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  1. I have mostly used my old Sunbursts when we do gigs. This Saturday I took the Super Pro. What a killer guitar. Sounded great. Small stage. I kept hitting the headstock in to the ride cymbal on the drum kit. :-=
  2. Disturber

    STP in Peoria,IL Tonight

    I gave the new album a spin this morning. Sounds okay. But the singer is no Weiland. He sounds pretty controled, no bad ass attitude. Could be because his vocal recordings were hard controlled by the band in production, or that he has low LSD, or that his drug intake is not up to RnR standards. The vocals sounded kinda low in the mix too, but I had headphones on the subway, so I can't really tell for sure. The album sounds better than I expected anyway, I will keep it on the rotation list for a while. It might grow on me. Tell us what the show was like!?
  3. Disturber

    Duncan JB-J vs JB-L?

    I love my set of Ants in my Korina Standard. I think MJ winds all the custom shop stuff, or?? My set is from 1996. So I guess Seymour could have wound them himself. I think he did them in the beginning, they introduced the Antiquities in 1995. They have polished mags. They later ones have roughcasts. I thought my pair were to weak in output so I had the mags fully charged. Since then they have been incredible. So sweet sounding. Drives the amp just right and cuts through. Sounds meaty but still bright, jazzy and bluesy clean, just the way I want, and they sound pretty mean overdriven. But still sweet.
  4. Great price. Those are hard to find.
  5. Disturber

    The revised Gary Moore

    @The Shark do you know if the neck on those Gary Moore Hamer's were mahogany or maple?
  6. Disturber

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    If that guitar could speak it would say: Oh yeah, life goes onLong after the thrill of livin' is goneOh yeah say life goes onLong after the thrill of livin' is gone
  7. Not me. Feckin' hot guitar.
  8. Disturber

    The revised Gary Moore

    I've had covers on a set of 1980s Hamer paf's. In my Super Pro. Pickups are now out of the guitar and the covers off. I have covers on a pair of 10K Slammers in my Newport. Dont hate me.
  9. Disturber

    How Many Talladegas?

    Dantzigs Tulsa model is probably more close than that Huber. And way cooler. Coolfeel has one that looks absolutely killer.
  10. Disturber

    NHFCD -No Doubt

    Congrats. Now if you really would have won the lottery, then Gwen Stefani should have popped out of one of them when you opened it. In lingerie.
  11. Disturber

    Hiwatt relaunch

    Cool news. https://www.mia.org.uk/2018/04/hiwatt-is-re-launching/
  12. Disturber

    Old ProCo RATs

    Good review. I don't use the Rat on the pedalboard. I used when I had the T62. Now I don't own a strat. I'm holding on to it. It's in the pedal cupboard stash. I only have four, five pedals that I don't use on the board. That can come in handy at times. The old MXR Phase 90 Script that I've had since the 80's. A Monte Allums modded Boss compressor. A 70's Small Stone that I love but it's a tone sucker when it's off. And a made in Japan Boss CE2 that I never use, but it's one of the first pedals I ever bought.
  13. Disturber

    Old ProCo RATs

    They sound similar. But they don't sound the same. I bought one of those supposedly good 90s reissues with the original chip. From someone here at the board. Must be 10 years ago now. It sounded okay, but not nearly as good as my old one. I sold that one pretty quickly. edit: I have read more than once that the old Rat is comparable to the OCD. Don't know if it is so, never tried the OCD.
  14. The Grover tuners look newer to me than 1979. Look at the small washers between the kidney button and the tuner body. Looks like plastic, not metal. It's white, not black, like in the pics below of 1979 Hamer's. I could be wrong. But still does not look right for the time period. edit: new Grover tuner. Looks like the ones on that Standard, or? Take notice of the white plastic/rubber washer. Those were not used in 1979-1980.