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  1. diablo175

    Builder Recommendations

    Shane at HEL Guitars.
  2. diablo175

    News From The Bench

    A few on here get nauseated watching my ideas come to life so, I'm delighted that you get a kick.
  3. diablo175

    Victory inlays

  4. diablo175

    News From The Bench

    While the Cent is away for Stike-izing (rumor has it, got some flakes last week?) I've been busy securing more projects (and debt as a result) to Diablo-cize including the Caliablo I scored this weekend. Of equal newsworthiness, I got an estimate from Shane at HEL Guitars for my proposed Charvel-esque Dinky build and it looks as though Shane's the winner. This build concept was inspired, in part, from my recently acquiring a Charvel Pro Mod DK24 that is as comfy a shredder as I've played in a long time. The neck profile is like that favorite pair of well broken-in blue jeans that just is hard to match. The guitar is really quite nice save for a few nagging issues. Enter the notion to get one built without those issues. As coincidence has it, I saw Richie Sambora playing a badass looking Charvel or Fender CS (pictured below) at the recent RRHoF inductions ceremony a few weeks back. That's the other part of the inspiration. Loved that reversed Strat head and the maple board. All it needed was 24 frets and a garish 80's paint job and it would've become a holy grail ax. F- that. I 'll have one built. So, it's off to finalize specs but it's looking to be an alder Dinky style body, bolt-on, oiled rock maple neck and board, 24 jumbo stainless frets, reversed Strat head, 2 H, toggle, OFR, 1 Vol, 1 Tone/momentary kill switch, and Cali-positioned (butt end) angled jack input. Paint is to be neon magenta and black Cheetah print with a bare head stock.
  5. diablo175

    Builder Recommendations

    Thanks to all who played - I've found my builder.
  6. diablo175

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    Dammit, I was wrong! THIS is the last post on the topic. Came across this this am. Pretty cool!
  7. diablo175

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    One last contribution (Promise) Very unique cover for a thrash metal band but I like it.
  8. diablo175

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    BTW- check out how this 1970 Eastwood flick (one of my all time faves) appropriates the Spaghetti Western sound for this particular scene's dramatic (if not campy) score. You can just hear the TGTBATU all over it.
  9. diablo175

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    How timely- was just regaling my bro-in-law about the virtues of Ennio Morricone and the Spaghetti Western soundtracks yesterday. Naturally, I had to queue up a couple classics on the car's iPod play list as well. My immediate go-to-faves are from The Good The Bad and the Ugly, and in particular, the Ecstasy of Gold which has been appropriated on several occasions for commercials (most recently for Modelo Beer) and other movies. If I had to hazard guess as to why we find it so damned cool, I'd say it was the majesty and the machismo that the music seems to imbue/be imbued with. It's just powerful stuff- angels and demons, galloping cadences, big, full instrumentation- all the stuff of epic movie music.
  10. Or is it Diablifornian? I'll just call it what it really is: My next project. Mmmm. Snagged this off of Reverb this morning after haggling the asking down price to something a little more within sane parameters. 😆
  11. diablo175

    Everybody Wants Some!

    Yes. 😄 I also love the banana head stock (would've preferred reversed, of course ) but there's something primal about the Strat head. Eddie's bag was modding existing axes and the Strat was one of his first and arguably his most iconic. Hell, it practically gave birth to Charvel's entire line of San Dimas Strats.
  12. diablo175

    Virtuoso info...

    Van Helsing can't play for shit anyway. Total poser...😄
  13. diablo175

    Virtuoso info...

    A Kahler on a Virt? Ahhhhrrrrggghhhh! Like holy water on a vampire... 😣
  14. Me and the band will be throwing down in West Chester (equidistant between Philly and Lancaster) at the Brickette Lounge 8 PM tonight. Several Hamers and a HEL Standard will be featured/abused. Stop out and I'll buy an HFCer a beer during a break.