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  1. The satisfaction derived from performing someone else’s music, even flawlessly, will always be slightly less than writing and performing your own. - Saul A. Terry
  2. The seller reached out to me via FB to give me first crack at it. Sharp looking Cali.
  3. diablo175

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Quite frankly, this was a large part of the inspiration that got me to do the Cent! Beauty!!!
  4. diablo175

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Really quite pleased with this beauty. I daresay had I discovered a USA Cent years ago, I might be a Cent fanatic now instead of Cali fanatic... Nah, just kidding. 😂 Kickass guitars all the same!
  5. diablo175

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Perhaps to a degree but they’re still misaligned Jim777- behold the diablo-cized, Stike-icized Cent!
  6. diablo175

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    $550 is less than what I paid for mine! But aesthetics be damned on the pickup pole pieces lining up with strings- the JB-L in my Cent kicks ass so, I can live with the misaligned pole pieces. 😀
  7. diablo175

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    I, too vacillated back-and-forth on whether to acquire that. Finally decided it really needed to have a maple board for me to pull the trigger. Insignificant and inconsequential issues like the color of the p’up did not factor into that whatsoever. 😜
  8. diablo175

    Spitfire Progress

    It is a sample for the profile I want on the Spitfire. Yeah, I was quite taken with that ebony/no inlays neck when I saw it.
  9. diablo175

    Spitfire Progress

    In acknowledgment of the Spitfire going off for paint today (Woo Hooo!!!), I thought I'd create a progress post.
  10. Have to admit, I like that color and I'm generally not a fan of white guitars...unless it's an Olympic white Strat played by a certain Jimi Hendrix.