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  1. Double WOW Neck

    And it is precisely that dichotomy of the above mentalities that brings on such lament and wistfulness when I think of Hamer. Sure, it's folly to be waxing nostalgic, given the net effect on the situation but every time I think of what was done and what could have been done by that company, I can't help but feel the pangs of disappointment. I'm sure I'm not alone in that capacity.
  2. HEL Custom Order

    Oddly enough, I didn't opt for the stainless jumbos. I went with the nickel steel 6100's. Not sure who made 'em. Shane vouched for them, that was good enough for me.
  3. HEL Custom Order

    Actually, Shane bought the lot of them and will parcel them out and sell 'em on Reverb and/or Ebay...
  4. HEL Custom Order

    The only steps remaining are paint/clear and assembly. I hope to have news of this soon! As with my Cali custom, I will be going to pick this up in person. No freakin' way I'm letting the simians of UPS or Fed Ex get their mitts on this...
  5. HEL Custom Order

    Shane did say he was struggling to find a case that would fit it. The long scale and reversed headstock are making it a snug, if not impossible fit in most commercially available cases.
  6. HEL Custom Order

    And finally- pre-paint:
  7. HEL Custom Order

    Some of you likely remember me posting at the onset of this order back in February. At some point, I accidentally perma-deleted the thread and have held off on posting revised one. Until now. I am roughly a month (or less) away from delivery so, I felt it was a good time to post some progress pics. The rundown: this was inspired by Hamer's Standard but with a few Diablo-eque twists: one piece mahogany body with set 'hog neck and ebony board. 24 jumbo frets, 25.5" scale, SD TB Pegasus/Jazz custom set, toggle switch (duh) Orig. Floyd Rose (double duh) 1 Vol, 1 tone and a secret kill-switch cleverly disguised as a 3d Vol. knob. And of course, reversed head stock (triple duh) The inlay is the Willie G. Skull and is my homage to HD bikes. Now the pics, there's a LOT of them:
  8. Double WOW Neck

    In the art world that would be called clashing or run away variety resulting in a disjointed, unsettling appearance. I'm not sold on the appearance nor on the utilitarian aspects of having a solid maple body with an all-maple neck. Holy f*ck, that would be treble heavy as well as just plain heavy!
  9. Double WOW Neck

    Never have seen one of these! Double necks are something of a rarity but a double neck with maple board on a solid maple body? And a bound 12 string neck? WOW!