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  1. This was perfect out of the box, and the one I play most often. Not custom ordered but it was a limited run that G&L did with a nitro finish. Other than Schaller strap-locks it is bone stock.
  2. I'm going to take the Chap and send it to JeffR for a resto. Check your email.
  3. My first Hamer. Purchased from the original owner. 1995 Studio custom ordered with body binding. Currently sporting Dimarzio Anniversary PAFs which are fantastic. Second pic shows how much the binding has aged.
  4. Anyone into Simo?

    Love SIMO. Saw them at a small bar in Atlanta last year. They played a fantastic set then hung around and met fans afterward. I got the feeling they would've stayed as long as folks wanted to hang. I missed them a couple of months back when they came back through but I will definitely see them anytime they are nearby.
  5. Incoming holy grail to me

    Cool. I LOVE My Nash T-63.
  6. I really hate to hear this because he was great to me and I dropped some major coin there. Also custom-ordered my Newport from them. A real shame.
  7. NHD - TTT

    The TTT I had was amazing but I could not get along with neck carve. Definitely one of the best sounding Hamers I owned. Congrats!! You should make us all jealous with a group shot of your Hamers.
  8. Yes and no. My nephew has had me on the lookout for a Hamer after playing my '95 Studio. When this one came available - slightly above his budget - I told him he would be crazy not to buy it. Since he isn't a member here I went ahead and bought it and I'll settle with my nephew. (Maybe - I might tell him it was lost in shipping and keep it!!) Either way, it will stay in Georgia so the state definitely has better tone with an additional Hamer here!
  9. PM'd you. I'll take it if it's still available.
  10. gwayne

  11. That's my favorite Zep tune and he did it justice for sure. That was great.
  12. Fat Funk

    OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for that!
  13. Be sure to check the Catalinbread DLS. Great pedal and if you put a Fulldrive 2 in front of it you've got tons of OD/crunch options. Got mine used for $100.
  14. That's cool to hear. I only have one Catalinbread pedal, the DLS, and it is a great pedal.