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  1. $318.61 for shipping from Italy. But there is a make an offer option-- https://reverb.com/item/10545167-hamer-californian-usa
  2. I'd cite it as a standout example of a no Hamer/CS offering because it's also an import as well. But it IS modded (shocking, I know...) My Charvel DK24 Super Strat is seriously kick butt with it's uber-comfy oiled neck and super slick looking with it's barren ebony board. The red p'ups & logo on the head stock are a nice touch as well. Mods include a red JB in the bridge as well as the obligatory real OFR and a toggle. This is really a sweet ride for the $$. It's so impressed me that I pulled the trigger on another Charvel import- the DK24 Pro Mod FR-M.
  3. Gibson Doomed?

    No worries, there's always these guys to pick up the slack... http://www.krappyguitars.com/exotic.html
  4. How'd you get into Hamer?

    Nothing very intriguing- I had seen numerous ads for Hamer in GFTPM, Guitar Player and Guitar World as well as noted that Rick Nielsen, KK and Glenn of JP and Vernon Reid were playing Hamers. Couldn't afford a new one and used USA's were pretty scarce at that time. Finally, I got a chance to play a bitchin' Cent and months later, stumbled on a used import Slammer Cent in an Upstate NY music store and bought it. Loved it! This prompted me to eventually get a used USA Diablo and then a nicely upgraded import Cali on eBay. Finally, I made the decision to acquire a USA Cali right around the time I joined here and my addiction/obsession has been enabled/perpetuated ever since.
  5. Alright Gibson!!

  6. Alright Gibson!!

    You GOTTA be f-ing kidding! That goes beyond FUGLY. Someone get out the shovels, it'll be time to bury Gibson very shortly.
  7. So...

    I was lucky enough to have missed the Rock Me Tonight video and only vaguely remember the song. Of course, I had to watch it. Apparently, Billy really wanted to be considered for the part played by Jennifer Beals in Flashdance...
  8. Best Cali evah?

    Dude's Ebay ID is "Inandout12177" Yup, he'd be doin' a bit of that to whomever pays that much for a bolty. Gotta be a typo or language barrier issue. Ain't enough glue to sniff in the entirety of S Korea to bring on that level of WTF pricing...
  9. Is this forum a cult?

    I fail to see a problem
  10. Is this forum a cult?

    This was my first thought too...
  11. Is this forum a cult?

    Cult like adoration/respect for Hamers maybe. But cult? Nah, no one here is drinking any Kool Aid.
  12. One of a kind - Full sized Blitz/Scarab

    Murkat says it best (though, it goes 180 degrees from my usual take on modding axes) : Leave it as is! The pin striping will look cheesy and over-reaching for a straight-ahead rocker like that!
  13. One of a kind - Full sized Blitz/Scarab

    That's f-ing hot! Love the hockey stick head stock! Vast improvement over the other 6-in-line version IMO.
  14. No Longer The Worst

    Yup. I notated that in the tags.
  15. No Longer The Worst

    I like mixing things up- after all, variety is the spice that makes the world go 'round.