comfortable to play over all. The two models are similar, they both have the active preamp cirquit. But the Vintage S can come equipped with a more traditional trem or a Floyd Rose. And they were made with both 3x singlecoils or with a humbucker at the bridge position. If you want a Hamer with a great Strat feel, but more tonal options and something unique and totally different then go with the Monaco III. Best strat, that is not a strat, that I've had. You can dial in great quacking strat sounds with the five way switch. It's sound is deep, organic and fat - and with a P90 in the bridge it has killer bridge pickup tones for rock. It's a tone monster.
  12. G12H30 and variants of.

    You wont hear any difference between a 55hz and a 75 once the 75hz has been played, and broken in. I have one of each, old 1970s ones, in my 73 marshallcombo. To me they sound exactly the same. Or, if they sound any different to each other, I sure can't hear if by the time i disconnected one and connect the other. Perhaps If I recorded them and listened with bat ears. The magnet and basket is the same. Only some difference in the paper cone, what I don't know. But paper is a lively material, once it gets pounded enough by sheer volume, it will play lower by nature then when it's new and stiffer. The 60 year old guy that has reconed some old celestions for me, this guy has reconed ever old speaker available and owned more vintage guitars and amps than I can imagine, just laughed at me when I asked him what cone he used when he reconed a 55hz. I got the NOS Celestion cones he had and the speaker sounds better than before.
  13. G12H30 and variants of.

    I wote for the the G12H-30 Anniversaries. They are extremely good speakers. They tend to take some time to break in, as they are pretty heavy on the dope. I've massaged the doped edge on them carefully to make 'em softer. I have a 73 combo with original G12h-30s and I have two other old G12h-30 that currently are un installed. I could not tell a well broken in 70th Anniversary from them. I have a friend who swears by the Heritage G12H-30, but I dunno... the 70the Anniversaries are good enough. They are supposed to be played loud. At that volume, in a band situation, who hears a difference?
  14. Is this Sunburst legit?

    From looking at the slug posts on the Dimarzio's they look time period correct. The should sound great. Very sensitive to pick up height and screw post adjustements. Mess with them until you find your sweet spots. When you do, they will sound as good as any expensive boutique paf out there today. Binding looks okay and original. Refin looks like its done right. Congrats on a great looking Sunburst!
  15. Non-master volume Marshalls.

    This is my main rigg. 1973 JMP 1987 with a mastervolume mod (boostrap) done sometimes way back in the 70's. New electrolytes and gone through by a good tech just recently. Killer amp. Will keep it forever, and it will be passed on to one of my kids. Old 60's Danish 3x12 cab. Original Alnico Celestions gone. But I bought the cab for 80 bucks, so I'm happy. Two G12H-30s in there and one alnico Tayden Smooth 25 watter. Back is open, about 1/3, on the back. Great sounding, very lightweight cab. But I want a checkerboard 4x12 too. Missed out on a 73 cab with greenbacks in november for 650 bucks. Kinda sucks. I will find one, one of these days. But right now, this rigg is the ultimate rigg for me. Sounds soooo good. My wing mans rigg, this set up stands next to the drum kit on the other side from my rigg at our rehersal place. 100Watts of Super Lead Godness. It's a reissue rigg, 10-15 years old perhaps. But it sounds just right. The cabs are loaded with G12h-30 greenback reissues. Great cabs. This will grow you a manly beard when you play power chords, and shave it off when you start soloing. It cuts lika razor. He uses a 500 dollar attenutor with this one, some handbuilt thing. But it does not change the tone one bit, just taking it down to handable levels. Kinda jealous on that one, but Im kinda cheap, so I'm staying with my Weber Mass. I love this rigg. No mastervolume, just turn it up, and "go". edit: This is a real guitar rigg. 100 Watt Fender Twin on 10. Three full stacks on 10. This is Godly. Total nirvana.